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A Massachusetts armed government worker has been charged with masturbating in front of people attending a country music concert and assault.

Andrew Patterson, 32, faces charges of lewd, wanton and lascivious conduct for exposing himself during a Luke Bryan concert at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro on June 21.

WHDH reports:

The man and his girlfriend told police that Patterson was “extremely intoxicated” and standing next to them in the crowd with his pants “unzipped and his penis was exposed,” police wrote in the report.

Patterson, who was attending the concert with his wife, also allegedly walked up behind the man’s girlfriend and pretended to grind on her while taking a video of himself.

Police say the man knocked the phone out of Patterson’s hand and threw a chair at him. Patterson then allegedly punched the man before a friend flashed a badge and stated that they were troopers.

According to the complaint, Patterson appeared to by “extremely intoxicated and his speech was thick and slurred.”

“In light of today’s charges, the Department will hold an internal hearing tomorrow to re-assess his duty status, and the internal investigation will continue as the criminal case proceeds. The off-duty conduct as alleged utterly contradicts the manner in which the Department demands its members conduct themselves in their personal lives,” read a statement from higher-up AGWs.

Patterson’s AGW union appointed attorney, Daniel Moynihan, denies his client did anything wrong and said the allegations are “ridiculous.” Maynihan says that Patterson is a decorated veteran who served in Afghanistan and was with his wife in a “sea of people” and that things “can be misconstrued,” according to NBC Boston.

It is true that Patterson is a ex-military, which is reason enough to disqualify him from being a civilian peacekeeper. Soldiers are trained to subdue  – and to kill. They are on hair-trigger, used to barking orders and being obeyed immediately.

The culture of Hut! Hut! Hut! is military culture and has no place in the arena of civilian peacekeeping.

But of course, we have law enforcement – and for that sort of thing, enforcers are needed.

At the least, perhaps they can be constrained to keep it in their pants.

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  1. So, while Pee Wee Herman and many others are rightfully arrested and convicted for violating public decency laws, apparently those don’t apply to AGWs off duty? Am I reading this right? I’ve had enough. Beam me up.

  2. Completely fits. We used to get stone drunk prior to a serious upcoming battle. I’ve heard of guys doing that very thing but usually in bars. These cops have been brainwashed during their primary school years and the military sort of polishes it off. By the time they get to law enforcement any humanity or respect for others is gone.
    Of course the loss of self control is becoming an epidemic in the civilian population as well. The shoddy dress, rudeness, arrogance, etc. is on display everywhere. These are the tells of dying civilizations.

    • You nailed it. I live in Oklahoma City and find that here, the homeless bums are better dressed than many civilians. And yes, the general incontinence is everywhere. Just look on the youtube channel Liberty Hangout as Katlyn Bennet interviews today’s youth at college campuses and on the street. The level of arrogance and ignorance is staggering. Sometime around 1976, I remember my dad saying that we lived in a decadent society. As a curious 12 year old, I wondered what it meant. I wonder if he would have been alive and in his right mind what he would think about today’s going on.


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