Needled Driving, Part II and III

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There is definitely something in those Needles. Besides the “vaccine,” that is. As evidenced by the growing ubiquity of sleepwalking driving. Such driving has always existed, of course.

But it wasn’t always every other driver.

Now I find that almost every driver is one of these asleep-at-the-wheel drivers. Witness this one, which I encountered almost immediately after leaving my driveway:

He had trouble getting to 40 MPH – on a straight stretch of road with a 55 MPH speed limit on a bright clear sunny day with no visibility issues. He was not driving a Yugo or other car not capable of achieving or even approximating the speed limit. He seemed to be unaware of it.

I looked at him as I passed and saw a kind of mummy, not quite dead but also not really alive, either. It was gazing emptily ahead, prions dancing in his head.

Then this one, just moments later:

A Benz Sprinter van – the irony! – gimping along at less than 40 MPH on the same 55 MPH speed limit road, on the same bright clear summer day… this time with two cars stuck behind him.

Interestingly, when I passed all three of these a few moments after the video ends – on a mile-long open stretch of road with completely clear visibility – neither of the other two following cars even made the attempt.

The Prions so commanded, apparently.

It is the Will of Landru. Again.

Peace be unto you. And joy!

At first, I thought it was just a local phenom but have since heard from numerous people all over the country reporting similarly paralytic drivers everywhere. A kind of epidemic of not merely slow but palsied driving.

Previously, there were people who drove at the speed limit or just below it. They were annoying – because everyone who isn’t addled by Safety Cult doctrine knows speed limits are almost always at least 5 and often 10 MPH below the normal flow of traffic on almost every road and that the only reason to obey them is to avoid being mulcted by an armed government worker. That driving 60 in a 55 zone is as “unsafe” as walking outside on a sunny day without a raincoat on.

It was a generally accepted cultural norm to at least drive the speed limit – or close to it. But all of a sudden, lots of people are driving 10, 15 even 20 MPH below the speed limit. Or even stopping in the middle of the road, as detailed in a previous encounter. They heave across the double yellow in gentle curves, even though they are driving below the under-posted limit. They brake, randomly – and accelerate, just as randomly.

They seem . . . lost. But unworried about it.

It is the peace of Landru.   

Correlation isn’t causation, of course. But it is interesting that symptoms of Prionic driving are abounding as half or more of the drivers have been injected with whatever’s in those Needles – which seems to be something more than a cure for what doesn’t ail them.

The good news is that slowed-down, Prion-addled zombies are easier to get away from – like the Walking Dead herd.

The bad news is that they are a herd – and herds eventually trample everything in their path, no matter how slow they go.

. . . 

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    • Hi Marauder,

      I am in contact with lots of people, all over the country – and all of them are reporting an unusual uptick in what I am now styling Prionic Driving… vacant stares; drifting across the double yellow; random braking, acceleration. Something is most definitely afoot…

  1. I am a UPS delivery driver and I have noticed this as well. People are just in a daze. It could be that they finally got permission from their overlords to be out of the house from receiving the jab and are just uncomfortable because they have not driven a vehicle in some time.

    I have been seeing an increase in this though. Before it was because they were on their cell phone at a green light, now its something else. It seems like every other person just sits there at the green light.

    Who knows?

    • Thanks for the report, Mike!

      I’ve had many people report similar – so it sure seems to be the case that something is going on. And it seems coincident with the Holy Anointings. My neighbor – the man – had fainting spells. His wife seems . . . distracted. It’s as if she’s kind of sleepwalking.

      It is very weird.

  2. Saw something today that made me think of this thread. Mid-morning I came up behind a car haltingly going 35-45 in a 55 with NO ONE else around in either direction on a stretch of highway with no homes, stops or attractions. As I passed, I noted a single middle aged moon faced large woman driving a late model crossover and staring blankly straight ahead. I guess she could’ve just blazed one or had an eye opener but I doubt that. Could it be the needling? I had kinda called BS on this theory until what I saw today.

  3. My 20 year old WH Statesman V6 auto produces 147kw of power. It weights 1650 kg. I get stuck behind much more late model powerful vehicles that follow a slow driver and refuse to pass even when the way is clear. so sometimes I have pt pass 3 or 4 cars using full throttle. I happily do so. I much prefer being in front of slow drivers than behind. These situations have greatly increased in the last 15 months or so. Especially here in Vicstan, the scamera capital of the world.

