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Well, the pie chart…dipstick pic

Please take a look. We’re three quarters red, one quarter green – with about two weeks left in the month. Rattling the cup is one of my least favorite things to do, but it’s necessary because this site depends on the freely given support of readers for its continued existence.

In a very real way, it is an experiment in applied or practical Libertarian economics. No coercion. People are free to enjoy the site, read/use the material and so on, with the option to support the site or not.

It’s not unlike a “free” newspaper kiosk you pass on your way to work every day. No one forces you to toss 50 cents in the jar to take a paper. You’re free to help yourself.

But, hopefully, you’ll toss the change in anyhow.

Because you’re getting something of value – one assumes – and would like for that to continue.

It’s the same here.

I like to think EPautos is worth your support. But the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

There are vastly more readers than supporters – and that is a big problem. It’s the same problem musicians have. So easy to just listen to a song for free – and assume the artist will (somehow) be able to continue singing and playing without anyone paying.

Or rather, others paying.

I’ve mentioned before the dilemma – the catch-22 faced by Libertarian-anarchist writers such as myself. We – many of us – have made a decent living as MSM journalists; reporters, editors and columnists. But, we’re required to toe the partei line in exchange for a paycheck. On the other hand, we could walk off the reservation – as I did – and write freely about the ideas and topics that matter.

And go broke.

Most of us – well, me – are not looking to get rich. If we (if I) were, I’d have remained on the reservation. I used to work for a major big city newspaper. I’ve written for some of the biggest papers in the country. The MSM pays well. That is the narcotic, the lure.

At the same time, I can’t do this for free – or in the general proximity thereof. A guy’s got bill’s to pay. Including the costs associated with this site, which amount to several hundred bucks a month for the quality servers and back-up we have. You may have noticed that EPautos hasn’t crashed or been hacked in a long time. That the site loads pretty much immediately. That’s what you get with a not rinky-dink $20 a month “personal blog”  server.

But that’s not free, either.

Neither is tech support.

And so on.

So, again: If you think EPautos is worthwhile, please support EPautos.

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer to avoid PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

PS: EPautos stickers are free to those who sign up for a $5 or more monthly recurring donation to support EPautos, or for a one-time donation of $10 or more. (Please be sure to tell us you want a sticker – and also, provide an address, so we know where to mail the thing!)EPautoslogo












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  1. Behind the Scenes of – Castrol – Think With Your Dipstick

    Tommy Boy – Gag Reel – Bloopers


    If freckles were lovely, and day was night,
    And measles were nice and a lie warn’t a lie,
    Life would be delight,—
    But things couldn’t go right
    For in such a sad plight
    I wouldn’t be I.

    If earth was heaven and now was hence,
    And past was present, and false was true,
    There might be some sense
    But I’d be in suspense
    For on such a pretense
    You wouldn’t be you.

    If fear was plucky, and globes were square,
    And dirt was cleanly and tears were glee
    Things would seem fair, –
    Yet they’d all despair,
    For if here was there
    We wouldn’t be we.

  2. Being on or off topic has only been a possibility for less than 500 years.

    The concept of topic as a noun dates to the 1630s, where it was “a class of considerations from which probable arguments can be drawn,”

    It was a singular form of “Topics” (1560s), the name of a work by Aristotle on logical and rhetorical generalities, deriving from Latin Topica, from Greek Ta Topika, which means literally “matters concerning topoi,” aka “commonplaces.”

    It initially was a neuter plural of noun use of topikos “pertaining to a common place, of a place, local,” from topos aka “place.”

    Topic acquired a second meaning: “matter treated in speech or writing, subject, theme” which was first recorded in 1720.

    And even so, the following is greatly on topic, because it makes a bold move in the outlying hope it further attracts engaged and generous eyeballs who might yet pull this careening clown car out of the weeds and set needle on the per mensem gauge back out of redlining as it is at present and back to its required silver operating level and set by the site owner and his chief mechanic.

