Car Diapering

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Diapering – and its exclusions – no longer apply just to people. Cars are soon to be denied admission to the things they need, too.


Michigan – home to one of the most fervent bishops of the Sickness Cult, Gretchen Whitmer – who has imposed a Diaper Decree on all its inhabitants – has just decreed what amounts to the same for cars.

Well, cars with drivers.

Those without them – so-called “autonomous” cars, which are in fact automated cars – will get their very own lanes on the highway between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Just as people who show their faces are shown the door at stores and restaurants, cars with drivers will be shown the exit ramp.

Gesundheitsfuhrer Whitmer is “partnering” – against the public – with the some of the same car companies that now make more Face Diapers than they do cars, including Ford – which hosted the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s announcement about the “dedicated” lanes at one of Ford’s former railroad hubs, where cars and car parts used to be shipped to and fro. It now houses Ford’s “autonomous” vehicle development lab.

But the money behind the scenes is to be provided by Alphabet – the parent company of the Arbiter of Acceptable Speech, Gurgle. Which intends to become the Arbiter of What You’re Allowed to Drive – by not letting you drive.

Not just in Detroit.


No Drive Zones – though of course they won’t be called that. They will be called something that conveys the opposite of the actuality. Like “autonomous” cars. Which are being fast-tracked to extinction by automated cars.

Autonomous cars were developed in the 1880s – not the 2020s.

These cars were entirely independent because they were entirely under your control. You decided how fast, which lane, when to pass and brake and when to stop. Nothing – emphasis on thing – countermanded your autonomous action. Maybe you had a backseat driver. He – or she- could always be told to shut up, kicked to the curb. They had no power to control your car – and thus, no control over your driving.

The so-called “autonomous” car controls everything. It decides how fast and when to change lanes, if it changes lanes at all. The car slows – and stops – according to how it has been programmed, the programming entirely out of your control.

“And this model comes with a virtual mother-in-law in the back seat to make it feel authentic.”

It is connected to a spider web electronic infrastructure of data transmission and reception; it never acts “autonomously.”

That is to say, independently.

It always acts within the parameters of the electronic collective, which must be aware of and in control of its position and movements in the same general way that commercial aircraft are always under supervision and control.

Airbus is an honest term. It flies a route, according to a schedule – which isn’t yours. Apply this principle to cars and you will understand what ground travel will be like in the “autonomous” future, if Alphabet and its proxies – creatures such as Gesundheitsfuhrer Whitmer – have their way.

Observe, in this regard, that the people didn’t clamor for this. No referendum was held; no vote tabulated.

As with Face Diapering, the “dedication” of public space to pushing drivers off the road comes via decree, not consent. Because elites with power have decided what’s best – for them.

As in China, where similar projects are under way. For similar reasons. For the same reason – which is to wrest autonomous control of cars from drivers and place the steering wheel firmly in the hands of the elites. Who who will then determine the degree of your autonomy, probably correlated with the extent of your submission to things like Face Diapering and Needling.

No Diaper? No Ride. The “autonomous” car of your future will probably be equipped with Advanced Diaper Assistance Technology; it will scan your face – and if it sees your face, the car will not move until it doesn’t.

Adding insult to the injury is that the soon-to-be-ex-drivers paid for the roads which they soon won’t be allowed to use, unless they take a back seat.

It’s just a “pilot project,” of course.

But so was Face Diapering just a few months ago. It is now almost impossible to avoid being pestered to Diaper. It may soon be impossible to drive.

How sad that this is happening in Michigan, of all places. The place where once upon a time autonomous cars were made, which cars made Americans autonomous.

. . .