    • Hi to5,

      What I foresee – and dread – is a time (soon, probably) when cars are required to have real-time/GPS-enabled monitoring of speed, acceleration and braking (as many commercial vehicles already have). That will be The End of driving – at least, for me and anyone else who enjoys driving.

      Going Amish – without the beard – seems to be the only way forward.

    • People who refuse to pass are worse than the slow vehicle. It’s way more difficult to pass multiple cars than one.

  4. I have been looking for possible reasons for the increased slowness as I putt about doing the speed limit as demanded by my employer’s love of the GPS systems in their vehicles. I’m passing people, much more often than I should be being limited as I am.

    Automatically removed from the “slow” offender list are all those that have a visible reason to be driving slow. Handicapped tags, hauling loads, oversized crane, concrete pumper, old worn out vehicle, Prius, etc.

    I find so far that almost all are modern vehicles to have come with AC standard as all of the windows are usually up. Windows up removes the sounds of the road. I always drive with a window at least cracked so I can hear emergency vehicles before anyone else notices. An insulated interior makes it tougher for drivers to feel connected to what they are doing. This may be part of the problem since I don’t see anyone who smokes or vapes driving slow since they usually at least crack a window for their addiction.

    So far, I don’t think any of the vehicles have been “fun” vehicles either. Usually some bland appliance. Not a sports car, luxury performance car, 4×4 truck, or a real Jeep. Windows up in a bland appliance with big brother always looking the mulct, seems ripe for such situations to occur.

    But it could be even worse, some might be driving around with their insurance companies monitoring them. They may be driving like slow pokes in hopes they drop their rates.

    As well, I have seen a few with phones in their hands. It used to be idiots would drive slow holding the phones to their ears. After a while, that seemed to improve as most folks got used to driving and talking. But since the smart phones have come around, some folks seem so addicted to them that they cannot put them down while driving.

    And finally, the big question I have been attempting to answer, “Am I behind the needled?” I don’t know if you can tell much about a person by how they look and what they drive, but it if I was a betting man, I’d wager 90% or better that those who are going slow have taken the jab.

    • J,

      I forgot about insurance company monitoring. I recall a commercial a few years back where the wife was in labor and the husband speeds up a bit to get her to the hospital faster and she screams at him, don’t mess with my discount! That very well could be part of the issue. And my guess is anyone who allows for their insurance company to spy on them like that would be more susceptible to being jabbed for “the greater good” providing for a double whammy of don’t mess with my discount while being a total vaxed zombie.

  5. Now that you mention it, yesterday, I did notice a line of about 4-5 SUVs on I-65 going about 55 in the right lane (70 mph posted speed in that area.) They did not seem to be related in anyway, such as when you see a company fleet or something. Just a row of SUVs going so slow that even the semis were passing them, which of course, creates issues for those of us who like to go 85. I thought it was strange that the ones behind the first one were not gunning to get around him, like most of us would do, but just docilely following the leader.
    Now that you’ve brought it up, I will notice this everywhere, of course. It’s hard to tell, however, if it’s the prions, old age, driver distraction or people who are scared to actually drive their vehicles and should really just be on foot or a bicycle if they have no where to go and all day to get there.
    But I tend to think everyone drives too slow, which is partially a reflection on my own driving, I guess.

  6. “The Body is ONE…Landru sees ALL…”. The Star Trek episode, “The Return of the Archons”, was Gott-damned CREEPY and FORESHADOWING.

    IDK if it’s the “Jab”, or social isolation, or a general feeling of hopelessness, but it does seem that so many have been rendered zombies. It’s it possible that the Jab either alters the brain chemistry or sets up some manner of nanotechnology that renders people in a trance-like state, vulnerable to suggestion? Who can say. However, expect that those of us that resist getting the Jab will be excoriated, “You are NOT of ‘The Body”! Next thing is for seemingly mild-mannered folks to pick up large rocks, or whatever weapons they can get a hold of, and be set upon us.

    But why even resort to overt violence to arm-twist the reluctant? All TPTB have to do is issue a fatwa that one’s driver’s license is suspended, or health insurance cancelled, or any form of Government benefits or payments (Civil Service and/or military salaries, pensions, Social Security, etc.) are revoked for failure to be “anointed”. Or mandate that one’s cellular service and Internet access are cut off. Or access to banking services likewise taken away. Such an ability to render a non-compliant person a “non-entity” exists, it’s but the will and the effrontery that is still fortunately lacking. I can well imagine it’d have been a KGB or Stasi director’s wet dream to have such a capability, it just takes someone who’s cold-blooded, ruthless, and sociopathic enough.