    I see frenchy from Germany has broached the term SJW, which is a first at this site. Imagine a better world where individuals reign and there is only the IBE aka the Individual Barter Enthusiast.

    For such comfortable with such Geisteswissenschaft or willing to try, read on.

    Imagine a parallel dimension where most things are the same water is water for example. But everything based only on belief has it’s vowels shifted forward one full stop.

    A familiar yet altered place where a quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dogs would be a quick brown fux jumping over the lezy dugs. Only fox => fux, lazy => lezy, and dogs => dugs in this individual matrix transformative case, all other concepts remain equal in an absolute anarchy paradigm.

    Here Von Mises dream is already a reality, and he is known as Vun Mosis. The clovers and statists don’t exist here. There’s no concessions or explanations to be made.

    You can reach out and touch such common savages on this Earth. Yet their metro-conceptual minds are unable to even locate you in this altered individiverse of Ierth (Earth.)

    In this Egure (Agora), worlds imagined in a Louis Malle film just are. Elevators to the Gallows, Black Moon, Murmur of the Heart, Au Revoir Les Enfants, The Silent World, Damages, The Lovers are all realized and inhabited.
    – – –

    Sadly even in the 2017s, the denizens of Earth wanted only to here the most inflammatory and divergent instances of the Free Market Agora sub-reality called Ierth.

    For this purpose, they went to Sergey Brin of Alphabet, and using their billions of dollars of seed money, he built for the Guugli.cum. A search engine of Ierth.

    Though this single community was only 0.02% of the community of Ierth. It soon became the headlines in 100% of the stories of Ierth.

    They tried to start a shitstorm mushroom cloud about a single female named Elixos Tixes. Who founded an alternate Republic of Texas named Ripabloc of Elixos Tixes, which the Guugli search engine located and translated into regular meatspace as: The Republic of Alexis Texas.

    By 2017, there were already a great many Sex Gamer communes established, but they were all virtual and anything that could have been deemed “unlawful” was there performed by robots, virtual presence devices, and HDTV Telescreen Avatars.

    The usual clovers couldn’t get there fill of finger wagging, tongue clicking, and leatherbound ancient manuscript banging as they read their daily download of the Guugli Search Engine By Alphabet Inc. Times.

    The alternate Tixens were each assigned a health nurse by their Ubeme Care provider, and her focus was 1 sexual health, 2 dietary health, 3 social health, and 4 mental health.

    This guild of consultants and their teams made a visit once a day to all and made sure they weren’t hungry in any way, disastified in any way, or maladjusted in anyway.

    Which of course included the sexual and recreational dimensions which in this world are so fraught with taboos and impulses to interfere and intervene.

    Rather than get hung up on this one salient fact. Normal blokes delved far further into what was already underway, and what new possibilities such an idea might entail.

    In this larping, bluetoothed, virtualized telescreens made real existence. Anywhere the technologies are not yet up to snuff, virtual, and larping live action modules are seamlessly interwoven. And people live their diversions and dreams in all waking dimensions all the time.

    This is less than ideal of course, no one wants fantasies acted out but phantoms. Rather than settle for ghosts, all the while, each and every day, everyone’s shared resources and inputs behind the scenes, are making scientific breakthroughs and finding techniques to rapidly develop and satisfactorially make it all fully real ASAP.

    No need to single out gamers as not living in the real. Here in this place, life is but a game, if your passion is being a gamer.

    In some philes you are a Mario Brother, you live and work in a Minecraft sandbox, or a Tetris assembly plant for real $dullers and .01$cints that you spend to live and enjoy yourself.

    Maybe you’re a Grand Auto Thief, a World of Warcraftsman, a Pac Man or a Ghost.

    Of course, when you die here, you convincingly larp your passing, and then merely leave your rielm (realm) and return later (log back in) as a reincarnated someone else. (become a whole new user). No repetition allowed, at least for now.

    This is as simple as I can distill this. This idea that we might live today in Emiroce(America), Girmeny(Germany), or Eastreloe(Australia). Not in some never realized future place where outside forces control our destiny.

