Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show, 4/16/19

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Here’s the audio of my chat the other day with Bill Meyer at KMED in Oregon! I will have my chat with Bryan Hyde up as soon as I get the MP3 from him; stay tuned!



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  1. I like Bill Meyer, I really do. But I think he is completely oblivious to the East-Coast Politics and Colonial “House of Burgesses” governments here, specifically the “Commonwealth” crap where all funds collected from ANY source are put in the State Coffeiurs and the “General ASSembly” decides specifically “who gets what” of their own perrogative. In other words, all funds are spent as they see fit, REGARDLESS of the intent or purpose of the “donation”.
    The biggest misconception in VA regarding automobile fees at DMV is the “Uninsured Motorist Fee” of $500.00.
    It ids merely a legal “indulgence” paid to the State for “permission” to drive without purchasing the State mandated minimum liability insurance. In NO way, shape, or form, is there ANY State fund, which pays anyone for damages or injury caused by “legally uninsured” motorists.

  2. On the Vega the sleeveless aluminum block was a casting process with particles of a hard material in it that would prevent wear in the bores. It worked fine for racing and prototyping but in production it was not consistent so the cylinder bores wore. It simply was not a process for a high volume vehicle like the Vega.

  3. I always like the Vega styling and was tempted many times to get a kit from Don Hardy, just up the road from me in Floydada, that had everything you needed to convert it to an SBC. You would need to do some fender massaging but that’s not a big deal.

    I recall a guy who did a complete tube chassis for a Vega and mounted a BBC right behind the front seats. It was a rocket….and probably a double handful to drive.

    • If I were to decide to hop a vega today I would use a modern turbo charged four cylinder engine. All the power that car would ever be able to use properly and none of the weight issues a V8 would cause.


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