The Auctoritas of the EPA

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Crime doesn’t matter – but compliance does. The distinction is important because it conveys something important about the true nature of the government we endure.

Crime – actual harms caused to real people – goes largely unpunished because it does not threaten the government. Last summer’s “peaceful” protests are an obvious example  but there are many others, including the recent decriminalization, in some areas, of theft up to a certain arbitrary value of goods taken; just walk on in and help yourself.

Compliance, on the other hand, is essential to maintaining the government’s auctoritas – as the Romans referred to the prestige of Authority. When that is affronted, the consequences are severe – as witness the manner in which the government responded to the far more peaceful rally in DC this past January. As witness the brutal persecution – including the jailing – of VW executives when it was discovered that software in the automaker’s diesel-powered cars had been programmed to snooker federal emissions certification testing. Not a single actually harmed person – a victim, which used to be the essential defining element of a crime – was ever produced but VW was given the full Hut! Hut! Hut! because it had the temerity to affront the auctoritas of the government’s regulatory apparat, the Environmental Protection Agency.

So it is no surprise to find  out that the EPA – a federal regulatory agency and not a law enforcement agency – has been siccing armed Hut! Hut! Hutters! on garages and repair shops that affront its auctoritas by performing power tunes on cars, installing not-allowed parts such as aftermarket exhaust systems and so on.

These may or may not result in higher-than-allowed “emissions” of whatever the EPA regulations say is permissible, but the interesting thing is that regulations were once upon a time distinct from laws, the latter requiring passage by a legislative body at least somewhat theoretically accountable to the populace, via the election of legislators. The idea there being that if a legislator proposed an obnoxious law he could be replaced come election time with another legislator, who might get rid of the obnoxious law.

Regulators – and regulations – are something else. You cannot un-elect a regulator, whose appointment is like that of a Supreme Court justice; that is to say, forever.

Regulations are nominally predicated – vaguely, distantly – on a law but also largely independent of the law. Congress will pass a law regarding air pollution, for instance and then leave it up to a regulatory agency such as the EPA to articulate the particulars, via regulations. This endows the regulatory apparat with sweeping and largely unaccountable powers. The connection between the regulations and the populace, which has no direct means of holding a regulatory apparat accountable for obnoxious regulations, much less getting rid of them, is severed. The regulatory body is also – somehow – endowed with the power to decide the scope and breadth of its own powers, by assessing the degree of its own auctoritas according to its own interpretation of the law that serves as its supposed basis.

That the EPA has armed itself and is sending forth armed “agents” to harass the people and eat out their substance, as an ancient document no one reads much anymore once put it is a logical evolution of this we-answer-to-no-one (except ourselves) assertion of regulatory auctoritas – and you’d better not affront it.

The Washington Examiner describes what happened to one who did, John Lund – who is the owner of Lund Racing in West Chester, PA. The shop works on cars, an implicitly heinous affront the auctoritas of the EPA, which regards what’s under the hood of our cars as its domain and insists upon total compliance with its regulatory promulgations. Lund describes his shop being Hut! Hut! Hutted! by 12 armed EPA agents, on suspicion of “conspiracy to sell defeat devices.” This being a smaller, retail-scale version of the same affront to auctoritas VW was Hut! Hut! Hutted! over. A “defeat device” can be a chip or software adjustment that alters the engine’s operating parameter for better performance – at the cost of noncompliance.

It does not necessarily matter whether the noncompliant “defeat device” actually increases the vehicle’s exhaust emissions beyond allowable thresholds – much less whether exceeding these thresholds can be proved to result in harm to anyone (i.e., whether they victimize any actual people). It also does not matter, apparently, that in some cases the modifications were performed on cars being converted to race cars – i.e., to cars not used on public roads and thus exempt from the EPA’s regulations.

What is crucially important – to the EPA – is that touching anything under the hood of their cars represents a challenge to its auctoritas – and that absolutely cannot go unchallenged.

Lund’s shop was ultimately found to be compliant but that is neither here nor there. What is very much here is the message sent by the Hut! Hut! Hut!

You will comply. You will not risk affronting the auctoritas of the EPA – or the government it represents.

Which, of course, stopped representing us a very long time ago.

. . .

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  1. Hmmmm…This company is in my general area…this is the first that I have heard about the raid…interesting.

  2. Just about everything in my belief system is being challenged or has shifted. I now have more in common with Libertarians that post to Eric’s site than I do with Christians who comment on Gene Veith’s blog “Cranach” over on It’s been years since I was a regular reader of Cranach, but I check in occasionally. Today he has a post entitled “Liberal Authoritarianism”. The regulars there may be Christian, but their attitude is pretty much 180 degrees from mine in regards to this ‘vaccine’. Not sure how one can be more insulting when you are labeling people that don’t want this vax as uneducated and trusting right-wing media, among other condescending put-downs.

    • As a Christian, I am with you. I am sick of hearing how selfish and despicable I am for making an educated decision NOT to harm my God-given body (which does NOT belong to Caesar…)

      I was in a meeting recently (not a Christian group), and the epithets of “meanness”, selfishness, “it’s just a mask” (we’re way past that now), etc., were infuriating. Rather than cast pearls before swine, I just left the scene.

        • I so wish a prominent leader of a Church body would speak for our God-given rights to determine what kind of medical intervention, if any, we want for ourselves. Their silence during the last year-and-a-half or so in this regard is very curious.

