What’s the Difference?

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There is one enormous difference between Leftists and the rest of us –  and it is not a difference of opinion.

It is that Leftists will not abide differences of opinion, especially when those who hold different opinions dare to act on them. Even when they are in the right – in terms of the facts – and even when their actions do nothing to tangibly, negatively affect Leftists, except insofar as their feelings are affronted.

The whole “masking” (and “vaccinating”) business marked out these divisions. Also the “lockdowns” that Leftists either advocated or enforced.

Not wearing a “mask – or refusing the “vaccine” – causes no harm to others, including Leftists. This is established fact, though it took seemingly forever for it to be acknowledged.

Even more paradoxically – even more revealingly – if “masks” did “work” (in the sense that wearing prevented people from getting or spreading the various “variants”) and the same for the “vaccines” we know no do not stop the getting or the spreading, either – then Leftists ought to have been content to wear “masks” and take “vaccines” themselves and leave those who chose not to wear or take to suffer the consequences.

But it was not enough – for the Left – to wear “masks” and take “vaccines,” and thereby “keep themselves safe.” Nor was it sufficient to simply stay home and not go into stores and other public places, in order to “stay safe,” as they saw it.

If others didn’t see it, the Left would enforce it. The Left cannot tolerate – what’s that word? – diversity.

Different opinions. Even when those opinions are expressions of factual propositions. What drives the Leftist is the urge to make everything that matters homogenous, with a superficial skein of color and sex (and sex preference) differences covering the fundamental underlying sameness. It is why even when a “person of color” – such as Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general of Florida – states facts about “masks” his “diverse” appearance no longer counts for anything. Similarly, the “right” chromosomes – in the Leftist scheme of things – stops mattering when the woman in question deviates from the Leftist party line.

It is the party – the religion – of uniformity.

Just the right word, that – for we are dealing with exactly that. Religions, when fervent, do not brook differences of opinion on articles of faith. When the Catholic church wielded power over the monarchies of Europe, the monarchs knew that even they dare not risk apostasy – as any disagreement with the Church authorities was regarded by the Church authorities. And the Protestants, when they were ascendant, did much the same. All religions do it, because religion demands it.

The whole point of the thing is faith – not questioning it.

Many of the early settlers of this continent fled Europe to get away from religious persecution. For daring to have a different opinion about matters of faith – or for not “practicing” the prescribed rituals of the faith. Some of these settlers – or their descendants – then had to flee, again – to the interior parts of the country, in order to escape religious persecution in the already colonized parts of the country. The Southern part of the country attempted to get away from the religionist of the North – the yankees.

But where will those facing religious persecution today – from the Left – flee?

There is no longer anywhere viable to go – in order to get away from the Left.

There are parts of the country where the Left is not the majority. The problem is the Left is the majority in the parts of the country that determine policy, at least at the national (congressional, presidential) level. That is why even local schools in not-Left rural areas are propagating Leftist ideas – and forcing the locals to pay for their propagation via their property taxes. It is why, no matter where you live, Leftists will not leave you alone – even if there are none in your immediate vicinity.

This begs a question few wish to answer – at least not openly.

If we cannot live with Leftists – how then shall we live?

We, for our part, would be willing – eager – to let Leftists be Leftists, provided they were Leftists among themselves. Even Communism isn’t necessarily intolerable, provided those who wish to live that way have freely chosen to live that way and the rest of us are free to choose not to live that way.

The Communist, of course, cannot abide that. And neither can the Leftist, who is a Communist ashamed to admit it.

Or being clever about masking it.

So – while we could live with them – if they would agree to leave us alone – they will not rest until we have submitted to their way of living in every last detail, excepting superficialities about color and sex. Those we’ll be permitted, for so long as they are useful to the Left, at any rate. Once they no longer are, they no longer will be.

It leaves us NonComms to face the choice of conversion by the sword – or wielding the sword, if need be, to avoid being converted. If it comes to that, the Left will have brought it about via its relentless, remorseless determination to stamp out any difference of opinion, no matter how in the right.

. . .