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  1. I suspect a lot of the totalitarian male bovine fecal matter won’t get off the ground, much less fly. The reason being, we are being collectively bankrupted. We are going to become simply too poor to give a flying crap about what some tyrant wannabe has to say. Too poor to be concerned about any attempt to enforce their insanity. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand are either unconcerned about the opinions of politicians turned into law and enforced by armed goons, or are actively and adamantly opposed to them. It could be that our impoverishment will be our saving grace instead of our downfall. We may go about our business unaware of the insanity that consumes the spoiled children that constitute the political class, but when that business becomes diligently seeking something to eat, spoiled children and their concerns will become objects of ridicule and rebellion. Hunger is in the top three of driving motivations of human behavior, along with thirst and sex. The Chinese fell to the tyrant. But the Chinese have a culture of obedience, and are totally disarmed. We don’t, and we aren’t.

    • Giving highly motivated, well off (former) small business owners and middle class working folk a financial assfucking and months to brood may well be very bad for those pulling the strings. Many who were willing to simply deal with the slavers stealing half their life will have a lot of rage to unleash when their lifes work gets flushed for some out of touch overlords grand vision of a prison planet.

  2. We all know autopiloted cars can’t see stopped objects. What happens when these cars break down and nobody can pull to the shoulder. If I was forced to pay for a road I couldn’t use I’d be tempted to litter it with roofing nails and glass bottles.

  3. You see this stuff in action already. A huge one is bike “lanes”. Most roads aren’t big enough for the motorized traffic already, so lets take one or two of those lanes away and turn them into bike lanes!

    Bike lanes that get little to no use (especially in suburban locations), at least compared to the use it would have gotten as a travel lane for the majority (aka people driving cars).

    I remember about twenty years ago, when they started to build lots of bike paths (I actually like those). Then they had to be dedicated “routes” (often using former rail lines) because “planners” didn’t want to put them on roads that had cars. They were intended as recreational in nature, not as transportation. I remember a nearby community where the local bike activists wanted a bike lane on a pretty busy curved (aka lots of blind spots) semi-major residential street. Back then they were turned down for safety reasons.

    But last year a bike lane was added in each direction (eliminating most of the parking to boot, annoying homeowners) on that very road! Something changed in the last couple of years. Planners discovered that bike lanes are an excellent way to claim lots of space from motorists. So now they go everywhere no matter how dangerous or underused that they will be. And they never talk about them being recreational anymore, only as transportation. So money comes from road funds rather than park and rec budgets.

    • Remember virulent Democrat presidential primary candidate Howard Dean from around the 04 election or so? Of the famous “howl”? He was a member of an informal and unspoken but especially American version of the political left, referred to as the “Bike Path Left.” Probably everyone on this board of a certain age has run into these types in their life. A town to the north of me, let’s call it the People’s Republic of Nags Head, NC, has spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money with months of construction, in the middle of the current economic destruction caused by the very same local gov’t due to Wuflu restrctions, to build miles and miles of a 10ft wide concrete bike path through the town. Why? Maybe for the desired future of bikes and walking for most and driving for the “special” few. The way things are going, this seems more and more like the plan.

  4. I love it. Let’s throw mega-shit tons of money at something that will never work and only result in much increased misery.

    And speaking of “Airbus”. Remember the crash at the 1988 Paris airshow? Despite what you can mostly find on the internet about that “incident” the planes automated systems would not let the pilot take over. Yea automation!
    The now aging joking joke about Airbus –
    The aircrew consists of a pilot and a dog.
    The dog is there to bite the pilot in case he tries to touch the controls.

    Have seen similar laughable incidents in military aircraft. The B-1B is famous for them.
    I personally had to deal with retarded automated systems doing the dumbest shit.
    So what could go wrong?
    Oh, let me count the ways!

