Diaper Report 9/17/21

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An uneasy stasis has been achieved.

The people who cling to their Face Effacers continue to cling to them; those who hated them no longer wear them. The divisions are now gelled. What was once grey or blue is now Face-Effaced or not.

Jabbed – or not.

Neither is going to change the others’ mind. The Face Effacers (and Jabbed) consider us some combination of stupid-reckless. We consider the Face Effacers demented, fear-riddled loons. The Jabbed, stupid and reckless.

They regard us as a threat to their health. We know they are a threat to sanity, generally. But neither will convince the other. Accordingly, there are only two options.

One, that we find a way to live together – or at least, to live in the same country, together. We need not be friends. We need not attend the same events. The Face Effacers can have their events and friends – and we can have ours.

If the Face Effacers will abide that.

Aye, there’s the rub.

If we have discovered anything about America over the course of the past two years, it is that some Americans are my-way-or-the-highway types. Even when it is not their “highway,”  as in the cases of stores and other venues they don’t own but which they demand the owners thereof close (or close to the Unjabbed) to accommodate the Face Effaced Jabbers’ fear of getting sick. Even though no one is suggesting they be forced to walk through the door. In spite of the fact that there were and are other stores and venues whose owners would have (and will) accommodate their preference.

For my-way-or-the-highway types – almost all of whom are on the political Left – such accommodation is unthinkable.

Because heretical.

Remember we are dealing with a faith here. A faith that cannot brook unbelief.

We see the metastasis of this faith in place such as New York City, where there are thousands of restaurants, stores, gyms and other such venues but which must all of them – per the order of the Leftists who control the city – not accommodate anyone who isn’t a Face Effacer or a Proof of Jab presenter. The Leftists who run that city will not abide even a single store whose owner wishes to accommodate the Unjabbed, the non-effaced. Into which the Jabbed and Effaced are not compelled to enter.

Because of the affront that non-belief represents to those of faith.

This can be expected to spread, for the same reason that the religion of Leftism always spreads. It is a doctrine conveyed by force. It brooks no choice. Communism is fine for those who wish to live under its thrall. Or rather, it is  fine if others wish to live that way.

The problem is that Communists are never content to allow others to live outside of its thrall. It is a faith that demands conversion – by the sword, if necessary.

It is always necessary.

Chiefly because once people realize what it means to live under its thrall, many do not wish to continue living under it. Witness in this regard the mass exodus of people away from places such as New York City – once upon a time a place people seeking the freedom to  do their own thing flocked to – and toward places such as Florida, where the governor has affronted the Left by defending the right of the people to choose to efface their faces and to get Jabbed – or not – as they prefer.

This is intolerable to the Left – and they will not abide it.

Which brings us to the next – the inevitable – thing.

How do we separate ourselves from them? It is probably not enough to form our own separate networks of friends and commerce and community. It would be, if the tables were turned. We – the people – who choose not to efface our faces or roll up our sleeves could live in the same country with those who do. We would respect their right to be let alone, to close the doors of their stores to those they find disagreeable, to not hire them – and so on.

Provided they also respect our right to be let alone, among ourselves.

That formula was the one that made America work, once. It made it possible for people who held different views as regards religion and other personal choices to live peacefully together, even as next-door neighbors. The Catholicism of Jones presented no threat to the Protestantism of Smith. Each could practice their own faith, send their kids to schools of their own faith. As a result, their kids could play together – and Jones could wave to Smith as he walked down the driveway to get his mail.

The Old World’s fanatic insistence upon one-size-fits all was put aside by general consent as most people understood that live – and let live – is the only basis upon which people can live together without hating each other. Without tearing each other to pieces as each tries to defend his way of life while at the same time trying to impose his way of life on everyone else.

Americans of the Left are turning the New World into the Old World, with an even more rabid etiolation of the fanatic’s insistence that everyone must share their faith. One cannot live among such people. Their intolerance and cruelty will not allow it.

It will be us – or them – if we cannot find a way to get away from them. The latter is much to be preferred as it doesn’t entail violence, only a parting of the ways. Some agreement will of course have to be drawn up as regards which parts of the country will become a new country – and time will have to be allotted for a peaceful migration.

This, however, is not something the Left is likely to agree – for the same reason that it will not agree to let those who wish to efface their faces do so – and leave those be who do not wish to do so. And the same as regards the rolling up of the sleeve – and the opening and closing of doors.

Even among ourselves.

Which brings us back full circle to what is probably inevitable – and for which the Left must shoulder all the opprobrium, having made it inevitable by leaving us no other choice.

. . .

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  1. Man – this is getting extremely depressing. Apparently your dear leaders have allowed vaccinated people to travel to the US !? WTF… the most depressing was when Pakistan mandated it….(which I just found out today as I was booking tickets)…. but now the US too !! WTF !!

  2. Went to an outdoor farm auction today and The Only face diaper was dangling by the way-side off a 90yr. old man. 200+ people were there, many times they were elbow to elbow and followed Zero anti-social distancing.

    …What a Great day!

    Also, it was ‘nice’ to see this video of the Australian People who are being turned into – or already are slaves – bum rushing the cops (defenders of Empire & a slave dynasty) trying to stop the natural right of People to walk & travel.


  3. The Lügenpresse recruits defeatist, RINO repugs to demoralize patriots:

    Rob Stutzman, a longtime Republican strategist based in California, told me, “Voters are looking at this through a personal lens, not a political lens. If I’m vaccinated, I’m really annoyed that we’ve had a second surge that was made worse because of the unvaccinated. And I’m annoyed because that means I have to put a mask back on and I have kids in school who are now at risk.”


    Never mind that the latest studies — as well as Israel’s appalling face plant — show that the ‘surge made worse by the unvaccinated’ is one of the biggest lies in the history of science.

    It’s gonna be a tough slog, but we will defeat these lying collectivists and their media allies.

    Check out the great photo at the top of the article, showing a protest sign rendering ‘Biden’ with a syringe for the ‘i’ and a hammer-and-sickle for the ‘e’ — I approve!

    • Take anything appearing in The Atlantic with a grain of salt. The magazine is wholly owned by Laurene Powell Jobs, and serves as her personal opinion platform.

      The Widow Jobs also still owns a sizeable chunk of the Disney/ABC media empire and wields considerable influence there, but ABC News still has to maintain a figleaf of some objectivity.

    • That’s a nasty piece of agitprop. Another example of bluffing to try to seem more potent and powerful than they really are. The thing is, though, the main premise relies on the inversion of the old, traditional definition of “vaccine”, i.e., it prevents one from getting an illness (and thus can’t transmit it), that is no longer operable. This notion that the “vaccinated” need to be protected from the “unvaccinated” in a public setting is preposterous and people know it.

      • ‘This notion that the “vaccinated” need to be protected from the “unvaccinated” in a public setting is preposterous.’ — Hatteraszek

        It’s the Myth of the Century so far.

        But some can’t absorb that it’s a myth.

        Got an email yesterday from a family member — graduate degree; professional; consumes an ample diet of mass media (WaPo, NYT, WSJ, etc) — who is cursing angry that the selfish unvaxxed are putting their family at risk.

        Can facts change this?

        “Our vaccines are working exceptionally well,” [CDC director Rochelle] Walensky told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “They continue to work well for Delta, with regard to severe illness and death — they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

        Obviously, even Weeping Walensky is not getting through to the silver ghost of ‘Biden,’ now ineducable in his dotage and his ossified collectivist dogmatism.

  4. Last observation for the night. The cops in Australia seem to have certainly decided which side they are on.


    I’ve read about the restrictions being placed upon the People of Australia by their overlords, it seems clear to me their overlords intend to make the People into slaves. [Or, they already have?]