    • Last year’s shutdown exposed most churches in this country as being decidedly less than Christian. Any Christian with real discernment should recognize that masks, socialist distancing, etc., are satanic devices designed to suppress and demoralize, not to mention suppress evangelical efforts. 2 Corinthians 3:18 teaches that we are to behold the Lord’s glory with “open” or “unveiled” faces (depending on translation), which completely debunks masking. Any “Christian” who actively teaches or embraces Covidianism is phony-baloney as far as I’m concerned.

      • Hi Jim, I agree. It’s been treading in that direction for years. Many are just entertainment/motivational programs. Message sent: if you’re unhappy, just stop! What’s wrong with you?

        Little room for comfort for those chronically beat-down from whatever earthly experience ails them. It’s all yay! be happy.

        For those believers in a personal God, a quiet church sanctuary can be a refuge. That was cruelly ripped away during the last year. Nowhere to go outside of our own state-sanctioned home arrest. Church leaders, you failed!

      • Yes, and one of my fave verses these days is 2 Cor. 3:17b: “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

  3. A dark summer is here. 1/10th of an inch of rain all throughout July, not many days left to have a rain shower to increase the monthly total. It is taking its toll.

    Delta shmelta variant, appears as though it sticks around and infects the vaccined, the fools that they are. Fools go where angels fear to tread.

    The gamma variant is here too. Does the boomerang routine. I dunno what is going to happen, haven’t a clue.

    People are going to begin to think that they might die even after being needled. When you are subjected to a dangerous substance that causes adverse reactions, it takes all the fun out of living. Especially if you can become ill with Covid anyway. What’s the point of being vaccinated if the vaccine doesn’t work? Covid fear will return. Going to weigh heavily on their psyches.

    Unless, of course, the whatever it is has been designed to cause harm, then there is a problem.

    Medical professionals who have been vaccinated report about adverse reactions here:

    It is your life, your health is top priority. Staying alive trumps all.

  4. It’s shocking – to me anyway – how many of these federal agencies actually have armed contingencies. Department of Education needs an armed police force? WTF?
    It was a joy to see the Bundy family and their friends run off the BLM several years ago, although short-lived of course … they got it worse later when the BLM brought their own armed police force, along with trigger happy FBI agents to finish the fight.
    It’s time to overthrow this government. Wipe the slate clean and start over. (or don’t start over, just get rid of the federal government and let states perform the few government functions we need.)

    • Hi Amy,

      “It was a joy to see the Bundy family and their friends run off the BLM several years ago…”


      At the time there were some who thought the Bundy’s were talking about black lives matter.


    • The Bundy incident wasn’t entirely virtuous, since they were arguing over the use of federal land. Although the Constitution only allows the federal government to own land within a State for “forts, magazines and other needful buildings”, and only with permission from the State legislature. The national parks are an unconstitutional entity. You can thank Lincoln for the omnipotent ubiquitous federal government we have. We actually had a federation of sovereign States until 1860.

        • Of course they did. Is one not allowed to divorce an abusive spouse? In fact, until the North realized the hit on tax revenue they were going to take from losing tariffs at the Southern ports, they had no problem with the South seceding.

          • The inverse of secession is called ejection.

            ‘The EJEXIT movement is dedicated to restoring the American Way by means of a 28th Amendment to the Constitution, ejecting the Failed State of California from our distinguished Union and reducing it to Territorial status.

            ‘America Says: YOU’RE FIRED!’


            Bye, Nancy! Bye, Dianne!

            Don’t come back now, ya hear?

    • Excellent idea, but I don’t think it can be done. There are certainly precious few such ‘wipes’ recorded in the annals of history. Problem is, as grows, it grants itself ever more power, and each expansion of power reduces the opportunities for citizen redress. Also, bureaucracy never, ever relinquishes any of the power it seizes.
      The only option is to passively and constructively assist progress toward the inevitable demise of the power structure.

      • Biggest problem I see is, “They” have planned for both contingencies.
        If we fail to be Communized (to coin a word), They will simply move elsewhere, watch the world burn (as it will – imagine all the shipping lanes closed or unreliable, no gas, but that means no plastics, too, and no chips, and limited or no power, no way to do heavy industry, no flight, no military, problems with watering fields / food shortages, diseases out of control – globally. We were meant to be a globalized Economy, think: Hunger Games “Districts,” no one able to survive alone.) They get the depopulation, and then swoop back in as Saviours and God-Kings! Re-apportioning the world into their Districts… Zero concerns about the neo-feudalistic Serfs we will be, “owned products” of the Corporatocracy (a fancy term for a sort of fascism).
        If they succeed, the same thing happens, only it’s completely under their control. Think the Taco Bell scene of “Demolition Man.” Only ONE restaurant survived the franchise wars… It will, of course, be Amazon, mind, which will look like CostCo in Idiocracy. Likely it will be kiosk based instead… But it will be the ONE STOP store for EVERYTHING. (Thanks to Covid, of course, this is already in progress. Though, BJs and Walmart are the same company; I forget who the non-club CostCo one is.)

