“Masking” . . . to Protect the “Vaccinated”?

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One of the many despicably fascinating facets of the etiolating “pandemic” is that those who have been “vaccinated” may now be the ones most vulnerable to becoming sick, their immune systems having been reprogrammed not to work by the MRNA “vaccines” – which we now know are no such things.

I was asked whether I would “mask” to help “protect” these immune-system-compromised people.

I answered No.

First, because “masks” don’t “work” any better now than they did at the beginning of this contrived “pandemic.” So – leaving aside the Auschwitz freight train of evil baggage associated with “masking” – I wouldn’t wear one for the same reason I would not throw Holy Water at someone I suspected might be a vampire. Because there are no vampires. And if there are any, dousing them with Holy Water is probably not going to dissuade them from giving you a peck on the neck.

But there is a more serious reason for not partaking of this silliness.

It is that those who are now immune-system-compromised chose to compromise their immune systems. It is true many were under a great deal of duress. But none were actually forced – and yet they did. They put their health at risk for the sake of keeping a job, or (worse) in exchange for a free beer and entry to a fuhhhhhhhhhttttttttball game.

They decided not to take a stand. And by doing that they made it much harder for those who did.

These latter were on the cusp of being excluded from general society. Menaced with “mandates” to show they had been “vaccinated” and if not, told they weren’t allowed to participate in society. Forbidden to eat at a restaurant, for instance. Or enter a gym. These “mandates” almost went national – and we have the “vaccinated” to thank for it.

Because of those who did take a stand – and didn’t get “vaccinated” – we now have a control group of un-“vaccinated” people large enough to provide a contrast to those who did get “vaccinated” – and that is how we know the “vaccines” are no such thing, among other things. Including the fact that the “vaccines” have made people sick (thousands of them dead). If everyone or almost everyone had given in to the pressure and gotten “vaccinated,” it would now be very difficult to establish the contrast in wellness between those who didn’t get the “vaccine” – and those who did.

The “vaccinated” thus owe the un-“vaccinated” a debt – and not the other way around.

Payment of this debt requires them to assume the consequences for what they chose to do. It is not fundamentally different from the case of the person who chooses to overeat for years and so chooses to become obese and so ends up hypertensive/diabetic and arteriosclerotic. One can feel sympathy for this person. But that is not the same thing as being obligated. His choices have consequences. All of our choices have consequences.

It is moral that we each bear them. It is immoral to expect others to bear them. Far worse to demand that they do.

So, I won’t be wearing a “mask” even if the “vaccinated” start getting seriously sick because their immune systems can no longer stand up to the common cold. Mine can. Because I didn’t compromise it, by compromising my principles. And by doing that, I was standing up for the principle – which the “vaccinated” ought to have done, too.

Had more of them done just that, it is likely the rest would have been under far less duress to get “vaccinated.” Just the same as those who refused to “mask” took a stand and – had more followed that example – “masking” would have never gotten the grip it did on people’s psyches, never succeeded in creating the impression that a “pandemic” was afoot and never been able to lay the psychological groundwork for the “vaccination” push that ensued in its loathsome wake.

People just wanted to get their lives back. To be able to go back to work. To go out to eat again. To the gym. And to be allowed to remove the “masks” they made the mistake of wearing. Then they made the biggest mistake of all.

They got “vaccinated.”

If they get sick on account of that, it is very sad. It is also sad when a person eats themselves into obesity – or smokes themselves into COPD. But being sad for them is not the same as being obligated to them. Especially when it was their choices that not only led to them becoming sick – and vulnerable to getting sick – but also helped to metastasize the worst sickness this world has seen since the sickness on display In Germany in the ’30s and Cambodia in the ’70s.

. . .

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  1. I know I’m a little “late to the party”, but I’ve noticed something rather odd here in Doitey-Joisey. There are quite a few establishments (both corporate and independent) that still have the “mask” and “(anti)social distancing” signage, and yet, almost none of them enforce it. Why is that?

  2. “Masking to protect the vaccinated.”

    I haven’t heard of this. Although I killed my teeveeeee. 10+ years ago, so I’m not as privy to (the current thing.) There’s no level of retardery, and mental gymnastics these naive cult members won’t stoop to. Project, deflect, deny and lie. Muh mathskus will pretext meeee.

