The Electric Convection Oven

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There’s an interesting legal action  under way against Nissan by a Georgia man named Josef Tater who claims the Leaf electric car he bought has made him physically ill via its electromagnetic (EMF) emissions. His attorney says that the Leaf emits as much as 31.3 mG (milligauss) of EMF radiation and at least as much as 4.9 mG,  which – according to the lawsuit – is several times the 2 mG level the man’s lawyers say is the maximum safe level. 

This number may be derived from the so-called “Swedish Standard,” which refers to a regulation in that country requiring that certain devices that generate EMF radiation, such as video display terminals emit no more than 2 mG within one meter of the operator’s position. If it is true that the Leaf emits even 4.9 mG of EMF radiation, it would tilt (pinball reference) that standard by more than twice.

“On January 25th,” according to the lawsuit, “the plaintiff was hospitalized with inability to hear and speak. Going forward, the plaintiff kept suffering physical and mental symptoms and his marriage fell apart as his wife filed for divorce on April 15th, 2017.”

There is still much debate about the effect of EMF radiation emitted from now-common electronic devices, including smartphones, WiFi and cell phone towers. There are numerous anecdotal stories that dovetail with the claims made by the plaintiff in the Leaf case about various ill effects claimed to result from exposure to excessive EMF emissions. These include heart palpitations, fatigue, breathing difficulties and “brain fog,” among other things.

It seems not-improbable that EMF in excessive amounts might have such effects, given the human body runs on electrical signals. It might be worth knowing about.

The problem is no one seems to know exactly what constitutes “excessive.” Well, no government agency has posited any specifics, much less regulations. Or expressed much interest in knowing.

Or rather, telling.

If you cruise over to the Environmental Protection Agency’s EMF information page, you will find that there “are no U.S. Federal standards limiting residential or occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields . . . ” The EPA refers to power lines but the relevant thing is there’s no EMF standard for cars, either. 

Yet modern cars emit – and receive – lots of EMF emissions. Not just electric cars, either. Almost all new cars have WiFi, keyless locks and ignition. Some can “stream” media content through wireless devices/entertainment systems and almost all are now “connected” cars that transmit and receive data/software updates wirelessly.

Which is interesting, given the contrasting assertions regarding allowable exhaust emissions, which are now almost immeasurable as regards new cars.

Yet the necessity is asserted that they be rendered nil.

It is as if it were 1968 again – except everyone pretended not to see the smog enshrouding practically everywhere.

Perhaps the reason for the insouciance about the EMF radiation that enshrouds us today is that no one can see it. Yet it is being emitted everywhere. Here’s an interesting video about how much of what you can’t see is emitted by a hybrid car, which probably emits a lot less than an electric car – because a hybrid has a smaller battery and electric motor:

As you can see, it tilts the Swedish Standard.

Here’s an even more interesting video of the EMF radiation emitted by an electric vehicle:

What’s most interesting about all of this, arguably, is the lack of interest expressed by the government regulatory apparat, usually so very “concerned” about “our safety” that it will arise like an affronted lion over hypothesized “threats” to “our safety” such as the negligibly (fractionally) higher exhaust emissions of VW’s diesel engines – which ran very cleanly, by the way. But they were not electric – and that presented an obstacle in the path of pushing more “zero emissions” (supposedly – not actually) electric cars onto the market, to take their place.

Readers of this column well know the why regarding that – which has to do with getting most people out of cars rather than into electric cars. You can hear more about this agenda here:

Once you understand this agenda, you will also understand why there is such otherwise inexplicable insouciance on the part of the federal safety apparat – so sometimes “concerned” about “safety” – regarding the absolutely established dangers of electric cars, which are inherently fire-prone cars and of what are styled “self-driving” cars, which are driven by software and sensors, often right into other cars (and people, too).

If any other make or model car burst into flames just sitting in a garage – or veered into the path of other cars – that model of car would be taken off the road and its maker subjected to an inquisition by the federal “safety” apparat. But electric cars – as a kind of car – have an inherent/built-in fire problem  . . . and the apparat is indifferent.

“Self-driving” cars are regarded with equal indifference.

So also the EMF radiation they emit. As opposed to the exhaust emissions of combustion- engined modern cars, which are practically nil and which have never been shown to cause any actual harm to anyone. Yet they are the subject of much interest – and inquisition, as in the case of VW.

