In-Car Diapering!

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Apparently, you can catch WuFlu from your car. Better Diaper up!

This is more than mass hysteria. It’s mass Idiocracy. In just a couple of month’s time, 150 million (maybe more) Americans have been turned into Michael Jackson emulators.

Doesn’t it make you feel like Moonwalking?

. . .

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  1. Score another one for the Dago! I just visited someone in the ICU, sans mask, of course. The lady at trhe reception desk gave me flack and said I’d have to put on when I got up there (Despite her having “screened me”- and seeing that my temperature was only 96.7)…but I didn’t, and only one nurse said anything, and I just gave her the medical exemption bit, and that was that.

  2. It appears the general population of victims of public education have discovered a new and improved security blanket. One that’s much easier to carry around, and has a “reason” behind it, however tiny and delusional, besides psychopathic insecurity. Their lives have become so shallow that they seize any opportunity to display some purpose, regardless how insane. The same applies to BLM. The US is one of, if not the least racist nations on the planet, and yet……

    • Hi B,

      You’re among (sane) friends here. This little spot helps keep me afloat. I hope it helps you and others in the same way. Whatever slouches toward us on its way to November, it’s not going to be good. I hope the Orange Man remains luridly in office because the alternative is as unpalatable as a plate full of barbed wire but if he does win, the left – and Diapered – will make today’s insanity seem almost sane.

      This may, however, be a good thing in a flush-them-out way. I loathe violence but it may have become unavoidable and in that case, better to stomp them before they stomp us.

      • Eric,

        I often wonder if it would be better if Biden wins. In the west, everyone is complacent with Trump in office. The governor of Idaho followed–and is still following–Trump’s corona task force recommendations in exactness. If the recommendations had come from a Biden admin, even the loser politicians here would show some resistance.

        That’s how they get you. The illusion of choice, via tiny–virtually insignificant–differences, while having no belief in natural law and self evident truth.

        That’s why we are here at this place in time. The charade has been going on forever.

        • Exactly, Ancap! Trump can say “Just take the guns and worry about due-process later” and no one bats an eye, ’cause they think he’s one “of the good guys”- but if the Clinton Bitch or Dimwit Biden had said it….they’d be mobilizing.

          We’ve lost more liberties under the so-called “conservative” administrations- Nixon, Reagan, Bush I & Bush II, and now Trump than we’ve lost under Carter, Clinton or even Obozo. But the conservatives believe the lies that their guys tell; and they think that as long as they’re supporting a Repugnantcan that they are somehow fighting the libruls- even though their guys do the very same things…the only difference is the words they speak.

    • Wish that it made a difference who seizes the reigns. The only difference between the two parties is the speed of the handcart to hell we are riding on. The Republicans wish to drive it a little slower. The destination remains the same.

      • Or, another way to look at it, JWK: The Dumbocraps just overtly admit their communism, while the Repugnantcans couch it in language that will appeal to comservatives- but as you say, the destination is exactly the same (As are the ones to whom the money flows, and the masters who are served).

  3. I live where face diapering is mandatory as decreed by our progressive county supervisors AND our democratic mayor, subject to jail time and fines.

    Recently I had several accumulated errands lined up, one of them for groceries. I left the store after about 45 minutes of shopping, packed the stuff into the ol’ S-10 and drove off to the hardware store.

    As I use those blue composite paper types (very comfy) and it’ll probably happen again, it wasn’t until about 15 minutes in heavy city traffic that I realized I had not removed the face diaper. To hang on the rear view mirror. Next to the spare. Where they’re highly visible and scream, “Don’t forget to wear one!!” because of that AGW who might want to score big points for saving lives with a Hut! Hut! Hut! upon an un-face-diapered citizen. Or worse yet, an encounter with some Ken and/or Karen…

    So, cut some slack for us victims who’ve become acclimatize to the face diapering we’ve had FEARFULLY FORCED on us for almost a half year to date.


    • Haakon,
      Curious; what are your plans for when they mandate vaccination/chipping and threaten the same (or probably more severe) consequences? Are you going to take it?

    • Consider yourself lucky! Here in “Doitey-Joisey”, Fuhrer Murphy (along with a few other “blue” governors across the country) had since mandated masks STATEWIDE! At this point, I’m surprised that we’re still allowed to have face-to-face conversations!