        Black Pill: War is coming regardless, make ready. We cannot be like Tim Pool, constantly fence-sitting, “It’s not in MY backyard, so IDGAF!” (or, “I don’t know, man…”)

    • Not sure if you knew this, I read sometime back that the department of agriculture has armor piercing bullets in addition to the other usual heavy stuff…

  5. It’s been a few years, but I once read that a federal employee is more likely to die on the job than get fired.

  6. That nerdy, pencil pushing parasite playing “dress-up” in scary black tacticool gear looks REAL intimidating, huh? Find out where he lives and pay him a visit when he doesn’t have his backup team of armed bureaucrats in tow. Where does he shop for groceries? Step up to him and quietly intimidate him until he makes the first move, then defend yourself, pay him back for the wrongs he’s perpetrated on the productive class. Those he so enjoys wielding power over.

    I’m afraid this is the only way to fight them. Is it wrong to single him out for street justice? Has he not dedicated his life to inflicting pain on others? Should he not be taught the errors of his ways?

    • The problem in your approach is advertising it, and “playing fair.”
      that will get you a no-knock at O-dark-thirty, where they storm in, shoot your whole family for “resisting,” and burn the house down a la Waco.

      It has happened before.
      And They set the terms of engagement, and they’ve decided the game to play. Set the rules. Set the results.
      “The only way to win, is not to play.” (War Games)
      So don’t play their game, don’t “fight fair” (“if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” – john Steinbeck), don’t advertise (I need to take my own advice!), just remember the three S’s: Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up.

      They’d do it for you… Tells you all you need to know about those who “enforce the law” or make the laws.

  7. Hey, pay attention!

    “An ignorant person is someone who doesn’t know what you just found out.” – Will Rogers

    Holodomor, two Ukrainian words that translate to ‘starvation to inflict death’.

    “You could see them walking about, just walking and walking, and one would drop, and then another, and so on it went,” he said many years later, in a case history collected in the late 1980s by a Congressional commission. In the cemetery outside the village hospital, overwhelmed doctors carried the bodies on stretchers and tossed them into an enormous pit.

    Stalin did a fantastic job of killing Ukrainians.

    Sound familiar?

    A new holodomor, vaccines to inflict death, by any means necessary.

  8. I’ll have to look into it, but I seriously doubt that such bureaucratic rule is even legal, as in Constitutional. It most definitely abrogates the separation of powers. Giving executive branch agencies the authority to make “law”. Of course what current government activity has any relationship with legality?

  9. They have turned what used to be a widely criticized feature of government, Bureaucracy, into the current FORM of government. It might come as a surprise to some that this move was largely the reason for the Russian Revolution. Czar Nicholas had passed off most of his responsibility to his bureaucrats. And as bureaucrats do, their first an foremost concern is maintaining or improving their personal position. The people be damned. Well guess what. The Russian people were not willing to be damned. Unfortunately, the Bolsheviks saw an opportunity, and cashed in on it.

    • Largely because Congress is completely dysfunctional, which left a power vacuum that allowed the super-bureaucrats to jump in.

      It’s just like work. If people would just do their damned jobs life would be a whole lot easier.

  10. Excessive (and absurd) regulations by unelected bureaucrats…and then big corps get even more bigger and powerful, whereas small shops gets crushed by them (now it looks by the point of a gun).
    An example of silly regulations was the “ban” of incandescent bulbs. Seems regulators didn’t know that those bulbs are the only type that can be used in ovens.

    And check this out. Yes, a link to computers, but watch closely and you’ll notice something:

    California is interesting. One cannot buy ANY high end desktop unless it complies with their diktats (although it looks you can get around that by assembling your own desktop), but they are encouraging EV. I wonder how’s their power grid doing.

    • Once again, all they’re doing is shifting the consumption to a different area, at a net loss of efficiency. By turning local PCs into glorified terminals they shift the processing power (and electricity consumption) to data centers. So instead of your mouse click or joystick movement processed locally, they’re now packetized and shipped off, over the Internet, to a data center, and handed off to big iron servers. Then the output is processed and shipped out again as an A/V stream. Oh, and since latency is a major problem for perception and reaction time, your network connection has to be very fast too. How fast do you want to spend, as the speed shops used to say. And speedy networks are also hungry for power.

      And just to make it even more profitable for SillyCon Valley investors, the whole works is only going to work if you pay them a monthly “fee” for something you already paid for.

      But best of all, if you so much as utter a despairing word that another player decides to find offensive, they can kill you off permanently. Or if you’re just a better player than someone else. Or you choose to not disclose your political leaning. Or your ex works at the company and decides to DOX you.

      “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” – Klaus Schwab
      “You’ll get nothing and like it! – Judge Smails

      • Fortunately (but not for Floridians) these folks from the 2A-free Zone worship Florida as the Promised Land.

        The Carolinas serve as a second-choice destination for those who faint at the sight of snakes and alligators.

        The NoVa SSR seems to be a toxic mix of indigenous radicals and a broad spectrum of hard-left émigrés attracted like moths to next-door Leviathan on the Potomac.

        • You ain’t kidding! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see several NY license plates here in NC. Makes want to get a “Yankee go home!” bumper sticker.

      • That would be righteous, Scott. Almost orgasmic. Maybe more like feeling your faculties returning and the crippling nausea subsiding after you vomit poison.

      • I have a list. California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington for starters (roughly in order of priority).

        Also, sentencing extreme Leftists to exile would be tempting.

      • Whoa, whoa, whoa.
        What about those of us “normies” who are stuck inside of Commiefornia with those [name your place] blues again, eh?
        Personally, my very own Congresscritter looks, and acts , a great deal like Jabba the Hutt, he being a Rethuglican, rather than a DIMocrat.

