Driving While “Vaccinated”?

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Here is another case of what appears to be Driving While “Vaccinated” – the latter always placed in air-fingers quotation marks to mock the fact that these drugs aren’t vaccines.

But they do seem to be effective – at dulling the wits of the “vaccinated.” Cases such as the one on display in the video accompanying this article appear to be increasing all over the country, if the reports being received are any indication. It is no longer “I’m doing the speed limit”!

It is doing 10-15 MPH less than the speed limit.

Road clear, visibility excellent. Yet the “vaccinated” drive as if it there were several inches of snow on the ground or fog so thick they can’t see more than a couple of car-lengths ahead, if that. That sort of cautious driving makes at least a little sense – if it’s actually snowing or foggy.

But when it isn’t?

Try to imagine how these “vaccinated” people will drive when it is.

. . .

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  1. It ain’t just their driving. Almost everyone that I’ve hired to do some work on my place seems to operating HUA (Head Up Ass) while doing the work I hired them to do. Not one of the contractors took notes while I was telling them what their job would include, then I would have to repeat the instructions while they worked.

    The tree service guy brought a crew and had to ask me what was next, then he took down a stand of small trees on an area about 100 feet by 30 feet, leaving stumps that would have to be removed later since the stumps would keep me from mowing the area.

    The tractor guy who gave me a price for pulling the road, about .4 miles from the paved state road to my house, then spent an hour of operating time trying to locate a buried culvert pipe that I had mentioned but didn’t ask to be located. He then wanted to collect and leave before he had completed the road, as though the number of machine hours was the point of the contract rather than completing the job.

    Only the stump removal guy did the agreed job without having to ask for instruction. His job took 6 hours of machine time when it could have been 3 hours if the tree guy hadn’t cut the stand of trees I didn’t need to have removed.

    The tractor guy and the tree guy were both vaxxed by their own admission. I didn’t ask the stump grinder because he didn’t seem to have his head up his ass, but I’m assuming that he was a pureblood, as I am, to judge from his ability to go from one area to the other with his machine without having to ask me anything.

    The vax affects people cognitively. Everyone I know who had the jab is unable to hold a conversation on any topic without losing the thread and wandering off topic like Joe Biden. My best friend of 20+ years and my car mechanic both had the jabs and both died suddenly last month. This shit is going to have a terrible effect for decades, I’d bet.

  2. I saw a clover driving about 5mph over the speed limit today. Had to have been vaxxed and with the cruise control on. Interstate, 3 lanes, I’m in the right, clover in the far left. I’m hanging out behind a tractor/trailer and watch the clover in my side view mirror as they slowly pass me with a truck that had been flashing its lights to the clover to move over behind it for quite some time. Dead ahead stare as I watched the clover go by. As the middle lane opened for other drivers, people behind the truck opted to pass on the right in the middle lane while the truck continued to flash for the right of way. The clover, didn’t even pick up on the angry cut-ins the cars were making to the clover that they were displeased. Clover never moved over as far as I was able to observe.

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    Anti-white hate (sometimes called CRT) is a JEWISH CONSTRUCT.
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    The very IDEA of “racism” is a JEWISH CONSTRUCT.
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    • Maybe it’s because alcohol is legal in all states. I have an idea. Lets illegalize alcohol. Lets criminalize many millions of innocent humans, build some more prisons, and put a few million Americans in prison even thou they have never caused a traffic accident or harmed anyone. Let’s expand the drug war. Let’s commit millions of crimes against innocent human beings
      in order to possibly prevent one or two auto accidents.

      • Well-said, Rick!

        I’ve asked people I get into this discussion with whether it would matter to them if their spouse were killed by a completely sober (but senile) old person who “didn’t see” the light was red – or person who’d been drinking. What matters is that they were impaired – not why.

  4. I thought I was the only one seeing this! On one of the main roads, the PSL is 40-45, yet it’s now common to see people doing 5-10 under that-even on a clear, dry, and sunny day…

    • I also have a big complaint. Just about every time I drive through several traffic lights, I always get stuck behind one or more cars because one of them is not paying attention so does not move when the light turs green. Many people blame cell phones which I hate but the truth is that many people get distracted for many reasons. They don’t seem to understand that the main job of any driver is to not become distracted.

