NC AGWs “Take Down” Teenage Girl…

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Here’s video out of North Carolina of two armed government workers assaulting a teenage girl for having the temerity to film the arrest of another teenager.

Once again, the brutal over-reaction and use of excessive force to make their point. The girl was no “threat” to the “safety” of these two grown men (I use the term in the generic sense as it does not specifically apply to these two) yet they just had to throw her violently to the ground and then use Krav Magra-style street fighting tactics on her.

I wonder whether either of these two “heroes” has a daughter or niece and how they’d feel if a grown man – two grown men – did such a thing to her?

There is also the element of . . . the law.

What law did the girl break to justify the attack? Was she “interfering” with their “investigation” by taking video of the event?

It seems pretty evident that the AGWs were – once again – acting outside of the law but in accordance with the unwritten law about affronting the prickly Authority of AGWs, which is (per Orwell) the worst crime there is.

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  1. Had that been my daughter, niece, etc these pigs couldn’t have helped feeling they were being stalked. If they didn’t, more the better. Paybacks are hell, especially if you’re headed there anyway.

    • Yes! Where are the males in the family of this girl, exacting justice on these sub-humans? How can they do nothing? I would willingly give my life to put these ass hats in their place if that was my daughter. And if I had my way, it would be quite the public spectacle, you know, to send a message to any other fellow blue gang members who might consider this behavior acceptable.


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