        Besides, I like the weather , if not the political climate.
        Whatever happened to “change comes rom within?”

        • RE: “What about those of us “normies” who are stuck inside of Commiefornia with those [name your place] blues again, eh?”

          I saw this movie once, or twice, and a sequel or two, ‘Escape From New York”… your comment reminded me of, ‘Escape from L.A.’ (1996).

          Cali IS really nice weather, landscape (sorta) but, man O man, that nasty lookin’ den which Jabba the Hutt kept, I imagine it smelled like snake.
          I have heard that is a bit like what it’s like in some Cali cities these days. I know it used to be very nice in the countryside in some parts of Cali & I hope it is still that way and will continue to be, how-freaking-ever; I have my doubts.

          Godzilla would always destroy a bunch of shit around him before he went down. I suspect all goobermint monsters will be much the same.
          Watch out!

          Que, B.O.C.:

          • > “Escape From New York”
            One of my favorite movies. 🙂

            Fortunately, I am in western Riverside County, which I guess is sort of like Orange County was, many years ago.
            That would be the Orange County which elected John G. Schmitz to Congress:
            The same John Schmitz who thought the John Birch Society was “too far to the left.”
            Hereabouts, we mostly just ignore the carpet munchers and fudgepackers who tend to get selected to state legislature on the basis of votes from City of Riverside, home of UC Riverside, and go abut our business as best we may.

            I wouldn’t mind moving somewhere more “hospitable,” but, after 40 years, I am sort of “settled in,” and it takes a bit of overcoming of inertia to get me to do anything much out of the ordinary. Adapt and survive, but do not compromise your principles, is what I say.

          • BTW, (Total) Los(s) Angeles is two counties, or approximately 60 miles, from where I live. I try not to go there, because (among other things) I always feel like a rube when I do.

  11. ‘The regulatory body is also – somehow – endowed with the power to decide the scope and breadth of its own powers, by assessing the degree of its own auctoritas according to its own interpretation of the law.’ — EP

    A chilling example of an executive branch agency spinning out a new interpretation of ‘the law’:

    (CNN) ‘President’ Joe Biden will announce on Thursday a requirement that all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated against Covid-19, or be required to submit to regular testing and mitigation requirements.

    ‘Justice Department lawyers have determined that federal law doesn’t prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring Covid-19 vaccines, even if the vaccines have only been authorized for emergency use, according to an opinion posted online Monday.’ –CNN

    Some junior DOJ ‘attorney’ on a short leash wrote that opinion, in return for a wodge of food pellets clattering into his feeding bowl. Good doggie!

    Catch the bit about ‘contractors’? That’s millions more … probably even the $15/hr flaggers on a federally-funded highway maintenance project, as the purple sucker-encrusted tentacles of the US fedgov penetrate every nook and cranny of high-tech serfdom.

    Indeed, even the CIA’s drug runners, heroically airlifting our nation’s vital heroin supply out of Helmand, Afghanistan, ought to be jabbed according to Biden’s ukase. But some contractors are more equal than others.

    In any event, our illegitimate mumbling hologram of a president has drawn a line in the sand that many Americans refuse to cross.

    It’s us versus the US mf-ing fedgov. And we don’t intend to lose, or to comply.

    You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
    With tombstones in their eyes
    But the pusher don’t care
    Ah, if you live or if you die

    God damn, the pusher
    God damn, I say the pusher
    I said God damn
    God damn the pusher man

    — Steppenwolf, The Pusher

    • I am curious how this could possibly go down. There are over two million civilians on the federal government’s payroll. I believe there is another two million military members. Even if 25% hold the line (not get vaxxed) how much in testing would that cost the American taxpayer? How frequent will this be done. In regards to adding contractors I don’t see how this is even possible. The federal government is going to mandate testing on the office manager of a 10 person business who sells paper products to them? Every Walmart employee will be required to get jabbed or tested? Has anyone ran the cost on something like this? The numbers don’t jive. Who would business with the government? Who would want to?

      I can only hope 25% of the workforce quits. Give Uncle Sam a taste of hits own medicine. Government pay isn’t the greatest so why would one stay?

      • It doesn’t have to “work.”

        This is a one-time liquidation event. Everyone must go!

        Mandates are coming from every corporate and governmental entity, at every level. Sure, these contractors may quit, only to find themselves subject to a like mandate from every potential “private” employer, and their county health department, and their state health department…and every place of business once the vaxx-pass is required upon “private discretion.”

        This is the one and only Mark of the Beast, and Old Nick (or “Uncle Sam,” as you call him) is not going to take no for an answer. “Taste of his own medicine?” Old Uncle Samnick isn’t interested in running a “government” anymore, so he doesn’t care if 25% quite, nobody quits, or everybody drops dead by Labor Day. Now, there is no “government.” There is only the Agenda. The Great Reset.

        Why do you think Biden was wearing the costume of a Death Star Executioner from Star Wars for his whole election campaign? He has been installed to oversee a mass extermination–not a “government.”

        • Right now most people are going along with the narrative because the government checks are still coming in the mail. Do you believe the people will not revolt when this stops, because the government does not have enough people to get it done? I have dealt with angry 70 year olds whose Social Security check did not arrive. It isn’t pretty. Sixty five million people not getting their supplemental check will cause a riot; add in WIC, food stamps, Section 8 housing, and contractor payments and the guillotine may make a comeback.