All of which is very . . . interesting, isn’t it?

. . .

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  1. I go to sleep with my little tinfoil hood on these days now that I’m back to apartment living surrounded by dozens of other peoples wifi routers. Also replaced my cool new dual power outlet alarm clock with a battery-powered one cuz of the staticky sound that was emanating from it.. doing research on the dirty electricity stuff. My brain’s so shot after living in that moldy house that I’m going for a goddamn MRI soon. Even if the silver lined hood is just a placebo effect, it seems to be helping, and I need all the healing edge I can get before work shitcans me for being cognitively impaired 😂

    If they’re calling us conspiracy theorists for discussing EMF and 5G then there’s likely merit to worrying about it. There needs to be more studies done, but it’s been rumored that Lyme spirochetes and mold mycotoxins go nuts around radiation. If it does affect bio-organisms that much, it probably screws with us pretty good.

  2. Sit in your EV when charging and get microwaved and if you are unlucky the lithium fire bomb battery will catch fire and incinerate you….


    Charging the car creates substantial amounts of dirty electricity (DE). When you charge your car in the garage, you are putting extremely high levels of DE onto the wires of your entire home. turn your house into a microwave oven….lol

    This is especially problematic as most people charge the car overnight when the occupants are sleeping – the time of day when we want our EMF exposure to be as low as possible.

    Some of the general symptoms of EMF radiation exposure include:

    Anxiety and depression
    Fatigue and lack of energy
    Mood changes
    Changes in blood pressure
    Heart conditions
    Muscle pain and neuralgia
    Possible fertility issues
    However, the major cause for concern when it comes to EMF exposure in vehicles in drowsiness. This symptom isn’t unique to exposure in vehicles, but is obviously a big problem if you’re behind the wheel.

    watch out for EV drivers they are dangerous….lol

    • These EV’s are looking worse all the time.

      they produce huge amounts of EMF that microwaves you, they have lithium fire bomb batteries that can incinerate you, (and can’t be recycled), they get 20 mpg, way worse then ice vehicles, they produce millions of tons of pollution at their very dirty energy power plants, far worse then the new .00001% emission very clean ice vehicles,

      parking underground with their lithium firebomb batteries they endanger everyone, increasing risk for everyone and increasing insurance rates,

      These EV owners and the government pushing them are inflicting huge amounts of EMF radiation on everybody, with their electricity use they force the electrical grid and the wires in your house or building/apartment to produce enormous EMF pollution, ruining every-bodies health, killing everybody slowly. They could kill grandma……remember that?….lol

  3. Here’s you a good one Eric, Jane Goodall (88 years old) wants to depopulate the world. Go to Jon Rappoport Substack, click on read first. You’ll see the article, “Jane Goodall: wants to reset population at 461 million”, if I remembered it correctly. I couldn’t do the link for some reason.

    It’s a short article, I didn’t listen to the podcast, just read the article. Questions are funny, if you need a laugh.

    • **”most restaurants serve tv dinner style microwaved food”**

      Reminds me of the time I took a friend to lunch at a local restaurant of his choosing, for doing me a small favor. I don ‘t eat lunch, nor do I eat in restaurants- so I just had something to drink, but the spaghetti my friend ordered smelled so good, I was tempted! So I ask the girl at the counter some questiona about the sauce, to determine if I could eat it…and she just says “I dunno, the spaghetti and sauce just come in a can”!

      Gotta love it- Pay to eat out and get Chef Boyardee!

      • Hi Nunzio

        I can cook a 7 oz steak with a salad for $4.50 ………in the restaurant it is $30.00 plus tax plus 20% tip…….plus gas to get there, plus 2 hours wasted

        • if you cook for yourself it could cost $8.00 to $10.00 per day for three meals.

          Eating in restaurants can cost $45.00 to $60.00 per day, $1050 to $1500 per month more then your own cooking, just for pretty much fast food, no wonder people are broke…..

          this doesn’t include $5.00 starbucks drinks or rip off $2.00 crappy coffees…note: coffee can be made for 5 cents to 10 cents a cup….lol

          If you invest $1,000 every month for 40 years at a 6% return, it will be worth $1,991,545.25

          $1.99 million dollars just from one person

        • Hey, Anon,
          Plus, if you cook it yourself, you don’t have to worry about cretins with STDs, drug addicts, filthy slobs, sick people, etc. touching/breathing on your food.

