Facial Recognition in Your Car

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Here’s a look at Subaru’s new Driver Focus system, available in the 2019 Forester. It uses facial recognition to watch you to make sure you are watching the road.

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  1. First off, WTF is it idling at 1500rpm?

    Just as well idling at 5000 so you don’t need to touch the go pedal.

    OK, I get it, they’ve taken the cue from Caterpillar and their last few years of dozers. Touch the pad and wait for it to do what the hell ever it does then enter the code so you get the option “start” then touch the green area where start is showing. Don’t get your panties in a wad,it’s thinking…….about something. Just about the time you’re mumbling “shit” to no one in particular, you distantly hear the starter, the engine runs at idle and lots of colors flash at which time you can let it idle and clank around to let it warm some or touch another pad to go WOT. See, easy peasy and you’re off to the races.

    You don’t want to work that fast? No problem, push on the deceleration pedals to adjust your speed and steer.

    Those tiny little joysticks control the blade. By the end of the day your forefingers and thumbs will be killing you.

    Ain’t technology great? Everything about new construction equipment screams This machine is designed by your grandsons whose entire lives have been in front of video games and computers.

    They’ve been taken to a construction site after being hired by the manufacturer. They want them to see the outside just for reference.

    By the way, those joysticks are so small just the tiniest movement makes big adjustments. At least pushing both pedals to the floor results in STOP.

    I’m curious. If you aimed a Model 1911 at the dash of the car would it automatically call for help? If you cocked the hammer would it scream?

  2. I think the ship has sailed on being able to buy any new vehicle that isn’t loaded with a pantload of dubious and invasive technology.
    ===============Great comments,agree with you all.
    My family member with cameras all over his house,speakers,all connected to the net.Its convenient and gives me safety….uh,ok.Comrade.Guess what,I dont go in his house,er,spy factory.Creepy scary indeed.

    • fred the ship had drifted too far from the dock when air bags were not optional. I realized the ship had sailed and I wasn’t going on the trip when physical keys disappeared.

      At least when Dodge pickups wouldn’t accelerate because of a DBW glitch, you could cycle the swithkey 5 times to reset it. Now what?

      I’ll never forget the day I was tasked to drive the new Dodge pickup and I had to sit and figure out how it started and then finally realized the shifter was that knob that looked like it was from my multispeed fan.

      I like power steering, AC, and a stereo. Every thing else is over the top unless you can get someone else to pay the Sirius bill.

  3. Alex Jones warned about interior face spying cameras that would appear inside cars all the way back in 2012. These cameras are spy devices.

  4. I’m sure it’ll integrate with the insurance companies’ spyware before long.

    Bet they’ll get enough clover saaaaafety support to eventually mandate this shit for all human-operated vehicles as a means to make drivers give up and switch to automated cars.

  5. Think any of these freak’n car companies could put some high-tech, built-in stuff for drivers such as front and rear, left and right cameras, that capture hours of both video and audio….or radar detection?

    Of course not. They’d piss themselves, afraid they might irritate the AGW crowd.

    • I think the ship has sailed on being able to buy any new vehicle that isn’t loaded with a pantload of dubious and invasive technology. Some of it is due to gunvermin fatwas, some of it due to Clovers clamoring for ever-more ludicrous and stifling cocoons of saaaaaaaaafety. Not only is it toxic to anyone concerned about freedom and privacy, forget about owning one of these modern marvels out of warranty. The crap is metastasizing at an accelerated rate it seems.

      What we really need is a modern-day Studebaker Scotsman or Rambler American. Not gonna happen on Uncle’s watch.

  6. Well, that’s creepy as hell. I suppose if the camera is accessible you could put a piece of black tape over it. For that matter I’ve wondered if on new cars you can disable their “connected” features by disconnecting those weird little antennas on the back of the roof. Yuck – I don’t think I’d want a new vehicle at this point even if I could afford it.

    It won’t be long before we are all Winston Smith.


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