My Body, My Choice?

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One of the more glaring cognitive dissonances of our time is the assertion, on the one hand – and usually asserted most stridently by people on the Left – that their bodies are inviolable . . . when it comes to their decision about whether to abort the life they are carrying. And on the other hand, the assertion – most rabidly asserted by the same people – that everyone else must submit their bodies for medical treatment that might just abort them.

So much for their contrary decision about their bodies.

This is not meant to be an article about abortion, per se. I merely use abortion to try to make the point about the situationally pirouetting intellectual dishonesty of the Left, which is most aggressively pushing for the violation of everyone else’s body while at the same time unctuously demanding theirs be respected, absolutely.

Even though it’s not their body that’s at issue as regards their most militantly hewed-to issue.

Abortion is by definition the ending of a life. This is inarguable, a biological fact – no getting around it and no matter how awkward or inconvenient the fact may be for some to deal with.

It is also not the life of the mother that is ended when an abortion is performed. Another inarguable fact – vociferously denied by those who know it is a fact and so obviates their talking points about their body.

One can debate whether a fertilized egg is a human being. It is not debatable (if the debate is to be intellectually honest) that it is alive, as a statement of fact. And that it is a different life. One that may not yet have the form of a human, fully developed. But one that does have life – and the DNA of a human being – and not the same DNA as its mother’s.

Abortion ends that life.

Leftists demand the choice to end that life as a “right” that flows from the fact that the life they are choosing to end is within their body.

Leaving aside whether that makes it ok, if that is their right, then why do they deny the right of others to choose not to risk their own lives – by having a substance injected within their bodies?

It does not matter whether the substance is harmful – or beneficial. Because it is their body and it is a violation of the body to put something into it that its owner doesn’t wish to be put into it.

It is the difference between rape – and sex.

More precisely, between sex with someone you know and trust and rape by someone you don’t know who might be infected with something that could destroy your health – in addition to the violation of your body.

The Leftist will say: But you have no right to threaten to others by not immunizing your body such that it cannot harm the bodies of others. This is quite an assertion – coming from people who assert their right to actually end the life of another, fully formed or not.

A person who isn’t sick cannot get anyone else sick. This is a fact, inarguable.

The first fact that can be adduced to counter the assertion made about hypothetical  threats to others used to impose actual harms on those who have not caused them.

The second fact is that the Un-needled do not threaten those who have been Needled – if we proceed from their assertion (in favor of Needling) that Needling renders the Needled immune from the threat that is the basis of their assertions. Worrying about the un-Needled status of others is like someone who isn’t pregnant worrying about their having an abortion.

Thirdly, the asserted threat to the Un-needled themselves is logically no more concern of others – and especially of the Needled (using the logic of the Leftist) than it is the business of others whether a woman chooses to abort the life she is carrying.

But expecting intellectual honesty from the Left is like expecting a fish not to swim. It is contrary to the nature of both.

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  1. On a slightly separate note – Texas has also basically banned the covid passport, and also banned businesses from asking for it. Florida also had something similar last month I think. Do you think theres some hope, especially for international travel without the Jab ?

    • In Star Wars movie, we had Jabba the Hutt.
      In today’s world, we have Jabber the Hut-hut.
      Who may jabber jabber incessantly about “The Science,” without knowing a damned thing about scientific investigation, “The Science” being whatever he/she has accepted as Unerring Truth from whatever “celebrity” was peddling it.

    • No one knows for sure, but for me it always goes back to what am I willing to do to continue to live my life as a sovereign individual? Even in situations where it seemed bleak (hospital, IRS office, post office, etc.), I start out by making up my mind to NOT SUBMIT. Then I pray, and charge forth to do battle :).

      It is encouraging that governors are blocking the tyranny, but it may change if a new guv takes over, esp. if it is an Executive Order, and not a law.

  2. Meanwhile, in the PRC:

    On Thursday (June 3), the Standards Board of the California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health, or Cal/OSHA, which governs workplace safety rules, made a mockery of its regulatory role by not following science, and perhaps most importantly, not using common sense.

    Fully out of sync with mask-wearing guidance from most federal and state agencies that are following COVID-19 data, the Standards Board passed rules that mandate if anyone in a workplace is unvaccinated, all colleagues must wear masks when in the same room, but allows workers to not wear masks when everyone in a room is vaccinated.