          • On that note, it appears to me that the price of nearly everything *except* food is rapidly rising.

            Sent off the premium for my homeowner’s insurance to State Farm yesterday. Premium increased 25% over last year. Ouch.

            But if, or when, food prices spike, you might actually see riots in the streets.

            • When people can’t afford food, they will beg the government for food, and will submit to any demand the government makes in exchange for said food.

              • And when the government can’t provide it, for the same reason the grocery store can’t, they’ll burn the place down. 3 days without food and people turn into wolves.

                • The government can commandeer agriculture as long as they need to to vaxecute the masses.

                  Kissinger said: “Control the banks and control nations. Control the food and control the people.”

                  Your idea of aggressive starving people is a fantasy at complete variance with the human condition. How would “burning down the Capitol” get food into their mouths? Because that’s all the starving masses will care about. Food. Not “justice.” Not “righteous anger.” Just food.

                  Hungry people will lick whatever boots they need to to get a crust of bread. They don’t “fight.”

                  • I did not say that “the place” was in DC. It will be wherever people have turned into wolves. Male Bovine Fecal matter! Your neighbors will kill you and take your food if they get hungry enough. Not even a good idea to cook outdoors where they can smell it. I’ve read enough accounts of incidents where the food supply actually ran out to know better. Both the Russian and French revolution were started by starving people.

                    • Neither the scheming Jacobins behind the French revolutions, nor the gold-laden foreign bolshevik operators behind the Russian Revolution were starving by a long shot. They merely weaponized the dissatisfactions of the peasantry against the monarchs.

                    • Starving to death is a bit more than a dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is when your internet bandwidth won’t let you stream video. And of course sociopaths took advantage. I said started, not finished.

                    • John K.:

                      The Kulaks and French peasants weren’t starving…until after the overturning of the social order by their Bolshevik and Jacobin handlers. They were just convinced by manipulative goading to believe that overthrowing the monarchs was in their interest, when really it was only in the interest of the cabal.

            • I don’t see how when 25% of their workforce would be missing. There is only so many hours in a day. Less people aren’t going to be able to pick up more work.

              • Virtually all federal government functions are automated at this point. That is certainly true of the entitlement check-processing functions. Who cares if a bunch of night floor-waxers quit their gigs polishing the halls of the Library of Congress or the U.S. Office of Topography?

                Nobody, because D.C. has been essentially abandoned since the lockdowns started. Those buildings are all closed. Federal buildings are all empty. The D.C. Metro is empty.


                The military Junta running the country isn’t even doing it from D.C. anymore. Civil society has been phased out already. The Herd are like Wile E. Coyote standing in midair over a canyon. With syringe-spikes at the bottom.

                • If it’s all automated, why do I not receive my SS benefit on time every month? Sometimes early, sometimes late. Rarely when it’s due.

            • You’ve left an important piece off he board. The economy has already fallen off the cliff, it just hasn’t hit bottom yet. The dollar will evaporate, and that’s the currency the state uses. It has pissed off enough people around the world that they won’t offer to help, even if they could.

          • I would be one of those not quite 70 year olds, and if it cost me my check, I’ll do without the refund of what they stole from me for almost 50 years before I take the jab. I’ll get by, or I won’t. I won’t be vaxxed.

        • RG,

          You’re joking, right? 25% of the Federal workforce quitting? NO WAY! They get way better benefits and pay than they could get anywhere else. No, the vast majority of Fed employees will play ball; those who don’t want the shot will retire if eligible to do so. I dare say that the Feds are banking on this happening…

          • Hi Mark,

            Forty percent of the military are holdouts right now. Not everybody working as a civilian is going to rush and get this jab. Maybe 25% is a pipe dream, but even a 5-10% cut of workforce will be insurmountable. I can only hope that some of these departments start shutting down.

            Government pay is atrocious. Yes, the benefits are good, but the pay and benefits working for a government subcontractor is even better.

        • FP,

          I don’t believe that the vax is the Mark of the Beast. Why? It simply doesn’t pass Scriptural muster. When one delves in to the Greek word for “Mark”, it’s charagma. When one looks at the definition of charagma, it’s a stamping or an impression, kinda like a Notary stamp. It’s something that’ll be visible to everyone, not something hidden like a chip or an injection. The Mark will be a STATUS symbol; people will want to flaunt it!

          Having said that, I believe that the vax is training for the Mark of the Beast, much like the mask was training for the vax. The vax is a conditioning tool. Why? TPTB are coercing us to take the vax; they’re making it difficult for us to live without the shot, i.e. vax free. This is interesting, because the Bible, in Rev. 13, says that the beast CAUSETH ALL to take the Mark! What are TPTB doing, but “causing” people to take The Holy Jab? SO! I think that the vax is definitely a training tool to get us to the Mark, to condition people to accept subtle coercion. Sure, you’re free to refuse; you just won’t be able to live life. We’re giving you a choice-yeah, that’s it!

          Now, there IS an interesting development from MIT though! This project is being funded by Bill Gates-what a surprise. It amounts to a chip with needles in it that’ll automatically release a vaccine or medicine in to your system. If something like this were implemented; if it were required like The Holy Jab is; then, it would pass Scriptural muster and fulfill Rev. 13.