          I can make nutritious meals, often for under $2. Lentils, veggie pea soup, veggie tacos, whole wheat spaghetti with homemade sauce… I can make a delicious NY-style whole-wheat 16″ pizza for about $4. (And it’ll make a few meals and snacks…and only 200 calories per slice!).

  4. Yes, radiation from wifi, towers, EV’s, cell phones and screens harm you.

    Hundreds of scientific publications showing radiation/microwaves and electromagnetic radiation EMF/EMR harm DNA, humans, insects animals, cells etc. and cause flu like symptoms:

    flu like symptoms….remember the bat germ disease…

  5. Health damage from EMF radiation from EV’s

    Since Tesla is an electric car with a large battery and an electric motor, it emits high amounts of EMF radiation. The latest models emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

    A Tesla car is a form of a ev car that emits a higher amount of EMF than other standard cars. Tesla cars use alternators which generate high amounts of radiation by transmitting dirty electricity.

    Dangers of EMF Radiation from Tesla Cars and Other Electric Cars
    According to a study by Scripps Clinic Research Foundation, high levels of EMF from EVs make the drivers drowsy and sleepy while driving. Based on the study, drivers who are exposed to high levels of EMF while driving are likely to sleep 52 minutes faster than those exposed to low levels of EMF. Is this why there are so many tesla crashes?

    In addition, exposure to radiation while driving can result in headaches, neck stiffness, and dry eyes or blurred vision. Long-term exposure to these sources of EMF radiation may have long-term health complications.EMF Radiation from Electric Cars
    blurred vision… this causing crashes?

    According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz at the University of California Berkeley, hybrid cars and other electric cars have increased levels of ELF that cause cancer, increase the level of oxidative stress that leads to DNA fragmentation, cause cell damage, fertility issues, drowsiness, etc.

    Electric cars, including the Tesla EV do emit a dangerous amount of EMF especially around the glove box and at the driver’s window. Electric cars do emit more radiation compared to standard fossil fuel vehicles.

    • If you sit in your EV when connected to the super charger/ high speed charger you get microwaved, stay away from the car when it is charging.

      this will be interested in the middle of the night in a dark parking lot in the middle of the night when it is snowing and freezing out….lol….these Ev`s are a safety hazard in many ways…

      Avoid Sitting in the Car While Charging the Battery
      When supercharging the battery, a high amount of EMF is emitted, therefore, do not stay inside the car.

  6. nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% lockdowns, cgi v…….s, 5g

    5G Roll-out Facing one Trillion dollar Class Action Lawsuit

    The very essence of the 5G roll-out, as well as the manner in which 5G is currently being deployed across the USA and worldwide, are patently illegal, unlawful and illicit according to many generally accepted legal principles and standards.

    This extremely dangerous interstate deployment of 5G is being conducted in such a way that it clearly violates the U.S. Constitution as well as various federal laws, state statutes, county codes and city ordinances. Such an inherently harmful power grid also transgresses international law, natural law, universal law, divine law and scriptural law.

    KEY POINT: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: Why is the UN’s health watchdog allowing humanity’s health to be put in such great danger with 5G and other EMF assaults?

    the WHO is run by the china/ccp and gates, makes billions from 5 G rollout.

    Every country in the world signed on with the WHO, the WHO controls all health regulations in your country, that is how you end up with masking, lockdowns, forced experimental injections, etc., your politicians were bribed a lot to go along with this. the WHO is run by the china/ccp and gates, these bastards are running your so called health care system ….

    The foisting of 5G digital cellular networks on cities and communities throughout the United States is likewise a clear violation of human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights and natural rights.

    In other words, 5G in it’s current form is a “A Clear Violation of Everything”!

    An interesting point is insurance companies will not insure 5G, they are uninsurable. what do the insurance companies know?

    they are rushing to install them before the lawsuits take all their money.

    getting 5g installed is the first priority for the nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% reset

    because 5g is being installed for total 24/7 surveilance when hooked up to satelites, and to connect you to the cloud to data mine and control you.

    hitler used zyklon b gas. gates is using deadly inj//ec…..tions. plus 5g

    These new v……s are not v………s, installing gmo mrna technology, chips, nano wires, nano metal particles. is not a v………e

    the combination of injecting metal nano particles and then applying high intensity 5g emf which makes the metal move around inside your organs to cause shearing (shearing rips apart your organs).