    I’ll mask if I’m cutting or chipping concrete or running a table saw. You know, particulates a mask can actually stop. Enjoy what ya get dummies!

    The upside of this. Even in the most leftist karen town regions of Kentucky (Yes they exist mostly in metro areas.) We’re looking like 2% or less diaper cultists. Usually very frail looking elderly, your typical soy drenched hipster Boi, skittle color haired dykes, and ironically or not, a surprising number of younger black guys. A year ago were were at 85%-90% easily.

    It will be at least a generation or two before they can successfully pull off this psyop again. As hard as these weirdos are trying they may be running out of effective tricks. Of course slave will be slaves, and that applies to a majority of the people I cross on a daily basis.

  3. Guy next to me at work is currently wearing a face diaper, which is voluntary at my company. I asked “Oh, did you get sick?” He said yes, he had the new variant or whatever they are calling it. I asked “Well, why are you wearing that? Everyone is vaccinated here. That’s means we won’t catch your bug, right?” (not true, I never got jabbed, but I just wanted to see where he would go with this.)
    “Well, better safe than sorry.”
    How do you debate an idiot like that?
    I will never have warm fuzzies about our government, but it would go a long way for me if they all just admitted they were wrong or worse, lying, about just about everything. Everything from where this came from and how it was created to the effectiveness of masks, house arrests and hastily created vaccines to the now growing body of knowledge about the physical damage from the shots.
    Stand up and apologize for your evil and your incompetence and promise it will never happen again. Then, “seppuku” is in order to finally heal this nation’s wounds.

    • Amy,
      They can’t ever admit being wrong. This is a CONfidence job. The citizens are the mark. If theres ever a scandal in government you can be sure a fall guy will be selected. A “bad apple” that was picked out before the bunch got spoiled. To admit that the government was wrong at any time in the past or present will open the doors to people questioning their current idiot policies like borrowing the nations currency from a private bank or sending a nation of 300+ million into starvation level poverty for the sake of the green new deal. They are all-seeing and all-knowing and you’re just a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist to say otherwise.

  4. This reminds me of a person I know who hates guns, says demeaning things about the sort of people who owns them, and then expects her next door neighbor to show up and deal with suspicious people and the occasional rodent outside her house. With a gun. And acts very offended when said neighbor isn’t home or doesn’t want to do it.

    Consequences. They are a thing.

  5. Follow the money!

    History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes:

    When the bubonic plague struck Geneva in 1530, everything was ready. They even opened a whole hospital for the plague victims. With doctors, paramedics and nurses. The traders contributed, the magistrate gave grants every month. The patients always gave money, and if one of them died alone, all the goods went to the hospital.
    But then a disaster happened: the plague was dying out, while the subsidies depended on the number of patients. There was no question of right and wrong for the Geneva hospital staff in 1530. If the plague produces money, then the plague is good.
    And then the doctors got organized.

    At first, they just poisoned patients to raise the mortality statistics, but they quickly realized that the statistics didn’t have to be just about mortality, but about mortality from plague. So they began to cut the boils from the bodies of the dead, dry them, grind them in a mortar and give them to other patients as medicine. Then they started dusting clothes, handkerchiefs and garters. But somehow the plague continued to abate. Apparently, the dried buboes didn’t work well. Doctors went into town and spread bubonic powder on door handles at night, selecting those homes where they could then profit. As an eyewitness wrote of these events, “this remained hidden for some time, but the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than with hiding them.”

    In short, one of the doctors became so impudent and lazy that he decided not to wander the city at night, but simply threw a bundle of dust into the crowd during the day. The stench rose to the sky and one of the girls, who by a lucky chance had recently come out of that hospital, discovered what that smell was.
    The doctor was tied up and placed in the good hands of competent “craftsmen.” They tried to get as much information from him as possible. However, the execution lasted several days. The ingenious hippocrats were tied to poles on wagons and carried around the city. At each intersection the executioners used red-hot tongs to tear off pieces of meat. They were then taken to the public square, beheaded and quartered, and the pieces were taken to all the districts of Geneva.


    It’s just another day.

    • DAMN!
      I’ve never heard that story before. Truthfully, before the corona bullshit, I’m not sure I’d have believed it.
      People don’t change much, do they?