  5. flying vaxxed…lol

    “Safety on board a plane is no longer guaranteed, because most of the flying crew is now vaccinated…This will turn out to be the biggest crime on humanity.”

    In short, the vaccines may well destroy the airline industry, exactly as Clif High had predicted over a year ago, in June 2021, when he had also told us that, as far back as 2003, his Web Bots had predicted the premature deaths of 1.24 billion people.


  6. It’s not just slow driving. The random braking, the inconsistent speeds, the crossing of the double yellow or white shoulder line on every curve, super slow right turns. Not moving when the light turns green. The clueless left lane squatting. It’s way more than it ever was. It’s spooky, because they are a danger to everyone in their orbit with a 2000 pound missile controlled by a vax-addled goober.

  7. Just had to pass one of these drivers. 35 in a 45 where avg speed is 50.

    Not sure what his problem was other than maybe he couldn’t find the gas pedal.

  8. I generally drive 5 over and still get passed, which is fine… I call them lightning rods, or rabbits. I read “arrest proof yourself” long ago which stated a car driving exactly the speed limit is suspicious. Driving slower, especially like the clover duo is just a dick move. I would drive faster if it didn’t risk an encounter with the townships swinest. With that said I pass slowpokes, conditions permitting, regardless of what lines are painted on the road. My reason? The syndicate removed passing zones and the pigs hide near the dwindling broken lines for guaranteed “your papers please” fishing expeditions. It’s well past the point where being an upstanding law abiding citizen makes sense. We’re suffering under an occupational government. They’re goal is to memory hole These United States and enslave us all. Disobey!

    • I call them “cop bait.”

      I’m happy to let them go on ahead. I’ll cruise right past the cops going 5 over, they don’t even blink–but if someone wants to keep them distracted, I have even less to worry about.

      I’ve heard that the unofficial limit is ~6-7 over, which is about 10% over posted at highway speed, and this also corresponds to Federal speedometer accuracy standards. And also explains why they often don’t give quite as much leeway in town.

      I’ve been pulled over a couple of times in my youth for going more than 10 over, never got a reckless although one time I think the cop cut me a small break & wrote it up as 1mph less than what would have been an automatic reckless. One time I cut my own plea bargain with the prosecutor’s office, talked her down a good bit too, I think I pled guilty to going 5 over & got a slightly cheaper ticket. It was a more rural area–I doubt I could get that far around here, without hiring a lawyer.

      • Your term, “cop bait” is very apropos. Now historically, the MD state police used to have (maybe they still have) a reputation for employing the most sneakiest of ways to snag speeders. One of the most egregious methods was to employ some kind of nondescript *state* car, say a highway dept truck or a civilian (i.e. public schools) staff car, DRIVEN BY A TROOPER, excessively slow on purpose. Then the victim gets stuck behind this guy, punches it, then gets pulled over. Going off foggy memory here, but I think this tactic went away after a successful court challenge (entrapment grounds) by one of the victims.

      • You’d be surprised. I’ve done work in the courts and none of the prosecutors want to chance losing even a traffic case. If you indicate you want a trial on a traffic ticket, they will jump through whatever hoops you want as long as you are willing to show up on your court date and
        take a small hit with a minimum charge and fine so they get a ‘win’. It’s so bad, they will drop a 2nd or even 3rd offense DWI to whatever the probable cause for the stop was, ie: speeding, reckless driving etc. and drop subsequent charges, like no seat belt or no insurance, just so they can get a guaranteed win and not have to have a trial.

    • Ugh, hopefully they stroke out from shoveling before they get on a slippery road. I see so many people in public now that just seem dazed… Their eyes are locked and faces expressionless like someone suffering from a diabetic episode. There’s already been countless unexplained wrecks this summer it’ll only get worse when the flakes start falling.


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