    • All in good time, Douglas. For the moment there is enough hard core resistance out here that such an attempt would in fact trigger full blown actual insurrection. It’s like their gun control- a little at a time and constantly announcing their intentions allows them to eventually render resistance vanishingly small.

      Exhibit A is all the good serfs who get permission to buy and have a gun, and righteous pontificating among the republican right about enforcing the gun control we’ve already got…

      The only answer is to loudly and firmly tell them to F O, and if they murder you, then so be it. Be sure to take some dogs to be buried at your feet… I’ll never get out of this world alive, and you won’t either…

  7. I experienced this yesterday while on my way to feed the stray cat downtown. The limit along the river is 40-45. When I got on the road, it was empty. I was doing 50+ UNTIL I came upon a Nissan Murano doing 30; this is in a 40 mph zone, in a modern vehicle, and on a clear, sunny day! I was like, WTF is your problem? This has been happening a lot lately…

      • Meaning that there’s a stray cat downtown for whom I leave food and water every day. The cat’s a real feral. One, the coat isn’t shiny; it looks rough, like he’s been outside for a long time. Two, it won’t come within 10 feet of me-IF I see him, that is…

        I started doing it last fall when, during a trip in to downtown, I saw a stray cat obviously looking for food near the building. I figured that I’d leave food and water out for him. I don’t know if he comes around every day, as there’s a colony 2-3 blocks away. He likes to explore, so I leave food and water out for him if he wanders over by the parking lot…

        • High honors for caring for this stray, Mark – I’m similarly afflicted. I have a new guy – Big Head – who is sleeping in the garage (and peeing in the basement; working on his litter box training). Cats are the “familiars” of all us witches – male and female!

        • As someone myself who has been feeding strays and ferals all of my adult life, I salute you MM! (I currently have 4 permanent outside ones…and two who are now house cats!)

          • Hi Nunz,

            The Big Head – new black and white striped cat – is sleeping on a carpet remnant in the garage; it’s raining out. I am glad he’s inside!

            • Excellent, Eric!
              These befriended cats always turn out to be the absolute best! The latest one to show up here, Missy, I surmise had never been around people before. I’d just get a glimpse of her once in a while as she run and hide every time she saw me. Took a good year of feeding before she got brave enough not to run. Now she’s so friendly, she rubs all over me when I feed her, and always head-butts the can I have the food in as I pour it into her dish- I can’t count how many times she made me spill some! Really unique-looking cat.
              My big male house cat, Ralph, showed up here 7 years ago, emaciated and on the verge of death. He looked pretty old then….I’d love to know how old he is now, 7 years later. He’s more like a dog- follows me around outside…goes to visit my mother…and he purrs a lot!

  8. Eric,

    What are the odds that as you brought up in the CX-30 review that thw CVT transmission is slowing people down? It seems like with many new cars you almost have to encourage them to be in the correct gear by dropping the gas pedal to the floor almost. I’ve noticed that most people just assume the car will continue on its way if you just maintain a certain pressure on the gas pedal. That doesn’t seem to be the case with these cvt equiped cars. Combine this type of transmission with jabbed or masked zombies fixated on saftey and you have an ugly combo.

    • I think you are on to something. I have a CVT in my work van. The CVT doesn’t sound different at different speeds like the non-rubber band transmissions do. The engine just goes into one of 3 power bands and the transmission catches up. When cruising, it’s impossible to tell if you have sped up or slowed down without watching the speedo.

  9. I’ve noticed drivers taking their time, ‘today already, okay?’ is what I say and sometimes scream at the car in front of me. The vaccine makes you stupid, apparently.

    It sometimes gets annoying when people do not fully stop at a stop sign and don’t yield the right of way. I just shine it on most of the time.

    Over at Infinite Unknown there is an interview with the husband of a woman who died on April 10, she received the second vaccine.

    On the weather front, still no rain, early June and farmers and ranchers are selling off cattle in droves. An auction was held on Sunday and went until 7 PM.

    Wells are going dry, the farmland is getting scorched by 90 to 100 degree temperatures.

    It is bad and rain is needed right now to save crops from failing. Water is the number one limiting factor in plant growth this growing season. It is going to be tough on some farmers and ranchers. West of here is even worse.

