AGWs Show Their Love for the 2A

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Here’s video out of Florida – a legal open carry state – showing what armed government workers think about the law and open carry … by other than AGWs:

The initial AGW begins to prattle about some vague local/county/city ordinance or “policy” – which the man explains does not trump state law, as a matter of law.

The initial AGW is fairly reasonable – and at least, not murderous. But then a group of four AGWs descend, who are murderous. They point their loaded pistols at the lawful open carriers – who are just fishing off a pier and not making an issue of anything – much less threatening harm to anyone.

In addition to drawing down on the men, they place them in cuffs and subject them to a humiliating felony arrest, including the usual degradation of being forced to SIT DOWN on the ground, a technique used to assert domination over the “subject.”

These Hut! Hut! Hutting! AGWs despise the idea of anyone other than AGWs being armed; it affronts their prerogative and (at least potentially) makes it a fair fight.

The AGWs eventually uncuff and release the man and his friends – but no consequences for the unlawful “felony” arrest.

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  1. This is one thing that i try to tell my conservative friends over and over again. Police are not gonna be on the side of freedom. They just ain’t. This is the evidence why I am (unfortunately) correct.

  2. Pointing a loaded gun at someone is ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON!
    Since when has it become acceptable for the gestapo to do it?
    It seems to have become standard practice for these scared pussies.
    These are the crazy years.

  3. Florida is leading the pack using the red gun laws and has already taken gun and ammo from 450+ legal gun owners.

    Almost every one of those cases originate in 2 counties with liberal sheriffs who openly hate the 2nd Amendment.

    Think Florida isn’t full of yankees? With the huge influx of people from other states we can only hope the results of the midterm elections are reversed since 12 districts were flipped from Republican to Democrat.

    While I have allegiance to neither party I felt compelled to vote in the election to keep my district Republican. Once again, as ever before, I voted for the lesser of two evils. Other races I voted for Libertarians which resulted in a record amount of Libertarian votes in the election.

    To quote the Fugs, “Was George Washington the lesser of two evils? Sometimes I wonder”.

    • And FL is a NOMINALLY Republican state! Even so, even though they control the statehouse and governor’s mansion, they felt compelled to “do something” in the wake of the Parkland shooting…


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