    That’s the game plan for the world.

    Even I, after reading much about this sheet, find that hard to believe. I imagine it’s pert near impossible for most people to accept this is what their overlords have in store for them as well,… if they let them.

    Resistance is not futile.
    The horse race has just begun.
    Let the games begin.

    Hope you all had a good weekend.

    • Hello, Helot,

      It’s the Hegelian Dialectic. Want people to accept being pissed on, and even be glad you’re doing it? If you just piss on them and tell them this is the way it’s going to be, there will be resistance. If instead you tell them “We’re going to shit on you, and that’s the way it’s going to be” there will be resistance…and then you can relent and say “O-K, you win! We won’t shit on you; we’ll just piss on you” and everyone will cheer and say “Yay! We won!!” and then defend the pissers against anyone who dares to complain about being pissed on.

      Nothing in this world is how it seems.

      • Kudos, Nunzio.
        The best analogies are not only spot-on-all-fours applicable–
        but they make you gush your beer out of your nose with unexpected guffaws, as well.

        This was one of the very best analogies Free_Phi has come across in a while.

  5. Another interesting bit, in this video of the D.C. theater event this weekend, where all the cops look like they’re wearing a dogs, ‘cone-of-shame’ vet collar, or look a shade like Rick Moranis in the film, ‘Spaceballs’… I wonder:

    how come – None – of the cops are wearing face diapers?


    What’s up with that? They’re in the higher caste & speshul?

  6. Almost completely recovered from the dreaded Rona myself. It was very unpleasant, I have terrible insomnia and so a depressed immune system, but it wasn’t the worst sickness or flu I’ve had in my life. It did make me feel very weak. My step dad is still in the hospital on oxygen. Turns out he is pretty much a diabetic, which the number one factor putting you at high risk of developing severe disease of any kind.

    Do the “vaccine” lovers know that it doesn’t stop the spread? Do they know it only gives protection for less than a year? They don’t. They don’t because as hard as it is for non conformists to understand, they set their worldview according to whatever has the loudest volume. So “vax good” is blaring all day every day. And that settles it for the normies.

    • Hey Zach, if you don’t mind, age range/bmi, did you have a known D level and/or were supplementing with D3/zinc prior to or during the Rona?

      Glad you feel better…

      I had it in june 2020…. twas but a cold…

      • Hi David, I’m 37 and normal BMI. 6ft tall with no health problems. I started the Frontline supplements with Ivermectin. This variant appears to be very hard on males according to one of the physicians writing for ivermectin in the area. We believe it is the vax’d spreading huge viral loads. Again, my sleep is absolutely terrible so that could have had something nto do with it. I know now several young men who do not appear unhealthy who were sick for weeks with this thing.

  7. In a concise 10-minute video, Dr Chris Martenson compares safe ivermectin (shunned and ridiculed by the medical establishment) to risky remdesivir (both ineffective and dangerous) that’s given to half of hospitalized covid patients.


    What is wrong with this picture?

    Hint: Covid-19 Drug Remdesivir to Cost $3,120 for Typical Patient — WSJ, 29 June 2020

    I want to be a tool
    Don’t need no soul
    Want to make big money
    On pharma rock and roll

    Give me a toot, I’ll sell you my soul
    Pull my strings and I’ll go far

    — Dead Kennedys, Pull My Strings

  8. Perhaps it is a mistake to blame the leftists for our problems (or even call it leftism. “Leftism” is simply the product of our lower minds and its primitive, tribalistic, zero-sum way of thinking. Everyone has “leftist” tendencies, everyone.

    Perhaps a better way to think of it is that leftism is an empty negative space that always has been and always will be. Liberty is an ordered object of mass responsible for expanding and maintaining itself within that space, whilst constantly being bombarded with the disordering forces of entropy within the space. When thought of like that, we have only ourselves to blame for not convincing people to embrace liberty, which is the truth.

    • Hi Big Daddy,

      The essential element is not the tendency, per se – but rather the actual application of coercion. Particularly as applied via government. A Leftist is also afflicted by dissonance; that is to say – by disordered thinking.An excellent example of this being the My Body My Choice mantra – with regard to abortion – as opposed to the same Leftist’s insistence that others submit their bodies to the Jab.

      I also disagree with you that “we have only ourselves to blame for not convincing people to embrace liberty, which is the truth.” The fault lies with the person who does not embrace liberty; who seeks to take it away from others. We do not say it is our fault for not “convincing the thief to embrace honesty.” Just the same with liberty – and those who affront it.

    • Big Daddy,
      I think you make an interesting couple of observations.

      Entropy- It takes human energy to throw off tyranny usually in the form of armed conflict. As per Alexander Tyler then starts the slow process of entropy and unraveling of liberty (energy) into chaos which is what the left always encourages so they can claim they have the solution to fix it…..back into tyranny.

      I do blame myself for my two daughters that I didn’t de-program these kids from the propaganda they got in public school. They both are pro left, my youngest is very left. The both live in Europe and think socialized medicine is wonderful. They have no idea what’s coming.

      “In reference to The Fall of the Athenian Republic (which occurred about 200 BC), a Scottish history professor named Alexander Tyler said, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.” Tyler noted that the “average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back into bondage.”

      • Indeed. It is very hard to convince people born into abundance that it is very rare and very hard to create such a situation. Most of them take it for granted and somehow believe that the abundance will be maintained by big government (i.e. free markets made bread shelves, somehow the government won’t turn them into bread lines). Truly a shame my generation hasn’t been educated in gratitude and basic economics.

        • Yes, I am so tired of hearing how people “deserve” what I and others like me work for. They like government because government can enslave the productive and give them what they believe they deserve.

          I was brought up that I deserve nothing essentially. I behave as if I lived through the great depression. But to the modern society what that has done for me instead makes me ‘privileged’. But the people doing this wouldn’t accept living the way I do.

  9. I got the “you will submit to the poison needle” email last week. I simply said no. Haven’t heard anything back. I fully expect to be fired in the next 90ish days.

        • Mike,
          I’m looking for (2) Construction project engineers, (1) Const Project Mgr, and (1) Const Superintendent. Work is in the Suburbs of Portland OR.

      • At my place they have asked everybody to reveal whether we are part of the body of Landru. They would like to see 100% compliance to the faith.

        This is at a small private club with well under 100 employers. I suspect about half have not received the Holy anointing. Some have told me they will not submit. I suspect most will cave.

        I will let them terminate me as I have already a plan B ready to implement for this eventuality.

    • Mike,

      So far we got the please voluntarily disclose your jab status. I expect that the be soon followed up with the you will get the jab within X number of days or you will be let go. I’m determined that this is the hill I will die on. I will not take that poison and I won’t allow my children to be poisoned with it as well. Good luck to you.

    • My employer is dangling bonus payouts as incentive to get the jab. So far only 40% accepted and I hope that percentage stops there. Corporate so far has not mandated that EVERYONE get the jab…. yet. I’m speculating that there are two things holding the mandate back. One, they fear that enough will walk or be terminated that it will seriously impact production. Two, 5 out of the 7 production facilities are unionized and the jab order would fly like a lead ballon. But regardless, I value my health and well-being over money no matter how much may be lost. I have done my own research, I believe Dr. Mengele, the feds and the pharmaceuticals are full of shit. I have made up my mind and my decision is HELL NO to the jab, no matter the outcome!

  10. An interesting bit:

    7 Signs Your Friend Or Family Member Has Fallen Victim To The Woke Mind Virus

    … if true, this means wokeness itself reshapes the mind.