  6. Fuck those sheep! Go-along-to-get-alongism is why we’ve become tax mules with no freedom. These assholes screwed up the best country on earth. The world will be a better place if they all come down with VAIDS and croak. Good riddance!

    • Yep, Blackflag,
      And they were the same ones who were throwing hissy fits because we wouldn’t wear the rag or take it up the arm, and because we had the ‘gall’ to show our faces [literally] in public; While they were the ones who were pushing to have us expelled from public places; who were demanding contact tracing; who would call the manager or the fuzz because we wouldn’t practice the rituals.

      And we warned them, and despite us being right so many times before and them always being wrong, they again wouldn’t listen. And now WE are supposed to ‘protect’ them? -As if we haven’t done enough already- often at great personal risk and expense- because we were right and they were wrong, and they wouldn’t listen, but rather sought to even prevent us from doing what we KNEW was right all along; they sought to keep us from living! And now we are to be punished for being right and they rewarded at our expense? (And why not? This is the way of socialism and moral relativiswm which their society insists on practicing….)

      I hate to say it; it may sound cold, but in many respects, I feel that some just desserts are being doled out and that we would be well rid of such people who are in-fact enabling those and being compliocit with those who are ruining the world for decent people.

      Tl;dr: F’em!

      • Nunz – as I’m reading this, the little pop up of Eric’s older articles is directing me to a January 2021 article Eric wrote titled “AGW threatens to taze man for failure to diaper.” How soon some of us forgot that this was exactly what the vaccinated and masked wanted for us – to be on the receiving end of torture and murderous violence for not swimming with their stream; to be electrocuted with a deadly weapon for the crime of showing our face, or protecting our bodily integrity. Well now the foots on the other shoe. They poisoned themselves and want us to accommodate that? No. I hope they enjoy their myocarditis, clots, prions, and strokes. Or the dread of wondering if they will ever recover or if today will be the day.

        • ‘Zactly, BAC.
          I know a couple of guys (Both old friends- one had consulted me on million-dollar deals in the past; they know I’m no mere tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist- They’ve seen my performance over the years) who despite my warnings took the shots, and said that I should “not be ridiculous and just take the shot!”.

          Now both of those guys are endlessly sick- manifesting the whole smorgasbord of typical clot-shot ailments, including a huge pulmonaryu embolism that almost killed one of ’em; blood clots in the legs of both; myocarditis; multiple ‘cases’ of Wu-flu, and it continues.

          And the absurd thing is, they refuse to admit these issues are from the shot- despite the fact that I warned them of those very issues before they ever took the shots- and not only that, but now they’re worried about the latest new ‘pandemic’, the monkeypox- and are considering getting vaxxed for that, even though they are living proof that the Wu-flu vax did not only not work, but caused the very condition it was supposed to be protecting them from, in addition to literally life-threatening new complications!

          Also, they refuse to fly now- not because of the TSA thuggery being affront to their most basic human rights and dignity…but because “Of all of the stuff going around, and unmasked passengers”. Unbelievable!

          I’m not mad at them, nor they at me…but there comes a time….like when you realize that your friend in 6th grade likes to sniff farts [not his own] and watch Barney The Dinosaur, where there is just no common ground left and ya just stop calling for him, and wonder how it is that he got to that point without having revealed such dysfunction and stupidity sooner- but maybe it was because we had been kids, and you could excuse most other forms of stupidity, and it’s not until a certain point is reached where maturity is expected, but instead regression is found, that ya see the problem.

          And these vaxters are like those duimb kids- they can’t even see their own dysfunction, nor the cause of their dilemma, and so they just continue in mind-numbingly blissful ignorance…and think that we’re the dummies for not doing ‘what everyone else is doing’.

          • “And the absurd thing is, they refuse to admit these issues are from the shot”

            They can’t, I’m sure. There’s a lot of that going around- witness the stunning refusal by any “mainstream” outlet to even acknowledge the absolute “pandemic” of healthy young people dropping dead (literally!) from ailments that healthy young people have never even been known to suffer from. Never mind asking why, they won’t admit the fact.
            It’s understandable, to an extent. You would really have to eat serious crow to admit to yourself that you made such an error in judgment, even after being warned; and more, that that error may literally cost you your life, or at least your health. Many people, like your friends, don’t have the introspective ability to do it.
            Frankly I’d be a little more sympathetic to these people’s plight if they hadn’t spent a year and a half ridiculing and shaming those who made the other decision.