      • Hi Blue,

        Someone sent me a flyer being distributed to college kids urging them to wear Face Diapers during sex… and to avoid face-to-face positions. So, doggy-style and Diapered. Sounds appealing, eh?

        • Yeah, I recall either reading or hearing about this a few months back, when the WuFlu hysteria was still fresh. Heck, I may have even seen a PSA about it! Yet ANOTHER sad attempt to stifle procreation.

        • I thought there was something like that fetish in Jap porn. Yeech…just WHO surrendered to WHOM on Sep 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay on the Missouri?

        • Full Neoprene, with slits for the genitals.
          No kissing, caressing, or other manifestations of affection are allowed.

          Sex is authorized for procreation only, and procreation is for the good of the State. Forward to the future, Comrades.

          How romantic.

    • Civil disobedience is the only solution. Sacrifice must be made. If we aren’t willing to spend some time in jail, there is no hope. It worked for Gandhi, and MLK. It can work for us. If there are enough of us. Before embarking on such a path, I would recommend withdrawing your cash from the bank, leaving enough to account for bills and whatnot. Otherwise, the banks being an arm of government, they will simply extract whatever fine they impose.

  4. I’ve seen them diapered on motorcycles, bicycles, and walking to boot. Can’t figure it out. Looked over at my wife once and she said ” Don’t ask me!” Nothing like watching one of those real he men Harley types motoring down the road diapered up. Now, these are the same real men that won’t wear helmets because they’re pussyfied. Not that I care,,, you’re free to do what you want,,, but are they aware of the dissonance they’re projecting?

  5. I actually saw a sign of sanity yesterday!

    Stopped at the state-approved drug dealer yesterday to pick-up a prescription for my mother, and was happy to see that at least two of the girls behind the counter were not masked! One of them was conversing with the elderly couple ahead of me, who were both diapered-up, and apparently they must have said something about the clerk being maskless, because she was explaining to them that the masks do absolutely nothing to protect one from the flu!

    The wife of the couple said something which indicated that she thinks maybe the masks offer “a little protection”, to which the clerk responded by informing her that they do “absolutely nothing”, and explained why!

    It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized that I should have said something to the clerk, commending her for such sanity, and expressed my appreciation for her non-compliance and her heralding the TRUTH! (What is wrong with me?!).

    That was the first pro-active stance I have ever personally witnessed since this BS began!

    • Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but it seems like there might be some sanity starting to brew here in SW FL. Did my Saturday errands today, went to the Post Office, Costco, Autozone, then stopped at Panera for lunch, then Batteries plus Bulbs, Publix, and finally 7 Eleven. Publix and Costco were the only places where virtually everyone was diapered. Everywhere else, the majority were undiapered. Struck up lots of conversation, and it seems a lot of folks are starting to recognize that this is a load of BS, and they’re tired of it. Also interesting how many think this will magically disappear after the November elections. I think (hope) people are finally waking up.

      • FM,
        Man! These people that think the BS will disappear after the election, are they really that ignorant that they think that this is merely a U.S. thing? That the whole world is doinmg this, just because we’re going to have an election?

        • It’s not just a U S thing, but the whole “new world order” crowd HATES Trump because he publicly spoke out AGAINST the “new world order” and the powers that be will do ANYTHING to destroy him.
          It is interesting to note that Trump has his own security detail interspersed with the secret service. Trump is a smart man, having his own security detail in order to prevent getting “Kennedyed”.
          The whole world power structure HATES Trump and will do anything to destroy him.

          • The communists hated Hitler too. Lot of good that did the Germans…..

            We’re in the same boat- caught between the commies and the National Socialists. They’re ultimately both the same thing…the differences only really matter to the power brokers- but either way, WE lose.

            I also think thaty the idea that they hate Trump is just a show. He does exactly what they want. The Corona stimulus effects the very same results as the “Green New Deal”- it ultimately destroys many of the very same industries that the commies are trying to destroy via the GND- just under another name/ruse.

            The fact that this Corona BS is worldwide proves who is really in charge. And Trump has not done anything to staunch their plans- He mouths the words…but he hasn’t done a thing to stop the invaders, etc. etc. He could have…but he always “compromises”.

            It’s just a show for the ignorant masses.