    Under Cal/OSHA’s ruling, the following scenario is very real: A restaurant server, in his role as an employee, is mandated to wear a mask while working. After his shift, the server could become a guest at the very same restaurant he works and not wear a mask while dining. Cal/OSHA’s logic suggests the COVID-19 virus can distinguish between workers and guests – truly absurd.

    The kicker:

    This jumble of conflicting healthcare information is likely to pit employees on colleagues – many of whom are exhausted from following mask-wearing guidance for more than a year – to become “vaccine bullies.”

    Which is probably the intention, IMO.

      • That CA OSHA bit reminded me of, and seems similar to, an illustration in comic book type format I saw online (on it showed the many beuqacratic steps it took to manufacture a tire in either Vichy France or Nazi Germany. It was a huge cluster fuck of inefficiencies and absurdities.
        What should take one step in the process, took 10.

        • Probably similar in the Soviet Union.
          Tyranny of the “left,” or tyranny of the “right,” makes no difference.
          Common people get screwed either way.

  3. Apparently they are giving a free joint if you get a vaccination in vaccine now in Washington…. I guess that’ll convince people….

  4. Here on Kauai, it’s been announced today that inter-island travel in Hawaii no longer requires covaids testing as of June 15. That’s a relief, because the previous plan was to develop a vaccine passport for ease of inter-island travel.

    However, you’ve still got to be tested to travel to Hawaii. They’re saying that this restriction will remain until 70% of the population here is vaxxed.

    They’re rolling out some new digital program to show “hot spots” on the islands where there is a low percentage of the population getting the vax. Hot spots as in looking at a map and seeing where the population is resistant to the jab, and then going in for the surrepticious neighborhood kill program. I think the color shading they are using for the biggest mass of anti-vaxxers is bright red. I hear that’s because such people are seething in anger. I know at least I am, so they’ve done their homework. Come and get me.

    • Hi Andy,

      The turn of phrasing is interesting. “Hot spots” – to characterize areas where people are reluctant to be treated for a disease they haven’t got and which poses little, if any, real threat to them. It is typical of the Left but the Right uses language this way as well ( e.g., the “Patriot” act).

      It’s imperative in both cases to always challenge the verbiage, to define it and never let their unsaid but obvious meaning serve as the basis for discussion.

  5. So, how many future funerals are you guys going to?

    I know over 10 idiots who were Jabbed, wonder if I should jokingly ask one of them to will me his Mustang.

    • Hi Zane,

      If the most apocalyptic scenarios prove even half-accurate – and a third of the people in this country die as a result of their Anointing – it will be Hell on Earth as the panic takes hold. It will make the past year-and-a-half seem almost idyllic. Those who survive it will live in a country as different from the one we knew a year-and-a-half ago as the city of Berlin differed in 1945 vs. what it was like in the fall of 1939.

      • Ive been thinking about this – though I cant say anything now (we’ve moved to that level of crazy) but I dont think it will happen so quick – I mean they need enough to get the jab first, including the children. And if people start dropping dead at a rate the sheep start noticing, the plan wont work…. (though you never know the way they sheep belive whatever the media tells them…. )

  6. Leftists are hypocrites, morally/logically inconsistent and they know it, and they don’t care.

    They’re primary function is the acquisition of power. Once I realized that, everything they do/did made perfect sense.

  7. Along this thinking, Dr Redfield, former head of CDC, claims to have received death threats from scientists when he stated the corona may have come from a lab

    if true, when the scientists would rise to the level of death threats instead of looking into the theory, we have reached a level that is not about truth, fact or science.

    it is truly a cult

    the cult may not be questioned, so they see no hypocrisy in demanding your body be violated while supporting abortion or any other thing

    we live in fascinating times

    • Still most people wearing diapers indoors and outdoors here in my very liberal college town, Santa Cruz, CA. It is going to take a while for people to willingly take them off here. People have totally embraced face diaper wearing in this town, it is so strange.

  8. Kind of off-topic, but maybe not….

    There was a survey at work last week about who had been “fully”, “partially”, or “not at all” vaccinated. This was done in order to determine “mask policy” (the “state mandate” expired June 2). I answered truthfully in the “not at all” category.

