Reader Question: Helmets, Seatbelts and Sikhism?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

John asks: I used to enjoy riding the backroads of Northern Ontario without a helmet. A whole different experience! There is a solution – here in Ontario at least. I suspect that you are Christian, as I am. Christian = bad. However Sikh = good! If you are Sikh, not only do you not need to wear a helmet, but you also get to carry a concealed dagger between 3″ and 9″ in length, called a kirpan, as well. Even on commercial aircraft in Canada, if less than 6cm long. Whereas Christians cannot even carry a nail file. All we need to do to recover some of our lost freedoms is to convert to Sikhism!

My reply: Why am I not surprised? Because, of course, it is of a piece with the double standard as regards speech and so many other things. I have been targeted for economic termination by goo-you-know-who for criticizing various policies. A woman at The New York Times can call for the extermination of white men and she is still writing for The New York Times.

It is “racist” to question hiring/admissions standards based on race.

And so on.

The time to resist all of this is now – while we can still do it peacefully, by speaking and writing.

There isn’t much time left.

. . .

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  1. LOL, Mark, I think you just answered your own question! Likewise, Leftist Liberty is also ONLY for the Left, and “equal rights” only exist for those who agree with “their” philosophies of socialism; all other deserve their tyranny and injustice, as punishment for “wrongful thinking”. It’s very convenient and self-serving, if you think about it, really.

    • I guess. That said, if it’s wrong for US to carry a knife, then it’s wrong for the Sikhs to carry one too.

      But yeah, lefties can’t brook dissent, because it’s an obstacle to their ‘utopia’. Never mind the fact that, wherever and whenever socialism and communism have been tried, they have FAILED MISERABLY. Even that doesn’t get in their way, because they’ll say that the right people haven’t tried it yet. I just can’t grok that total lack of logic…

  2. How can libs or socialists embrace such blatant double standards? I don’t get it. If they didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all…

    • Orwell referred to this as “doublethink” – holding two contradictory positions and believing them both. Leftists in particular excel at it, though virtually all of the political class take part in it to one extent or another. They seem to be using a combination of “Nineteen Eighty Four” and “Atlas Shrugged” as their working script.


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