    These qualities are:

    Smugness. An absolute, unwavering, and arrogantly condescending attitude toward all non-woke opinions. While a trait in itself, it is related to number 2.

    Lack of introspection. No trace of self-questioning or apparent inner monologue. No sense of fairness or understanding of relative opinion.

    Quickness to anger. Willingness to not only voice their opinion on any occasion, with anyone, even when outnumbered, but to do so angrily. A willingness to cut off any friend or family member who won’t comply with woke belief.

    Nihilist atheism. They will rant a lot about science, while at the same time ignoring science that doesn’t comply with their beliefs. They tend to assume you are dogmatically religious if you don’t agree with them. They will cling to a strongly negative nihilism believing that everything is ultimately hopeless, and that it is sardonic hubris to do or believe in anything (which ties into number 6).

    Dishonesty. They are willing to be openly dishonest to further their viral ideas. If they lose a point in an argument, they move on to a new point, never acknowledging or acquiescing that a point was lost. When all attack points are used, personal attacks begin. The past is a blank slate open to revision.

    Self-absorbed. This one took me a while to notice, but it seems a give-away idiosyncrasy that you are dealing with a woke-infection if the person has become abnormally self-centered, and in conversation, does not so much reciprocate, as talk about themselves, always positive or self-aggrandizing, often unrealistically. They may also insert self-pity, it seems to generally exacerbate a need for attention-seeking.

    Depression, low self-worth, anxiety. This one I also only noticed recently, it is likely the subconscious result of numbers 4 and 6 in particular. Any genuine personal questioning of the subject usually reveals deep worries and angst, and often mental health issues. …


  11. Separating the country into factions won’t work, obviously. We already tried that with States and the 10th Amendment and we already tried that in The War Between The States. If we try to separate, ‘Lincoln’ won’t like it. And they’ll find a reason, or make a reason… that will force us together.

    That’s all I know of right now. I offer no solutions, sadly. I have none.

    • “If we try to separate, ‘Lincoln’ won’t like it.” — Andrew E

      As the Justice for J6 rally — as surveilled as a Super Bowl game — unfolds, the ancient invertebrate ‘Joe Biden’ hunkers down in his stolen residence, believing it’s 1961 and that he might catch a glimpse of dashing JFK if he ventures out.

      Is it any surprise that the nation’s restless youth, sore besieged by vaccine mandates and covid testing, spontaneously break into chants of Fvck Joe Biden when they assemble at events?

      Likely they don’t remember the late Christo, who first got the idea to wrap the Arc de Triomphe in silver-blue fabric when it actually WAS 1961.

      Nevertheless, what a fine college prank it would be to wrap the ‘Biden’ residence in flowing fabric emblazoned in 30-foot-high scarlet letters with FJB — the immortal initials by which Old Woke Joe forever shall be designated, despite the Lügenpresse having dropped its presidential-initial tic in 1969, never to return.

      Hey, hey, FJB
      How many middle fingers do you see?

    • You’re correct that separation won’t work. With no one to hound, harass, coerce or dominate, the left will stalk us and follow us wherever we go. They don’t want peace. They get off on imposing their will on others.

      • Good comments all.

        By the way, DC, I listened to that mask rule revocation meeting audio you posted a while back. Excellent job. Sorry you have to deal with such NPC psychopaths. You did better in such a situation than I ever could.

        It’s nice right now. Masks are at about 1 – 3 % in most areas near me.

        • Hi Brandon. Thanks for your comment. I thought that meeting was a forgotten topic since it was months ago, but thanks for listening and replying. Not sure if you’ll see my reply, but one of the commies wants discussion of reimplementing the mask mandate on the next upcoming meeting’s agenda!! I did not respond and I control the agenda, even though I prefer not to be this way. Even if we put it on, they will not have the votes. That’s because I warned others (who are hypochondriacs but not commies) that if they supported the movement, I would not only resign, I would probably sell my unit and leave. They P-L-E-A-D-E-D with me not to, and pledged to never support a mandate again. But I learned that nothing will ever be enough for these people. By complying early and raising too little of a stink, they just concluded they can demand more and more. I will not go along. I will not rn, or live in, a prison.

          Lotsa masks being worn in SoFla ….

  12. As our bent, sold-out medical commissars grease the skids for booster shots for Americans over 65, the booster-shot madness escalates in stricken Israel.

    A pessimistic article from earlier this week laments that the country’s daily case rate still spikes above 10,000 on some days, translating into one of the highest per capita rates on earth.

    But a far darker insanity lurks in its treatment of children:

    ‘The Green Pass enables only those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from the disease, or recently tested negative for the virus to access most indoor public places, as well as crowded outdoor attractions.

    ‘Since children below the age of 12 are not eligible for vaccination, they — if they’re over the age of 3 — must get rapid virus tests to attend many recreation venues.

    ‘National coronavirus czar Salman Zarka said that 50 percent of confirmed cases on Monday were children.’


    How many errors of logic can you count?

    If the booster-shot campaign has proved a massive failure after seven weeks — more than quadrupling the case rate — why is the absence of vaccinations for under-12 kids of any concern? After all, the vaccine clearly doesn’t stop the spread.

    Likewise, if kids rarely suffer fatal effects from covid, why the panic over half the ‘cases’ occurring in children? Testing the little buggers every time they venture out in public trains them in abject submission to the state; in self-esteem destroying fear that they are unclean and threaten others. This is child abuse on a grand scale, and will leave a lasting mark.

    Israel is the last model that the US should be following. But with both countries under triumphant regulatory capture by Pfizer, their epic public health debacles are taking a decided turn for the worse.

      • There is no nation wherein the people support the state more. The state said take the vaxx, and so they did. It’s happening in other nations as well, Iceland for example, but unlike many nations, especially the US, Israel DOES keep accurate records, and DOES legitimately evaluate, and publish them.

  13. Another hard day on the planet, what else is new?

    Joe Biden probably doesn’t recognize his image in a mirror, doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

    Otherwise, if he did see his face in a mirror, he would be so ashamed of his despicable behavior, he’d break out in tears, be guilt-ridden. The poor soul is in total denial, can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Take off that ugly mask, Joe, and take a good hard look at the real Joe in the mirror. Something you really don’t want to see at all.

    Make the decision to eave office and go home. You don’t have to live like you do.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, yours too, you can stop the charade at any time.

    It’s not a difficult choice to do the right thing, the brainwashing is complete, however, it can be reversed. You can do it, Joe!

    Maybe Joe Biden has been driven to distraction, hasn’t a clue what has happened to him.

    From a baby to a monster isn’t going to cut it in the real world. Time to call it quits.

    And to you mask-wearers, take the stupid things off and breathe again. Live free, not be a stupid vaxxed slave.

    Time for the vaxxed to join forces with the unvaxxed, it’s there only hope.

        • I think everybody here understands that the site has no Edit feature to allow for easy correction. We know what you meant. But as a former editor, I feel your pain. 😉

            • I’m unconcerned. If you are in a hurry to post, cut it out. Proof what you write. If you miss something, you are dealing with an intelligent group who can figure it out.

              • Exactly, John. I don’t recall anybody here ever criticizing a cosmetic flaw like its/it’s or there/their/they’re. Only petty Facebook trolls waste their time on crap like that.

            • That would be wonderful, thanks! Can the subscription manager be fixed? I recall that at one time you could get notification only when someone replies to your own comment, but for a long time now I get an Error 404 when I try to manage subscriptions. As much as I like reading these threads, the notifications overwhelm my inbox sometimes.