            • **”Frankly I’d be a little more sympathetic to these people’s plight if they hadn’t spent a year and a half ridiculing and shaming those who made the other decision.”**

              It’s deeper than that though. It’s like it’s not even a conscious issue, but rather a deep-down knowledge that when these people offered themselves as a willing human sacrifice to the government-pharmaceutical cartel by allowing themselves…nay, clamoring for the evil concoction which tinkers with the most intimate mechanisms of their bodies, they have proven themselves to be something no longer human; they have created a rift between themselves and pure humans which can never be repaired. They have joined a mass army which will always be the enemy of pure humans as long as it and those who comprise it continue to exist (Which looks like it won’t be long).

              There’s no going back. Regardless of how you may’ve felt about such a person in the past (pre-vax)…they are different now, and they are “all in”- which in a way is appropriate, since there is no going back; no undoing of what they’ve done- but that no-going-back seems to also include how they regard us; seeing us as somehow wrong; as being a problem because we wouldn’t bend over and comply. They realize that there is now a divide between us- and although their own actions caused that divide, they none-the-less seem to be proud to carry the flag of their new species- like a demented parent who works to ‘change the gender’ of their four year-old, and then thinks that the resultant confusion of mind and all other problems that the kid will manifest from then on are somehow the fault of the good normal people of the world who would count it a crime to inflict such a sick abuse upon a child- but the deranged parent insists on persisting in their sick campaign of altering nature because they believe in it, and therefore “it must be good” and all who oppose it must be bad and the cause of all problems.

              Mass psychosis.

              • Nunz, Mark…
                They’ve got inflated egos and unwarranted pride. They’ll go as far as to kill themselves and their children to save face. I think these people were different from us even before the shot. Now that they’ve been physically altered there will be no reconciliation, no “coming to god” moment for them. They’re damned… If not by the havoc the cancer shots are wreaking inside them then simply by their own madness as reality and their fantasy land become more blatantly apparent. Imagine how many will be ruined spiritually if the shit shot only causes sterility like other “vaccines” trialled in the third world. How does one cope with the knowledge that they’ll only ever be drones tasked with serving govcorp? This will hit females with barren wombs especially hard. If they don’t all keel over we can expect a world filled with hateful blue haired shrews. Maybe thats why myocarditis strikes males more than females. The engineers knew the phallused ones would go postal in such a world where the vulvites will just seethe and toil. Mwhaha.
                Thanks for the rants guya, good readin’.

                • NAILED IT, BlackFlag!

                  Confirmation bias of “true believers”- Like, if you ‘DARE’ to question the reality of “The Moon Landing”, instead of people just engaging in a civilized give-and-take, or even maybe thinking you’re “a nut”, they get MAD because you don’t believe and because you can expose major flaws in the narrative which they have so much emotional investment in that they no longer even care about the reality- they just want to believe, because it would be too painful to admit that they’ve been duped for so long, and that the state, which they worship has perpetrated a massive deception and is not the benevolent god they thought it was. Same deal with 9/11 and many other such things….

  7. Guys,

    While I avoided wearing the mask, I could not and did not 100% the time. I needed to get medical things done, so I reluctantly wore one. Actually, I wore a respirator I had from my old job; I used to do soldering, so I wore it to protect against the lead fumes. Anyway, it’s a half gas mask, basically. I wear that in the VA clinic, so as to illustrate absurdity by being absurd. NFW I took the Trump shot though. You can always take off the mask, but you can’t expel the Franken shot from your body; once it’s in there, it’s there to stay.

    Speaking of which, everyone I know who got the shot has since gotten COVID! Every one of them has gotten COVID after taking the shot. Thankfully, my neighbor who took the shot didn’t get the boosters; he stopped after the pair you took a month apart…

  8. Reason number 3 why I will not be wearing a rag to protect those whose immune systems have been rendered non-functional by their choosing to take the vax: Because I am not sick.

  9. Wow Eric, this is a damn fine piece. So many goods points made I don’t know where to begin. I’ll just make one comment though about the following:

    “The ‘vaccinated’ thus owe the un-’vaccinated’ a debt – and not the other way around” — Absofuk…lutely.

