Batman Cometh

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This video is interesting because of the disconnect it displays between what we “civilians” are permitted to possess (and do) vs. what armed government workers are entitled (by law) to possess and authorized to do.

A guy trying to film a traffic stop is confronted by an AGW who looks like a character out of a shoot ’em up video game. He has  Tacticool BDUs on, at least three high-capacity magazines and a hogleg strapped to his vest in addition to the high-capacity pistol strapped to his leg. He makes an Imperial Storm Trooper look naked in comparison. He makes Neidermeyer from Animal House seem reasonable.

Now, if any of us “civilians” dressed up in Hut! Hut! Hut! gear like that and strutted around in public, we’d get Hut! Hut! Hutted!

In my state, Governor “Coonman” wants to criminalize possession of such accoutrements by mere “civilians.”

Which, for the record, AGWs are, too.

They are not the military – though they like to pretend they are and dress as though they are, including faux military ranks such as the pathetic spectacle of a small-town/county sheriff wearing the four stars of a general.

It makes my teeth ache. I used to wish that neocons would be parachuted into the war zones they create. Now I wish AGWs would be dropped right along with them.

Let ’em Hut! Hut! Hut! people who can fight back for a change. It’d be interesting to see what happens.

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  1. eric, I wholeheartedly concur with you and since they are so full of shit, they wouldn’t even need chutes. I’d pick Bolton, Cheney, Bush, Laura(complicit), BC, BO, and that entire crowd that got their start with Nixon. Let me think a while, I’m just trying to pick the best of best of the best as Will Smith said in MIB. Whatever it cost would be a bargain. Of course I’d want the Coonman to go with his head shoved up Pelosi’s ass and her head shoved up HC. I could get really creative with that scenario.

    • Don’t forget Kissinger, I think he might be the Antichrist since he’s older than dirt and still alive. My champagne is aging in the fridge waiting to be opened in celebration when that maggot finally croaks.

      • MIB, I’ll bring a couple more so we can smash the bottles on his grave. No doubt he’ll have one in this country too.


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