Latest Reader Question: Having the Balls?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Williams writes: Hey, Eric, I just wanted to say… BLESS YOU… bless you for having the balls to publish your letter to your gym. I’ve been making similar pleas… but… business owners are TERRIFIED. Sure… they’re probably not gonna face ARREST… but they’ll face FINES… FINES that will break ’em IMMEDIATELY as opposed to the slow “tick… tick… tick” of watching their businesses come closer to “death” each day.

My reply: If we haven’t got the balls to at least risk a fine – even arrest – then we deserve the economic death and the inevitable actual death that awaits us. It will only take a critical mass minority to end this dangerous farce.

I’m wearing my cattle tag every time I am in public; I am also openly mocking people who are behaving like imbeciles – refusing to get with six feet of anyone else, etc. – by coughing loudly, gasping “Corona!” and clutching my chest; I may even double over and writhe on the ground next time, to make the point.

See below for more details about the Corona Cattle Ear Tag!

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    • Hi Handler,

      Yup; appalling. Of course, corporate “leaders” today are among the most poltroonish class of people extant. They are billionaire Babbitts and much more loathsome because of the damage they do and because – unlike the character, who had a few redeeming qualities and was basically just a loser – these people are cunning, opportunistic ferrets.

      We live in the age of Elagabalus.

  1. Eric,

    THOUSANDS of us in PA mobbed the state capitol, Harrisburg, to protest the governor’s BS restrictions. It was so gridlocked that it took a half hour to move 50 feet! Though few people understand Morse Code these days, I beeped out insulting messages about our governor.

    On the way to and from Harrisburg, I didn’t see a cop on I-78 or I-81. Had I been stopped (I was doing 80 and more) and asked if my trip were essential, I was going to tell the officer that I consider defense of our Constitution to be essential… 😉

    I’ve been going out pretty much every day too. Before the restrictions, I’d stay in my house and neighborhood 1-2 days a week; after, I make it a POINT to go out every day. To quote St. Greta, how DARE they tell me where I can go and when! The only cops I saw were for an accident.

    Anyway, I’ve been doing my part to engage in passive resistance.


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