    This phrase reminds me how much it has in common with our shared philosophy. If we were to have our way by having a Libertarian society, not only would it benefit me, but just as importantly, it would benefit almost everyone directly. And society would indeed owe us a debt of gratitude. Almost no one outside our sphere of influence understands that the effort we put into this struggle will benefit them as well. Sadly, this is a reality that will probably never be recognized.

  10. The MSM is pushing “your annual covid shot” now, gotta keep Big Pharma’s income stream going at all costs. On a related note the grocery store has a sign up for “10% off your shopping when you get a free flu shot”. Ugh! If these shots were so great would they have to pay people to get them? Would be the other way around.

    • I wonder often, about that, myself, Hans Gruber.

      Too bad we cannot trust, ‘scientism’ to answer the question.

      From the looks of things…

      …Got, Ivermectin?

      The horse paste tastes like crap/

      *[Note to tech: the ‘back’ link ain’t working very well when you get the ‘you’re posting too quickly’ bit. You don’t wind up back at the comment you were responding to and I wondered, how many people gave up and didn’t comment? A less rich world as a result, IDK? At the very least, possibly a less educate… ah nevermind. The Girl says we’re only 1.5% and I’m beat from the day ]

      • Yes helot, “The Girl” stated 1.5%. My figure comes from the number of registered Libertarians and Constitutionalists nationwide which is around 600k based on voter registration. If we divide that by the number of Americans we get around one and a half to two percent of the population. That figure is pretty close to those who vote Libertarian in an average election.

        There could be more but since they don’t vote that number is irrelevant.

        If you have a better figure I will be happy to read about it.

        • ….Anyone who votes Libertarian, likely doesn’t “get” Libertarianism. On the mass level, most who identify as “Libertarian” are just interested in decriminalizing vices- but don’t “get” nor care about any other aspects of Libertarianism. Seems to be the audience that the Libertarian Party is wooing.

          I used to be a Constitutionalist. I never met another one in real life…only a couple on the interwebz. Contrast that with many people I’ve encountered over the years who self-identify as Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, Socialists, Communists…….

        • I would guess it’s closer to 5% but not likely more than 10.

          A lot of principled non-voters and people who strategically vote for the r’s or d’s most or some of the time. A lot of libertarians who hate the LP for one reason or another. Not the sort of people you’d call “joiners.”

          Overwhelmingly tend to be Myers-Briggs NT types although I would bet that not all NT’s are libertarian.

          I wonder if it’s a genotype? If so is it recessive? Is it getting more or less common over time? (I suspect less, but there could be a waning cultural influence that explains it). Could it confer a survival benefit if some kind, and if so what?

          So many questions.

            • Most womenfolk these days look to the state to provide safety and support which husbands used to provide, which is why women are over-represented among libruls and under-represented among Libertarians. (Many of those women also claim to want “independence”, but in reality have just traded an intimate interdependence for a cold brutal oppressive impersonal slave master. They demand “equality”- but equality is earned, not demanded- so they look to the state to artificially elevate them, while restraining those whom they seek to be equal to. Notice how the world started going to hell just about the time women were “given the vote” -a time when the people still possessed enough power that a vote could still actually matter).

            • Hi Publius,

              It is based on a multitude of reasons, but I would say one of the root causes is libertarianism is more analytical than emotional. Many women (not all) tend to view ideas representative of their feelings on it which sometimes are not based on the logical. The average Libertarian also tends to be a loner. Many women are social beings and are more collective in nature. Women are usually more nurturing than men. It is just a part of our biology.

              Last but not least, libertarian forums are not the most welcoming to women. I may ruffle some feathers by saying that and I am not pointing fingers at this forum. Just based on my own experiences I tried joining groups and getting involved in libertarianism in my late teens. At nineteen, I tried registering with the Libertarian Reform Caucus. They had no interest in me. I felt like a leper with no home, so I ruled out getting involved in politics and just moseyed on my own way through my 20s, 30s, and 40s.

              Even when I first found this site there were a few who quickly labeled me a collectivist or a conservative with some libertarian leanings. I was upset at first so I chose not to use the libertarian label to describe what I believed in. As time went on what my handle was…conservative, Reformer, Constitutionalist, or libertarian became irrelevant to me. I believe what I believe so I no longer identify as anything. It actually is more freeing not to have a label because I don’t have to abide by what a group or club dictates that I be.