  14. Stopped by an old high school friend’s restoration & mod garage today.

    Boy, did we have quite the talk. He is prepared for all out collapse of society over the mandatory jabs.
    A bunch of people we know are.

    I could write an essay on the talk we had on doctors, Biden, politicians, covid, the jab, money, freedom, small business, resistance & planning.

    I don’t have any in depth talks in person about this stuff, so didn’t know the breadth of people who question, refuse & are getting themselves ready for whatever comes.

    • Every. Single. Time. I go to the farm supply stores, or any other place which sells canning jars or lids, they are All out.
      Every. Single. Time.

      Except today, one store had a handful of a brand which I’d never seen.

      I know it’s canning season, how-freaking-ever; I think those observations say something about the expectations of, A bunch of people.

  15. I had a nightmare.
    One strong argument against masks has been utilitarian: they do not work. This was not controversial until it was dragged into the sewer of politics in 2020. And with the results from covid now in, it’s easy to show that they have had no positive effect.
    But what if some crony corporation comes up with a device that does work? Something that makes you look like a Darth Vader half-human but that really does provide 100 percent protection from giving and getting a respiratory virus?
    Since most people have conceded that governments can force us to wear ridiculous contraptions that don’t work, how many would resist something that does work?
    Step right up to be fitted with your Warp Speed II Safety Breather – no charge! You love your Grandma, don’t you?

    • I would feel the same way about the hypothetical 100% effective Darth Vader mask as I feel about the “vaccines”. That is, is you want to wear one (be injected with one) because you think it will protect you from the dread Kung Flu, be my guest. Making it mandatory? Take a flying !@#$ at a rolling donut!

    • Hi Roland,

      That is, to me, the essence of why one should never have to explain one’s personal choices. You may not want to wear a mask because it doesn’t work, someone else may have a religious reason, another may just not want to look ridiculous. Etc. The point is that once we start trying to explain or justify our personal decisions, “they” will always have a counter. If a mask actually “worked,” then it would be checkmate for some.

      Whatever your reason, Just Say No. 🙂

      • Well said, Anon. I’ve ridden my bicycle thousands of miles without a helmet. But when my wife and I recently got new knocking-around bikes more in keeping with our age (flat bars, fat tires, and kickstands for crying out loud), I started wearing a helmet too. I’m not as steady as I used to be, and have decided that the benefit now outweighs the annoyance.
        I agree that “No” is the correct answer. Then just walk away. Collectivists believe with all their hearts that any choice of mine that they don’t agree with is a burden to them, and will perform all sorts of laughable mental gymnastics to “prove” it.

    • I saw them discussing this briefly on the afternoon news. They seemed to be weighing the risk/reward ratio.

      Wait, what do you mean “risk”? Hmmm….

      • What Publius said.. the only thing it could ever mean is that, at the moment they said it, the money just wasn’t there somehow. Probably within the week they’ll start saying the opposite

    • Pfizer’s vaccine is in short supply. I know the VA is out where we live.

      Approval of a Pfizer booster, required to be considered “fully immunized”, would have resulted in blockbuster sales of Comirnaty, the same vaccine with a new label which the company is allowed to market using their usual bag of tricks (sometimes literally) thanks to FDA approval.

      Don’t want to wait six weeks for your booster at CVS? You can always hit the local concierge practice for Comirnaty. That will be … well, how much do you have in your bank account?

    • I suspect the FDA may fear an avalanche of adverse events that would destroy the teeny tiny bit of credibility they have left. They also may like to keep something in reserve that they an trot out after the stats are manipulated to show a “spike”. “I guess every body needs boosters after all.”

  16. In addition to the intolerant insect like behavior of the covidians even unenforced masking and injecting is harmful to those who want no part of it.
    The demon seed shots are being paid for with money stolen from our paychecks. Money we could have used for better things or simply been able to work much less in order to enjoy some of our lives.
    As for the masks, where to begin? Aside from the psychological damage of constantly seeing faceless creatures everywhere these damn masks are emboldening criminals to do their dirty business and easily get away with it.
    I don’t think real American people could live alongside these freaks even in a totally segregated society. The fact that the cultists demand we partake of the body and blood of covid makes any cohabitation impossible. It’s already obvious the megadeath is going to hit the congested rust belt yankees and pacific coast flakes the hardest. Our best hope is in the resilience of the unaltered to hold out while the suicide pact burns their own house around them.

  17. Since the lefties won’t let us be, the only good leftist is a DEAD LEFTIST! Sorry, but that’s the way it has to be; it’s either us or them.

  18. Hi Eric: Your make solid points about “others” not allowing the sane to practice sanity. I hear nobody on this side of the argument saying that nobody is allowed to wear a mask or get the vax, it’s just the maskers and vaxxers demanding everyone else do the same.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that it is utterly useless trying to use logic and reason with these people. Your time would be better spent trying to convince the wall in front of you.

    Even actual CDC data and MSM articles do not convince them, like this one:


    Key takeaway about 2/3 down the article:

    “While the CDC’s findings indicate that vaccinated people who get infected with the delta variant may be able to spread the virus as easily as unvaccinated individuals…”

    So if vaxxed spread the disease as easily as unvaxxed, why the mandate?

    I had a conversation with a colleague (lefty) stating the following should-be-obvious point. An engineer no less.

    The clinical trials (which are still ongoing) determined the “95% efficacy” of the vax by comparing vaxxed people to a population that was ENTIRELY unvaccinated. The subjects who got the vax in the clinical trial were literally the ONLY ones vaxxed in the entire country at that stage.

    That being the case, how can you say that everyone needs to be vaxxed for the vax to be effective?

    Again – talk to the wall instead. You’ll make better progress.

    It is now time for a simple “No – I will not comply” followed by “Fuck off.”

    RIP: Logic and reason

    • I think the Covidians must be addicted to fear induced endorphins. Why else would they fly into a rage at any who disagree? They don’t want their addiction exposed by one who isn’t addicted.

      • Most holy zealots don’t like their faith being questioned or picked apart. Many will react violently when confronted with anything that shakes their deeply held religious beliefs.

  19. Another of Eric’s advanced vocabulary lessons for the pubikly ejukaded…

    Fine assessment, however.

    This campaign of fear owes its success partially to the failure of the public-at-large to understand much of anything about science or data, and its simple lack of general knowledge.

    A coworker of mine finally came back to work last week after a bout with the Kung Flu. He has been wearing the face diaper for whatever reason, because if you are still contagious, you shouldn’t be at work, and if you’re not, why in the fuck are you wearing that?

    Worse, though, he expressed that he was thinking of getting the Jab, because he never wanted to go through that illness again. I, of course, informed him that he now had MUCH better immunity to the ‘Rona than any jab would ever give him, and it would only expose him to untold dangers. I may have swayed his view.

    It was just so disappointing to hear him suggest such a thing. The CEO of my company did the same. He was sick at the beginning of the year, and took the jab later. WTF are you people not understanding about immunity?! These are intelligent and otherwise seemingly informed people. If they don’t understand these things, what of the dopes who compose a majority of the populace?

    • The vast majority of people do not have beliefs. They don’t have “understanding.” They have behaviors.

      They execute whatever behavioral program that the TeeVee imparts to them. The end. No further inquiry is necessary into their mental states, because there’s nothing to interrogate.

      • That seems so wiltingly nihilistic, but not without accuracy, I think.

        Reminds me of Robocop: “He doesn’t have a name. He has a program. He’s product.”