    Water rationing has started in a nearby city, four wells failed.

    It ain’t much fun to see it happen. I have a good well, otherwise, it is disaster for me too.

    • Drumphish,

      Up in central/northern Arizona, the juniper trees are dying. Quite the arboreally macabre scene. Junipers are one of the most drought-resistant evergreens. Not a good sign, doubtless.

        • Hey, stop putting’ down Junipers like that, they’re good trees, you know.

          They’re out there where the buffalo roam.

          I see buffalo all of the time, they survived.

          A small herd was discovered in Montana and humans had enough God-given good sense to allow them to survive after 60 million had been sacrificed by a Sharps 50 caliber.

          Junipers do thrive and multiply when given the chance, nature at work.

          They’re not in danger of extinction.

          The other kind is in danger or potential extinction, just like all humans during this extinction rebellion.

          Good luck to everyone still alive to witness this democide.

          So cool!

          • Phewww! Had no idear they got that big!~ Me rikey big trees…but ahmo looking for some that’ll stay small just for right around the house.

  10. Related: Heaven forbid you get behind a school bus on one of those 55mph country roads, WITH THE DAMN BUS STOPPING EVERY 150 YARDS!!!!! I have given up caring: If there’s no oncoming traffic, after the red lights turn off, I’m punching it. Double lines, and line of cars be damned! And the school bus drivers absolutely don’t care, because they never pull off and let the traffic pass after a stop.

    • Hi Tom,

      I dread the school bus stop-start thing, too! Once upon a time, there were fewer stops, because kids would walk to a common stop. They’d stand there and wait with their friends – no parents hovering. Today, the bus stops at practically every driveway because it’s “unsafe” for kids to walk to a common stop and wait.

      • Most don’t even let their kids ride buses around here. Gotta drive em all to school. Forget about getting past the school bus, try getting past the parent drop off line at the elementary school in town.

  11. “The good news is that slowed-down, Prion-addled zombies are easier to get away from…”

    Another piece of good news is that if they hit you while driving slow, they’re less likely to kill you.

    I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve been doing an awful lot of driving around town, and I haven’t really noticed anything different, like a lot more people driving slower. Perhaps it’s your part of the country. For what it’s worth, people aren’t moving to Kentucky in droves, though I’ve heard there are recent (last year or so) imports into Virginia. Could be the slow asses from other parts of the country have been invading your area.

  12. Sometimes I wish I still had my old 67 Dodge pickup. Worn out and beat up, brush painted something close to OD green. Truly ugly, and scary looking apparently, as NO ONE wanted to get close to it, or let it get close to them. Never a problem at a stop sign with bullies trying to take my turn.

    • John, you lucky bastard! I absolutely LOVE those c. 67-71 Dodge P/U’s! THOSE were real trucks! No frills…and they’d go anywhere, and little to ever go wrong.

  13. I was a professional Truck Driver for 28 years when I left to take a job in a factory (for a short time) just 3 years ago between gigs and I recall being much quicker to anger at my fellow everybody on my road for at least the last 10 years for an increased amount of this behavior. While I’ve had a break joyfully doing monotonous dummy work, casually looking at new driving jobs, I became a member of management, with a salary very close to what I was earning driving, and to my dismay (as I love driving) find myself seriously considering never going back. One particular two-lane 55 Mph Highway that is the shortest route for me looks like this every single day in the afternoon, sometimes even in the in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know if it’s the magic shot, but it is definitely getting worse out there.

    • Hi B,

      It could be the Needle – whatever’s in them – and it could be the final stage symptoms of Safety Sickness, which has afflicted this country for at least two generations now. This obsessive over-cautiousness and passivity; this worship of inertness and rule-following.

  14. Finally! Been waiting for the zombie apocalypse a long time. Life in the covid era has become desperately dull. Hope there’s more to it than just slow driving though.

  15. I think this started before the annointing began. It seemed to me you could always tell which drivers were diapered while driving just by sitting behind them for a mile or 2. Always 10 to 15 under the posted limit, incoherent braking even when noone is infront of them. They always seem to be making odd maneuvers in their vehicles and could never keep their vehicle in its lane, even with all the new fancy nanny technology. It has to be something with their oxygen starved brains. Now the annointed are taking the reins and joining in on the fun. Lord help the rest of us.