              I continue to come here because it is a rare group. The people that post here are some of the most intelligent that can be found worldwide. The ideas are thought provoking and candid and although I don’t always agree with the majority of voices at all times I found I prefer arguing with the canny and capable. It becomes tedious to debate the dumb. Which is my Facebook or Twitter never held any appeal to me.

              • My mother told me I didn’t want to be one of those when I was around ten. Guess I came full circle, anyway. She still doesn’t like it, but by now I think she’s figured out she isn’t going to be changing my mind.

                • I also liked Ross Perot as a kid…everyone thought I was nuts.

                  They still do. I don’t think of myself as a “loner” exactly but I do keep my social circle fairly small. I need some social interaction, but a very limited amount compared to most other people.

              • [Raises hand]Guilty! – I’m the penultimate loner! (And Sigma and INTJ). Any one of those traits is rather rare among even men…never mind in combination….

              • RE: “the number of registered Libertarians”

                That, right there ^.

                Counting libertarians, seems to me to be a bit like herding cats.
                …Can’t be done.

                And, this, “I chose not to use the libertarian label to describe what I believed in”

                Guess you wouldn’t be counted, then, eh?

                Publius guesses not more than 10%,… I wonder, in light of the Becky Ackers link I posted, combined with the surge in the numbers of people who are homeschooling their children now, perhaps a better guesstimate might be 25%? Idk. Again, herding cats.

                … “I don’t think there is a meaningful “we” when it comes to libertarians.” …


                One thing is for sure, things have come a long way since Murray Rothbard said/wrote in the 1970’s that all the libertarians in the world could fit in one room.

                • Hi helot,

                  You are correct, I would not be included because I do not identify as such. The most off putting thing I have discovered with libertarianism is there is no middle ground. It is black or it white and the shades of gray be damned. Libertarianism has not been successful because it does not want to be. Libertarians are the only group I know that can agree on 90% of the same issues, but because 100% consensus cannot be reached the entire group states “it is obvious this is not going to work so we just need to go separate ways.” Nothing gets accomplished.

                  One would assume that the sheer focus be on the rights and free choices of the individual. Can the group agree on that? Nope. I will give an example. This past week we have debated on the benefits and non benefits of voting. It was a lively debate but if the ambition is that of the free will of the individual shouldn’t the individual do as they see fit? Whether that is voting or not? Instead libertarians that do vote are purveyors of tyranny and those that don’t are lazy bums who do not wish to change society. Instead of stating “I may not agree with your view but I will defend you for the right to make it.” Both sides take the stance that the other is an asshole.

                  Libertarianism is the only club where there are hundred bylaws to follow but the group themselves can’t dictate what they are so therefore there is no club.

                  Just an old lady’s thoughts. 🙂

                  • Why would you not identify as a libertarian?

                    From the link, “Libertarianism, to the extent it is a political movement, is for one thing and one thing only: to increase liberty.”

                    Where is there room for ‘middle ground’ in that?

                    I had some thoughts along the lines of if being half a slave is a good goal, but I’ve run out of time & energy tonight.

                    Also, imho, you’re not an old lady, as long as I’m still alive, you’re still a young chick.

                    Anyway, I never called anyone an asshole.

                    • Hi helot,

                      Why would someone wish to identify as something or someone when the very group that they hope to identify with states they are not one of them?

                      Libertarianism’s fundamental goal should be for the spreading of liberty but I disagree that is what they are trying to accomplish. The practicing does not follow the preaching. I think it would be very easy to rally around such an objective but it rarely is about the individual and their choices. If that is the case we respect the individual for the choices that they make (even if we don’t agree with them) and they respect the choices that we make even when we don’t eye to eye. As long as it does not infringe upon the rights of another or our own freedoms.

                      Also, I never accused you of calling anyone an asshole. It was a generalization to the discussion that was debated. When two sides don’t agree, especially on a heavy topic, the other side usually looks at the other in an unfavorable light until middle ground can be found or they find something else to agree on. It was not an accusation on any one person.

                    • Helot, if I may add my two-cents:
                      I don’t formally identify as a Libertarian either- I just use it as a sort of shorthand. I’m technically an Anarchist- but I don’t use that label either, because as with “Libertarian” the media has so corrupted the label that it gives people the wrong idea. “Voluntaryist” [Nod to our old friend Bevin] is currently uncorrupted (as far as I know) and conveys the idea relatively well…but trouble is, virtually no one knows what that is.

