Reader Question: WWF Limo?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Garys asks: I have a 1988 Town Car Limo that was said to be built for the World Wrestling Federation, “Hulk Hogan”  etc. It has their logo professionally inscribed on the divider; how can I find out if my car is the real deal?

Also, will a regular 1988 Town Car transmission fit it?

My reply: Limo conversions are done by various companies; I’d ask the WWF for help establishing the provenance of the car. If  it is an “official” WWF car, they probably have records. It shouldn’t be too difficult to suss out. But it will be more difficult than researching a factory-built car, which you can easily do by decrypting the VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number. There are also cars that were modified after they left the factory – but with approval of the factory. For example, the various Hurst-modified cars of the ’70s, the Yenko Camaros and so on.

As far as the driveline of this car: It should be the same as any other Town Car’s. The driveshaft will have been lengthened, but the transmission should be the same. Easy enough to check by putting it on a lift!

Neat car, by the way!

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