    • People have never understood vaccines, they just adhere to idiotic things they’ve been told. How many here have heard you should get a tetanus shot if you step on a rusty nail? Since it’s a bacterial infection shouldn’t an antibiotic be the correct course of action? If vaccines worked to cleanse the body of bacterial infection why have antibiotics at all? It’s like using a rubber after intercourse to prevent pregnancy. People do not think, especially when an expert in a costume is involved.

      • Not to mention that I’ve never known or heard of anyone contracting Tetanus. I worked on site construction for more than 25 years, so I saw a lot of unsanitary injuries. Most with no medical treatment. No Tetanus. As I discovered a few years ago, you don’t just get a tetanus shot anymore. It comes in a package with one for Diphtheria and Pertussis too. Which I have also never known or heard of anyone having either.

        • Hi John,

          Ruefully – perhaps foolishly – I got Tetanus’d about five years ago after I almost chainsaw’d my left leg off at the knee. Curiously, it was after that I began to feel achy in the joints, which I attributed to advancing middle age. But I can’t help wondering . . .

          • The incident I refer to here heralded the onset of my rheumatoid arthritis about two months later. A situation of which I’m highly suspicious. It’s added ten years to my age.

          • Did they question you if you had guns in your home and then come back with the Tetanus jab?

            About as long ago as you, I went to a doc in a box for a simple issue. They did the basics but referred me to a specialist for my issue. But they also asked a bunch of questions from how many people at home, married, pets, etc, but when the nurse got to the gun question, I replied that it was none of their business. In retrospect, my response may have triggered the “medical” response I received. I can see two possibilities, one being that it was a simple test of me to see how I, and others, would respond to a vaccine being offered to measure public acceptance of “vaccines” for future use or nefariously, a drug to reduce the abilities of those who wouldn’t answer in the affirmative to the backdoor gun registration being done in the name of medicine.

            • Hi J,

              No – that time (tetanus shot). But – this was years ago, when I was still married – I went with my then-wife to the dermatologist (she was a regular, I went along to be convivial) they asked us those questions (via form) which I simply left blank. But I did think it was both weird and incredibly invasive at the time.

  20. Oh all you dim-bulb anti-vaxxers! What part of “the protected need protection from the unprotected by giving the unprotected the protection that didn’t protect the protected” don’t you understand?

    On a more serious note, it’s not unlikely that the immune-compromised self-cullers will find their numbers shrinking, perhaps drastically, as vitamin-D-deficiency season sets in.

    • lol nice. Sounded very Abbott and Costello-ish, and like something from early 90’s Seinfeld. Thanks for the chuckle.

      I had to reread that and add in ‘vaxxed’ and ‘unvaxxed’ to understand, tbh.

  21. I am nervous about what I and seeing. The economy is shaky. The unjabbed vs jabbed may become insignificant if the bottom falls out. In communism everyone is poor. Under communism morality and integrity are exempt, because survival kicks in. We are seeing it now in the increase in robberies, murders, and theft. I even see it in myself. I would have no problem with lying to government. I have no issue with disregarding the states rules and flouting the mandates that business is forced to obey and invoke. I rationalize it by saying that the people that are pushing this agenda are evil, so my lack compliance is acceptable. The problem is one becomes comfortable doing it. It is satisfactory because of the reasons one had laid out. Which makes nothing black and white, but everything gray.

    When we look at history we label an individual as “bad” or “good”. We label Hitler and Stalin as evil and people such as Jesus, Ghandi, and Mother Theresa as exemplary. Can someone be purely evil and purely good? Have the lores and legends about these persons be construed based on the biases and conceptions of the biographers? We know history constantly rewrites itself depending who the narrator is. If one was to analyze the mythology as Robin Hood….good or bad? One can state that he was good because he was fighting for the less fortunate overturning an authoritarian government. Others can claim he was evil because he did it by stealing and killing.

    The problem is we all have been programmed by thousands of years of calculated intrigue. It isn’t by a particular group of people, a particular government, or religion, but the part of society that we are born in to and engineered by. Can it be solved? No. We believe it can be defeated by war. For a short amount of time the winners can rejoice because they are able to spread their views and enforce their decree, but opposition will always rear their ugly heads. It is an angry circle that will never cease.

    I think we make the separation of people and groups too simplistic. If we were to subdivide the USSA we may have peace for a short while until the next issue arises and people choose sides. Individuals will never see eye to eye on every front. These individuals then congregate into separate clusters to take on the adversaries. The circus continues.

    • Since eric inspired me to take out my nightstand notebook of quotable passages I have transcribed from my readings, and turn to the Solzhenitsyn section, here’s a classic apropos of your thoughts:

      If only it were so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?

      • Solzhenitsyn is absolutely right. We all suffer from it, believing our way is the only way toward the light. We do what we believe we must to get to our objective.

        I am probably getting a bit too philosophical today, but I start questioning the righteousness of life when I have Vietnam videos on synced to Creedence Clearwater Revival playing in the background. One starts questioning if war has ever made anything better.

      • Each and every one of us has the psychopath in side. Whether it please you or not, we are all capable of the most horrific acts. The difference between good and evil? The good keep their monster caged. The evil let theirs run freely, when they can get away with it. The rest of us try to keep it caged.

        • “The good keep their monster caged.”

          …because they haven’t been in a position of sufficient cover and power to get away with unleashing it.

          Power doesn’t corrupt by introducing new characteristics to its holder’s makeup. Power corrupts because it puts people in positions where they have less fear of reprisal from above. Power is what unlocks the monster’s cage door. That’s why the constant rhetorical lament, “Why is everyone in power so corrupt?” Because everyone already is. The ones in power just let it show.

          • I simply call Bullshit on this one F_P:

            ““The good keep their monster caged.” …because they haven’t been in a position of sufficient cover and power to get away with unleashing it.””

            I think it’s likely you’ve spent far too much time in an office.

    • The economy isn’t shaky, it has fallen off a cliff. It just hasn’t hit bottom yet. Fiat currency always fails. ALWAYS! Exactly how is a 28 trillion dollar debt dealt with? It can’t be. In part, and one of its many purposes, I think the COVID mania is purposed to distract us from such imminent collapse.

    • This is the beauty of the non-aggression principle (NAP). Looking at the world through an NAP lens helps you make the determination. Aggression bad; non-aggression good. It really is as simple as that.

  22. Yesterday my wife and I went to downtown Houston to sign our updated wills. Fancy law office in a skyscraper.

    We get off the elevator and there is a big sign that says “Please wear a mask” next to a box of face diapers. I ignore the sign even as my wife dutifully puts hers on. (we live and let live and she knows not enough to hassle me, and I her…)

    We walk up to the receptionist and she checks us in and then says, “Sir, can you please put on a mask?”

    You would have thought from the look on her face that I had slapped her when I simply said, “No, I can’t” and turned to go sit down.

    “We have to wear masks here, sir!” she shouted as as I walked away.

    So I turned back to her and said, “You might, but I’m the client.”

    Nobody said a word to me about it the rest of the time we were there.

    And if our attorney or another one in the office had come to tell me I had to do it, I’d have told them they’d be looking at unpaid bills once I finally walked out. They’re not stupid.

    Point being, most of this nonsense is in place because stupid ignorant people are at least 50%+1 of their customer base and they want it and businesses cater to them. If enough customers refused, it would go away quickly as soon as business owners realized it was bad for business.

    • Exactly, JR- If only more people just gave a damn, none of this BS would exist. The fact that so few do give a damn so as to have let this psychosis overspread the entire world, does not bode well for those of us who do give a damn, because we are now the tiny persecuted minority.

      • But Nunzio, at least a bare majority of people do give a damn. They just give it in the opposite direction than you do.