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  1. Eric, I love your essays and thank you for them all.
    I do want to mention that your supposition and premise of Democrats/Lefts/Liberals just might be a bit wrong, though. I am a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative – have always been so. You should know that people such as me always congregate and associate with those who are ALIKE. We only associate with the Liberal Caste when we have no choice but to do so (work/business/adlib associations with others, all un-chosen by us save for doing so with no other choice). Having disclosed this, perhaps you might see that there may be another view. I have many such Conservative friends who have CHOSEN to Take The Jab. I did my best to help them to make a better choice. Nope. They went on and then made sure to tell me (at first) the they had “done the right thing” and other such reasoning. That was some two plus years ago. Some are dead. Some are sick. But the very few, who will still talk with me, are scared, if the truth be told.
    My point is simply to point out that Self-Righteousness, such as you detailed in this article, exists wholesale in BOTH Left and Right.
    I do feel your pointing out of the two camps being a “religion” wise and is far more correct than many even realize.

    • Thanks for the kind word, Doc!

      And – you’re right – that the sickness of dissonance manifests among all political variants. I also have “conservative” friends who fell for it – and worse, looked askance at me for not falling for it. I fell out with one of these friends over it. This now-ex-friend is a vociferous 2A guy and “gun nut.” But – while he gets his back up immediately (rightly) when someone implies his ownership of guns is “dangerous,” he thought people like me were “dangerous” for not “masking.”

      And they ask my why I drink…

      • LOL!
        I miss my friends. I bet you do too.
        I’ve been a Car Mechanic for over 50 years. I work on the fun cars such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls and Jaguar, and a lot of others. My customers appreciated my “being right” with what I told them their cars needed (and did not need). But this entire mess of Covid and governments being so bad that it passes any understanding, all coupled with the simple fact that as much as many of us would love to do something that we find there really is nothing we can do but express ourselves on forums, because so very many of our friends don’t want to know. Some of us are lucky and find someone who can write and has passion such as yourself. We are the lucky ones. Keep up the good work!

  2. For anyone who still thinks Donald John Trump is some kind of maverick or populist savior, David Icke’s latest video cast covers this quite well, Trump’s swamp.


    Quite likely Trump will run in 2024 and he will probably win. He is favored in the betting odds:


    Since DeSantis is also very popular and actually gets things done, I think Trump may pick him as VP then dump him once elected.

    • Hi Yukon,

      They will assassinate Trump before they let him anywhere near the Oval Office again. Also, the Veep and Prez cannot be from the same state so Trump would have to use his homes in NY, NJ, or VA as residency. Personally, if I were Trump, I would head South to his St. Martin property and enjoy the remainder of my days living in 80-degree heat, looking at turquoise water, and enjoying some of the best food in the world. When he is bored, he can fly his 747 back to the states and rile up a few crowds.

      Trump is 76 years old. If he runs in 2024 and takes office in January 2025, he would be 78.5 years old. Hasn’t this country learned anything about putting old men in office? Stop doing it.

      • Hi RG,


        And, regarding “Hasn’t this country learned anything about putting old men in office? Stop doing it.”

        I’m reluctant to endorse categorizing anyone as ipso facto incapable of doing something. On the other hand, I also think it’s incumbent upon as all to acknowledge certain realities, viz – that when you are almost 80 years old, even if you are fit and have lots of energy – more energy than many people 20 years younger – you are still almost 80. It is far more likely that age-relate decline will manifest at that age than 20 years before that age. I witnessed rapid-onset dementia reduce my mom from a woman fully capable of doing anything a woman20 years her junior could do to being unable to do almost anything for herself over the course of about two years.

        We have seen Biden’s decline – though in his case it may be a blessing (for us). But in general, this is not a good thing – and it’s a worse thing when the person is in an important position and hard to remove from it.

        • One can even see the attenuation in Trump. He is walking a bit choppier, his speech is a bit slurrier, etc. He has tremendous energy for someone that is 76 years of age, but time is not on his side. I have always believed (based on my own experiences) that as people age eventually the 18-month decline will set in. The 18-month decline is when a problem first arises and then multiple problems begin settling in including lack of mobility, mind fuzziness, to cognitive functions decreasing steadily and rapidly within this time frame with the end result being death. For some they can be in their 70s, others could be approaching 100, each person is a bit different, but when it hits it is hard to watch and seems to be happen with great speed.

          When you compare him to DeSantis or Noem who are young, energetic, motivated, and most importantly, have a filter I don’t see why we would want to go back to a time of turbulence.