          In closing, I don’t think that the COVID shot, i.e. the Trump shot, is fulfillment of Rev. 13; it doesn’t pass Scriptural muster with what it says about The Mark. That said, I do believe that the Trump Shot is training for us to accept the Mark; I think it’s here to pave the way for The Mark, to condition us for it.

          • The Mark is a multi-component invasive apparatus.
            The current shot is merely the first component, or precursor.

            The Mark is a process of becoming, not just a one-time thing. It will start with the Lipid Nano Particles in this shot, then future “boosters” will include successively heavier tech. Each round of shots will operate as a population bottleneck and step-down, as those who can’t handle the tech-injections die, leaving a smaller but heartier population, more compatible with the final form of the Mark, which will be complete penetration of the entire body with Hydrogel that will both monitor the human body down to the mitochondrial level, and control the body directly by 5G “spatial web” manipulation. The final form of the Beast Machine Itself will be a hive-mind and Cyb-Org planet, where the humans are mind-wiped biological “cells” connected by the Electro Magnetic Field that bathes the Earth.

            Our brilliant host recently expressed the astonishing insight that “Science fiction is less fiction than it is pending reality.” Perhaps the phrase, “You will be assimilated” sounds familiar?

            • There is no end to the possibilities embodied in SF. From a “brave new world” to total anarcho-capitalist libertarian. I’ve been reading it for55 years, so I know of what I speak. In fact I dare say that the state as enemy is quite common.

                • I don’t remember the episode, but I’m assuming the extremely well-funded and technologically advanced Federation of Planets?

                  In our reality, the Borg assimilated the Federation before the founding of the UN.

                  • Then kneel Freelance. I will not. Nor will many others. If it cost me my life, you are welcome to what remains, and pretend you have one. It’s quite simple to prophesy doom, it takes careful thought and courage to defeat it.

                    • No way. Any that survive the Rain of Needles are in for a fate far worse than death. And that number will be very few.

                      Our choice now is not “Die on your feet or live on your knees.” It’s “Die on your feet or die on your knees”!

                • According to Dr Fauxi. Although the war was concluded many eons ago, it has not yet begun. That is the very reason we must continue fighting it.

            • FP,

              Rev. 13 doesn’t say whether or not the Mark is a one time event or not; like the Gap Theory, Scripture doesn’t specifically address this question one way or the other. Since the Greek word, charagma, refers to a visible stamp or impression, I’m disinclined to think that the vax is the Mark. However, it is training for people to get the Mark.

            • FP,

              The problem with your theory is that Rev. 13 SPECIFICALLY refers to the right hand or the forehead! Hydrogel would be all over your body; it wouldn’t be confined to either the forehead or the right hand, per Rev. 13.

              • “Right hand” and “forehead” are symbolic of deeds and thoughts respectively.

                Those are precisely the realms the Beast Machine intends to possess in each and every human.

                If you’re going to take Revelations literally, then you won’t be “scripturally” satisfied until some truly outlandish and unlikely stuff happens, with horsemen, beast-puppets, etc….

                • The Lord says what He means, and He means what he says. He also promised that His WORDS would never pass away! He promised to give us understanding of His Word. I don’t think that the Lord would be so deep and esoteric as all that; if He were, then how would His people know when we’re in the end?

                  Also, sci-fi has often turned in to science fact. Want an example? Do you remember the movie, “Demolition Man”? It was set in a dystopian, technocratic future. While it was an action flick, it was so much more; it was the so much more that people missed: the sci-fi/predictive programming aspect of it. I believe that that’s the world our technocratic overlords have planned for us. TPTB, for many reasons, have to tell us what they’re going to do to us.

                  There’s a particularly chilling scene from the movie. It was after Sly Stallone’s character, John Spartan, had been revived. He was being brought up to speed on what the modern society was like. They were teaching him about money. Do you remember them showing the right hand? I DO! Why? Because it’s in accordance with Scripture, specifically Rev. 13.

                  That’s not to say that all of Revelation is straightforward; there is a lot of symbolism in there. However, I believe that’s because John was trying to write about 20th and 21st Century things with a 1st Century understanding. For example, how could he hope to describe a modern tank or helicopter?

                  That said, I don’t believe that extends to Rev. 13 and the Mark of the Beast. There’s nothing new to understand about the right hand for forehead; neither have changed from the First Century until now. Ergo, the Mark will be in either our right hand or forehead, per Rev. 13.

                  • The very same “PTB” that gave you predictive programming with Demolition Man gave you the somewhat earlier predictive programming of Revelations.

                    Wake up from the dream that they have lulled you into. It’s not the Capital Lord who wrote those things, it was Chosenites, describing the same global takeover that they had previously described in Isaiah: It will happen in the final days that the mountain of Yahweh’s house will rise higher than the mountains and tower above the heights. Then all the nations will stream to it. […] For the Law will issue from Zion and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem (2:2–3). Kings will fall prostrate before you, faces to the ground, and lick the dust at your feet. (49:23) I shall make your oppressors eat their own flesh, they will be as drunk on their own blood as on new wine. (49:26). For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you will perish, and the nations will be utterly destroyed’ (60:12)

                    We’re the ones being readied for the fate of dust-licking and guts-gobbling. Don’t get too hung up on exactly how your wicked masters planned to do it 2,000 years ago. They’ve developed better tech since then…

                    • Hi Turtle,

                      That’s hilarious! Now, without starting a religious war – which is a distraction – and also because I have no wish to insult anyone’s beliefs – Sickness Cultists excepted, of course – I want to briefly articulate why I do not believe the core doctrine of Christianity. It is because I do not understand how a monotheistic deity can sire (by whatever method) a son nor comprehend how a singular deity can converse with his son and the son with the father. It is a logical absurdity. God is either singular or plural. It cannot be both. I understand the arguments that one is a form or manifestation of the other but that strikes me as incoherent. But then, I am an Aristotelian and my mind operates on the principle that words have specific meanings and cannot at the same time have contradictory meanings without losing all meaning. A son is a specific thing, a discrete individual thing. A son cannot also be a father and a father a son.

