Reader Question: Growing Sickness of Sickness Kabuki?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Ugg asks: I live in Michigan.  We have Democrat Governor, Governor Wretched.  I saw today when I  made the mistake of turning on the radio while driving that several states like Florida, Texas and Arizona, all Red states ( I think whatever red states means (nothing)) have had to reimpose restrictions as more corona cases,  I was Up North which is what we do in Michigan. Also lots of folk from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. We were in Tawas which is on Saginaw Bay. Was working on my cottage. Money pit, but on the Lake (Huron).  I had to go to the store for stuff. Local hardware for most a couple others and the Walmart (Walmart had more employees masked  but fewer customers masked, that is) .  All had signs re distancing etc. About 10 percent of people (customers) had masks. In a couple stores some did and some did not mask. No one was very concerned about it.  I think we have about had it in Michigan at least Up North.  The tide is turning.  It will be nasty and painful but common sense will win out. Gosh, a question?  What do you think?  I am getting chickens building a coop.

My reply: I think people who aren’t programmed by Anderson Cooper/Brian Stelter and the rest of the Sickness Chorus are tiring of Sickness Kabuki. Which is why it is so damned important at this moment in time to not wear the diaper. Refusing to wear it destroys the image of universality – and universal fear – these creeps hope to create/maintain in order to impose the ongoing elaboration of a police state that would have made Beria weep with envy.

This has to be met with the firmest resolve and regardless of the consequences.

Do not participate. Ignore, mock and refuse.

If we lose this one, we lose everything.

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  1. I decided to cancel my dental cleaning for today. They are requiring patients to wear masks while waiting in the lobby and to have your temp. checked. I mean how stupid is it to wear a mask in the lobby of dental office only to have to take it off several feet further once i get in the chair? You know, since it’s damn impossible to do dental work with a bloody mask on. The stupidity knows no bounds.

    I could hear the concern in the receptionist’s voice because she knows it’s money not coming in. Easy money at that. I could tell by her voice that this is not an isolated incident and that others are refusing to put up with this nonsense and cancelling as well. She was going out of her way to reschedule me for the fall or to put me on a call list when the restrictions have dropped. I said you’ll only be seeing me if it’s a dental emergency. Unfortunately, all of the damn dental places (at least around here) have these policies in place. Well, they’re actually ADA recommendations and none of them have the balls to refuse to go along with them. Seeing as how a lot of dental offices are female run environments it’s not surprising.

    Another little tidbit, I stepped into the Mazda dealer to ask if they had (or will have) any Mazda3 Hatchbacks with a manual (of course they didn’t because people suck). The receptionist there wanted to take my temperature quick. I refused. I told her this is as far as I’m going and it will only take a minute to talk to the sales person. Just fucking ridiculous.

    • Hi c_dub,

      Yup; I told my dentist’s secretary the same (appt. in July). This Diapering business is the moment at which the fate of the country will be decided. That may sound a bit much, but consider. If they can impose universal diapering, they will have succeeded in destroying the possibility of dissent – other than in your head, exactly like the people in Orwell’s 1984. Everyone wore the Party overalls; everyone mouthed the slogans. Everyone the same.

        • Hi Anon,

          What would be hilarious if it were not so destructive is that most of the antifa/BLM types have no idea that they’re serving the interests of the very class of people that they purport to despise.


          • Hi Jeremy,

            Anon is me. You’re exactly right. Nor are they aware that they are the useful idiots and will be the first ones purged.

  2. I claim I got breathing issues and I live alone, they back off when I go food shopping

    Assert your authoritah and don’t back down when challenged, mention the ADA (Disabilities act) and mention they can be fined/sued if they refuse you

    Like all of us here, sick and tired of this damn Kung Flu, it’s nothing more than a cold now anyway

    • Amen, Zane.

      Also – for the men – stand up to the women in your circle who pressure you to diaper-up. Also to friends. Do not enable this sickness. They can stuff their feelings; too bad about their anxieties. Facts matter. Reality must not be subsumed.

      These people are deranged. And ought to be handled accordingly.


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