Reader Question: The “Fix”

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Ron asks: I have a 2014 TDI Touareg that I simply love. I elected not to participate in the “fix.” The Germany article today is disturbing. I would like to preserve my TDI and leave it as is. I drive a lot of miles and am hoping to drive many many more. Do you have any further thoughts on this issue? I respect your opinion as you have always been spot on on your many articles. I hope I don’t get in the crosshairs of the government on this issue some day down the line.

My Reply: You are safe for now; hopefully for the indefinite future. There are no proposals/laws-in-process at the state or federal level to require that “affected” VWs be “fixed” – or else. But I don’t doubt there are apparatchiks who would love to impose exactly such a requirement, if they could.

And I think they will try.

But the situation here is different vs. the situation in Germany. For openers, the Germans have to live under a much more authoritarian regime when it comes to anything “environmental.” For another thing, your vehicle is officially legal; you didn’t “tamper” with it or modify it in any way.

It was certified as legal for sale by the EPA.

That doesn’t mean the EPA or some state-level agency will rescind that legality at some point. But I suspect the pushback from owners such as yourself – and there are many owners such as yourself – will be sufficient to hold the line.

Here’s to hoping….

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