    There will of course still be the risk from Earth in this universe. And worst still, from Aurth (-Earth) where things are totally statist, and non-individual.

    In this, even more centralized – Earth, here we would all have our credit cards and bank accounts automatically charged for each visit of this site owned by Arec Patars.

    On the internet in this reality, the former libertarian car guy deleted all pirated items from the internet forever.

    The man of epautos, greatly empowered by Uuuurgli, did what many libertarian authors might wish they could do.

    Uuuurgli’s maintains the Juvu(Java) script that disables all plagarisms and repostings before they happen. He deletes all unsanctioned quotings and duplications anywhere and everywhere such that nonesuch things even exist.

    Arec brought an end to all anonymity in – Earth such that every recorded datum is flagged with its real named creator, and Uuuugli’s worldwide-deployed Juvu detects every lie and misrepresentation instantaneously, as well as alerts authorities to every breach of identity fraud, property rights violation, or land or building trespass the instance it occurs.

    Arec and Uuuurgli were the first trillionaires, because of their intellects, though there are many far richer now in this alternate future, who hit the ground running, once these inventions reached fruition.

    In – Earth, In Aurth, immediately after, Musk, Slim, Bezos, and countless others deployed quadrillions of IP Bots such that every fish, every shell, every plant and rock was sold and had an owner. See in this reality of a perfect and equitable libertarian system, there effectively are no individuals, yet the collective is fair and always optimal.

    Here crime bots and judge bots almost never err and nothing unjust is even known to happen. And no one gets over on anybody else and here we’re all immensely wealthy and empowered and collectively free beyond any of our wildest imaginings in this world.

    But enough about Aurth (-Earth) ((libertarian collective Earth)), and more about Ierth (individualist anarchist Earth.)

    Let us do as Von Mises exhorted, before he became Vun Mosis.

    Let us – Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito – as in Virgil’s Aeneid. And as in all the Ierth larpers do in their Vorgol’s Einiod.

    We must act today, for anarchists Do Not Give In To Evil But Proceed Ever More Boldly Against It. Enerchosts know that The more thy fortune frowns, The more thy must oppose.

    Ayn Rands and Murray Rothbard’s Galts Gulch is tethered to the known as concretely possible.

    But Gelts Galch has a greater array of ways of voluntarily cooperating with others.

    In this parallel instance of our universe, I am Tur Lobirtaeroen. And Eric is Iroc Pitirs.

    Here, the woods would be the wuuds, because the herd-enforced homogeneity of our world would be absent, and wuuds could mean many additional things, which the woods of our current known quantities, in reality could never be.

    I’ve already thrown this all in the wuuds. But I hope that at least one person understood even some of this and what it might mean.

    Beating the matrix doesn’t buying weapons and building spaceships. It’s means freeing your minds and plasticizing your neurons, so that you can imagine and inhabit a new world, one that Agent Smith can’t even perceive, much less invade and tyrannize.

    Block out your ideals with legos. Substitute real items for lego analogues. Free your mind, imagine and inhabit your own worlds. Don’t be a useful-idiot battery that helps power the Tommyknocker nightmare future they’ve concocted for us Under Their Domes

    This is your last chance. If you keep waiting, there is no turning back.

    You’ll surf elsewhere, again take the blue pill – once more the story ends, night comes, and you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you’ve thus far wanted to believe.

    Or instead, you take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and Freetown and let Eric and the other bishops, rooks, queens and king show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

    Stop establishing your pecking order pedigrees, boasting and posing about the steaks you eat, and the lies you grill, marinate, and swallow and all the accolades and honors you’ve earned in Agent Smith’s world.

    Stop being a Cypher, and start again from the bottom, at last becoming your true unique self, whoever that is.

    I am only your humble knight, who understands only the basic workings of boards, squares, pawns, and knights.

    This is not about trying to bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, it’s about only finally to realizing the truth. That there never was a spoon.

