Reader Question: Face-Diapering Joe?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Richard asks: In the most outrageous statement this year (possibly – there are myriad), Joe Biden on Friday said when he’s elected president he will use his powers under the (dead letter) Constitution and mandate face diapers for everyone in public, 24/7. It is the most explicit call for overt totalitarianism, yet. And shows his complete ignorance of the actual Constitution! Besides his obvious mental deterioration, this alone calls for his defeat; that and the fact he’s voted for every war of last 30+ years shows he is a corporate front man/shill, etc., etc. I can’t wait for your article about this latest horror.

My reply: Politicians cater to fear; it’s how they rule. Democrats as well as Republicans (don’t forget what The Chimp did after Nahhhnnnnlevven, when Trrrr became the fear virus of that era). The populace – enough of them – accepted crotch grabs and Security Kabuki then; is it surprising so many of them line up to play Sickness Kabuki now?

With great sadness, I agree with the elites that a large portion of the populace are cattle.

Meaning, they will do as they are told because they are told. They have been conditioned to respond in this way. It is not, of course, necessarily their fault. Government schools are very effective; also social pressure. Plus it is easier to conform.

But that is immaterial. The fact is these people are our enemies – just as the people who cheered the Fuhrer were the enemies of the decent Germans who weren’t looking to “march in step,”  nor shove anyone into an oven.

It is always a critical mass minority that determines policy. Read Lenin. The guy was Satan incarnate but he understood. His opponents did not. Which is why they lost.

We have a chance to end this – not just the Face Diapering but everything which underlies it. But we have to be willing to resist first – and fight second, if that becomes necessary. That is our choice. It is not an easy or inexpensive one. But it is an inescapable one.

First step: Ignore Face Diaper mandates; make a point of it. Do not let them create the impression of universal fear. Do not them solidify the visual of everyone masked. I cannot overstate the importance of this.

Resistance is not futile. It is essential.

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  1. People are like cattle. Yep, if a cow is around you for a long time and you don’t mess(pen them and do those painful things)with them and feed them goodies, they do what you say to some extent. But have some old cows that are wise and they won’t do anything you want. They might get close to feed but if you feed in the pens, forget it. If you feed every time in the pens, they still won’t go in if you’re still around. And their calves will be the same way.

    When I built my present pens I built them 6.5 feet tall. Everyone kidded me raising giraffes, those same guys who would have to get on horses and maybe a few horses and riders just to get one old cow up. I had two heifers that were really big, had a lot of ear and so, were very athletic. I’d fed them a lot in the pens and they had trusted me enough(they were pets)to go in. So one day when we were going to work cattle I shut the only gate that was open(Have somebody hide behind something near one of the other gates and while I shut the gate they’d head for the other one but too late. One of those heifers, the most athletic of the two, nearly got over the top and would have if I hadn’t had the top rail well inside the side of the pens. I made a remark about giraffes at that point.

    Too many times I’ve tried to fool “some” cows and too many times they couldn’t be fooled. You can run and run and run them till they finally go into the pens if you’ve made your fences right with the pens. I remember this old crazy cow(her moniker)a friend had. She wouldn’t go in a pen for any reason. She knocked my best friend’s horse down and drug him through a fence dragging the fence with him balled up in it.

    She was crazy enough she’d stay around for another fight. So my friend who she’d nearly killed got out in the middle of the pens and danced around and made noises and stuck his fingers in his ears and she couldn’t take it……and charged. He ran and barely got to the top of the pens and she ran around in circles looking for a victim. I shut the gate when she went after him. So just to rub it in a little, my buddy picked up a piece of wood, really small like a small rock and threw at her. It was so light it actually floated through the air but it hit her right beside the eye. It was a cow explosion and she ran into the run, broke a big cedar post to keep other cows in the working chute and went on through and over the fence. She was never penned. We’d get her calf every year and that was a chore in itself but we never penned her again. She took up residence at the tank so you had to be careful if you thought you were going to fish….you weren’t. One year about a week into Sept. when dove season opened we drove down to the tank and she laid in her normal place, in the water near the edge of the tank with a 12 gauge hole between her eyes. Somebody had thought they were going to hunt and when it was kill her or be killed, the 12 gauge was superior. We always laughed about her and how she had never been worked. She was too mean to die. There’s a few of us that are like her. We may not be big or strong but we’re crazy enough to fight to the death.

  2. About this time of year, we have the constant use of personal fireworks. Sales of them are way up in my area (probably due to most public ones being cancelled). One of the few things people still routinely ignore the laws about their use (illegal for the most part). In spite of a small vocal group complaining about the noise (and sometimes the “pollution”, yes really), there is very little that the local PD can do about it. So they look the other way for the most part.

    Wonder how this ignoring of stupid laws and regulation could be spread to other things. If enough people are ignoring them, it makes it very hard for LE to enforce them.


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