Five Heroes Beat Teen

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Video has emerged showing four California probation officers brutalizing a teenager inside a holding cell at one of Los Angeles County’s juvenile halls.

The beating commenced after the teen is seen throwing things at the door on April 24 while he is inside the cell alone. The probation officers escalate the situation by entering to confront the boy as a supervisor oversees them.

The teen does not appear to be a threat and is seen speaking with the officers. The video is without sound so it is unclear exactly what was said, but almost immediately, one of the officers is seen pushing the juvenile down onto his bed.

The officer then begins punching the teen in the face as the other officers pile on and start pummeling him as well. The supervisor stands by and does nothing while the boy is assaulted.angry pig pic

Occurring at L.A. County’s Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall in Sylmar, the incident is now under investigation after sources from inside the probation department leaked the footage to WitnessLA.

L.A. County juvenile facilities had been under close watch by the Justice Department for years because of overcrowding and excessive force complaints. Reforms were implemented but whistleblowers like WitnessLA editor Celeste Freman say they did little to remedy problems.

“There is still a culture of brutality against juveniles, and they are very upset about it,” Freman said. “There is no reason for this kind of force – ever, under any circumstances, even if you have a riot.”

L.A. County Probation Department chief, Cal Remington, said he takes mistreatment of juveniles very seriously and has turned over the case to the District Attorney’s Office who will determine whether criminal charges will be filed against the probation officers.

“We hold our staff to a very high standard. We have zero tolerance for mistreating the juveniles in our care,” Remington said. “And while I can’t really comment on an ongoing investigation, this matter is being thoroughly investigated, and we take matters of this nature very, very seriously.”

Local news coverage containing raw footage:

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  1. Be Aggressionless. No Gods. No Masters. No Categoricals. No Imperatives.

    That Juvy got 3 stars on Yelp

    i’ll be darned, a yelp page for juvy. i was detained at Sylmar juvy in Feburary-March 1966. It had just opened in 1965, so it was brand spanking new. The previous year, ’65, i was in Central and i was also in Central late 1964. So, when i got taken to Sylmar, i must say, there were things to appreciate, some positives, being newer with a more spacious layout…

    Google Review,+Sylmar+Juvenile+Courthouse,+16350+Filbert+St,+Los+Angeles,+CA+91342&ludocid=12406251436307613794#lrd=0x80c28f8b1e149635:0xac2bdbf33f4b8862,1
    Dondi Lent
    My daughter was only there for the weekend and then transferred to Eastlake Juvenile hall. The staff at the Sylmar halls obviously doesn’t give a crap about the clothes and shoes a child comes in with. I’m struggling to pay my bills and rent and keep everything a float I can’t keep replacing shoes and clothes, it doesn’t make sense that when the child is transferred why they don’t send the clothes and shoes with them. The court and attorney have no idea that the inmates clothes aren’t sent with them.

    They just assume everyone has a car and it’s no big deal to drive 75 miles round trip to pick up our childs outfit and shoes. I have to take the train and a bus to get to Juvenile hall and property department is closed for the weekend so I have to pray my daughter’s $85 shoes that we’re a gift haven’t been donated to a local charity! The juvenile justice system is horrible I’m waiting for a scandal to finally breakout God only knows the shady and unethical practices that go on in the Juvenile justice system, Sheriff Baca’s been caught I wonder whose next!!!!!

    Police State California Camps & Halls Control Infrastructure

    • This isn’t the exception Tor, it’s the rule except for really small towns where everybody knows everybody but it still happens.

      I went out on a run a couple weeks back and had a helper with me, not a kid, a grown man who knows more about the local scene than I care to. Coming back we were coming up on a town and he asks “Want to go see Pam _________?” Would I want to I answered? Well, she has no teeth he replies. I said, that could be good or bad depending and we both laughed.

      Then he says (and here’s how well the pigs keep their secrets), She has her grand kid living with her or somebody’s. All this shit went on right after I was in the local hoosegow via fishing expedition. She was in jail and the sheriff who was illiterate, incompetent and had not a decent bone in his body, got her pregnant, had to divorce his wife, move in and marry her and get the district judge to go along with all of it since what he did was a felony I would never have committed but he talked mucho trash about me and my wife.

      So I tell the guy it’s the dead(goddammit, I had dibs on taking care of him myself, a personal thing, and he up and dies from cancer, fag smoking, woman assaulted sob he was)sheriff’s son. He didn’t know it and knew all the local trash but they’d kept that away from anybody who didn’t want to know. He was a sorry piece of shite, the worst sort and I would have gladly had my way with him had he lived.

      What’s bad is I can’t say that for many people. Unfortunately, the sheriff we have now is nearly as bad and he can easily charge DWI on many an unfortunate person while he got stopped countless times by the DPS and had someone drive he and his wife home from getting wasted at the V. You can’t say they picked on him since he always got caught late at night and not because he was a fat white male but because he was all over the road.

      I can name many towns, small cities right now in the throes of similar things. The pigs are the worst of the worst.

      Back in 1980 i went to work for an electrical retailer and supplier. I’d go to deputies and cops houses to work on their appliances and they’d be intolerable to be in, nasty, rotting shit and floors so slick with garbage so slick you would almost fall. Yeah, working on their crap(shit)was a sight to behold and they were the ones along with the country club set who never paid a bill.


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