    • A report from Sweden, the land of the free. No, not really but we are not diapered. The last half year or so, the campers and zombies have multiplied. It started with the masked drivers, very erratic. And as the injections start to gear up, the drivers gear down. People I know from before got the needle and drive worse than ever.

      So yes, it’s a trend.

  16. Believe it ir not Eric, this happened to my BIL’s mother. My sister told me she got jabbed, and did not remember driving home. Did not remember much that day after receiving her annointing either. As a matter of fact, she felt terrible for days afterward. She was annointed about 3 months ago, being old enough to be one of the unlucky ones to get to move to the front of the line for her annointing. It was either Moderna or Pfizer, because the last I heard, she wss not going back for round 2.

    Coincidence? I wonder if any of your other readers have similar stories?

    • Hi Rush,

      I do believe it – because I’ve had similar related to me by several friends regarding people in their family or circle who’ve experienced the “holy fog” that attends the Anointing. And yet, not one of these people is alarmed. I think they are so invested in their new religion that questioning any of it is something they are no longer emotionally/psychologically capable of doing.

      • And yet, not one of these people is alarmed.

        And that’s the part I find alarming. When they’re told that the unjabbed are making them sick, they won’t be questioning that either. I’m already starting to see people distancing themselves from me. It doesn’t take a great imagination to see where this is going.

      • Alarmed? Quite the opposite! They consider the detrimental symptoms and fore-warnings of their impending doom as stigmata which signals their blessedness!

        • Nunz is right though, that is their sentiments exactly. Any symptoms that they don’t hide from one another, they embrace as a blessing. Bunch of assholes

      • About being invested in their new religion…

        You know the crazy thing about religious beliefs? Many will willingly die for them.

        About the “holy fog”…

        I’ve been seeing reports about this genocide jab being magnetic in some sort or another. If it embeds itself into peoples brains, then some sort of magnetic weapon used, instant rapture.

  17. I get worried about this on the motorcycle….last weekend, I was behind a car on a light traffic road through a rich (liberal) neighborhood. The driver was not too slow and I was fine behind him- even glad because TWICE within 4 blocks that car in front of me was almost hit by people entering the road from side streets and the dude had to swerve to avoid a newish Mercedes and Audi. I think they may have not seen me on the bike had that vehicle not been there- it was a red ford escape. I’m sure they may be potential vaccidents waiting to happen. Likewise I was driving my old diesel cucv about 60MPH on the interstate in the right lane as always unless there is snow, since the old 3 speed trans and detroit diesel combo that red lines at 3600RPM hates going any faster, and ive run up on people in modern cars going 55, and I have to pass them! I’m literally one of the slowest vehicles on the interstate and I pass people, even in sport cars!

  18. It IS getting worse. This is infuriating! There’s this 2-lane new highway near me, where even with some traffic, it was usually easy to maintain 75-80MPH (55MPH limit)…and if there was no traffic, it was easy to do 100. Last few months, I rarely have the opportunity to get above 60-65. And what sucks even more, is in the bigger town where I go shopping, people are loping around so darn slowly, that even to do 5MPH over, I’;m weaving around…which of course means that if there should be a government highwayman around, I’ll be singled out top be robbed.

    Why is the dude in the Corvette or other fancy spoats car doing barely 35 in the 45 MPH zone???!!! People today have the fastest cars ever made, and the best roads….and this is what we get?

    • Morning, Nunz!

      It’s the behavior inculcated by the Safety Cult – which set the predicate for the Sickness Cult. Both are defined by mindless, almost-drooling passive reverence for “the rules” – for the sake of obsessive risk-avoidance. The same people who won’t drive a modern car as people drove cars in 1970 are the ones who wear a Diaper and get Anointed.

      • This happens to coincide with an active effort on the part of the Federal Highway Administration and the Democrat party to prohibit the use of prevailing traffic speeds to determine speed limits. If they do decide to keep using the 85th, it will likely show a marked slowdown in traffic speeds.

      • Ya know Eric, I think it’s more (or really less) than people actually assessing risk and making decisions based on their assessment- It’s mindless rule-following- to the point where they not only scrupulously follow the rules, but regard them to be more sacred than the Law of God- to be so respected that one should not even approach the verge of being near breaking one, and where they let whatever is decreed become the very definition of their morality and conduct- as if traffic laws were decreed by God Himself, rather some pedo whose intent is to mulct as many people as possible.