    The results came back today in the form of a “revised” policy. Those who are fully vaxxed need not wear face diapers in the building; those who are not are “requested” to continue wearing them in “common areas” or when at another person’s desk (which has been the policy since I started last September).

    I heard some people saying that unvaxxed people need to wear masks so as to not endanger small children who are too young to safely get the shot.

    So couple of issues for me — do I wear the face diaper as instructed, in case I’m asked for “proof” or not wear it at all and try to blend in?

    Also, how to answer those who say it’s to “protect their children”? (I have a feeling “What about the children” will be used in the attempt to make the vaccine mandatory.)

    • Hi Chris,

      Blend in and let them think what they will. I am assuming the survey just asked if you were vaccinated, not vaccinated for Covid, right? It isn’t the rest of our problems if they assume we all know what they are talking about. Also, the policy states that it is requested and not required. You are not breaking any rules one way or another.

      • Hi RG,

        I can’t recall the exact wording of the survey, but it was something like a) fully vaccinated b) not fully, but will be in 30 days or c) not fully, and won’t be in 30 days. I picked “c”.

        I think it might have you, RG? who said on here that it’s best not advertise whether we’ve been “jabbed” or not. That’s kind of how I’m playing things right now.

        • Hi Chris,

          It’s a marker of the barbarism of our era that such questions are even asked in this context. It is none of their business. How’s your bosses Herpes? Oh, he’s “clean”? But how do you know? Has he been tested?

          As far as “the children.”

          A) Children are essentially at zero risk – or nearly zero – of becoming seriously ill, much less dead, from the ‘Rona.
          B) No one can give the ‘Rona to any child if he does not have the ‘Rona.
          C) No one has an obligation to pretend they might have the ‘Rona or perform strange rituals regarding it – much less submit to a medical procedure – to ease a neurotic’s fears about the ‘Rona. To give in to that is to give in to everything. You might have anger issues! You might have a gun! You need to have regular psyche exams, turn in your guns… ad infinitum… so that others “feel saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe.”

    • They ask if you are fully vaccinated…. The current shots do not meet the definition of vaccine, and they have no definition of ‘fully’ and no defined time frame. Therefore, you are likely fully vaccinated. I was… In 2002

  9. We are blessed these “people” who subscribe to the death cult are aborting their brood. They are pro vaccine, pro govco, pro drugs, and pro vegan. They are removing their disposition from the face of the earth. Through attrition the mindset of “others must have less so I can have more” will be expunged.
    Though many behaviors are learned I’m a firm believer that many instincts and actions are hard coded through biological memory. I grew up in a home that was a mix of multiple marriages bearing children and adoption. So I have biological same parent siblings, half siblings and adopted siblings all raised almost exclusively by the same mother. She was good and fair to all of us. We all grew up relatively fee range since she worked a lot as a provider. All three groups wound up wildly different despite what I observed was the same upbringing. The end result will be a stronger, more independent and liberty loving nation. It’s the opposite of domesticated people and animals where the aggressive or noncompliant are culled in favor of the fat and docile. Having the brainwashed sheep abort their legacy and sterilize themselves through rabid feminism or faggotry or drug fascination erases their genetic memory of compliance. I grew up in assachusetts and despite the brainwashing/social pressure/liberal mother tendencies I became a hardened agorist. My full bio brother somewhat so, the double lib bred are functional drug addict hippie types and the adoptees are totally their own thing. Point is-be greatful. The lib agenda is eating itself.

    • It is ironic that the vegan retards are going to end up killing themselves because of the jab. I told my brother he may as well throw out all of his organic vegetables and sell his green bicycle since he just poisoned his body. May as well eat at McDonalds and enjoy himself.

  10. Some sad observations:
    Went to a dinner party with some old friends who are leaving our deep blue metro area because they can’t find work local and both are highly skilled upper middle-age. After you sit around the table with two other couples we didn’t know (8 in all), you all start testing each others politics and opinions, then it goes from there. The weird part for my wife and I was that they were all like-minded, and we started having fun, but then an hour later “yes I’ve been jabbed”. All of them. I guess, not like-minded enough.