                      So there’s that.

                      I have also never understood how a god can die (as by crucifixion) and how the death of an innocent atones for the crimes of the guilty. I also don’t understand why the “true” or “universal” deity would only reveal himself to a tiny segment of the human population, in just one part of the world – at a point in history ages after untold numbers of human beings lived and died without ever having heard of him. And why the obscurantism? Why is the holy book so opaque, so open to endless parsing? No one seems to know exactly what it means; or rather, everyone seems to disagree as to its meaning. And none can objectively demonstrate that their interpretation is the “right” one.

                      I’ll stop here. I truly mean no offense and am by no means an atheist. I just don’t claim any specific belief in any particular deity.

          • Hi Marky,
            I think the “vaccine passport” will be the Mark of the Beast, since they’re already rolling it out in France and other parts of the EU. Won’t be able to transact business without it, and those that have it will proudly display on a lanyard around their neck, while planning to put a rope around our necks

            • MIB,

              I think it’s TRAINING for the Mark, but it’s not the Mark itself. Rev. 13 specifically mentions the right hand or forehead, and the Greek word for Mark seems to point to a visible stamping or impression. If TPTB were to go straight to it, too many people would wake up, thus derailing the plan. No, they have to get us ACCUSTOMED to the idea of doing what we’re told, so we can transact business.

              Rev. 13 also points to a cashless society, something we don’t have yet. There’s no way the Mark can work as long as cash exists; as long as we have cash, we can still transact business, even if covertly or on the black market. For their demonic scheme to work TPTB need to eliminate cash, something they’re in the process of doing as we speak. The Chinese have their digital Yuan, while the Fed is working on a digital dollar. Digital currencies are being rolled out now.

              Finally, alternatives like Bitcoing MUST be eliminated! As long as BTC exists, TPTB cannot implement their agenda. BTC is not traceable, nor is it under anyone’s control. Ergo, BTC must go. At the very least, BTC cannot be allowed to exist in its present form, as it undercuts the agenda of TPTB in too many ways. BTC will have to be taken out first prior to implementing the Beast System.

              This is happening now too. China is going after BTC, while powerful officials in our gov’t are making noises about doing the same. For example, Sen. Elizabeth Warren held hearings and pontificated about how BTC enabled criminality, such as ransomware events. SO! It’s only a matter of time before BTC is taken out. This is a necessary prerequisite for the Beast System, as BTC offers a way to work around the Beast System.

              So yes, you’re right on one hand, because the Mark will be a status symbol; people will be proud to show it off. It could very well be ushered in by another vaccine, but it won’t be injected via a needle; it’ll be injected by an implantable microchip with needles in it. That could be a fulfillment of Rev. 13, as it would have to be pressed in to the skin. See this for more info:

              • re Bitcoin: I found it curious that the past few years the IRS 1040 asks if you have invested in bitcoin.

                I always answer “no”…

      • ‘I believe there is another two million military members.’ — RG

        CNN says ‘Biden’ will not force-vax the military for now.

        Why? The very real risk of armed revolt by soldiers who aren’t free to just walk away, as civilians (theoretically) can do.

        Meanwhile, Weeping Walensky has copped to the scam:

        ‘Walensky said new data shows the variant behaves “uniquely differently from past strains of the virus,” indicating that some some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant “may be contagious and spread the virus to others.”‘ — ZH

        This destroys the public health rationale for force-vaxxing. It’s down to individuals deciding whether the benefit-to-risk balance favors the jab or not (elderly, immunocompromised — maybe; young and healthy — probably not).

        In a free country, individuals would decide for themselves. But in the USSA, a greasy government pistol to your temple — wielded by a leftist anti-gunner Demonrat — makes that decision for you.

        • Interesting. So vaxxing the military will not be mandated, only the civilian population. Which goes back to the original narrative it isn’t about health, but control.

        • “data shows the variant behaves “uniquely differently from past strains of the virus,”, which is exactly why no vaccine against a corona virus has ever succeeded. In fact, these vaccines have the WORST record of being successful against them. Yet here we are. Pretending they work, and blaming those who choose not to risk their lives for the benefit of Pharma being blamed for the failure of the vaxx.

          • JK:

            This is heresy. It’s irrefutable truth that the vaccines are safe and effective. The jabbing, masking and demonizing of the apostates will continue until morale improves.

            Winston: It’s not enough top say 2+2=5; you must also believe it.

        • Another “gem” from the CDC:

          “These vaccines operate really well in protecting us from severe disease and death, but the big concern is that the next variant that might emerge – just a few mutations potentially away – could potentially evade our vaccines,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a Tuesday press briefing.

          Here we see the level of deceit they are doing and what (sadly) ignorance does. The virus will mutate regardless of vax, as these don’t confer full immunity. It is a matter of time. Yet they will blame the unvaxed.