  3. The regressives believe themselves morally correct. anyone who disagrees is then immoral.

    Considering the idea of national divorce, I have heard the idea that why does a government need to be based on physical location.

    We could all decide what body of law we want to be associated with and then feel free to ignore that to which we do not belong.
    The logistics are probably too complicated to be workable, but an interesting concept.

  4. I used to wonder how anyone would believe in the divine right of kings. Then I started to wonder about God, and my faith was shattered. Mostly due to the church turning evengellical and ignoring its place in society. Monty Python helped too.

    At least I could sleep in on Sunday morning.

    But lately I’ve come to realize there’s a place for religion and possibly a place for kings. These things didn’t happen by accident. When man replaced God with the state it created a tyrany that answers to no one. Therefore any fool can grab the wheel and steer society off a cliff, and a very large segment of the population will cheer him on, even as they are plunging into the sea. Especially if they think they have something to gain from it. At least when there’s a king we peasants can blame him instead of our neighbors.

    Anyway, just wait for the next non-existential bug. The CDC is blaming you, dear reader.. For not being vaccinated enough. For not masking enough. For not hand sanitizing enough. For not sheltering enough. Indeed, for not trusting Science enough. Your failure to genuflect means now we’re all damned to live in a world full of a virus that might cause us to cough for a few days. One that didn’t come out of a lab and get purposefully released into the biome, that’s for sure! So the people better give the CDC more power over thier lives or next time… next time they’ll release the real stuff… Oh I mean, the next one might possibly be worse.

    • The bible was written by MEN, many with their own agendas.
      For example, the King James version codified “the rights of kings” (and nobles) to lord over (take advantage of) the ordinary (non-connected) populations. “Prima noctus” ring a bell? Under biblical proscriptions, such a vile “law” would be considered valid.
      “Sola scriptura” (meaning the biblical “word” is sacrosanct and is “divinely inspired”) is a commonly accepted precept among Protestants, whereas Catholics use the bible as a “guide” recognizing that every translation injects the author’s own translation biases into the text.
      The old testament “god” is a “god of vengeance”, the celebration of conquest and genocide being a part of every jewish “holy day”.
      Contrast that with the “god” of the new testament”, a “god” that recognizes mankind’s failings and is based on “mercy and acceptance” versus the jewish “god” of vengeance.
      I maintain that it was a mistake for Christianity to incorporate the “old testament” into its teachings, rather than using the “old testament” as a “guide” and not the “inspired word of “god”…along with the “new testament”.

    • Yes, when man replaced God with the state – very well said. In many ways, the divine right of kings and hereditary monarchy have a lot going for it. Say what you will about the workings of the Church, as being led by sinful men (e.g. Popes/Bishops), but Christianity as a belief system, works very well to throttle the actions of tyrants, and bestow rights upon men.

      If the king believed in/worked toward his own salvation, then he would conduct himself in a manner that would not lead to his damnation. This generally, would mean benevolent governance to all under his kingship.

  5. It is the insidious deliberate alteration of truth which is constantly pushed by Leftists that makes me crazy. To get everyone to wear masks, the message had to be pushed that masks actually do NOT protect the mask wearer. No! You see, they only protect other people. How do you like that? So now everyone must wear masks. Then they did used the same argument to push mandatory vaccinations. And to add insult to injury, people who bought into this crap seemed so proud of themselves for being able to “understand” and promote these nonsensical ideas. Sometimes I found myelf thinking as they parroted the CDC guidance, listen to yourselves, you are PhDs and graduates of elite schools who normally exhibit extraordinary knowledge research and logic, yet here you are regurgitating this preztel logic! But the absurdity never sunk in. It still amazes and frightens me how so many people bought into this nonsense. Because it implies it will just happen again and again.

    • “Herd immunity” was the concern. Until there’s a vaccine, there’s no herd immunity. After there was a vaccine, even an ineffective one, there’s no herd immunity, but only because of the non-vaccinated.

      The media pundits have no idea what herd immunity is, but it sounded science-y enough to them, so they ran with it.

  6. This article reminds me of Patrick Henry’s speech about Liberty or Death. It also reminds me of other facts from history, such as “we have learned nothing from history”.

