Reader Question: Underwater EV?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Pat asks: We had a storm come through and dump about 5” of rain in 45 min. It was intense. The intersection near my house looked like a lake. Water up to the hubs or deeper. When it was over one of my neighbors discovered someone’s Mercedes EV (They may have the make wrong about the make) Bricked, blocking their drive. Gas cars, even smaller ones, navigated the lake by going slow. But I’m sure in any EV batteries would be submerged.

My reply: Electric motors don’t like water, either. Which raises two more potential problems with EVs that aren’t issues with IC cars. Both the motors and the battery have to be protected from water asa well as physical damage (in the case of the battery) that could result in a violent, very-hard-to-put-out fire.

Both problems will become more likely problems as the EV ages due to wear and tear on seals and casings and so on. IC cars are also subject to wear and tear, of course. But IC cars aren’t vulnerable to water – or fire – in the way that EVs are.

It’s a fiasco of world-historic proportions, brought to you by government – and Elon Musk, who has performed his role as the Normalizer of EVs.

The next several years are going to be very interesting, indeed.

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  1. If you want to see what flooding does to an EV, see “rich rebuilds” on youtube. He’s rebuilt one such car and has at least one other in the works.

    Basically if you don’t do it yourself or value your time at zero, it would be extremely expensive.

    • Morning, Brent!

      My area is subject to severe flash flooding because of the terrain. It’s routine to have to deal with six-plus inches of standing water at the bottom of the mountain, when the creeks rise after a few days of rain (as has been the case here recently). I will pee myself with glee when I see the first Tesla unterseeboot!


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