Armed Government Worker Rams Kid on Bike

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Here’s a story out of Sacramento, CA about an armed government worker using his SUV to ram a kid on a bicycle over a “headlight violation.”

Apparently, the 16-year-old was riding his bicycle without a headlight – mandated by law for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety. So the armed government worker used his SUV to impart a lesson.

Of course, the armed government workers have not been charged with any crime and are back “on duty” – keeping us all safe from kids on bicycles without headlights:

A teenager who was stopped by Sacramento police for not having a light on his bicycle ended up being hit by a cop car going 27 mph in dramatic video released by the department Friday. The incident, which has already prompted the department to promise to improve its training, is earning more criticism for a department under fire for the shooting death of Stephon Clark earlier this year.

The collision happened on July 22 when the 16-year-old was pulled over by an officer while riding his bike because he did not have a light on it. It happened at about 10 p.m. in the city’s Del Paso Heights neighborhood in northeast Sacramento.

The video showed the officer engaging in conversation with the teen before he takes off running. The officer who was speaking to the cyclist chased him on foot, according to police, while a second police SUV was called to assist in the pursuit.

In the video, the officer driving the SUV was seen turning left suddenly – as the teen is running down the sidewalk – and slamming into him at 27 mph, according to the preliminary information on the dash cam released by the Sacramento Police Department. The video showed the teen being tossed into the air by the impact.

The police officer immediately exited the vehicle and handcuffed the teenager, who can be heard swearing and then shouting repeatedly, “I’m sorry.”

The suspect suffered only minor injuries in the collision.

“Clearly, this collision could have been tragic,” Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn said in a statement. “I am grateful the young man was not more seriously injured and that no one else was injured. Our training is designed to prevent this sort of thing from happening. We are going to make sure our training — and the officer’s adherence to that training — is as solid as it can be.”‘

The police department blamed the accident on understeer, using a diagram to show how the vehicle did not turn as the officer intended and instead slammed into the fleeing teenager.

“This is something that, you know what I mean, shouldn’t have took place,” Lavar Washington, a family member of the injured teenager who also witnessed the collision, told Sacramento ABC affiliate KXTV.

It took 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive to treat him, with Sacramento Police Department Det. James Allen saying, “There was a short delay in the response in the medical aid due to the officers having to facilitate the safe ingress of medical personnel and the egress with the suspect. This delay was due to officers having to maintain scene security due to a large crowd that had gathered.”

Bystanders in the neighborhood can almost immediately be seen and heard shouting at the officers and yelling, “Why did you hit him?” In body camera footage, someone can be heard shouting, “Now I see why y’all get killed.”

The teenager was given a citation for resisting arrest once released from the hospital two hours after the accident, police said.

“Ultimately the investigation has shown that the collision was unintended,” Allen said in video released by the department. “Due to the speed that the turn was initiated at, the officer lost control of the patrol vehicle and began to understeer. The officer did not regain control of the vehicle until moments before, or at the time the patrol vehicle came to a stop after the collision had already occurred.”

Police relations with the community in Sacramento are especially poor after the police shooting of Clark, who was killed on March 18 in his grandmother’s backyard after police said they believed his cellphone was a gun. The death triggered widespread protests in the city and even the delay of a Sacramento Kings NBA game after protesters blocked entrances. Protesters also gathered 100,000 signatures, which they submitted to the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office calling for the officers to be criminally charged.

The Sacramento County coroner’s office determined Clark was struck seven times, while a private autopsy requested by the family said he was struck eight times.

The two police officers have not been charged and returned to work on April 20.

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  1. Bear in mind, most of this abusive psychotic po-lice behavior originated in Commie-Fornia as early as the Rodney King beating. Only then it was just looked upon as another white-on-black incident. At least the citizens had the wherewithall to riot in response, and the cops stood trial! Today these Psychopaths in Costumes run down children on bicycles and suffer no consequences whatsoever. You know where we need a wall don’t you? All around the border of Commie-Fornicatia, and D.C. just for good measure, make them 50 feet high, and fill it all with concrete. Better yet, we need to deport all occupants of both places to North Korea, and give them some new neighbors to play Police-State with!

    • Better yet, we can get them all to go voluntarily. Just offer an all-expense paid vacation to Korea, and drop them all off in Pyongyang (North Korea) They should all feel right at home, big empty highways to cruise around on, nice sharp military attire to wear and look important in, plenty of single-minded communist control-freak fanatics to interact with, a virtual neo-Nazi paradise! And let’s not forget, all the humble peasants just waiting to be abused and degraded at their leisure! Plenty of unsanctioned nuclear weapons to wave about at their neighbors, and, did I mention the uniforms?

  2. “The incident, which has already prompted the department to promise to improve its training….”

    Sane, decent people don’t need to be “trained” to understand that it’s not OK to ram a vehicle into a person, especially over something as trivial as a bullshit headlight infraction.


  3. The hero is is actually pulling that stunt into a driveway. In addition to hitting the kid, the hero also causes significant property damage to a parked 5 series BMW. Something more the people of Sacramento can enjoy paying out for in addition to the obvious civil lawsuit that is bound to follow.

    With the heroes response (for a headlight remember), you’d think the heroes were patrolling the streets of Fallujah. Moot point actually, modern police departments are nothing more than outposts of the occupying federal army.

  4. The original sin to this entire bullshit is why the fuck are the heroes tasked with making sure a kid has a light on his bike? And is this now an offense of arrest?