    So when one of these injected idiots is driving down the road and gets hit with 60 ghz 5G, gets shearing in it’s organs, brain, drives head on into your vehicle….. they did warn there is a depopulation agenda….

    so use a fake pandemic as cover and to dodge liability. the germ made people sick, not 5g you can’t sue us.

    ATTENTION: there are only three causes of sickness: toxins, deficiencies and trauma

    toxicity and oxygen deficiency can be caused in humans by 5G @ 60GHz.
    the 60 GHz band (used by 5G) affects oxygen. oxygen absorbs a very high percentage (98% on one website) of 60 GHz waves,

    Dana Ashlie explains in this February 2020 video that when the O2 molecules absorb the 60 GHz waves, it affects the spin of their electrons. Changes to these spin frequencies in turn have impacts on human biology.

    It reduces the oxygen molecules’ ability to fully bind with and saturate the hemoglobin in our blood, thus preventing us from fully uptaking oxygen, thus depriving us of fully oxygenating ourselves. (remember the so called cv19 victims couldn’t get air)

    this 5g affect is similar to The effect of zyklon b gas (hydrogen cyanide).
    it is based on the fact that it paralyzes the respiration of every individual cell in the body. Oxygen can no longer be transported from the blood through the cell walls into the cells. As the vital cell functions are thereby starved of oxygen, the animal or human being suffocates. hitler used zyklon b gas.

    and it is easier to install 5g when people are locked up. reason for the lockdowns.

    • this 5g affect is similar to The effect of zyklon b gas (hydrogen cyanide).
      it is based on the fact that it paralyzes the respiration of every individual cell in the body. Oxygen can no longer be transported from the blood through the cell walls into the cells. As the vital cell functions are thereby starved of oxygen, the animal or human being suffocates.

      this has the same symptoms as the bat germ disease……wuhan has the most dense 5G network on earth….turn 5G up to 60 ghz….people fall over….lol

    • this 5g affect is similar to The effect of zyklon b gas (hydrogen cyanide).
      it is based on the fact that it paralyzes the respiration of every individual cell in the body. Oxygen can no longer be transported from the blood through the cell walls into the cells. As the vital cell functions are thereby starved of oxygen, the animal or human being suffocates. hitler used zyklon b gas.

      you are slowly getting gassed….nobody seems to mind or care….lol

  7. It seems to me that a “consensus” argument for climate change could be better made for electricity than people and oceans breathing C02. Lets see the hippies at the EPA and multi-millionaire carbon trading Al Gore go down that “for the children” road.

    PS: It is all bunkum. Play with a Tesla coil or get within miles of any AM/FM/short wave transmitter (almost all at least 50,000 watts and up) and millions would be walking around brain damaged deaf & dumb. Wait…really?

  8. ‘“Self-driving” cars are regarded with equal indifference [by the apparat] — eric

    Ford CEO Jim Farley gets it:

    “I think the biggest change in our industry isn’t really electrification; it’s more partial autonomy coming together with software-updatable vehicles.

    “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the inside of a vehicle ten years from now. And all I know, though, is that we need to ship software to it to make that happen.”

    Having suffered for years with software updates which messed up phones and computers and apps, the last damned thing I need is a freaking updatable car with a spinning wheel on the display — “software update 27% complete” — just when I’m late for an event.

    No. Take your cell phones on wheels, Jim, and shove ’em.

  9. I do think EMF is a significant risk to your health. I located my last off the grid house site when the realtor told me the lot was down in a hole and didn’t get cellphone service. I located the building site right in the middle of huge cedar trees, thinking that those trees absorb radiation.

    If you know what a Luddite is, I guess I am a neo-Luddite as I do not own or want to own a cellphone.

    I do think you can not get far enough away from civilization (or your relatives). With the push merge us with Ai, I now really think you should isolate yourself from all the coming trends which are clearly anti-human and toxic.

    Also, I stand vindicated that I never used Facebook, it was Israeli intelligence data collecting all along, now proven as such. Screw Mark ZuckerBORG and Meta.

    • Yukon, I’m glad I live in an older metal-clad singlewide! The metal acts a faraday cage. You can get a mediocre cell signal outside in some spots on my acreage (Lately…but not at all when I moved here. DArn!)- but little to no signal in the house! Can’t get good radio reception either (Not that I’d listen). If I can ever find or make some lead paint…I’d repaint the whole trailer…it’d really repel those signals!