          • Just as short coursing your antibiotics does for bacteria, a vaccine that does not eradicate the virus leaves the most virulent strain behind. May be a good idea to stay away from the vaxxed if you can.

      • RG,
        I expect that employees, public or private, who refuse the jab will be required to be “tested” once a week or so. I expect for public employees this will be no big deal. They will take off an hour or two, on the (public) clock, to be “tested.”

        But for private contractors, this could be a *REALLY* *BIG* deal, assuming the contractors are required to pay for a) wages for those being “tested”, and b) “testing” on a regular basis.

        To my knowledge, all fixed price public contracts are awarded to the low bidder. Paying for non-productive time comes directly out of the contractor’s hide. They ain’t gonna like that.

        And if you try to make the “tests” “own time, own dime,” sooner or later you will have a “discrimination” lawsuit.

        Many years ago, when I worked in oil refineries, it was not unknown for the owner to sit all contractor personnel down upon entry to facility, and pee test hundreds of people, which could take all morning, usually Tuesday after a 3 day weekend. My boss protested he shouldn’t have to pay dozens of highly skilled employees to sit down for 4 hours, waiting their turn for some one to watch them pee in a bottle. UNOCAL sold him, “Sorry, Tom, those are our rules.”

        I always felt like I was leaving the United States when I passed through the gate of (what was then) UNOCAL Wilmington. Rather like the movie, “Syriana,” but without the beatings. 🙂

        • Hi turtle,

          I agree with you. The government picks the lowest bidder for contracts. This is going to get pretty expensive for the contractors, which will demand that their employees get the jab or find employment elsewhere. They aren’t going to pay for the the amount of testing needed.

          This should be pretty riveting. Most engineers veer right. I wonder if they will roll up their shirt sleeves.

          • Hi, RG, & John K,
            In my experience , people who deal with physical reality for a living (as opposed to politics or advertising) tend to be:
            a) fiercely independent
            b) nearly impossible to bullshit, and
            c) well enough equipped with with transferrable job skills so as to be able to tell their employer to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine if working conditions deteriorate far enough.
            That group of people includes degreed engineers, skilled technicians, and skilled tradesmen, in my experience. Old saying in the construction industry, “I was looking for a job when I found this one.”

            Just sayin…

      • RG,

        You’re joking, right? 25% of the Federal workforce quitting? NO WAY! They get way better benefits and pay than they could get anywhere else. No, the vast majority of Fed employees will play ball; those who don’t want the shot will retire if eligible to do so. I dare say that the Feds are banking on this happening…

          • Yep. Plus, if they get terminated, they get whatever their severance is, plus they get to file for unemployment which is pretty cherry these days.

            Incentives matter #Refirement

        • RE: “You’re joking, right? 25% of the Federal workforce quitting? NO WAY!”

          Yes. Way. !

          From what I’ve heard from some goobermint workers, there’s no Way In Hell they’re getting tested, or getting The Shot, or face diapering up. Or, any other crap.

          Absolutely. No. Way.

          I imagine many of them are looking for new employment right now.

          I wish them the best in their search.

          The Plus in this is that the ones who won’t mask up, get The Shot, and other B.S., they’re the ones who hold the ship together, do all the work – correctly – ‘er as correctly as it gets with goobermint work, and when they’re gone… Everything Will Fall Apart! EVERYTHING!

          I guess that’s The Plan of the power elite? Idk.

          We’re in for some good times, eh?

          • Maybe they are trying to save taxpayer money by clearing out the payroll?

            Nah, who am I kidding? This is going to become a way to waste even more money somehow, I guarantee it.

    • Those knotheads from the gov always come up with some hare-brained scheme. They’ll go all Waco on ya. If you happen to be in the crossfire and die, too bad, so sad.

      That is what knotsees do, if you can’t nazi that, you’re blind as a bat in China. They’re the Vampire Squid.

      It ain’t ever going to stop.

      Hoyt Axton wrote The Pusher.

      “… and I don’t give a damn about a greenback dollar, spend it fast as I can for a wailin’ song and a good guitar, the only things that I understand, O’Lord, the only things that I understand.” – Hoyt Axton, Greenback Dollar

      “Cocaine’s for horses, not for men, they say it’ll kill me, but they won’t say when.” – Dave von Ronk, Cocaine Blues

      Move to California, you can shoplift 949 dollars worth of goods per day, you will be able to survive. Open a store, Shoplifted Goods Inc, rent a warehouse, hire shoplifters to supply the inventory.

      Gotta go out and water the mega garden which is probably short 150,000 gallons of rainwater at this time.

      Beer time!

    • ‘Stone-Manning actively enabled a radical Earth First! initiative to harm loggers and discourage the forest industry.’ — RK, link

      Mega wildfires in the West are smoking out the whole country. But this liberal leftist fool wants to keep loggers out of the forest, even for direly needed thinning.

      Biden’s out-of-touch east coast regime has declared war on the American West, plain and simple.

      In my town, we have raised money and cleared fire breaks, with or without the ‘help’ of the US mf-ing fedgov.

      Effectively, ‘Biden’ is gonna let Cali burn, confident that the Trotskyite wing of his D party in the Golden State will keep its mouth shut out of party loyalty.

    • This eco-terrorist’s soon-to-be boss, Deb Haaland, did a really good guppy imitation (opens and closes mouth, says nothing) when questioned about her.


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