    Another thing I am seeing is people that I associate with, not necessarily friends, but people I see a lot, most have all gotten jabs recently, and of course they want to tell you. But this is another weird part, they all have lame reasons like ‘I got it only cause the campground we are going to this summer requires it” or “I want to be able to go to a ballgame” I don’t understand. I can only surmise they get un-relenting pressure from a spouse or family member, and eventually just give in, and make up something to make them feel better. In all cases, the people that have gotten it recently all reported being very sick for 3-5 days, and some of them said they were very nervous.
    The propaganda machine is working.

  11. A few things:

    1. Anyone who supports government, but especially lefties today since they’re top dog at the moment, is sick in the head. Soul sick – or in Greek – psychopathic. They have no principles, except they get to do whatever they want, others’ rights be damned. Solipsistic twats.

    2. Despite making up just 2% of abortions, rape and incest make up 80% of shitty pro-choice arguments.

    3. Do the women who get abortions not know how babies are made? Just don’t let the guy blast inside. Seriously, how hard is that?

    • 1. Psychopathy – taken from the Greek words ψυχή (Psyche, or “soul”) and πάθος (Pathos, or suffering), or, as your sorta termed it, “soul suffering”, would aptly describe most leftists, as well as Nihilism, which is kinda a takeoff of the refrain from the Beatles “Strawberry Fields (Forever)”…”NOTHING is real”. That is, concepts of “right” and “wrong” are meaningless, save in the context of getting what they selfishly want.

      2. I have no issue with allowance for abortion when to force an unwilling mother to carry the child of some cad that raped her would inflict irreparable harm. But even the citation of such indicates a warped mentality – to make laws and/or public policy on the glaring exception rather than the common rule. Let’s face it…most women that face an unplanned or at least unwanted pregnancy got knocked up b/c they had sex, they “paid their monies and took their chances”, and they rolled seven on the dice. Ergo, it’s “buyer’s remorse” over the logical consequence of sexual intercourse. Sure, I agree…it IS the female’s “body”…and if she used it for her own emotional and or physical gratification, and pregnancy resulted, the remedy should not be at the ultimate expense of the unborn child within. I note also that we don’t hear much about the corollary of “my body, my choice” with respect to the male that impregnated her and HIS seed, and we SHOULDN’T. The same feminists that loudly cry about “choice” don’t afford that to the unwilling father, either! So where’s the clarion call for “equality”? Should the reluctant father not also have the ability to demand termination of the undesired pregnancy, or at least walk away from the consequences thereof? I say, not NO, but HELL NO, as that’d be the ultimate shedding of personal responsibility.

      3. This is why the fictional Vulcans of Star Trek are not…LOGICAL. Because sexuality is most certainly not based on “logic”, it’s based on pheromones, societal values, and good old-fashioned horniness. And, as the episode “Amok Time” showed, although such contests are indeed rare, if the arranged marriage (IDK if all Vulcan marriages were arranged, that may be a function of their upper class, much as was done until recent times among the aristocracy) is challenged, the betrothed and the competing suitor for the female’s hand must fight it out to the death, with traditional Vulcan implements (the Lirpra, a melee weapon with a curved blade on one end and a blunt club on the other, and the Ahn-Woon, a weighted sling considered to be the deadliest of ancient Vulcan weaponry). I suspect that at least half, if not more, of most babies, even in wedlock, aren’t “planned” in the strictest sense. Again, I say, it’s buyer’s remorse, over a “sale” made purely by emotion and a lot of sweating and grunting.

      • “I suspect that at least half, if not more, of most babies, even in wedlock, aren’t planned.”
        It was Thanksgiving weekend, 1991. As my wife and I swilled a substantial sum of “fine” Italian wine that Friday night, somehow, a simple kiss led to a bambino arriving 9 months later. We jokingly discussed naming her “Riunite” in honor of that night.
        Live Long, And Prosper…..

  12. Hi Eric,

    You gave a well reasoned and tightly articulated synopsis of one of the strongest delusions of our time. This cognitive dissonance is extremely frustrating if one has to deal with such people irl. It makes very little sense to those of us who are able to spot hippocracy and sharp dealing from afar.

    I think the reason for these peoples lack of awareness is deep seated hatred and or trauma. The entire society reinforces their childish notions, all based on imaginary boogie men. Everywhere they cast their gaze they see hate, except when its staring back at them in the mirror. Most haven’t a clue about the double standard they hold. They are paragons of good and anyone who disagrees is the epitome of evil.