        Yesterday, my boss started railing randomly about “people who watch Fox News or something” making it so that “we all need to keep wearing masks because they’re so stupid they think the vaccine is dangerous or something!” I was not at all interested in plunging into the manifold contradictions and departures from logic built into this complaint.

        When I only sighed so as to express the digressive political nature of his rant in context, and I failed to virtue signal in sympathy, he because edgy. He said, “What! You still haven’t gotten it?!”

        I shrugged and said, “We don’t need to get into this.”

        He exclaimed, “I can’t believe you haven’t gotten it!”

        I said, “You look a lot crazier to me than I do to you.” He didn’t understand. At all. His mind was completely incapable of conceiving what I meant in context. He looked perplexed, as if the topic had been completely changed unannounced, and huffed, “For what? What?”

        I explained patiently: “For getting that shot.”

        He became enraged, and started blurting out a disjointed jumble of bizarre straw-men that apparently the TeeVee is pushing. He said, “Tens of millions of people have gotten it, and nobody’s mind has been controlled! Nobody is a zombie! What about polio! Measles! Whooping cough!”

        I said, “Myocarditis. Periocarditis. Vaccine-induced Thrombocytopenia.” As I was mentally searching for the phrase “Bell’s Palsy” he interjected: “Where are you hearing this?! I don’t believe it.”

        I said, “You can believe it or disbelieve it, but it doesn’t matter, because you already got the shot.”

        This is what Herdsters hate the most: when you offer to agree to disagree. He thought it was check-mate when he said he didn’t believe me, which in his mind shifted the burden and would force me to concede that I had no proof, and therefore had to adopt his position on the spot. When I expressed no interest in convincing him, again, his mind had no means by which to deal with it in context. Flustered, he barked out some kind of expression of opprobrium, but was finally forced to change the subject to something constructive.

        I’ve heard people suggest that the Convid Narrative is a “house of cards” that can collapse at any time. This is lamentably not the case. The Narrative is now erected on a rock-solid foundation of steadfast belief and moral subscription. The majority of people (again, at least a bare majority, and I would estimate perhaps 95%, but I know many here think it is much lower) would die on the hill of defending the Narrative, just as you or I will die on the hill of the Injection. (The only difference is, they won’t know they’re dying for that belief when their hearts seize up from the shots, whereas we will know why we are being purged when we are…by whatever means They ultimately get us with.)

        • Wow, Free….

          They’re so brainwashed by endless sound bytes and the emotional manipulation of the media that facts and logic are utterly meaningless to them. If something we say is so indisputable, and they still possess enough connection to logic andf reality so as to realize that we point-out is right, that they just don’t know how to deal with it. They just look at it like: “This contradicts everything I believe and what everyone around me believes, so it can’t be right…but I can not refute it…so I’ll just ignore it, because I must be right, since it’s what the eggspurts and everyone else believes”.

          It’s the cult mentality….extrapolated on a worldwide scale now….. It doesn’t matter how right one is when everyone else is wrong but believes they are right.

          • Some of us continued our self education after we got away from public schools, some did not. Some of us are capable of critical thought, some are not. if you are taught that regurgitation of statements is the proper method of thought, you are unlikely to pursue any further discourse.

        • I’ve had several conversations recently, with reasonably intelligent people (so I thought) who have not heard anything about the data from Israel, etc., or anything about blood clot risk, ADE risk, or vaccinated people being infected or hospitalized. But they knew enough to offer me that the FDA approved it and that the government has no reason to lie. Effectively, the “where are you hearing this?” issue. I don’t have the time or the inclination to do a deep dive with such people, as they wouldn’t believe it anyway nor take the time to at least look into it. Facts, scientific publications, first hand reports from physicians and nurses on the front lines just don’t matter. Instead, I’m just a doodie head. I agree, The Narrative is ingrained and firm, for the vast majority.

          • I actually got a thank you from my 95% normie wife for sending her this. Go to original at https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/frances-long-time-vaccine-policy-chief-covid-policy-is-completely-stupid-and-unethical and cut and paste this into a mail to get the formatting,

            An in-depth and informative interview with two French vaccine experts, one of whom, Dr. Christian Perrone, was the Vice-President of the European Advisory Group to the World Health Organisation and was in charge of France’s vaccine program from 1994 to 2020:

            Mike Robinson: Professor Perronne, I’d like to delve into hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in a little more detail in a minute, but before we get there, you said something in your last comment there that just raises a question. Is there currently a pandemic? What you said suggests there isn’t. Was there ever a pandemic?

            But, as well as that, with respect to the “variants”: the mainstream media and the politicians are pushing—on the normal Sunday morning politics programmes—once again very strongly that the “Delta variant” and the “subsequent variants” which are coming along are going to have an extremely negative impact on anyone who’s unvaccinated at the moment. They’re saying that this coming winter, the “vaccinated” are going to be fine generally, but the unvaccinated are going to have a very hard time.

            So is there a pandemic, was there ever a pandemic, but as well as that, should the unvaccinated be afraid of the current “variants” that are out there, and the coming “variants”?

            Christian Perronne: Exactly the reverse! Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants. In transmission, it’s been proven now in several countries that vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others. That’s been proven in Israel now, where I’m in contact with many physicians. They’re having big problems in Israel now: severe cases in hospitals are among vaccinated people. And in the UK also, you had a larger vaccination programme and there are problems [there] also.

            But also, the “variants” are not very dangerous. All the “variants” since last year are less and less virulent. That’s always the story in infectious diseases. In my hospital, in March-April 2020, the whole building was full of people with Covid-19: fifty patients. And the so-called “second”, “third”, “fourth waves” were just very small waves, because the hospitals are not full any more. But in the media, they said that all the hospitals were full of patients. That’s not true. Of course, the epidemic was going on, but the “variants” were less and less virulent.

            You know, in August 2020, they said, “The ‘Spanish variant’ will kill all of Europe!”—but in the end, there was no real problem.

            After that, they said, “The British variant!”, and after that, “The New Zealand variant!”, and “The American variant!”, and “The South African variant!”, and so on. All that is only media stuff. It’s not scientifically-based. The “Delta variant” is of very low virulence. If you look at the official rates of the disease and of death in Brazil and India, which were the two last countries in the world with an active transmission of the disease, all the curves are going down. And now, the epidemic is quite over in many countries worldwide.

            Yet now, you have governments obliging their citizens to be inoculated with these so-called “vaccines”—and in the countries where they did that, once the epidemic was [already] finished, the epidemic came back, and deaths started again.

            In Vietnam, for example, it was an amazing success, they had only a few dozen deaths over more than a year, [the epidemic] was finished, and then one of the ministers said, “We have to vaccinate the whole population!” It’s now nearly mandatory, and after the start of this vaccination campaign, the epidemic came back and fatal cases occurred again. That’s proof that these inoculations are not a vaccine, but may facilitate the reappearance of the disease and also of deaths

          • I get the “where are you hearing this”a lot, even from my wife. None of the alphabet networks are reporting anything about Israel or the adverse reactions to the jab. Most people will not believe any reputable sources that go against their dogmatic view of convid. Even my wife when she tells me no doctors are saying that about diapers or the jab and I give her multiple articles written by multiple doctors saying exactly what I am telling her,she responds with those must be “quack” doctors. And she is reasonable for most things, but will not accept anything that the talking heads on the alphabet networks haven’t told her to accept.