    You see, it’s not the social artifactual convention of the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

    Living in the Anglo-Western matrix should become intolerable to you. For to deny our own natural individual impulses is to deny the very thing that makes you human.

    Lego Matrix Trinity Help

  3. Engineers of Addiction

    Big Bang Theory Slot – First “Live” Look – Live Play!! –

    Sometimes we also use our mouths to talk, and hands to play Spite and Malice card games real caveman savage like, my brothers. But more and more they have me strap in their gullivers and lid locks and sharpen them up with the ultraviolents. Funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real to them when they viddy them on the screens.

    Hitler’s technical support help desk – Downfall

    • Hi Tor,


      We’re all going to be working three times as much for one third the pay… if we’re working at all. Next up to be replaced: Truck drivers and cab drivers. Doctors, even.

      Which would be ok, if we were all free to pursue our crafts or knowledge for its own sake. But we’ll be free to starve, instead.

      • It’s a lot of effort, I know firsthand.

        There’s no way I could handle this and keep up with all you do.

        What about an Oktoberfest (Bloggerfest?) (Volksfest) (Beerfest) (Travelling funfairfest) whatever.

        Just good times, negative bummer serious things not welcome.

        Things are tolerable, once you give up the idea of driving a vehicle ever anywhere, I’m learning.

        If I wasn’t so slow and slipshod doing mechanical work, maybe I’d spend some time pimping my Honda Accord, then again maybe not. I’d probably give that up too when the going got too much.

        Those French surrender monkeys might be smarter than you’d think.

        Let George do it, there’s no fun to be had here in Vegas with any kind of vehicle. Even ATVs or Boats have their own heroes on the prowl.

        So what.

        They’ll never know the good times I had when I was young, and still manage sometimes even though I’m old now.

  4. Who is the ICCT? A former EPA director and sundry partners in crime cronies is who.

    Michael P. Walsh

    Michael P. Walsh has been an independent consultant advising governments and industries around the world. For 14 years, he co-chaired the US EPA’s Mobile Sources Technical Advisory Subcommittee and is actively involved in motor vehicle related projects in several countries around the world.

    Michael P. Walsh is a mechanical engineer who has spent his entire career working on motor vehicle pollution control issues at the local, national and international level.

    For the first half of his career, he was in government service, initially with the City of New York and subsequently with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

    With each, he served as Director of their motor vehicle pollution control efforts. Since leaving government, he has been an independent consultant advising governments and industries around the world.

    He has participated in numerous National Academy of Science committees and studies and authored or co-authored over 100 papers or reports. He is a recipient of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Lifetime Individual Achievement Award, the California Air Resources Board’s “Haagen Smit” award and has also been selected as a MacArthur Fellow for “extraordinary originality and dedication”.

    In 2009, he received the Silver Magnolia award from the City of Shanghai. In 2010 he received the Friendship award from China, the highest award for international experts in China. He is the founding Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Council on Clean Transportation.

    Michael P. Walsh – Car Lines

    See Also: Crony Rudy Giuliani…

    Rudy Giuliani Will Advise El Salvador on Security, Justice Reform

  5. A good question is, who are your colleagues, and how do you compare with them? How do they sell ads, get donations?

    How to make money from facebook


    The Howard Stern Listener · Male 73% Female 27%

    You may be surprised to know that typical Howard Stern Listeners are upscale employed professionals with the a huge disposable income.The largest segment of listeners have a household income of $50,000+.

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    – – –

    A successful libertarian site, probably has significant female viewers. This might mean finding ways to feature top commenters, and more aggressive curating of marginalizing outliers on your main page, possibly even moving “hate speechers” and “conspiracy nuts” to the forum or specially designated articles marked with some kind of disclaimer like:

    Coherent, constructive disagreement is welcome, but comments made to provoke others, be malicious, or distract from the purpose of this site may be removed or quarantined into special posts designated as: “Warning! Uncensored rants, general mayhem, and complete anarchy. Rant about anything you like (except pr0n & spam) in this Have Your Say post.”

