Reader Question: Lipstick on the Jaguar Pig?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Ronald asks: Have you seen this review of the Jaguar iPace electric car on a road trip from Sydney to Canberra? The reality without the hype.

My reply: I just read it. I expect the guy who wrote it will have his press car access rescinded – notwithstanding his bending over backwards to put the best possible face on this mess.

The hassles he describes are almost beyond belief; or rather, it is unbelievable that anyone interested in getting where they want to go would willingly spend a fortune to experience them. This EV business is analogous to giving up a jet flight to London from New York in 5 or 6 hours nonstop in favor of the same trip using a prop-powered DC3 that takes 15 hours and several stops along the way.

Yet a form of dementia has settled over the land which causes journalists who would savage an IC car that stopped running frequently and required constant nursing and worrying to apologize for and even justify the EV’s catastrophic gimps.

It makes my teeth ache…

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  1. This guy was getting slow charging with Australia’s 230V power so imagine how shit-out-of-luck you’d be in the US if you get stranded at a friend’s house like this guy and need to plug into a standard 120V outlet. V=IR. Nearly halve the voltage and you halve the current. AKA, charging time would double.

    • That’s why many EV owners install 240V chargers in their homes. Charging @ 120V takes too long; it may not put a full charge on the battery by morning.

  2. Electric cars in and of themselves are a bad idea. But an electric English car?

    I propose they name this car the Lucas.

  3. That is mind boggling all the planning that went into this to travel just 300 km in an EV. And all the troubles he had getting charged up. Not to mention the LOST TIME. And the readers who thought the car was great. Just shows you how the EV lovers are like the muslims who do just what the quran says. And that is a top highway between Canberra and Sydney with it being used by politicians frequently. I have no doubt that not much will be heard from this writer in the future because all the politicians and the respective government departments will be seeking his removal from public life.

    • I’ve no doubt that the EV vehicle will be used to put lots of small hotels out of business as they can’t afford the chargers for every type of EV. No doubt the big hotel chains will see the EV as a way to get rid of small inexpensive hotels. Another way to restrict our freedom of movement.

  4. $120,000(aus) for a POS that can’t match a 1984 Hyundai Pony for convenience and overall time to destination if it is more than 300km?

    Maybe the next model will come with motel discount vouchers?


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