A Better Business Approach to Diapering

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A reader sent a screen shot of a sign posted at a business, which I will not name – for the sake of not providing information to mentally ill people, who might focus their Diaper Derangement on this business. Which posted a different kind of sign than the usual Diapering muss sein sign.

This sign says Diapers are optional.

Not outright – as that would result in some gesundheitsfuhrer’ing. But the language conveys the intent. It says:

“We are asking customers to wear a (Diaper) but we also understand that there are many people who cannot wear a (Diaper) for various medical reasons and we will respect that. We will not be policing (Diapers).”

This follows the advice of the great tactician and strategist Sun Tzu, who counseled avoiding a direct confrontation with a stronger enemy – in this case, the government Gesundheitsfuhrers.

Aided and abetted by GesundheitsKarens und Kevins – who aren’t content to self-Diaper (and so, presumably, be “safe”) but rabidly insist on Diapering-for-All, not for the sake of “safety” but for the sake of conformity; so as to make their neurotic behavior appear normal. If they can force everyone to Diaper then wearing a Diaper doesn’t mark out the wearer as not-right-in-the-head, in a Michael Jackson way.

It also serves to create the visual of Universal Terror necessary for Universal Needling – which will be marketed to these sick dupes as the only way they’ll ever be able to Undiaper “safely.”

But resistance grows even as it appears to wane. It manifests in such ways as the signage above, which serves as a wink and a nod that we don’t agree with Diapering but have to at least pretend we do; but we’ll do what we can to show we don’t.

This – for now – is the equivalent of spitting in Hitler’s soup.

More, actually – because it encourages others to also spit in his soup. This “spitting” can be seen in reluctant Diapering as well as pro forma Diapering.

Reluctant Diapering is partial Diapering; the clerk at the supermarket who has his Diaper – which he’s forced to wear else lose his job – partially off. The nose uncovered. Because he knows it’s Kabuki – Sickness Submission Training – and he’s resisting it. In his mind, most of all – and his mindset shown by his partial and reluctant Diapering. Ask him and he’ll tell you how much he loathes the disgusting dirty rag and everything associated with it.

And his anger waxes.

Then we have pro forma Diapering. This can be seen where people’s faces can be seen – which you can see because they remove the Diaper as soon as they pass into a store – and past the Diaper Checker who mans it. Or at the cafe where people (and not all of them) put the disgusting thing on for just long enough to order their food and then take it off.

What does all of this say – beyond contempt for the Diaper?

It says many more people than you’d think – if you went by the sight of all the Diapered – do not believe that all that stands between them and a respirator or worse is a cheesy piece of filthy cloth over their face. They are not alarmed by the cases! the cases! They know it’s a power play – but can’t openly defy it (because of work) or aren’t willing (yet) to defy it because they don’t want to make a fuss – or just want to shop.

But do not give up hope.

The perception that nine out of ten people are quaking in terror of WuFlu is just that – a perception. One ingeniously made to appear that it is nine out of ten by applying unprecedented pressure to make it appear so – by all but putting a gun to people’s heads (and sometimes actually that) to make them don the apparel of approval.

But  that approval would be seen to be much less than it is being made to seem if nine out of ten people weren’t practically (and actually) forced to don the apparel of approval. As in a cult. Or in North Korea – where hysterical adulation of the Dear Leader is probably pro forma, too.

Because few people love servitude – or degradation. They may go along with it, out of fear – but that holds only so long as they are afraid.

WuFlu fear is waning.

If it were not, it would be hard to see reluctant and pro forma Diapering. Yes, of course, there are True Believers – but they seem more than they are just because they are louder and more aggressive, in the way that bullies always are.

Never forget Lenin’s trick – which was to pretend to be the majority – Bolshevik means exactly that – in order to demoralize the actual majority – the Mensheviks, who accepted the term in the manner that so many accept the Diaper.

Our trick is Diaper Dissent – as the owner of this business is doing. As he must, lest he incur the wrath of the Gesundheitsfuhrers. But every little bit of resistance adds to a river of it and the power of that current is growing.

May it wash away the sickness that has enveloped so many people’s minds.

. . .

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  1. I’ve had to wear a diaper in a few places I wanted to shop.- so I leave my nose uncovered. No one so far has said a damn thing. I’ve worn it inside out – blue part in – same deal.

    It’s not about safety for most people IMO, just conformity or blind rule following.

  2. My wife went into TJ Max yesterday to scope it out as she never wears a mask–but worried what would happen if she took 4 little girls in with her–to see if they were pushing the face rags. The pusher asked and she said nope. Then she saw other people in there without them. She promptly went back outside and got 4 of my 5 kids that were with her and took them into the store. The rag pusher smiled and said “welcome” as they entered.

    There used to be cries from the Karens when she had my kids with her, but she got nothing but positive response. She said when people saw the 5 of them without masks, some pulled them down. This was a great morale booster for my wife, who is a very kind, non-confrontational type. She realized that she isn’t totally alone when I’m not with her.

    I think that a woman with 4 little girls un-diapered displays much more “fuck the fear mongers” than a large male like myself not donning the diaper. Especially when you see the almost nonexistent percentage of women not donning the diaper.