    • Hi Robin,

      I think a lot of us would do practically anything to avoid violence; to simply leave in reasonable accommodation with people who disagree with us about how life ought to be lived. The problem – for us – is that there are people who do not want accommodation and are willing to use violence to force everyone else to live life they way they think it ought to be lived.

  7. For 2500 years this evil medical system has been based on the good/evil model, exactly like the church.
    Today the church/government/medical system is one huge satanist/communist religious cult.

    in the middle ages: an oppression and killing instrument of the vatican, the Church’s pandemic plague doctors would declare you a witch, wizard, pagan or heretic and execute you, if you didn’t believe in their religious cult.

    today now just for being a pureblood, not believing in their allopathic death medicine religious cult, you are an evil, filthy, biosecurity terrorist, so they have the right to mandate, inject you with the extermination injection, cull you.

    If you don’t believe in their insane global warming gaia religious cult bs, they declare you a witch, wizard, pagan or heretic and (Coming soon), execute you.

    If you don’t agree with their globalist/communist/gaia religious cult narrative you will be classified insane and will be mandated MAID, medical assistance in death to “cure you”

  8. Jordan Peterson

    Peterson does not like the globalist/satanists control group ramming their global warming/bat germ, agenda 2030, lies down our throat

    Peddlers of environmental doom have shown their true totalitarian colours
    Peterson tells the globalists to back off and leave us alone

    Watch: computer modelling is more bs, lies, fake science.


    from comments

    this man needs to be listened to he has a chilling message for mankind we have to get messages like this into our eduction system.
    How much longer must we put up with crazy climate change gloom and doom the zealots of climate change are taking us down the road to economic ruin

    Mr. Peterson is quite likely the most articulate and intelligent person I have ever had the opportunity to observe.

    This recording should be translated into all languages and broadcasted to literally everybody in the world. Truth, value, sanity, wisdom.

    Thank you for this Jordan Peterson!! I admire your clarity and honesty. We are all tired of this shit being crammed down our throats

    You hear lying corrupt politicians 24/7, now listen to someone intelligent

    • Clicking on the youtube link I noticed this little algorithm generated explanation for we dullards who would watch Mr. Peterson:

      “Climate change
      United Nations
      Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.”

      The Leftists just won’t let any debate occur. Period. It’s the Arrogance of the Artificially Intelligent. As Ronald Reagan [whose administration drove me to libertarianism] once said, “It’s not that our friends on the Left are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t true.”

      • It is long overdue to retire the term “fossil fuel” which has absolutely no basis in fact.
        Far from being “fossil fuel”, hydrocarbons are not only plentiful but are being created by yet-unknown processes deep within the earth.
        The term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s when little was known about the processes by which oil is produced. Oil is “abiotic” in nature, as even depleted oil wells are “filling back up” from deep below the earth’s surface. There would not be enough “fossil material” to support the amount of oil we are removing from the earth.
        Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits way below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
        As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
        Not only that, but there are planetary bodies in which hydrocarbons are naturally occurring (without fossils).
        “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
        Follow the money.

        • Thanks Anarchyst. I’ve been trying to re-define hydrocarbons from ‘fossil’ to ‘natural fuels’, which they are, for a while now. To my friends, they believe me and trust my judgement, but no one else does. If I ever get in a little debate at a gathering about it, when I try to send the data I’ve gathered, for the most part, said data has been scrubbed/censored. I’ve since learned to save the data. The amount of propaganda is way past alarming.
          There is a very very small amount of people who get it.

    • Roland,
      You can never have too much ammunition, nor can you carry too much, unless you simply can’t lift it.
      Had this argument decades ago with a coworker that was a hunter, but opposed to “high” capacity, as in standard capacity magazines. He asked how many rounds one actually needed in a magazine? To which I replied, at least as many as any possible assailants might have.

  9. The problem with the Left is, they don’t know when to quit, and when you tell them nicely they brush right on past it, and when you are more direct they get all butthurt about it and throw a tantrum.

    • “…when you are more direct they get all butthurt about it and throw a tantrum…”

      Then they throw the victim card and there are those in the GOP who are suckers for this. Rinse, repeat.

  10. The other day while out and about in my planet killing S-10 on one of our heavily traveled six lane wide avenues, in the oncoming traffic was some dude on a scooter. In shorts, a T-shirt, sandals, no helmet, no eye protection, but The Mask. (Yes, I know helmets are a Libertarian anathema. Cut me some slack for this posting. Thank you.)