                  • Interesting, RG. I’ve found that most Libertarians I’ve encountered (Other than here and a few other rare places online) are just the opposite- They’re mired in the middle ground. I’m not talking little differences, either- but most are either ignorant of actual Libertarian philosophy, and or are closet minarchists.

                    I suspect that the minarchism is what spawns the vast wasteland of middle ground, because once one advocates minarchy, it can be argued endlessly just how far it should go- and the Libertarianism essentially goes out the window, because minarchism requires the acceptance of state-sanctioned coercion/violence.

                  • Hi RG,

                    I think part of the problem – as regards libertarianism – is that it’s a philosophy or moral code rather than a political movement. Which it probably can never be – because the libertarian moral system is foundationally anti-political.

                    But that doesn’t mean – should not mean – that libertarians ought to retire from politics. This is where we get into the black or white thing you mention above.

                    Here’s the long version: https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2022/09/18/libertarianism-and-libertarians/

                    • Helot,
                      (For some reason, there’s no reply button below your comment…so I hope this ends up in relative proximity!)

                      I think the dude in the article said it well when he mentioned “place holder”. That’s about the best we can hope for these days. I feel that such describes where I live: A little place of somewhat normalcy which is still hanging on….but the paint is getting chipped and scraped by all the shards always assailing it. We never gain any ground; the most we can do is try to preserve what we have…but we still lose ground continually….just not quite as fast as some other places where the rot is more advanced- but soon enough it will be upon us, and many will not even notice, because it has been gradual.

  11. So I had an interesting experience just recently. In my state in the western part of the Reich all medical facilities still require masking, no exceptions. I needed & made an appointment with a small medical office for a minor procedure which was checking for a potential serious problem, cancer. I knew this was going to be a good test to see how long it would take them to demand that I mask up. Just so you know, I have never relented anywhere to put that ridiculous thing on, however, I knew this could be the exception to the rule as I had to find out what the diagnosis would be. When I got there everyone in the waiting room naturally had their obligatory rags on.

    Now, I actually had to interact with 9 different individuals, as strange as that sounds (I rarely seek medical attention so I’m kind of new at this sort of thing). And the result was stunning, at least to me. Not once did any of those medical workers even suggest that I put something over my face. No mean looks, no evil stares, no intimidating glances like I use to get all the time at my local Walmart. NOT EVEN ONE! Everyone there was cordial, friendly, and in good humor. Again for me, this was shocking. I definitely would have lost that bet. And even better I got a clean report card.

    Maybe there is a tiny ray of hope for this f-up’d world.

    • Hi Dave,

      This is good news – and I’m glad you’re ok.

      I still see “masked” Freaks about – but other than the elderly-care places I’ve had to deal with, no one has tried to force a “mask” on me. And good luck with that, those who want to try!

    • Dave,
      So maybe, just maybe, I can get the cataracts removed from my eyes after all, and not die blind? Contacted two suppliers of said service, and both require masking. Perhaps I should just walk in and see how it goes.

      • Yes, John, I’d say give it a shot (sorry, poor choice of words). Cataract surgery is a miracle.
        I’m in the same boat in that I think I need to get some things checked out, but my “primary care” proved last year that all he’s interested in is pestering me about fake vaccines. He shrugged off my legitimate medical questions once I made it clear – very politely – that I didn’t want his covid or flu potions. If I can find somebody else I will show up at the appointed time and ignore any mask requirements.
        To paraphrase Ron Paul: if you can just walk in, you can just walk out.

    • There is hope. In my rural area, mask wearing is less than 1%, even in my metro suburban area, it’s around 2-3% or less.
      I was about 99% of Eric throughout the kabuki theatre. The only time I wore one was to board a plane, but then would take it off seated. a small percent of nutjob stewardess’ would demand I put it on. I would make the motions, then take it back off. some, very few, would go crazy and say things like ‘we will ban you from future flights’. And it wasn’t just me. So I would write a nice but glaring letter to the airline that so and so was rude, etc….. believe it or not I did not see those crazy one’s on future flights (do same flight a lot).
      Lost my long term doctor from it too. He called to ask why, and I said when you stop the kubuki theatre i’ll come back “but it’s not me Chris, it’s my staff and my patients”. Don’t care doc, make a stand. He has not so far.

