AGW Gives a Lesson in Freedom

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Here’s a video that could be used as a clinical diagnostic tool – to demonstrate the psychopathy of AGWs and also the absurdity that we live in a “free” country.

A guy is getting ready to have a yard sale – his stuff on his yard. Or so he thought.

An AGW appears – in Batman kit, with his opaque Tough Guy sunglasses on, all part of Intimidation Theater.

His complaint? “You can’t have people coming on to the property” before 9 a.m. He means the property allegedly owned by the man having the sale on “his” yard, which really isn’t – given he’s not allowed to “have people coming onto” it until the government – in the person of an AGW – says he may.

In other words, the property belongs to the government, which controls it – the claim enforced by the AGW – while the mortgage (and perpetual taxes on the property) are paid by the . . . “owner.”

The AGW hectors and lectures, swaggering his Authoritah.

And it’s all legal. The man has no legal right to tell this costumed freak to get the-you-know-what off of his property, because it isn’t. And if he made any show of “resistance” to the AGW’s obnoxious, insolent Intimidation Theater, the AGW would have used his Batman gear.

Ask yourself what sort of human tapeworm would sign up to do the “work” of an AGW. It’s hardly necessary to look up “personality disorder,” “narcissism” or “psychopathy.”

Just look for the guy – or gal – in the Batman outfit.

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  1. Sorta reminds me of when I was about 10 or so and my mother asked me what I was going to do for a living. Of course I didn’t know but she thought I should be thinking really hard about it and she had an audience of my dad and maybe my aunt and uncle, don’t really remember the other characters.

    After thinking it over for a long while, maybe 20 seconds or so, I said, Well, if nothing else I can be a Baptist preacher(we’d had a friend who’d just been kicked out of prison and had borrow $2 to get a Babdis preacher license….yep, ordered it right out of the back of a magazine), or I could drive a cab(these were last dire things I was speaking of) or be a cop. Somebody laughed as did I and mama wasn’t too happy, esp. bout the babdis preacher part since she was a babdis but was also aware her old friend who just got out of Huntsville had done same. I chose those because they were about the bottom of the barrel and everybody knew it. I think my uncle and aunt had a good chuckle out of it.

  2. I’m moving this homeowner right to the top of my “favorite action figure” list! Love how he points out to the agw the absurdity of it all. As Billy Joel always says at the end of his shows, “Don’t take shit from anybody”.

  3. Man, that hurt just to watch like 1.5 minutes; that’s all I could take! What an obtuse, stupid ASS! The guy raises the perfectly logical point that he can’t stop people from showing up early! WTF?


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