    I have come to honestly believe that the majority of mask workers these days are poor saps who’ve been brainwashed. Who actually think that without the masks they will die or contribute to the death of others.

    Not that I’m dismissing the virtue signaling Leftists and their self-grandiose superiority who are still present deserving disdain. Of the one-finger salute genre.

    The others need pity.

    • Haakon,

      I don’t think most libertarians have a problem with helmets as such, or the people who wear them. The problem, at least in my book, is helmet laws. I think most people are perfectly capable of managing risk for themselves.

      • Hi Publius,

        This libertarian only takes issue with helmet laws. Not the wearing, per se. People have every right to wear whatever they want to wear. No one, on the other hand, has the right to force anyone to wear anything. That seems to me consistent with libertarian moral philosophy and also just not being a dick!

      • Haakon,
        “I think most people are perfectly capable of managing risk for themselves.”
        They can most certainly do it better than the Psychopaths In Charge can. After all, government is only really good at one thing, and that’s killing people, and they are quite good at it.

  11. https://www.infowars.com/posts/msnbc-tells-viewers-civil-war-is-here-americans-need-to-prepare-for-actual-violence/

    From link: After Ali said he hopes Americans can have a “conversation” and “de-escalate” current tensions, Cross clarified she is incapable of having a discussion “with a MAGA supporter” because “they have proven to be willfully ignorant in many ways.”

    The left is psychologically preparing the lemmings for a war on We The People.


    It’s weird how the Left has set up a fugazy straw man in “MAGA supporters” that they want to “go to war” with. Are there really people who “identify” as such? Is there anything to it other than supporting the Orange Fail? If you don’t support him or “MAGA”, are we cool then? Hahaha… just kidding. I understand the point is to justify violence against the “other” that disagrees with the Left. It’s just kinda transparently sleazy and phony. These soft punks never say what they really mean.

  12. This no different than “holocaustianity” which has been deemed the official Canadian “state religion” from which no heresy will be tolerated.
    It is now “against the law” to deviate from the “officially prescribed and accepted beliefs”, even if these “beliefs” are physically, logistically or scientifically are impossible and can be proven to be false.
    Even the “laws of physics” have been suspended in favor of “holocaustianity”.
    It’s going to be a quick slide to the bottom…
    The TRUTH no longer matters.

  13. The best government is no government. Couldn’t be any worse then this globalism which combines communism and fascism we are treated to today. Yes,,, the roads will still be built and better… so will IC cars……

    • Indeed ken,
      Any and all argument against anarchy has been summarily disposed of by what we now suffer, and have suffered for decades. It’s impossible for it to be worse. The transition would be neither quick, nor painless, but the results would be magnificent. For all of us. Except the Psychopaths In Charge, who depend on parasitism to exist.

  14. I have never been one to try to impose my ideology on another. Unless. That other insists on imposing their ideology on me. My ideology is “leave me alone” and “leave everyone else alone”. If I impose that ideal on those that refuse to leave people alone, it costs those I impose it on nothing. If they impose their ideals on me, it costs me everything. I perfectly enjoy hearing argument against my ideals, if such is not forced upon me. I’m not flawless, and perhaps I might gain some insight from such.
    I think it was Bertrand Russel who said something to the effect that “the problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are so sure of themselves, while the wiser among us are always in doubt”. Doubt is the proper perspective. You have to stop thinking to be “sure” of anything.

    • Excellent, John. Perhaps this is just another way of saying the same thing, but I see an almost complete absence of curiosity among leftists.
      For example, I doubt that any of them has read dozens of randomized controlled trials on masks to conclude that they are so effective that they must be forced on people. Likewise, they never study economics so they will have a functioning BS meter next time a politician promises to fix all the world’s problems with other people’s money. Whatever the issue, they latch onto the popular opinion of their cult and proceed with vicious tunnel vision.
      I wouldn’t say that the wise are in doubt so much as they are simply curious about the world around them. They continuously question, research, analyze, and reassess.

    • True John,
      Very few things are “sure” in this world; the leftist PTB constantly try to shut down debate on “climate change” by insisting it’s “settled science”…..because they say so. Real science is always open to new theories and discoveries, nothing is settled except to those refusing to have an open mind.

