Reader Question: Legal to Drive Un-“fixed” VW?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Leonard asks: Is it still “legal” to own and drive a Diesel powered VW Jetta, assuming one can be found?

My reply: Yes, absolutely! Even better, it is not required to take the car in for “fixing.”  VW is aggressively trying to convince owners to do so – because VW is being aggressively strong-armed by the government – but they can’t force you to submit the car to the knife (so to speak) and you’ll have no problems getting or renewing registration or passing smog check (local/state emissions testing). The issue VW got in trouble for has to do with federal EPA emissions certification only.

FYI: VW is also in the process of clearing out the stored inventory of 2015-2016 cars through its dealer network – but be advised most of these are liked to have been “fixed,” with a resultant drop in their mileage.

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