      • Morning, Nunz!

        We’ve been talking about how to divorce ourselves from dey sail fawns, among other related things. She can; I can’t – without more or less retiring as I can’t work without a sail fawn, computer and WiFi. But I have begun taking steps to live as I did six years ago – before I got my first sail fawn and just had a phone in the house, on the wall. I no longer take the sail fawn with me when I leave the house and I am trying to just leave it in the kitchen drawer and look at it once at night and once again in the morning – and that’s it.

        These things have insidiously invaded our lives…

        • Eric,
          “without more or less retiring as I can’t work without a sail fawn, computer and WiFi.”

          I suspect you can. You can’t be “mobile” and work, but most likely can do any thing on a computer hardwired into your ISP that you can do with a “sail fawn” and WiFi. As long as you are willing to sit still and do it.
          I do use a cell phone as my primary phone, because the rates for land line service and connection fees are ever increasing, and I like to carry one any way while driving in case something bad happens. Mine has never been connected to WiFi, nor to the internet at all, at least voluntarily and with my knowledge. Other than the newly required GPS, for 911 calls don’t you know. It’s a phone, with text capability, which I do like, since it does not require immediate response to non-emergency communication. No need to respond to a text until you have the time and inclination to do so.

        • Hey Ya, Eric!
          Yeah, I get it- For business use, the sailfawns can definitely be very useful- probably their one legitimate use. I used to use one back in the 90’s when I had my tow truck, so I could answer potential customer’s calls immediately- but of course, back then, they were simple burner phones that were truly just mobile phones, without all of the other BS, and “apps” that monitor everything you do and mine your data. It was a great day when I got out of that business and smushed the phone on the asphalt!

          ‘Course, I keep a simple Trac-fone flip phone in my glove compartment now just in case I break down. Saved my chooch when I blew my tranny a few years ago in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday…and had to have a tow truck come from 50 miles away.

          I too now make most of my (scant) actual income online now- but like John says, I am perfectly content to sit at my desk at home with a wired DSL connection. People like you and I are very lucky to live in nice places where we can look out the window and see trees and green grass, and be surrounded by our pets and the environment of our own choosing/creating…so I am more than content not to have to go to an office or some public place, like we might have had to do thirty years ago. If people can’t deal with my landline or answering machine when I’m not home, I consider it a good thing for filtering out the things that I really don’t need to be bothered with.

        • Hi Eric

          Does EMF Radiation Affect Our Gut Health? Here’s What We Know So Far

          Scientific studies have shown that when bacteria are exposed to low-level ionizing or non-ionizing radiation, this increases their multi-drug antibiotic resistance.

          These studies linking EMF radiation and antibiotic resistance have evaluated not just EMF radiation emitted by mobile phones, but also those from base stations, laptops, mobile phone jammers, and even MRI scans – and they all point to the same results. This EMF-induced antibiotic resistance can encourage the growth of bad bacteria in our bodies and have serious implications on public health.

  10. As simple, not very scientific but fun way to discover EMF in your environment is a battery powered portable AM band radio (usually having FM & SW). Tune in to the dead spots between stations, starting as close to the 550 kHz bottom as possible, then try other dead spots further up. Rotating the radio on its axes affords some elementary direction finding.

    While the newer DSP receiver portable radios with a digital displays or faux tuning dials or scales will do OK, our grandpa’s “six transistor” analog radios (and later variants) are less capable of rejecting interference.

    The cacophony of squeals and rasps from the touch panel of my clothes dryer is heard beginning at a distance of three feet. From my google device (aka “phone”), almost a foot. My desktop PC while surfing the web is almost musical.

    A walk through the house reveals several curious buzzing and static-like noises, some are quite noticeable especially at some wall switches and outlets but not others. I have no clue what those are all about.

    A walk about my 1/3 acre big-city property reveals I (we) traverse an environment charged with electromotive forces much like fishes swimming thought water.

    • If you’d have made such an astute comment 5 years ago it would have been lambasted as conspiracy theory. Sadly, conspiracy theories are now becoming conspiracy facts faster than many can keep up with.

  11. Is the man’s name Charles McGill? I hear his brother, Jimmy, defecated through a sunroof when there were children in the backseat.