          • The information is everywhere. They aren’t even hiding it online knowing most people are never going to seek it out. A simple search request at DuckDuckGo will provide one with a multitude of links to Israeli studies, Congressional conferences with doctors who dispute Fauci’s and the CDC’s take on the virus (of course these aren’t on YT), best treatments for Covid, scientific journals regarding the benefits of natural immunity, etc. These are not talking points from John Doe on Facebook, but medical journals, university studies, and even experiments from our own NIH.

            I am never understood why people are proud to be so ignorant.

          • “ingrained”
            People don’t want to be free.
            Being free requires effort. Tyranny promises them freedom from effort.

            The vast majority love tyranny or at least what it promises them and they intend to drag us down with them.

          • It’s really transformed from a loosely organized cult to a fully organized profitable religion at this point.

            Trying to explain a Covidian’s tenets are false using numbers and logic would be like going to a Catholic mass and passing out pamphlets about how conception works and the fundamental logical or biological flaw in a virgin birth.

            Not gonna work I’m afraid, and they’ll hate you for trying.

        • Freelance,

          Perhaps its where I am or with whom I work, but I’ve really not run into any steadfast defender of the diaper or jab as of yet. Of course a good thing! Maybe it’s these types believing they’re in the majority that gives them courage to rattle off such nonsense.

          • Anything that goes against the narrative is purged from view.

            Now it is appearing (as I add up the things I’m reading, I could be wrong) that the plan is to make reality fit the narrative by treating the jabbed and leaving the unjabbed to die. Oddly the treatments being at least one or some the very things the unjabbed have been trying to convince others of.

            One of the key pieces of my assessment is dear leader Biden is reallocating a particular treatment away from states with a lower jabbed percentage and to states with a higher jabbed percentage. It makes no sense because the jabbed shouldn’t need more treatments, if it worked. This is why I think they are trying to make narrative reality. Deny the unjabbed treatment and give it to the jabbed. Then say the unjabbed die at a higher rate. Every metric gets gamed.

        • FP,

          If you’re ever inclined to present evidence, Google “Comirnaty package insert”, and click on the FDA link that comes up. In section 5 of the vax insert you’ll see Myocarditis and Pericarditis. It’s right there in the OFFICIAL VACCINE INSERT! It’s right there in black and white.

          • Looking up and reading is hard. They’d rather trust John legend that the vax’s are “safe & effective” than do independent research. Their magic picture box that hangs on the wall told me them that Ivermectin & Hydroxycloroquine are dangerous horse drugs that haven’t been properly tested on humans so they will trust the fraudci science and use the experimental jab that has sooooooo much safe and effective research behind it. And if you think otherwise you are a vax denier that is putting their health at risk.

            • Antilles,

              Whoever Googles the package insert won’t have to do any reading. Why? Because Myocarditis and Pericarditis can be seen in the TOC of the package insert, and that’s on the first page of the FDA’s pdf!

          • It doesn’t matter to these people. They just say the adverse reactions and side effects are ‘rare’ and then when it happens to someone tell them its imaginary, a coincidence, or it sucks to be you and walk away.

            They don’t care about anyone’s health but their own and probably not even that. Conformity is their virtue.

              • John,

                This is 100%true and I know of 2 who after taking that 2nd jab ended up hospitalized. 1 almost died and he still thinks he did the right thing. You can’t fix stupid.

        • OK, so the vaccinated are going to die off, or the vaccinated are going to purge the unvaccinated, which is it?

          I guess it could theoretically be both, depending on the timescales involved, but really I just want to know how long I need to hide under the bed until it all blows over.

        • Well done, F_P!

          Lol, I love /s these people who try to make you prooooooove it, the whole time you know they’re ready to just dismiss whatever you say. Had this happen when someone “just wanted to know” about anarchism. I wised up quickly.

          If it comes up, I like to tell them, “It’s not my job to convince you princess, and I don’t care if you agree with me or not.”

          • Their one and only source of facts is corporate news. Each and every one of which enjoys Pharma as their largest single source of add revenue, including Fox News.

    • While in California, I went to an independent optometrist to purchase a couple of glasses frames. I was asked if I had a mask and I replied “No”. I was asked if I had a mask and I replied “No”. I was offered a mask and I said, “I’m not sick nor am I a paranoid hypochondriac”.
      A woman now joined the man who was behind the desk. She said, “Sir, it’s for your protection as well as ours”. I replied, “I’m not afraid of a Flu and if you are so worried about contracting a Flu, then you should be wearing an N95 Mask and Goggles”. The girl said, “If you don’t want to wear a mask, then you can make an appointment and come back later”. I told her, “This is Bullshit. I’ll just go the Walmart.” and walked out.

      • Exactly! For the past 18 months that has been my answer, too, when asked why I won’t put one on.

        “Because I’m not sick and I’m not scared.”

      • Have you tried ForEyes? Our local one has a “masks recommended” sign.

        At Wal-mart optical, I was asked to wear a mask for my eye exam. Said I can’t wear one (didn’t say why). Then a huffy optometrist said loudly, “I’ll do this one!” After which a different optometrist came to me and said he would do my exam. He then asked if I was fully vaccinated, “I’m not trying to put you on the spot!”. Of course I said yes (again, without specifying).

        That was enough for him to get extremely close to my face as he examined my eyes. SMH

        All of this nonsense took place before I learned about For Eyes.

  23. not that theres anything beyond pure evil beyond this madness, but an overlooked consequence is denying children the ability to suck in germs and viruses while they have robust adaptable immune systems to deal with them – enhancing their lifelong immunity to well, everything. Denied this chance leads to a an adult future of immune system overreaction to the smallest challenges, arthritis, despair, allergies, all autoimmune diseases. Its evil on a scale never imagined right before our eyes.

    • I agree. However, it has occurred to me that their immune systems may be inadvertently being strengthened by the exposure to the damp and disgusting thing on their face with its petri dish of nastiness. An unintended consequence, as TMIC (the monsters in charge) are NOT doing any of this to help anyone.

      I also believe that the spiritual and psychological damage that is intentionally being inflicted by the demons is even greater than any physical harm.

      • Children’s growing brains need oxygen even more than ours do and blood CO2 levels spike immediately after wearing the satanic parchment. And theyre forced to wear them all day. Delayed or permanently altered brain devolpment is the inevitable result. That and the upcoming kids forced vaccinations will insure a perfect generation of unthinking morons is on the horizon. Perfect for the psychoipaths in charge of course.

        • Yes, I forgot about that. So true about the body’s desperate need for O2 for normal brain development.

          Speaking of the dissonance of the “medical community” WRT masks:
          Family member was in dr office for a consult. Forced to diaper from the moment he walked in the door. Doc put the oximeter thingy on his finger. O2 at about 92%. Doc mentions that his “oxygen was low”. Doc leaves, and he removes the diaper. Oximeter reading begins to rise. When Dr returns, she notes that his O2 went up – hooray! By then he had rediapered (under his nose)….he told her what he had done. She made no comment.

          So it was notable that his O2 was low, UNTIL it was revealed the exact cause – the mask.

  24. “A war is coming. I have heard it argued that this war must be avoided; that it is “exactly what the establishment wants.” I disagree. I think globalists like those at the World Economic Forum certainly want enough chaos to provide cover for the implementation of their global “Reset” agenda, but they don’t want a full blown rebellion. They only want events in which the outcome is controllable or predictable – They do not want a massive organized resistance that might surprise them.

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter because the war is already at our doorstep. A person has two choices: Fight or be enslaved. There is no third option. There is no walking away. There is no hiding from it and there is no passive solution to it.” …


    • Sad but true. They want a lame attempt rebellion to justify harsh shutdowns . They don’t want to a true violent rebellion because they wouldn’t be able to make you dance. It would anarchy and the liberal rulers would be ignored or worse.