  3. When the coming economic catastrophe unfolds, priorities will be rearranged. One who is having a great deal of trouble finding a way to feed themselves won’t be much concerned with any pesky virus. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand………

    • That’s precisely what I’ve seen a few employees in stores with mandatory masks mockingly do on a break- sometimes vape, sometimes just cigs, but substantively the same.

      Don’t know why people couldn’t figure that out anyway with a basic (not even a functional or detailed) appreciation of fluid dynamics, but the visual is useful to the otherwise uninformed.

      Thanks for the video link! I’m going to keep a local copy on my devices…

      • Hi MikeP,

        So many people are caught in the maw of the corporate machine. If they didn’t have to go to work at some corporate chain McPlace, if they had the ability to earn a living independent of that, I am certain the number of Undiapered would be commensurately much higher. But it’s lower because they aren’t independent of it and their choice is Diaper – or lose their job.

        Whether a fortuitous development – from the standpoint of the technocrats seeking to control the world and everyone in it – or part of their magnificently evil design – it works out the same.

        I’ve been able to avoid putting that loathsome thing on my face because I work for myself – and you, the readers. But people like me will be dealt with by excluding us from commerce; by locking us out of stores and perhaps even from buying things online. I’m personally doing what I can to make it feasible to live on my land without ever leaving it but I doubt even that will be enough of this thing goes full Soviet because in that event, they will send Corona Corps to seize me despite the obvious fact that I can’t possibly afflict anyone with Corona if I never leave my place and don’t come into contact with anyone… leaving aside, of course, the fact I haven’t got “the virus” to begin with.

        Because, of course, “the virus” is just the excuse – just as “the Jews” were the excuse once upon another time.

    • Projecting forward: with this diapered (face and crotch) senile creep at the helm, a democratic senate, and a democratic house, the last vestiges of hope and free spirit have about five months to a year left. Then the transition to a twisted authoritarian dystopia will have been perfected. America, as we knew it, fully extinguished with nary a whimper.

      • I’m convinced that Biden is being used as a Trojan Horse and if he wins he will quit some time after the election due to health reasons. That would then leave us with the “progressive” colored woman chosen as his running mate as President.

        Biden is an old white guy. Whatever else is good or bad about him, he does not meet the diversity standards of the Left. The Communists really don’t want him, they just believe that he has a good shot at beating Trump. That way the candidate they really want can slide in behind him and take over when he bows out.

        I almost feel sorry for Biden. He is clearly suffering from the onset of senile dementia. What the Communists are doing to him is tantamount to elder abuse.

        This ship is going down whether the liberal Communists or conservative Communists win in November. The die has been cast. I do believe however that it will sink a lot faster with the “progressives” at the helm.

        • Fully agree, Jason. It’s just infuriating and depressing that it’s come to this. In one generation, a country, an ideal, a way of life, our kids’ future… quashed. Why?

          • From what I see,,, It’s our kids have doing this! They are the SJW’s, the BLM and Antifa. They are the ones crying racist, homophobe, misogynists. And they’re the ones burning and looting. They’re the ones wanting socialism/communism, free stuff and decrying capitalism. Just sayin….

            • Not my kids. If you need to be more specific it’s the spoiled rich city brats of the boomer yuppies who are the problem. But that IS a lot of them

              • I am not a connoisseur of English and could only come up with the word ‘our’ to identify who.
                The generational game is another ‘our’ where many of the boomers were upstanding citizens but they are thrown into the pot with the rest.
                I guess it comes with the territory when the blame is hunting a home.

        • What amazes me about Biden is that his wife is not helping him. If she truly loved him, she would point out what is happening to him and get him to retire and spend the rest of his life changing his nappies. Then again, maybe she doesn’t want to change his nappies. Biden is a senile creep, a hitler wannabe, and is a trojan horse who will be supplanted by another nappie wearing bitch named Killary Clinton, who will definitely start ww3. Hell she might even hire John Bolton to be her warlord. No wonder the chinese commies want biden in so much.

  4. Unfortunately I believe it’s going to get much worse. That they’ve gotten 99 percent to submit is a major triumph. As soon as people get comfortable with going around their rules, the screw will turn again. First mandate seat belt installation, then mandate wearing with no enforcement, then roll out a propaganda campaign and lots of Gestapo enforcement.

    The hope is were close enough to that last straw which broke the camel’s back. But I don’t think so yet. Until people break the media addiction and quit consuming propaganda, they’re anesthetized into passive acceptance.

  5. A business that shall remain unnamed has a sign as follows:
    “Please wear a mask upon entry to this establishment. If you are not wearing a mask, we will assume that you have a medical condition that prevents you from doing so. Thank you”.
    My kind of business!

  6. People were doing that at the race last weekend. The owners, who are lucky to keep the track going, are adamantly enforcing the mask mandate in NJ. I understand that insurance companies are behind this too, as they’ll be on the hook for any COVID lawsuits brought against their client businesses. Anyway, folks would wear the masks in and to get food or drinks; soon as they got back to their seats, the masks came off…


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