Reader Question: Facial Recognition and Diapering?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Mark asks: They say that masks might thwart the facial recognition tech that’s increasingly prevalent. Might that not be a good reason to wear them? See this article.

My reply: The only rational reason to wear a Face Diaper is if you’re in a hospital or a nursing home. Otherwise, it is a kind of  . . . kabuki. A weird performance art conveying submission and neurosis – and I won’t have any part of either.

Moreover, if universal Diapering cements, there will be a push – even harder – for universal vaccination and tracking, which makes facial recognition irrelevant. They’ll track you – not just your face.

And unlike the Diaper, you won’t be able to take you off.

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  1. Actually being a member of a guerilla resistance is a pretty damned good reason to wear a mask. Or if you have to rob your food and supplies from a mask i.e.-mart. I am afraid we’re are about to be down to those options.


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