  12. I bought a Trifield EMF/RF meter about a month ago for about $140. It is pretty eye opening the amount of EMF/radiation that is running through our bodies constantly. My concern was regarding the smart meters that electric companies are installing. Just to note for anyone interested: there are smart meters that can be run back through the electric lines and not communication towers. The smart meter on my house has zero RF coming from it now. Many people in rural areas would have this type of meter. It seems that most of the RF electric meters are being installed in urban and suburban areas.

    I did not thinking about testing the car. I think I will do that today. Also of note: flip phones zilch on the EMF front. The difference between hubby’s IPhone and my cheap ass LG flip phone is surreal. Mine barely registers.

    • Our beloved (cough, cough) electric company finally got around to installing the “smart meters” in these parts. I am very glad mine is on a pole far from the house, as they have been known to burn people’s homes down. Not to mention my electric bill has gone way up since then. Even after trying to educate the fools at the electric office about how wildly inaccurate these “smart meters” are, the lady at the desk merely gushed about how great it was to monitor my usage in live time. As the saying goes, “you can’t fix stupid”.

      • Hi Shadow,

        I noticed the gushing from the electric company too when calling to change out the meter. They either haven’t done their homework on how dangerous these things are or are trying to convince the rest of us that these meters are perfectly fine. I noticed a prepared script comes out when one request’s a non communicating meter. They seem befuddled by such a demand. Why wouldn’t we want to constantly be monitored? One actually argued with me that the new meter contacts them when an outage occurs otherwise I will have to call in to report it. She seemed perturbed when I told her I have no problem doing this.

        • This is sooo very much like the Geoengineering fiasco: “They either haven’t done their homework on how dangerous these things are or are trying to convince the rest of us that these meters are perfectly fine.”

          “With very few exceptions, we should not see anything behind the jets in our skies that are fitted with high bypass turbofan jet engines. High Bypass turbofan jet engines are fitted on all commercial aircraft and all military tankers. High bypass jet engines are nearly incapable of producing a “condensation trail” except for the most extreme conditions, and even then, any visible trail should not be more than a few seconds at most.”

          Chemical trails (Chemtrails) contain aluminum, barium, and strontium, among many other chemicals, plastics, and other toxic elements, many in the form of harmful nanoparticles. As retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Charles Jones stated concerning the sprayed trails in the sky:

          “When people look up into the blue and see white trails paralleling and crisscrossing high in the sky, little do they know that they are not seeing aircraft engine contrails, but instead they are witnessing a manmade climate engineering crisis facing all air breathing humans and animals on planet Earth… Toxic atmospheric aerosols are used to alter weather patterns, creating droughts in some regions, deluges and floods in other locations and even extreme cold under other conditions.”

    • RG,

      That’s good to know, as I have a flip phone too! I never had a desire to get a smart phone. There are functions on my flip phone that I don’t use. Why would I get a phone that costs $1,000 with 1,000 more things I’ll never use?

    • Hi RG

      children and emf radiation…

      Risk (OR) of Forming Malignant Brain Tumor Compared to “Unexposed” Population (Who Do Not Use Cell or Cordless Phones)

      In short, Dr. Milham has presented strong evidence that the incidence of leukemia in children between the ages of 3 and 4 was caused by EMF radiation. This type of childhood leukemia did not exist until the introduction of the power grid, and it still does not exist in the parts of the world that remain off the grid, like areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

      For the EV conversion they have to increase the grid capacity 500%….lol

      • cell phones aren’t the only source of EMF radiation, EV’s are too.
        Among the many others are power lines and electrical wiring in your home. This is because AC power emits a type of EMF called ELF (or extremely low frequency).

        The power lines and electrical circuitry that form our power grid also act as a massive, nationwide (well, really, worldwide) antenna that can pick up and conduct stray EMF from other devices like cell phones and wifi. Dr. Sam Milham coined a term to describe this: ‘Dirty Electricity’.

        In ‘Dirty Electricity‘ Dr. Milham correlates the incidence of ‘diseases of civilization’ to the increase of EMF in our environment.
        Dr. Milham believes that exposure to this type of EMF noise is the source of significant health problems.

        While the power grid is ubiquitous today, when it was initially created, it was installed in different parts of the country at different times. And Dr. Milham was able to show how increases in the death rate correlated with the onset of electrification, independent of where it occurred in the country.