    • Actually, the automation had nothing to do with that accident. It was a CFIT accident: controlled flight into terrain. The captain was flying, he had turned the autothrottles off, the aircraft was configured for landing with the gear and flaps out, and he was operating it at close to its maximum angle of attack for the configuration. I.e., it was at a low speed and low energy: behind the power curve. It didn’t help that they still had a 600 fpm descent rate going when they reached the target altitude of 100 feet to make the slow pass. Once the captain applied full thrust to initiate the go-around it took over 5 seconds for the engines to produce enough thrust to change the flight path. You can physically move the throttles to the firewall thrust position faster than the autothrottles can, but the engines take the same amount of time to produce the requested thrust. Also, the thrust increase isn’t linear. It’s slower at low engine speeds. When he applied full thrust to avoid the trees the captain also raised the nose for the same purpose, but the aircraft was out of energy by then: Too low and too slow. By the time the engines produced the requested thrust to arrest the descent the tail had already hit the trees. That increased the drag, which was already considerable because of the pitch attitude, and to cap it all off the engines sucked in a big mouthful of trees and shut down.

      Also, if they were relying on the radar altimeter for their altitude information, which seems likely, its information isn’t valid for what they were trying to do. The RA would tell them they were at their target altitude of 100′ above the ground while they were over flat ground, but rising obstacles (trees) ahead of the aircraft aren’t accounted for until you get to them. They were 100′ above the ground, not above the trees they were approaching and probably couldn’t see because of the nose-high attitude of the aircraft in that configuration.

      Automation in cars sucks, but automation in transport category aircraft generally increases safety margins by a crapload–and in this case it’s not to blame for the accident. It didn’t cause it; it didn’t factor into their inability to avoid the crash; and it didn’t prevent them from taking corrective action–which would have come too late no matter what they did.

  5. “The money behind the scenes is to be provided by Alphabet – the parent company of the Arbiter of Acceptable Speech, Gurgle.” — EP

    “U.S. and states’ Google antitrust probe nears finish line,” a Reuters article was headlined on June 26. Now it’s Sep 1. An unwritten rule of our “democracy” is that major prosecutions, whether criminal or antitrust, are not filed in the two months before a presidential election.

    So Evil Google gets a pass at least till early next year, when a new Congress and the next presidential administration are sworn in.

    A successful antitrust prosecution could bust up Evil Google into smaller, less oppressive pieces. But Evil Google has a platoon of lobbyists to protect it. The people have none.

    Smash Evil Google into twisted shards of smoking metal. Then urinate on the wreckage for fire saaaaaaaaaaaafety. 🙂

  6. They don’t want normal people to have the ability to travel. They want everyone taking an uber or such so they can control who can travel where and when. They are hellbent on total control and submission. This is why the overly computerized robot nanny state cars of the future will be unaffordable for most people. Most people won’t be able to afford car ownership and will be dependent on public transport. The people who can afford the nanny state robot car will be tightly controlled and regulated in the same way, but they will enjoy the social status (and cost) of car “ownership”.

    Digital papers please, or no ride for you.
    No mask, no ride. No flea collar, no ride.
    Derogatory mark on your social credit score, you get the idea.

    If you hail an uber to go to somewhere, and your electronic papers are not in order, for whatever reason, they will deny you travel. Perhaps they do not have a record that you received a recently mandated vaccine, uber can pick you up, then take you to get needled before they allow you to travel to your intended destination. Or take you to jail if you try to refuse.

    If someone makes inappropriate comments on a libertarian website from your device or ip address, your uber could pick you up and take you to the re-education camp. The possibilities are endless!

    “Combined with other sensors and software algorithms, the anti-distraction system would provide an escalating set of prompts and queries, ultimately slowing and then stopping the car and calling for assistance.”

    “If the vehicle decides the driver is distracted or impaired, Volvo says a variety of warnings and automonous responses could come into play, including limiting the car’s speed and even bringing the car to a stop in a safe manner. The vehicle can also contact Volvo’s On Call service, which we suspect would promptly dispatch medical personnel and/or police officers to your location. ”

    “The systems will be able to slow the car, call emergency services, and fully pull over if the driver is inattentive.”

    It’s a great idea to let the computers do all the driving.
    Computers never crash…


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