‘Roid Raging “hero” Knocks Out Teen Girl’s Teeth

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A teenage girl made the mistake of walking in between a “hero’s” car and became the object of his ‘roid-raging fury, which cost her a couple of teeth, among other injuries. Luckily, the attack was video recorded – so we don’t have to endure the bleats of Officer Safety! as justification. The video spoke for itself – and the “hero” was actually arrested and charged for once. Unfortunately, it is the very taxpayers whom this “hero” and those like him are paid to Harass and Collect from who will be paying for the girl’s injuries:


  1. The father’s fantastic comment: “There’s nothing I’d want to say to this officer. I’d want to put him through the same pain.”

  2. The shaved head and doing roids thing has a look and I have begun to appreciate that look since it warns you right away just like a big ol Diamondback “singing”. This guy didn’t have that look but if he stays in copdom, which, no doubt he will, he should be shaved and identified as the roidrager he is.

  3. This stuff is so damm hard to watch.

    And once again I must admit I cringe and bristle any time I see a cop. This entity of our lives is completely out of control.


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