    Or what if there was a feature or remove comments for paying guests. Any of your donators could ask for any comment to be featured or deleted. $5 min payment allows them to select up to 5 comments to be bolded or deleted/moved somewhere less visible. Just a thought.
    – – –

    Welcome to the Shrine of Female Listeners.

    On Free Talk Live, we’re very proud of our female listeners. We want to show you off to prove that women listen to this program. (Typically, talk radio is thought of as a male-dominated listener demographic.) It is not a beauty contest, ladies!

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    This information cannot be added later with a graphics/video program – it must be in the original pic/video.

    If you want to be included, email your validated photo or link to a validated video and what you’d like said about you on your Shrine page to ian at freetalklive . com. For more about the Shrine, visit the Shrine FAQ.

    Hover your mouse over each pic for more on each lady and click on a picture for a full size version. Pictures are ordered first by category. Our validated lady listeners who contribute financially as AMPlifiers are listed in the first section, followed by our regular listeners who have validated.

    Below them is the Hall of Shame – people who attempted to trick us with fake photos!

    Dear anarcho-pretentious-internet-experts-on-what’s-important, sometimes people watch sports with their friends. It’s cool. You’ll get through this.

    Inb4 someone makes that bread and circuses quote.


    Girls all go to the bathroom together, because that’s where they rap battle.

    Before she can make you a sandwich, sometimes she must first build the kitchen.

    It’s funny how many anarchists are preoccupied with the bullshit of government & politics seven days a week, and then criticize their fellow anarchists for being preoccupied with football three days a week. As an anarchist, whose preoccupation is stupider?

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    Advertising with Free Talk Live

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    Free Talk Live topped the list of Up-and-Coming Radio Personalities by Michael Harrison, Publisher of TALKERS Magazine

    Everyone loves FTL’s many radio stations, but the real value lies in the podcast. Podcast listeners are dedicated. They listen to the whole show start to finish and they get it for free, so they understand that they must support the advertisers for the show to continue.

    Now for the rates:

    Live Reads ~:45 seconds – $150

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  6. Hey Dipsticks!

    It’s Epa.

    I appreciate your attention and our regular rendezvous here in our secret place.

    But as you can see, it’s that time of the month again, and my cycle’s revving up and I’m starting to redline.

    You know how crazy things get when I stress about you finding some other gun moll to ride.

    Ain’t asking for a ring or a white picket fence like them other dames.

    Just the usual token of your affection so I can get off this mood swing and back to doing those things you know I love to do for you.

  7. Authors Guild Study Shows Most Authors Live Under the Poverty Line

    September 2015 Author Earnings Report

    Where We Stand: The Authors Guild exists to support working writers and their ability to earn a living from authorship. We work to protect free speech, honor copyright, and ensure fair compensation practices in the changing publishing landscape.


    The Authors Guild has been working with legislators and private companies for years to develop a more comprehensive solution to Internet piracy. We advocate a balanced approach that protects the creative marketplace without standing in the way of digital innovation.

    But a real solution appears to be further off than we’d wish. The 1998 passage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was a wobbly start — although it gave piracy victims some recourse, it lacked technological sophistication.

    If your work is being distributed without authorization, you can send a DMCA takedown notice to the pirate site’s webhosting service. It doesn’t always work, but it’s better than nothing. The Guild’s Legal Services Department can walk you through the process of sending one, and will intervene on your behalf if necessary.
    – – –

    $18 Million Freelance Settlement

    One of the Guild’s most important advocacy efforts in recent years has been a class action filed on behalf of thousands of freelance writers who had been paid by major newspapers and magazines for only one-time uses of their articles, and then saw their work swept into electronic databases without further compensation.

    On June 10, 2014, we received final approval of our $18 million class-action settlement of the case, In Re Literary Works in Electronic Databases Copyright Litigation, which began over 14 years ago.

    Authors who filed valid claims could possibly receive payment as early as the third quarter of 2015. There is nothing any of the claimants need to do at this point except deposit their checks when they receive them.


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