            As I’ve said many times, they’re planning on splitting the US up into 10 “superstates”. The upcoming election will be the catalyst to start this. Having Trump in there was a necessary part of the plan to cause the conditions which will lead to a dividing of this country (Which on the surface, sounds like a good thing- and would be, if it weren’t a necessary part of their plan). This has been PLANNED for a long time- a part of the UN agendas. Why else would they pick a demented fool like Biden to run against him? Why are certain groups of aliens dispatched to certain parts of the country? Google a map of the ten EPA zones to see what the map of the former USA will look like shortly….you watch- it’s going to conveniently be the same, because it has been long-planned, and we have been set-up for it. They’re putting it into action now…..

      • I wouldn’t hold out TOO much hope. I see a lot of damage control coming from TPTB right now. The CDC director, for example, admitted that hospitals have a “financial incentive” to overcount Wuhan Virus, while ignoring the guidelines promulgated by his own organization which basically told hospitals to overcount. Dr. Fausti has been running off at the mouth saying people should wear the stupid masks every flu season, which could be Fauci just being Fauci, or could be him trying to take advantage of “safety culture” and play up the flu in order to retroactively justify the Wuhan Virus over-response. I feel like they’re trying to let the narrative down gently so that when the interminable dumpster fire of the virus response is finally, mercifully put out, the baseline trust in The System which enabled this garbagefest in the first place will remain unbroken.

        Sadly, if the past is any indication, people will believe it wholeheartedly. When the truth about wildly inflated statistics, rumors as fact, and overall shoddy science finally becomes mainstream, people will blame a few negligent/malfeasant hospitals for the panic, justify the overcounting and asymptomatic spread/permanent organ damage canards to themselves because “false negatives are a bigger problem than false positives”, or even think we genuinely “beat” the virus by wearing masks and partaking of all the other ridiculous submission rituals. Some people might still come to the conclusion that they got snookered, but they won’t know how badly and, more importantly, they won’t know by who.

        That’s probably why the sudden wave of pressure over the last month or so to wear masks everywhere. They don’t want people forgetting about the virus and defaulting back to normality before they get that vaccine ready, because if the vaccine comes out after everyone’s already forgotten about it then no one will feel much like getting it and attempts to force it will be more difficult. So they at least want to keep their narrative propped up – and us scared out of our minds – until it’s too late to prevent or go back on the forced vaccination.

      • I would also like to add that the one thing you should never expect to see happen in the mainstream, no matter where the virus response goes from here, is ANY serious discussion or examination of the “science” behind the response, unless it is so biased and surface-level as to be worthless. The reason for this quite simple; shoddy science (and the deification of Science as a secular religion) is one of the best control mechanisms the elites have. Utter havoc and ruin – businesses closed, fortunes wiped out, cherished hobbies destroyed – are not just accepted, but enthusiastically promoted, by the “little people” once those responsible can pin the blame on some outside bogeyman (such as “climate change” or a disease) and claim they were only doing what they had to do to prevent insert-thing-here from killing everyone.

        That is the true triumph of modern psychological authoritarianism – tricking people into accepting wartime strictures without needing a physical war, and perhaps even into fancying themselves soldiers as they replace their muscle car with a hybrid or rat out the unmasked. And since the enemy, insert-thing-here, is an amorphous concept (climate change, terror) or nonsentient organism (virus) rather a specific out-group with a defined chain of command and the ability to formally surrender, this war never has to end! You can just keep moving the goalposts every time you reach (or nearly reach) them, so the gravy train never stops rolling and the rulebook never stops growing! If someone dares to remember the previous location of the aforementioned goalposts, or questions the need for their existence, that’s no problem, just scream labels at them until they give up! Even the hardiest soul eventually tires of being called a selfish reckless greedy science-denying idiot quack who wants people to die, and if by some miracle someone actually bothers to independently investigate the validity of those labels, then they also are a selfish reckless greedy science-denying idiot quack who wants people to die!

        • Indeed, Chuck…

          I can only hope that it will wear thin and run its course… eventually. Perhaps I will not live to see that day. It took 70 years for the Soviet Union to collapse. It may take that long or longer for the world tyranny to collapse. Or it may be permanent. In either case, it must be fought for the sake of the principle.

          Life is more than just existence – and existence isn’t much of a life.


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