    In a more civilized time the kid could have told the cop to go ‘fuck off’ if he were to berate him for bicycle saaaaaaafety.

    The irony of course is completely lost in the media that the heroes are enforcing saaaaaaafety under punishment of death.

    • Amen, Mrfnuts!

      Kids once were free – a precursor to adult freedom. Not perfectly, of course – but compared with today… Just imagine: Being able to spend all day, on your own – or with some friends – doing more or less whatever you felt like doing; no “plans” and organized activities – and no parents helicoptering over you. No helmets, no headlights. We had pocketknives and our wits and our sense of adventure… I pity today’s kids.

      And I loathe the “heroes” who’ve ruined it for them.

      • When I was a lad of but five and six years of age, before I started doing my time in those kiddie jails known as “school” all day (and “Kindergarten” was truly, as translated from Deustch, a “child’s garden”, not the mental torture chamber or tot political indoctrination it is now), I used to roam about the housing annex and/or the adjacent Air Force Base in Japan (Yokota) with my young chums, completely without overbearing adult supervision! Oh sure, there were many eyes of various Air Force wives looking around, and they knew whom we all were, but fairly much we just played as we damned well pleased. We’d even get adventures and where there were holes in the base housing fence, we’d sneak off into the surrounding forest and really have fun. We especially liked this abandoned Buddhist monastery to hang out at. I recall that one day the Japanese cops caught us, and took us all down to the police station, where a Japanese “matron”, (being a girl about 19 y.o.) fussed over us and plied us with ice cream until an Air Force Air Policeman came to get us and bring us back…to a sure “backside tanning” from our respective mothers!d

      • That’s right Eric. Riding bikes with no helmets, going far away from home to be chased by rural dogs, going where Mom forbid you to go, going into the woods all day with your friends to do whatever you wanted, driving 80 mph in a 73 Impala in drivers ed, and not getting shot by cops…………………

  5. “The police department blamed the accident on understeer”

    What a crock!

    That a vehicle would understeer on dry pavement at 27mph is bull-oney. Watching the video it’s obviously NOT understeering. The cop car makes a smooth left arc to hit the teen and then pulls to the right after contact. If it was understeering he’d have overshot the kid. Never does the video show the vehicle going in a straight line after the initial steering input to turn left which it would have done had it actually understeered.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yup. Besides which, the grip limits of that vehicle – any modern vehicle – are so high that understeer or oversteer doesn’t become factor at 27 MPH… the “hero” is either a terrible driver or a deliberately murderous one.

      • Growing up we were exposed to practically everything including running behind the pickup fogging DDT for skeeters.

        There was a gravel pit, almost never used a mile from town and since I lived right past the city(sic)limits, not that far for me. We’d go there on our bikes and have battles with .22 rimfire rifles. The point wasn’t to hit or kill…..or we’d all be dead, but to get as close as possible. Sure, it was as dangerous a game you can play and after a while, we realized if we got any closer it would be a heart shot….so we reverted back to BB guns and we’d wear each other out hiding in livestock show barns and other structures. I was hell on wheels tagging hell out of everybody without showing any of myself. This game eventually became a predetermined thing so we let it go.

        From that point forward we did crazy shit with vehicles, mainly pickups. I was the guy to catch even though I had the weakest engine. Nobody else would haul ass into a curve and stay in it going into a high speed 4 wheel drift and slide across the opposing lane on exit…..except my best friend. He was behind me one day and when we got to his rural home, he said I had smoke coming off the inside tire on a couple curves. It’s probably a good thing we didn’t have V8 power, esp. since one day I stopped at the local drug store(yep, it said “Nole’s Drug) and they weren’t kidding. I went in for my fix, a Dr. Pep shake, and when I came out I could hear a hissing. It turned out to be the tube on the right rear after being in a road race earlier. No tire left, just down to tube. I went to the service station but it was too late. I talked my dad(this was a farm/ranch pickup so it had to go every day)and got him to spring for some Gates mudgrips from the local gin/farm supply. I was back into racing again thankfully.

        I knew all about understeer and oversteer in those days. I could take a vehicle known to only run off the road to the outside(designed that way)and drive it to the point where it acted like it had oversteer although it didn’t. This jerk-off cop should be put in the same hole as all the rest. Probably you ‘d want to let it “steep” for a few decades so the cretinous poisons from fast food and “rhoids” would be mainly gone and it could possible be a source of fertilizer….although probably not. It could be a source of artifacts though although you might want to retrieve them with a backhoe and drop them in a pit of battery acid….just to be safe(r).

        I don’t know if I ever mentioned it but “I hate cops”. I did?
        Well, just wanted to clarify it. They are nothing but predators, the lowest of the low, willing to cheat, steal and murder for any reason they want.

        • Oh, man, you crack me up, lol! Apparently we were all hoodlums, no holds barred, didn’t matter what our social status was, hell, we were kids for God’s sake! No wonder the “kids” today are going postal with all the social straight-jackets being issued at the front door! Give any of us a loaded BB-gun, firecrackers, and a bag of plastic army men, shit, you didn’t see us for the whole damn weekend!

    • I’ve seen that exact move in police dash cam videos before, sometimes even for the same purpose. Not only was it not understeer it must be move they are taught to do.

      Also they do not know what understeer is. Understeer being where the vehicle stays going more or less straight despite a steering input. That car didn’t go anything close straight ahead. Oversteer is when it turns more sharply than commanded.


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