More DWV (Driving While Vaccinated)

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Here’s another one!

Every day, there’s another one. Every time I go for a drive I encounter one. Or more. Here’s one more:


  1. I have become impatient with them. This creates double yellow WOT blasts by them with the hopes that the sound, speed, and “danger” will possibly cause them to freak out and go off the side of the mountain, or something. Sometimes I feel bad if it is a blue hair, but not too bad. There’s plenty of other options if you can’t manage to pilot your machine anymore. It will happen to us all, but for now let me rip.

    • The double yellow lines are there for a purpose…to advise you that passing has a highish probability of being a dangerous manoeuvre. However, if the slow vehicle had been a farm tractor going 10 mph, it would not be at all risky to pass almost anywhere along the double yellow stretches. Ditto for getting past that slowpoke. I saw many opportunities during Eric’s complaining where he could easily and safely have passed both vehicles. Don’t forget, a speed limit is a ‘maximum’…it doesn’t mean you are required to go that fast. However, as a responsible road-sharer, you shouldn’t go any less than about 5 mph slower than the posted max. It isn’t the lead driver’s problem, if Eric doesn’t like a slow drive, BUT, that lead driver should always know what’s going on behind, and slow down much more and pull over to the right to allow others to pass easily. There are all kinds of drivers on the road, with all kinds of agendas, but our one common agenda should be to accommodate everyone else. By the way…I am a very quick driver who always exceeds the speed limits.

      • Hi Sergei,

        In many parts of Europe there are no or very few double yellows and the rule is pass at will – when the driver judges it t be safe. The presumption is the driver is competent. Here the presumption is that every driver is incompetent. Hence very few legal passing zones and in them (as a matter of law) one is not supposed to “speed,” making a legal pass almost impossible.

        I favor speed advisories (and so on) but oppose both speed limits and pass at will.

  2. Eric – I have been here for years. I remember seeing this 10 years ago. Back in the day, when I was in CT (like 45 years ago). I remember encountering these types of people back in the 1970’s when my folks and I would be driving to the berkshires. Extremely annoying. I am sure the guy was vaxxed, but you’re right, there seems to be an increase in incidents.

  3. Finally signalling and moving to the right was the bare minimum of credit to give the guy. I saw places long before the passing lane that he could have pulled off to the side.

    So, an old guy on meds with a dog in his lap is acting jabbed. Isn’t it interesting that before the scam, we would have assumed it WAS a blue hair that could barely see above the dash? Now it is assumed they will be diapered (and jabbed) instead.

    Further, you used to be ABLE to tell who was blue haired by their automobile. Back when I was growing up, the elders drove big, comfortable, and luxurious models that suited their slower paced lives. Big Caddy with a motor more than enough to get up and go going slow? Probably a blue hair. With all the crossovers these days, is it grandpa with the golf clubs or mom with the kiddos? Don’t know.

    I know it has gotten bad when my brain simply flags all oncoming jelly beans with roof racks/bars to be scrutinized a second time to verify if it is an AGW or not.

    • Why?? He couldn’t pass either. He was probably just enjoying a leisurely open-air experience, and in no particular rush.

  4. If I am driving at speed limit or below and I have drivers to the rear of me I will pull over to the first off road space. But that’s just me as I have noticed like you noticed that most people will not pull over.
    About 6 years ago I was driving in rural Wyoming. No one on the road except a big rig in front of me. We were doing about 80, 85 mph going southbound. I decided to pass because I don’t like driving behind big rigs. We were on a one lane each way state highway and as I accelerated and pulled into the oncoming lane I noticed there was a tiny spot (car) way, way out in front. I accelerated up to 120 mph as the car was coming up to me very fast. My car had a top speed of 139 mph but that would take a long time to reach. I got in front of the truck and went into the north bound lane. As quick as a flash the car passed by me. I gotta tell you I was scared shitless. The truck did did not move to the right and the car driving towards me did not slow down.

    So far I have two speed warning tickets the last 6 months.

    • You sound dangerous!! You were already going really fast. If your top end is so limited, you have to have better timing skills…you need much more clearance in the opposite lane! If there is really ‘no one else on the road’, why couldn’t you just wait for a next, better opportunity?


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