Armed Government Worker Gets a Workout

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Here’s a video of an armed government worker working out on a “suspect.” It is unclear what the punching bag – er, “suspect” – did to precipitate the beatdown but there is no question a beatdown occurred. The punching bag/suspect is not “resisting” but he may have been guilty of not respecting.

Armed government workers get mighty mad when someone fails to become supine in the presence of their Authority.

Still, there is as yet no law requiring supineness – and there are laws against beating the shit out of people who haven’t even raised their hands.

Will this armed government worker be charged with a crime? As any of us would be if we had so much as jabbed am index finger into the chest of an armed government worker, in order to make a point?

Almost certainly not.

Armed government workers are above the laws which they apply to us. And which they make up and enforce upon us – such as the “law” which requires immediate submission and respect for the Authority of armed government workers.

Or else, this.

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