      • There is zero science backing global warming, just 100% lies, with computer modelling they lie better….lol

        climate change is just sun cycles that have been happening for billions of years.

        The leftist/communist /globalists lie 24/7 about everything so they can control, rob and eliminate you.

        As This Chart Clearly Shows; Humans have nothing to do with climate change
        The climate change premise debunked.

        CO2 has risen since 1895 …….but…..

        ATTENTION: Since 1895 there there has been no global warming, the line on the graph showing the temperature since 1895 is flat, no increase, none, zero global warming, global warming is a lie….

        Do you realize CO2 helps plants grow?…….enviro nuts say that is bad….lol

        Climate change?….yes……..the sun has cycles, it has always had cycles since the beginning of time….what are you going to do about it tax the sun?……lol

        We acknowledge full heartedly that the climate changes. However, the science shows that humans, animals, and C02 have nothing to do with it. The sun has cycles, it has had for millions of years

        CO2 does not cause global warming, people and CO2 don’t cause climate change.

        So they are taking away your food (meat), cars, money, assetts, real estate and freedom based on a lie that you cause CO2 which causes global warming that causes climate change….lol

        Based on this they are eliminating/banning ice cars because they have .00001% emissions of CO2 that has no connection to anything….lol….but they lie and say it does…..

        the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists…..black is white….. up is down….bad is good….no warming is warming

        do as we say not as we do……inversion typical of leftists…the rules don’t apply to them….
        leftists lie 24/7
        (the elite communist/globalists in control at the top will still drive Bugatti’s, own sixty cars, eat steak, fly in private jets, sail in 400 foot yachts, have billions of dollars and ten $50 million homes). you will own nothing….lol

        Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
        leftist/communists = satanist.


        • Higher CO2 means more food, new study confirms

          lowering CO2 = less food = starvation = depopulation = wef agenda 2030 goal.

          Among them is agricultural output and global greening. the elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations we have today (420 ppm) are acting as plant fertilization that is profoundly boosting crop yields. That’s nothing less than a blessing.

          0.8% more crop per 1 ppm CO2 increase


          • anon 1,
            CO2 in conjunction with plant life, is a self regulatory process. More CO2, more plant life, resulting in less CO2. Less CO2 decreases plant life, which increases CO2. Rinse and repeat as necessary.
            Even if the out right lies were true, and people cause warming by producing CO2, that is also a self regulating process. If it gets too warm, humans die back until they are no longer producing excessive CO2, it gets cooler. Humans gain population. Rinse and repeat as necessary.
            The notion that a climate that has been forever changing can be stopped from ever changing again by politician’s edicts is absurd.

  15. ‘The problem is the Left is the majority in the parts of the country that determine policy, at least at the national (congressional, presidential) level.’ — eric

    Unfortunately the Left, besides dominating the D-party, commands substantial cryptic loyalty among the R-party as well. [see “One Picture Says It All”, Aug 17]

    When it comes to who we are in the world — namely, a value-subtracting global military hegemon — there is only one Uniparty. Thus trillion-dollar deficits forever are baked in the cake, as are steadily declining living standards.

    And the yankee-defined US fedgov is just as insufferably meddlesome abroad as at home. Countless thousands of sanctions, now degraded to the level of targeting individuals rather than nations, now are meted out like a pursed-lip schoolmarm’s disapproving rap of a ruler across an unruly child’s knuckles. Such a petty nation has no dignity.

    With the improbable, fentanyl-fugued figure of George Floyd as their mascot, social justice warriors proceeded to tear down Confederate monuments, trashing a 150-year-old unwritten consensus that both sides in the 1861-1865 conflict would retain their culture and their heroes, without interference from the other.

    In Clowngress, the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2022 created a commission that has now recommended erasing the names of 13 Confederate officers from fedgov military bases. The vote was 316-113 in the House; 84-15 in the Senate.

    As Eric said, now we face a similar choice as conversos did in the Iberian peninsula 500 years ago: to affect a Puritan-derived secular religion we don’t believe in, or to be ground under heel for non-compliance.

    Some of the conversos left; others went cryptic, maintaining their private beliefs behind closed doors. As post-Enlightenment westerners, for us living a lie isn’t really an option. Resist; revile; repudiate. #FJB


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