Reader Question: 2004 Town Car Intake?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Gary asks: I need one of these and a monkey wrench was thrown in. I was ready to order and it stated not correct if coolant heated PCV. How do I find out if mine is coolant heated?

My reply: Your ’04 has a plastic intake manifold and I think what you’re referring to by “coolant heated PCV” is just that – the plastic (PCV) is heated by coolant. This refers to the passages in the intake which flow water (coolant). I’m pretty sure this manifold is “one piece” (some intakes have separate sections) and I think the gaskets are integral.

Do you have a shop manual for this car? Do you have the correct OE or aftermarket replacement intake for this car?

I don’t think Lincoln (Ford) made different intakes for the ’04 4.6 in the Town Car – so as long as you buy the correct part, with the correct pieces to install it, you should be all set on that score.

But be sure you know the procedure before you start work. I can’t emphasize this enough. Do not just “dig in.” Know what you are about to do – and have a reference manual handy – before you begin taking anything apart. And know exactly what to do before you begin putting things back together! Especially assembly order and torque specs – very important with aluminum and plastic!

Finally: Take your time. Don’t get impatient. Take pictures before disassembling – so you can refer to them during re-assembly, if need be.

There are many videos on YouTube that may be helpful, too. Here’s one:

. . .

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  1. I hope that is what is wrong with it. It is on it’s way. My mechanic is pretty smart. He shined his light on the area under the manifold and there was the coolant gathering. I smelled coolant that no one else could. Then it just got stronger. Then I saw steam one morning as it was idling. That’s it, I’m taking you to the doctor. i’ll let you all know.

  2. Thanks Eric.
    The 1978 Mark V is running and even smelling different since I started the Non Ethanol diet. This little gem was smiling I think this morning when I took her to the post office to return a part I misordered for my Mustang GT 1986. I ordered a 75 MM EGR spacer by accident and it was too large. I ordered the 65 MM for it yesterday when I was told the 58 mm which was the original size is no longer available but the 65 MM is the replacement now. Man I hope they are right. I have the best mechanic. After taking out the old one, and taking two hours to clean it because he had to reinstall it while I reordered the correct one, he only charged me $30.00. He knows I will be back. Very honest guy.
    I will keep you posted. The 2004 Town Car intake is on it’s way. I pray for my mechanics hand every time they work on my cars. May want to try it.
    I’ll keep you posted. By the way, did Trump relax the insane gas mileage requirements obama put into effect by 2023?
    Gary Walcott

  3. Thanks Eric
    Very helpful. I am purchasing the part and my mechanic is putting it in. He use to put them in all the time for the city police cars when they were the popular cruiser. He said he has not seen one for a while. Very sad that these are becoming rare. Time go’s by fast Eric. My son sent me a picture of the worlds best sedans. Two Honda’s. Pathetic. Thanks again. I will let you know what happens.
    Gary Walcott

    • By ’04 The 4.6L V8 had an aluminum coolant cross over on the intake. The plastic cross over was only up to 1999. Also it’s not that bad of a job to do it. The aluminum crossover still has some plastic where the gasket is, that can crack over time I’ve heard, but haven’t seen it myself. Nor did it happen with the doorman replacement in my ’97 Mustang or the ’99 Mustang by dad had with a ford replacement manifold. I have a used ford service intake on my shelf and it shows no sign of any issues.


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