    I know my shits f***ed up, it always has been. Since I can remember I was a lone wolf or I kept only a small tight group of a few friends. Was always uncomfortable in group situations where everyone tries to fit in. I have come to see this as a plus. It enables one to at least occasionally self reflect, and course correct. I try to see the other side of things but mostly still feel like I’ll do my thing, everyone else can do theirs. Unfortunately these banshees are unable to live and let live.

    I have no idea any more how to deal with such vapid whores and whoremongers. Maybe the shit shot will do the hard, harry work that we all should have done decades ago.

    • Hatter,

      My buddy had to call me today because his wife was accosted in a gap store for being un-diapered. The person that accosted her was not an employee or the manager of the store, just some left wing freak of the diaper religion. Here is the kicker, she chose to get the jab because of her parents, (my buddy did not and will not get jabbed) she explained that to this freak and said she was following cdc guidelines of not wearing the diaper when fully of the body. The freak then says she is full of the body but still wears the diaper and then inisited that my buddy’s wife must also wear a diaper. The freak then goes to complain to the manager who defends my buddy’s wife by saying that gap was following guidelines and if she was fully “vaxed” she did not need the diaper. This again was not good enough for the freak who continued on like a screaming banshee until my buddy’s wife, finally having enough went back at her loud and hard. The freak then did what all members of the cult do when they find themselves with pushback, she turned tail and ran out of the store. For the diaper culture nothing will be a good enough reason to remove their holy vestige. And now that they are finding more people showing their face they can’t handle it. I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before one of them turns extremely violent at us nonbelievers.

      • Interesting – appeasement only made the monster grow stronger. Resistance and pushback sent it running.

        I like to start off with resistance. No need to embolden the freaks.

      • Hi Antilles,

        Disgusting – and it’s why I try to go with my gf when she goes shopping. I’m the least violent guy I know and hate – hate – confrontation. But if someone did that to her in my presence they’d have a confrontation on their hands.

        • Eric,
          I get it, i have tried to do as much of the shopping as possible to take all the arrows. I’ve avoided many places that just decided that adherence to the fraudci religion was more important than loyal customers and i’ve had a few confrontations with zelots usually over my boys and their lack of respect for the sickness cult. At this point i try and make sure to be with the wife as much as possible because i’ve finally managed to rub off on her and get her to toss the diaper in her purse in most situations.

        • The fams and I watched the whole Star Trek “Return of the Archons” episode tonight. Thanks for your reference. Very interesting and timely. Still processing all of the elements, from the mind control to the apparent references to AI. Also the remnant aspect and their organizational structures leading to Kirk’s turning the logic around against “it”.

          • Good stuff, eh?

            I devoured sci-fi in all its forms as a kid, growing up. Star Trek had cheesy effects , of course – it was the mid-1960s – but the plots were often thought-provoking. If you’re not already hip, you might really like Heinlein’s stuff; also Philip Dick. Both wrote engagingly about heavy themes and saw far ahead into what is become our present… .

  13. I remember a story of a woman who was being accosted by someone threatening her life. She said to the would be killer, “My troubles will be over, yours will be just beginning.”

    What would Hippocrates do?

    “I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses, that, according to my ability and judgement, I will keep this Oath and this contract:

    I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them.

    I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.

    In purity and according to divine law will I carry out my life and my art.

    I will not use the knife, even upon those suffering from stones, but I will leave this to those who are trained in this craft.

    Into whatever homes I go, I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption, including the seduction of women or men, whether they are free men or slaves.

    Whatever I see or hear in the lives of my patients, whether in connection with my professional practice or not, which ought not to be spoken of outside, I will keep secret, as considering all such things to be private.

    So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption, may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the opposite be my fate.”

    Hippocratic Oath

    What Hippocrates would say to the present day medical quacks? GGF.

    • But Hippocrates….the government ORDERED me to. Surely the psychopedophiles’ orders trump my sacred oath, right???

  14. I liked seeing all the young people, shaking their heads “NO”.

    Also loved the lines about being an outlaw, as well as a lion.

    Proverbs 28:1: “The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

  15. The ethics of the left have ever been the ethics of convenience. Whether it be the convenience of the person, or the state.

