Latest Radio: KMED/Bill Meyer Show 2/19/2019

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Here’s the audio clip from today’s Bill Meyer Show; we talked about not-so-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe gadget-encrusted new cars (and gadget-addled drivers) as well as some brighter spots on the automotive landscape, such as the new Lincoln Nautilus – which does not tout how quickly it can lap the Nurburgring.

Even though it actually is very quick… assuming you’re in any hurry to get out of those 22-way heated and massaging seats!

2-19-29-epautos on KMED     

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  1. Eric, there are actually only 10 States left that have a safety inspection program. Of those 10, 6 are a one-time-only inspection at the time of initial vehicle purchase. Of the remaining 4, 3 States (including Virginia) still require an annual motor vehicle inspection, and 1 has a semi-annual inspection requirement (which VA did have until 1985). The remaining 40 states have elected to substitute an equipment inspection with mandatory emissions testing which is directly administered by their State DMV, and gives them the right to actually deny issue of registration, or suspend currently registered vehicles if not kept EPA compliant. Essentially, no one gives a damn about the actually functionality of your vehicle, only its potential toxicity. Brakes, tires, lighting, all inconsequential, so long as you are not emitting EPA designated “pollutants”.
    Hey, I just noticed something….E.P.A……..Eric Peters Auto………I’m shutting up now, lol!

    • There’s no inspections in Montana. As far as I know, only a few counties in Coloradofornia even have emissions tests.

  2. You know the US is doomed when Americans would rather attack those who defend freedom instead of criticizing the government that is enslaving them.

    • Clover,

      You might try writing a few new posts to use as your medium for attempting to salt this site with links to your “sportschannel” spam.

      Your boilerplate gets old. And you’ll note the links are always deleted.

        • Hi Rich,


          Notice he never comments about anything specifically discussed; just general boilerplate “Libertarian” talking points. Followed by his sneaky little link – which he’s probably getting paid to salt this and other sites with. It’s more clever than the clumsy, usually totally off-topic one or two liner spam posts one usually encounters but it amounts to the same thing.

          I’ve tried emailing him (or is it her?) privately; no response. It’s a fake user. I wish I had Hacker Skills enough to turn things around on “Libertarian” and make it so that he gets deluged with links to Fat People Porn!

          • Hi Eric,

            Whatever it is, it’s a troll. It’s like it has some random “libertarian” meme generator that spews annoying, repetitive and off topic crap, usually prefaced by Americans…

            I’m glad you are calling it out. I stopped reading its’ posts ages ago.



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