        I was disgusted a while back, while taking a ride with a 20-something year-old girl, as she was telling me about a younger relative of hers who recently had gotten a ticket for something very innocuous (Going a few miles over the limit or something). Rather than expressing outrage at the idea of her relative being mulcted for nothing more than a police-state technicality, she happily said “He’s just going to have to learn to follow the rules, like the rest of us”!

        There’s no dealing with these people. They’re done. They’ll never “get it”. They’re state-created automatons. It’s utterly futile to even try to explain it to them. They’re children.

      • The key, Eric, is that people DROVE their rides…even on intermediate and full-size cars, some were still sold with “standard shift”, e.g. “3-on-the-tree”, b/c it seemed preposterous to have some over-engineered “slushbox” do the work of matching proper gear ratios that the driver himself was perfectly capable of doing.

        Also, “engine management” was, twice a year, you parked the beast under a shade tree or rolled it into the garage, lifted up the hood, and popped off the air cleaner and distributor cap. Yank the plugs, clean and re-gap (unless they were too far gone), a few swipes of the points file (I still have mine after nearly 50 years), turn the engine to Number one TDC, loosen the distributor hold-down bolt and gently rotate it until the points were fully open, then adjust the gap to spec, then tighten. File the rotor tip or replace, likewise clean the distributor cap contacts and wire towers with crocus cloth. Move the engine to the idle timing spec (usually 5 degrees BTDC), then loosen the coil high-tension wire, turn on the ignition, and gently rotate the distributor until you hear the ‘snap’! Presto, it’s timed, though you’ll verify with the timing light once it’s warmed up and running. Lubricate the carb linkages with a shot of spray lube or 3-in-1, then install the plugs, connect the plug wires, and fire it up! Connect the vacuum gauge and work the mixture screw(s) for max vacuum at idle, then check the timing with the light. DONE. It’s TUNED.

        Sheesh, Eric, methinks it’ll get to the point where any ALLOWED human reproduction is going to be done where the seed of the male is collected during his usual interlude in some “holosuite” or with those VR headsets like in “Demolition Man”. Now me..if I’ve got a fetching 28 y.o. Sandra Bullock in front of me, I’m for sure gonna “break the law”…I mean BONING, the “Wild Mambo”, the “HUNKA-CHUNKA”!

    • Many of those driving expensive high performance cars are more concerned that everybody sees they have one than actually turning it loose to perform, and drive slow to ensure they are seen. I’ve encountered this many times. Try to pass them, and get the “how dare you pass my high performance car” and speed up to make sure you don’t. And may get even more offended if you pace them after they refuse to allow you to pass, and throttle up to run away form you.. Often driving far and away faster than I was before they got in my way.

      • Years ago I tried to get around a puttering Lexussicist fogie in my Accent. The nutjob held me out for longer than anyone could responsibly fuck with somebody for, but I still got around him..and somewhere in that same minute, no bs, in my rearview I saw an agw come zooming right up on them and went into the gated senior mcmansion community after them.

        I resolved to make it neatly up the block and out to the stop at the congested main road, at which point, and highly uncharacteristically I might add, someone kindly waved me out in front of them into the sea of traffic..and as Carlin said, I was gone!

        So yeah, the chip on their shoulder is pretty fuckin intense. The nanochip in their arm’s gonna leave ’em even crazier

  19. How very interesting, turning a Mercedes Sprinter into a Mercedes Jogger. I can say that I haven’t really experienced such things here, at least more frequently than I had before the spread of the Great Anointing. Curious phenomenon, though, doubtless.

    I just returned from the store (Fry’s, Phx) wherein 95% of the sheeple were still diapered. Still people outside, walking down the sidewalk in the 100F desert sun, dutifully muzzled as well.

    The latest data state that 47.3% of Arizonans have received at least one dose of their Anointing. Perhaps there is a higher percentage in your state, Eric?

      • That just made me think: No wonder there’s a new-vehicle ‘shortage’ now…. They know what’s coming, and likely figure why manufacture too many new cars, when, as you say, Zane, there will soon be lots of late-model used ones on the auction block…and a paucity of people to buy new ones…..

        • If ADE turns out to really be a thing with these shanks, there will be a lot of dead/dying people by next February/March when they are exposed en masse to natural wild coronaviri….. Kids too if they were shanked. Let’s pray to Landru that doesn’t happen….

          • I can attest to the brain fog. My in-laws got the Holy Jab 4 weeks ago and their mental states are in rapid decline


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