NC Heroes: Handcuffed Teen Shoots Himself

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While handcuffed and from behind while inside the backseat of the cop car:

The Durham, NC Police Department says Jesus Huerta died on November 19 from a self-inflicted gunshot while handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser. The teen was being taken to the police station by Officer Samuel Duncan about 3 a.m. for a second-degree trespassing violation.

The chief said at the news conference that gunshot residue tests were conducted on Huerta and the arresting officer, and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation “found that Huerta was wearing gloves and that his gloves had a saturation of gunshot residue on it. Officer Duncan’s revealed that he had no gunshot residue on his hands,” Lopez said.

The gun used was not a police firearm, Lopez has said in the past, but state authorities are still investigating where the weapon came from, according to local media. Duncan is on paid administrative leave pending the investigation’s conclusion, local media reported.

Huerta’s family, along with local activists, allege police foul play in the death of Huerta, who was affectionately called “Chuy” by his loved ones. Huerta’s family has submitted a formal petition to local authorities for archives into the investigation, according to local media.

“People can see that we actually support him and that we need justice for Durham because it’s not fair that this is happening, like the police is not giving us answers,” Evelin Huerta told CNN affiliate WTVD.

A separate vigil held last month by the family also turned violent and ended in arrests. The family has said it plans to hold a protest on the 19th of every month.

“Personally, I don’t believe one word of what the Durham Police Department has stated,” local activist Lamont Lilly wrote in an article published shortly after Huerta’s death. “It seems to me, and many others throughout the city, Durham police officers are simply covering their tracks with a concocted story that makes no physical or logical sense whatsoever.”

Between 150 and 200 Huerta supporters marched Thursday from Durham City Hall to the parking lot of police headquarters. Some carried banners that read, “Fue Matado Por La Policia” or “Murdered By Police.”

A similar case in July stoked skepticism in Jonesboro, Arkansas, when Chavis Carter, 21, died from a close-range gunshot while handcuffed in the back of a police car.


  1. Easy to see the occifers gloves were put on the guy. No way they’re going to allow to you have on gloves while cuffed. Problem solved.

  2. Here’s the exception. This Gladiator Gulag hero actually got charged. He was released 12 minutes later after posting a $2,000 bond.

    Maybe if enough Praetorian heroes become fearful of having to live with the same vengeful Gladiator Helots they once captured, they’ll come around to our way of thinking?

    I wouldn’t trust any Broke Ass American boss for one second. Especially if my boss was a Precinct Engineer driving the local Gooberment Gravy Train. If I on the Squealer Squad, I’d just ride around on my PorkCycle all day, keeping a low profile and not making enemies.

    The Smart Pigs better wise up. They’ve been told to blow down all the other pig’s homes down and that working for the Big Bad Wolf and wearing a costume makes them a Hero.

    In the real world the Big Bad Wolf or a mob of angry homeless pigs always find a way to breach your brick house as well. When that happens, you’ll be lucky if you somehow manage to escape by the hair of your chinny chin chin.

    Little Pig Little Pig – Green Jelly

      • Thanks for that Eric. Durham is full of costumed serial killers, now they’ve been killed Jesus, is nothing sacred there?
        – –
        Durham mayor wants police to release findings on Jesus Huerta death
        – –
        Derek Walker, 26, of Durham orders 911 Suicide Service after his woman crawls in bed with the Pigs & Lawyers.

        She left him cuckolded and in bondage facing a “18 Years a Slave” as a Deadbeat Dad.

        (Mother of slain Durham man’s son: ‘I don’t blame myself’)
        – –
        Durham Hero Charged With Murdering His Wife

        Wife Murdering Durham officer conveniently dies at hospital while in custody:

        “Timothy W. Burns died Friday of a heart attack Friday at Rex Hospital jail officials said.

        The Durham County Sheriff’s Office said Burns was in custody at Central Prison when the decision was made to transport him to Rex Hospital in Raleigh.

        He had been transferred from the Durham County Jail because his medical needs “were beyond the jail’s capability to provide.”

        Burns was in police custody on a murder charge for stabbing his wife Maxine to death in November in their home.
        – –
        Walrus & the Carpenter – Lewis Carroll
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        – The poem is condemning institutional religion: the walrus represents Buddha(and Eastern religion); the carpenter represents Jesus (and Western Religion).

        These two characters basically trick and exploit all the young and naive oysters (and people in general). There are often many contradictions in the poem, which is representative of the absurdist doctrines, hypocrisy, and corruption of major religious organizations

  3. I am having a bit of a difficult time understaning how these police-effected and politically sanctioned murders keep occurring with little to no national backlash. Reading stories like these strengthen my resolve to shun these thugs whenever I can. I refer to their evil deeds truthfully: legalized gang-related coersion. I refer to them as steroid-laden, intellectually stunted, immoral, glorified stenographers with a flawed and selective sense of recollection and memory who are to be avoided at all costs and excluded from peaceful society whenever possible. I hope a bloodless revolution ensues to remove this and every other organized criminal element from society but, alas, I fear the shedding of blood will be unavoidable in the course of setting things to an orientation of voluntaryism and a peaceful coexistance among individuals.

    • Hi MP,

      I see it going in either of tow diametrically opposite directions:

      Either people – enough people – wake up and become so outraged that a “never again” mindset permeates society and such things become anathema once more (and as, to a great extent, they once were).

      Or: The cognitive dissonance grows worse and people – most people – not only accept but embrace the American form of authoritarianism.

      I suspect – I expect – the latter.

      Remember: Most Germans though they were “free” under Hitler, just as most Russians believed that Soviet communism kept them “free.” Literally. They equated the “freedom” of their government to do as it liked to them with their personal liberty. The two things were – in the authoritarian mind – synonymous.

    • The “bloodless” revolution is what got us here – it’s a 5th column infiltrating our country and institutions, from education to religion to government to banking – and then perverting every feature, until the name exists but the form is completely the opposite of what was intended.

      War is peace.
      Freedom is slavery.


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