        Thay are pushing electrification of everything including pushing EV’s, the grid will have to expanded 500% to provide the electricity, making the electrical EMF problem 5 X worse.

  13. I’ve always wondered about cumulative EMF exposure since I spent most of my career in proximity to high voltage power lines. I have had a few melanomas (fortunately all found and removed promptly) but that could also be due to working outdoors/sun exposure. It would seem the frequency of the EMF is related to the amount of damage it may cause; 60Hz being less dangerous than stuff in the MHz range, i.e. a microwave oven. From what I’ve read the 5G being pushed on us is in that range, so of course the PTB don’t want you to know that a 5G cell tower near your house will be the equivalent of slow cooking yourself in a microwave.
    Saaaaaaaafety indeed.

    • Hi Ya Mike!
      What you said above reminded me: On Long Island, hi-tension ROWs for the ‘lectric co. run through many neighborhoods and subdivisions, and are lined with houses (I had always wanted to live in a house that bordered on such a ROW when I was young, as it offered a little more privacy and access to an open area [the ROW] than the typical property)- Well, for decades they have been trying to figure out why LI has an unusually high rate of breast and other cancers- and someone discovered that a lot of these excess cancers seem to be concentrated in people who live or have lived along these ROWs.

      Of course, Uncle concluded that it had ‘nothing to do with 50K volts in people’s backyards…..

      • Nunz,
        I seem to recall that many years ago, I saw footage of a young barefooted woman standing under one simply pointing a fluorescent tube toward one of these high voltage lines, and it lit up.

        • Yikes, John!
          Doesn’t surprise me….
          I once lived less than a quarter mile from one of those ROWs- used to walk my dog through them…sometimes for miles… Between that, and having explored the old abandoned Marconi-RCA transmitting facility in Rocky Point many times…I’m surprised I don’t glow in the dark!

      • Hi Nunzio

        higher incidents of cancer has been shown to occur when living under power lines.

        also on top of hills is worse, more exposure and living in valleys with no power lines is safer, less emf exposure…..

  14. EMF is regulated by the FCC. The FCC requirs ham radio operators to perform an RF exposure audit of their station:

    The primary driver of the requirement is for RF burns, which are nasty deep tissue burns that take forever to heal. There’s a non-zero chance that low level tissue heating over time can damage cells.

    However, at extremely low level exposure I don’t know that there’s anything to be concerned with. The amount of leakage from an unshielded cable used at the frequencies typically used to drive DC brushless motors is minimal because electrons are naturally lazy and take the path of least resistance. Air is an extremely high resistance path compared to copper. Nearly all the energy is transfered to the windings where they create a magnetic field, which drives the permanent magnets. The windings are designed to direct the magnetic field into the magnets, any stray magentism is wasted.

    Now, do I think there’s a possible connection between an electric car and psychological damage? Perhaps. Many of the circuits in electric vehicle drivetrains operate at frequencies that are within or just above the threshold of human hearing. If they are somehow coupling with this man’s auditory nerve, or even just rattling a wire or magnet and producing audio waves, it could be irritating enough to become a problem.

    As someone who suffers from tinnitus, I can relate.

    • RK:
      **”Now, do I think there’s a possible connection between an electric car and psychological damage?”**

      One might posit that buying an electrioc car may be an indication of pre-existing psychological damage…… (Seems to be especially common among those who purchase Teslas!)

    • Ready,
      What did you say? I didn’t hear you because I constantly hear a sound similar to a jet engine running right outside my house.

  15. I don’t doubt that prolonged recurring exposure to EMF is harmful- and that is one of the reasons I do not use a cell phone, microwave oven, wireless router/devices, etc. (Stay tuned for a big BUT…and I don’t mean Big-butt Bertha).

    My late sister had a blood conditon -I forget what it was called- where she’d regularly have to go for a blood-letting and have a portion of her blood replaced- Among possible causes of that condition, is exposure to strong EMF, including having many MRIs- of which my sister had had a plethora of (at your and my expense!) as she was the kind of person who’d run to the doctor/ER for literally every bump and bruise…and it seemed, since the taxpayers were footing the bill, MRIs were almost always prescribed.