    • Hi Dave,

      I have a very similar story. My grandmother recently moved near me and needed to find a primary doctor. I did all of the leg work and set up the appointment. As we were walking across the parking lot into the doctor’s office my grandmother stated she didn’t have a mask. I replied “good, let’s see if they say anything”. My grandmother is not jabbed, but she will play along with the mask wearing. Her granddaughter refuses to play along with any of it. We walked in, smiled, retrieved the billion forms needed for new patients (I skipped over 3/4 of the questions), and nobody said anything about our unmasked faces or lack of completed paperwork. The rest of the patients quietly eyed us but nobody broached the 90 year old woman sitting next to me who couldn’t care a less about a virus. We saw the doctor who also said nothing and went about our day.

      Moral of the story: when little old people refuse to mask up the narrative loses its appeal.

  12. Right on! I may of fallen for the swine flu scam years back but not for this shot. Early on I told people I might have gotten the Sputnik 5 shot in a few years if it turned out to be safe and effective; I think it might well be safe and sorta effective due to the fact that if it wasn’t the researchers know what would have happened to them. Here .gov protects them and covers up the bad side effects. Bastards!!!

  13. The wife had two medical appointments this week. The first office had a small sign at the front desk which said, “Masks Optional”. Not the first swinging Richard wore a mask. Guessing there was 20-ish people in the lobby.

    The second office had the standard large & obnoxious “Masks Required” signs plastered everywhere but the ceiling. About 2/3 wore masks. I did not, of course. And in fairness, unlike 2 years ago, nobody said anything to me.

  14. Then they made the biggest mistake of all. They got “vaccinated.” — eric

    ‘Got my Covid sub-variants booster yesterday,’ texted an elderly relative.

    Tried to talk him out of getting the previous ‘booster’ a few months ago. But in his insular, seamless Mainstream Media Truman Show, all experts agree that covid shots are ‘safe and effective.’ Opposing views don’t exist. Neither does VAERS, or athletes dropping dead, or teenaged boys getting myocarditis.

    Most vaccine deaths occur within a few days afterward. So if he makes it through this week, probably he’ll survive the brutal spike protein assault on his body. After all, it produced an antibody response in eight (8) mice. /sarc

    • Jim,
      I forget, as I often do in my approach to my expiration date, where I read it, but vaxx symptoms commonly take five months to appear.

      • Not sure about symptoms, but most of the vaccine deaths reported to VAERS occurred within the first 3 days after injection, with Day 1 being the highest.


        If the vax is going to kill you, usually it acts fast.

        So I hope my relative survives this week.

        • **”most of the vaccine deaths reported to VAERS occurred within the first 3 days after injection,”**

          That’s only because the more time that elapses, the less likely people (Both lay and doctors) are to associate any symptoms/illness/death with the shot- Just like no one associates the cancer they get with the plethora of childhood vaccines they got 30 years ago. Someone comes down with myocarditis or a pulmonary embolism, they don’t say “I’ll bet it’s from that shot I had 5 months ago!”- and their doctor certainly won’t won’t mention that 30 other patients have come down with the same condsition since being vaccinated; and even if the patient gets the idea, the doctor will assure him that the “vax had nothing to do with it”.

          Tl;dr: The actual reported vax injuries are only a tiny fraction of a percent of the actual number of true injuries.

          • If we ever get an accurate accounting- and it won’t be anytime soon, if ever- it’s going to be staggering beyond belief, I’m afraid.

      • There may be a difference between symptoms (pain & fatigue, etc.) and adverse events (myocarditis, clots, etc.). This article says symptoms typically occur within 7 days.


        Money quote: “You can still be confident going in, he says — just don’t be 100% sure what to expect.”

        In other words, they don’t have any idea what this concoction might do to you. Just take it. Uh-huh, sure.

        • Very much a cult initiation.

          First, you pledge your eternal fealty and obedience to the mysteries of the cult on pain of death…then you learn the nature of the esoteric hidden truths only the cult possesses…

          If it turns out that you have pledged your undying loyalty to some kind of subterrestrial prehistoric psychic giant slime-worm…well, ya pays yer money and ya take yer chances!


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