  16. I’ve seen the same signs up here. It is amazing though, Thursday night i go to a local shoprite and it has that sign on the door if not fully vaccinated diapers are required. No mention of what you need to be vaccinated for, just that the cdc recommends diapers for unvaccinated people. I just walk right past it, noone says a word to me but it was 98% diapered. The only undiapered souls were me and some 90 yr old guy using one of those electric carts to get around. Had to pick up ice for camping the next morning, i go to dollar tree by me since the ice is cheaper than quick check, no signs on the door at all, again i am the only undiapered in the place until i get in line and one guy sees my bare face and rips his diaper off as well.

    Finally camping this weekend with the Cub scouts, i was part of the camping Comittee and a volunteer running the rifle range. My oldest was a boy scout volunteer getting service hours for helping me, and my youngest was still a cub and went along with our pack. We had 9 packs attend, temp checks were required but diapers were optional. In 8 of the 9 packs there were a few one offs but for the most part i got to see everyone’s faces. The 9th pack from edison came from the cooridor of the sickness cult which runs up rt 1 from trenton to newark/jersey city. That pack was 95% diapered and they only came for the day, refusing to camp with the rest of us undiapered heathens.

    Lastly a funny story, i had to drive myself and my kids back to the parking lot to get our temps checked and my oldest was going off about how stupid it was and why were we doing it, just as he said it we passed a minivan heading into camp with a fully diapered mom in the driver’s seat. I look at my son and say because of idiot Karen’s like that we are forced to pretend we care and get our temps checks.

    • Antilles,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I respectfully disagree about the “reason” for forced temp checks. It is not solely because of idiot Karens as passed you. They play a part. However, they have been MUCH MORE VOCAL in their demands than we have, and thus they are currently winning. The Universe is spoken into existence, and their side never shuts up.

      • Michael,

        Normally i would agree but for some reason our council was hot to close down this event. We had to put together a book for the event and have someone certify the book the day of the event or it would be shut down. Less than a week before the event thwy cut pur budget in half and added 3 charges we never anticipated. Then when one of the Comittee members offered a donation from his business to keep the event going it became an issue because the council may want to use that donation for something other than an event for the kids. It was frustratingly absurd.

        We had just been allowed to start up events again in late March. We were fortunate to have a Comittee that from very early on saw convid for what it was. From march 2020 till March 2021 the council put on 1 event and we were the group that pulled it off in early October. But for some reason rather than build on what we did they let the program flounder. We lost like 50% of youth membership in January when people had to pay for the next year and saw no benefit for doing so. We were stuck treading lightly because all we wanted to do was put on a program for the kids and not have to deal with all the bs roadblocks.

        • Antilles,

          Thanks for explaining and congratulations on persevering in adverse circumstances.

          What I meant by “they” and “we” was not your individual group or actions, but the Royal “we”. Over the last 15 months, I’ve noticed (and I’m guilty as anyone of this), that the good people have been decidedly non-confrontational about this whole thing.

          The Universe is spoken into existence, and the side which yells loudest, usually wins. On one side there’s an army of people demanding businesses “Put up more signs! Make masks mandatory! Enhanced cleaning! No exemptions!” On our side, I’ve seen a lot of comments where people didn’t like something, but didn’t say anything in person, and then later complained about it here in the comments.

          Again, I’ve done the same thing, so this is a personal declaration to change, and I hope others do the same.

  17. Since leftism is, in effect, a death cult (always death to others that they don’t like), those who ascribe to this philosophy are entirely consistent.

  18. ‘Expecting intellectual honesty from the Left is like expecting a fish not to swim.’ — EP

    One can substitute ‘Government’ for ‘Left’ without altering the validity of Eric’s assertion; the two largely coincide at the moment.

    Take the CPI (Consumer Price Index) for example, which will updated on Thursday. Last month’s value showed a 4.2% annual rise. This month’s likely will be higher still. But is it accurate?

    This morning the Manheim Used Vehicle Value index spurted another 4.65% in May, bringing its gain since the March 2020 low to a breathtaking 61.3% (not a typo).

    Normally used car prices, with a 2.76% weight in the CPI, get little attention. They’re an unglamorous, pedestrian corner of the economy, replete with pejorative jokes about the ethics of used car dealers.

    But the biggest chunk of CPI — Owners Equivalent Rent, at nearly a quarter of the total — has become a joke. OER is what polled homeowners *think* their residence would rent for. With prices of existing homes soaring at double-digit rates, OER trundles along at an other-worldly 2.0 percent.