    BUT…that being said, I’m sure that this Tater guy is a scammer or is seriously deluded (Most likely the former- just looking to make a buck). While I don’t doubt that being in the presence of strong electric motors for prolonged periods, repeatedly, can indeed pose serious long-term health risks, it is also apparent by the fact that most other drivers of electric cars aren’t experiencing the same short-term symptoms as Mr. Taterhead, that his ailments were likely not the fault of his slot-car.

    Of course, this being ‘Merica, with our perverted legal system and scheming shyster lawyers, at the very least Nissan will be in for an expensive fight or settlement- as in cases like these, even when the plaintiff doesn’t win, the defendant still loses [Suffers consequences, even if never going to trial, or even if not formally losing the case].

    Let’s hear if for America: Wooo-hooo! MAGA! GimmeGimmeGimme!!!! ….and they wonder why no one wants to business here anymore! Let’s see: Second-highest corporate tax rate in the world; Drug-addicted lazy litigious workforce; Government regulation that would make the Nazis envious; and a legal system which puts you at the mercy of every crackpot and shyster……

    • Hi Nunz,
      Sorry about your sister, a friend of ours has a similar condition, I forget the medical term but it’s iron overload – too much iron in the blood. She also goes for infusions or whatever they do, but I think an MRI would be really bad since it’s a super powerful magnet. Iron in your blood, giant magnet, what could possibly go wrong?

      • I think it’s called “hemachrotosis”….or something close .my GF obsesses over her “ferritin” blood test numbers….

    • Hi Nunzio

      Russia did a lot of research on microwaves, a long time ago microwave ovens were banned in russia.

      A friend of mine worked in an office, in the office a women had a desk located for a long time, where a microwave oven was located behind her head, her hair fell out, later she died. I do not like microwave ovens. Restaurants are bad, multiple microwave ovens. throw your microwave oven in the bush….lol

  16. My intelligent young nephew scoffs at the very idea of EMF radiation being dangerous. Compares 5g to the radiation emitted from closed door of a microwave. But we are getting cumulative exposure from the various devices we use, many of us all day long.

    • RS, a book you might find interesting, is one titled “Invisible Rainbow”, by Arthur Firstenberg. When I first started reading it, I thought it was going to be this wacky, environmentalist kind of read. But no, it was quite a fascinating to say the least. The author documents how, after the releasing of modern technology, how diseases soon followed. With the latest, 5G and 6G, and now add in the mRNA “vaccines” and EMF, it does get one to pondering what is in store for humans and ones health.

  17. ‘the lack of interest expressed by the government regulatory apparat‘ — eric

    Strange how state-sponsored industries get a pass. When nuclear was a frontier technology in the 1950s, outrageously dangerous atmospheric experiments were conducted which caused soaring cancer rates. The apparat turned a blind eye … for the greater good.

    Now the EMF industry — especially cell phone networks, cell phone makers and electric utilities — are Too Big To Fail, and consequently too big to regulate … unless they themselves sponsor the regulators. *wink*

    Consequently, lowly consumer-depositors have to perform their own due diligence. It’s a time suck. But the alternative is trusting the Bad Science, and ending up a statistic like the 1,385,401 (to date) victims of the covid shots.

    The function of the jackal gov is to take down and devour its prey (us), for its own caloric benefit.

  18. We saw the same thing with masks when they became a handy tool for the state. As I understand it, there are strict OSHA regulations for the level and duration of CO2 that a worker can be exposed to. Violate them as an employer and expect huge fines. Yet forcing workers to endure much higher levels of CO2 for entire shifts by strapping on useless rags was fine and dandy.

  19. They might not have anything to say about EMF emissions because any “discovery” may inhibit 5G implementation. Which the state wants very badly. The better to mind your business for you. Or should I say for them? I’m no expert on EMF, just a wild guess.
    God help anyone who believes the state is in the least bit concerned about their health or safety, except as it may coincide with the state’s benefit.

    • Expecting the State to take care of your health and safety plays right into their hands. It is all the excuse they need to seize power (as if they needed any more), and they will use that power to their own ends—not yours.

      Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

      • Ha! Yeah…
        Things which have or have had the ‘full approval’ of the state:

        Electro-shock therapy
        High fructose corn syrup
        mRNA clot-shot…….

        • Indeed Nunz,
          It has long appeared that the primary criteria for approval has been how much money is in it, and how much of that money the state can tap.

    • Hi John

      5G installation the number one priority.

      Lock down everyone for the bat germ bs….lol….this gives you time for the install…..

      all part of agenda 2030…


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