    With housing inflation squelched by the rose-tinted fiction of OER, and ‘volatile’ food and energy prices excluded in the core CPI favored by policy makers, lowly used car prices by default have become the only vocal sentinel of runaway inflation, with all the traditional watchdogs anesthetized or gagged.

    Manheim’s index leads the CPI used car category by two or three months, due to prompter data collection. So by summer’s end, expect US inflation to be seriously on the boil, even with the CPI systematically skewed lower.

    Does high inflation piss people off? Why, yes — yes, I believe it does! And you don’t need no PhD Econ to know whom to blame. I’m talkin’ to you, Jay and Janet, and the 535 Kongress Klowns who keep you there vandalizing the increasingly worthless currency.

  19. Again, as Batman said:

    Arguments about abortion and needling aside, I have no obligation to protect anyone from anything. If I am knowingly sick with something deadly and contagious, and THEN I decide to give the illness to others, THAT could be considered aggression. Otherwise, not. Even cops don’t have any obligation to protect you from anything, despite what it says on their cars.

    Also, it was a bit of a silly music video, but he has the right message, and it was even articulate and understandable.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I dislike rap – but I posted this video because it is directed toward kids and they are the ones most in need of hearing this message. Music is – was – the language of the resistance. It needs to be that, again.

      • I agree, Eric. The only rap band I ever really liked was Corporate Avenger. And it you haven’t heard them, you should! (Though you probably have)

        I’m a bit sad I’ve been slack about putting out some music. Too much “adult” nonsense to accomplish. :p

  20. Love the music vid. I am sharing this with my teenagers. One is struggling with perceived pressure for the jab, although it is not (yet) a requirement for college, or travel…

    I also noticed that everywhere I have been where there are signs sahying “masks are optional for fully vaccinated customers” they NEVER mention which “vaccine” they are referring to…could it be to deflect blame for the later consequences of the jab, or that they realize that the jab isn’t really a vaccine (therefore all of us that received childhood vaxxes are already ‘fully vaccinated’), and therefore “exempt” from masking if only we acknowledge and act upon the truth.

    Occultists reveal bits of truth as they weave their web of lies.

    • Good point, I’ve also observed that all the signs (and for that matter all the talk) that ask about being “fully vaccinated” do not mention what vaccine they are talking about. Having been “fully vaccinated” in the past I believe I am being 100% truthful in answering “yes” to the question.

      From a legal standpoint there can be no assumptions, that’s why “legalese” is dense, precise language. If the disease is not specified, you can truthfully state that you are “fully vaccinated” if you have ever been vaccinated against polio, smallpox, tetanus, etc. I would do so even in a situation where there were legal consequences for lying.

      • Thank you. I apply the same specific language when presenting an “exemption” from diapering. I am a mammal, I need to breathe O2. In keeping with the spirit of the ADA, I will not deliberately put my health at risk by inhaling fibers, chemicals, and dyes (and who knows what else), nor subject myself to hypoxia or hypercapnia for a practice that has no real medical basis in re respiratory illness transfer.

        I am telling the truth when I say that I am fully vaccinated and exempt from wearing a diaper on my face.

        • Or, you can simply claim “I am a Lizardman! I am invulnerable to your puny viruses!”.

          They should leave you alone, then.

    • I observed a similar sign upon entrance to a Michigan rest stop a few days ago: “Unless fully vaccinated, masks are required”. I wonder if people are equating this ‘vaccine’ with immunity from any respiratory illness, not just covid (I know, it sounds like you’d have to be an ostrich with your head in the sand) What about rhinoviruses or influenza viruses and the many others out there floating around? Does this injection claim to protect against those? I don’t think so, it doesn’t even claim to protect you from getting covid, only that if you do get it, your symptoms will be mild. I was under the impression that most colds were from the rhinovirus. And I think it’s true that any viral infection can lead to pneumonia and serious illness if in a weakened state, physically. This injection does nothing to protect anyone from most viruses out there.

      It doesn’t make sense that people would rush to inject themselves with an experimental product unless they felt they were getting something extraordinary from it. This leads me to suspect that they’re not thinking seriously about it and are blindly following experts – putting their lives and health at risk because they believe the government cares about them.


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