  25. Amen Eric,

    I’ve been calling for this for 20+ years now. It was obvious during the era of dubya that there were 2 it not 3 America’s and their ability to live and let live was deteriorating at an ever increasing rate. Now, here we are with one group that operates with religious fervor that willl not leave the rest alone. All must conform to their will or they will be destroyed. The time I feared is coming closer to being reality.

  26. “Americans of the Left are turning the New World into the Old World…”

    You’re even more correct than you intended with this line, Mr. Peters.

    The “Old World” we are being returned to ain’t England or the Continent circa 17th Century.

    What is currently being revived is the OLD, Old World. Some Mesopotamian shit. Some Ba’al-groveling, child-sacrificing, identity-surrendering mass-thrall shit. Some tribulation shit. Some dark-priest-commanding-obedience-and-self-immolation-from-a-clifftop shit. Some abject-hordes-rending-clothes-to-rags-and-awaiting-the-Great-Coming shit. Some wild-dogs-lapping-puddles-of-the-blood-of-the-faithless-and-faithful-alike shit. Some wailing, gnashing, entreating, pledging, praying, supplicating, debasing, reverting-to-pre-consciousness, ego-disintegration shit.

    • Hahaha, it will be THAT kind of shit, will it, Freelance? Probably not a laughing matter, but even in the face of this eclipse of humanity, I can’t help but chuckle at all of the abject absurdity.

  27. ‘The Leftists who run NYC will not abide even a single store whose owner wishes to accommodate the Unjabbed, the non-effaced.’ — eric

    Of these two demands, jabbing is a much more serious and permanent matter. Whereas a mask is removable and reversible — just as the shiny turquoise yarmulke which I once wore at a retirement service for the friendly rabbi across the street promptly came off afterward, leaving no mark on my own different spiritual beliefs.

    When it comes to mandatory jabs, I’m taking daily action to mess with the minds of federal officials. Letter mailed yesterday (with stamps):

    Mr Joseph T Hughes Jr
    Dep Asst Sec for Pandemic & Emergency Response
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    200 Constitution Ave NW
    Washington DC 20210

    Re: Vaccination ETS for Large Employers

    Dear Mr Hughes:

    According to President Biden’s Covid-19 action plan, OSHA is developing an ETS that will require employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or else produces a weekly negative test result.

    With the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines still subject to an Emergency Use Authorization, I believe it is illegal and unethical to mandate mass vaccinations with these risky experimental treatments.

    Moreover, given that some percentage of large company employees can be expected to resign on principle rather than submit to coercion, serious damage to our economy can be anticipated at a moment when it is already plagued by labor shortages.

    Rather than participate in such an unseemly abuse of OSHA’s authority, I would urge you to tender your resignation. Then you can at least leave federal service with your personal integrity intact.



    c: Senator X, Senator Y, Rep Z, state OSHA director

  28. Intolerance and cruelty – colored by an air of perceived moral and intellectual superiority and fueled by zeal. A desire to punish – to hurt – people who just desire to go about their lives peacefully in their pursuit of service to others or support of their families. I’m not wired this way and, try as I might, I can’t understand how one can go through life bearing the yoke of this kind of hatred, or not being able to see the ugliness of this through careful introspection. Sigh.

    • Ditto, BAC –

      I’m weird; I have lots of eccentricities. It is probably why I empathize with people who are different and just want to be let alone. Of all the things in life that get my back up, bullying (and mindless conformity) are guaranteed to do it. Yesterday, I watched a video taken at a Target store – it has since gone “viral” – of a Diapered Freak accosting a woman and following her around the store, trying to “shame” her for not being “vaccinated.” If such a thing ever occurs within my orbit, you may not hear from me for awhile because it is likely I will be in jail, having caused some Freak’s teefus to sprinkle the floor.

      • They seem to go after women.

        Male Karens need to be completely emasculated in public.

        Guy claims “his wife”, in which I wished I could have retorted, “what woman would marry a vagina like you?” “Douche is in the feminine needs aisle, it will help with that sand problem you have”. “I understand, your clot shot got you flowing heavy but don’t take it out on her”.

    • “I’m not wired this way and, try as I might, I can’t understand how one can go through life bearing the yoke of this kind of hatred, or not being able to see the ugliness of this through careful introspection”

      I feel the same exact way but this last 2 years, last 6 almost, has been an eye opening experience that has left many of us live and let live folks with a.burning hatred of all things of the left. I have always tried to just live my life and just be left alone to live how I see fit. Only the left will not allow that. So now when their derision used to be met by kindness it is not met with the same burning hatred they have shown me. Comments I used to ignore now are met with rebuttals. Scorn is met with scorn. I didn’t ever want to be this way, I am a generally nice guy who has always shown a knack for making the best out of bad situations but this has become intolerable. “Can you please put a mask on?” Is met with a forceful NO. Are you vaccinated is met with none of your F**king business. I’m am finished playing by the left’s rules and I feel like many people are.

    • “Intolerance and cruelty – colored by an air of perceived moral and intellectual superiority and fueled by zeal. A desire to punish – to hurt – people who just desire to go about their lives peacefully ”

      The people I know that fit this statement the best are both men in the 50s/60s who have never been married and have no children. One bragged that he was such a lady’s man and he’d been in one relationship for nearly a year. The other told me he couldn’t imagine a woman wanting to have sex with him. They both lecture me on how to raise children as a father.

      There’s more going on in these fetid minds than masks, shots and cooties.

  29. A thought that arose unbidden this morning. The right is all grown up. often stupid but grown up none the less. The left are all children. If they don’t get their way they scream, stamp their feet, hold their breath (not long enough), and otherwise throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. The problem being, we now have children with gangs of armed goons at their disposal.

    • An analogy in my life was when my elderly grandmother suffered with dementia years ago. She would pound on the bathroom door, slap us, and sit down in the middle of the driveway. At the time, it seemed like we were dealing with an incorrigible, overgrown child. The difference between her and those you describe, is she was my grandmother and worthy of respect. She would never have behaved that way nor tolerated such behavior when she was in her right mind.

      These people are suffering from an intentionally inflicted purging of their souls of humanity.

    • And, note how F. Joe Biden and others, talk down to those who object as though WE are being childish.

      Yes, we truly live in Bizarro World.

    • ‘it makes sense that some doctors would have incorrect views about vaccination’ — Olga Khazan in The Atlantic

      Oh, how splendid — frayed-collar journos now get to inform doctors what is ‘correct’? So did Pol Pot’s red guards, who marched ‘intellectuals’ (anyone with glasses, including doctors) into the bush to dig irrigation trenches with their bare hands.

      We can do this too. Yesterday, after the chief clinical officer at my state’s largest hospital chain told the press that ivermectin is useless, dangerous, and won’t be prescribed by her organization, I decided to administer her a solid thrashing, using facts as my cat-‘o-nine-tails on her ignorant bubble butt.

      I quoted 63 ivermectin studies involving 26,422 patients and 623 authors; a subset of 45 studies with 17,316 patients which were peer-reviewed; and 31 studies that were RCTs with 6,561 patients.

      I reminded her of ivermectin’s 35 years of licensure as a human medication, not a ‘horse pill.’

      Yes, I ran my long fingers all up and down the variegated factual keyboard, pumping out irrefutable power chords of citations and logic.

      Naturally, the bitch hasn’t replied; nor has the head of our local hospital whom I copied on the email. But I messed with her squirming mind, giving her a good grapeshot whiff of blazing erudite malice.

      • Way to go, Jim! Just what the doctor ordered.

        (Don’t forget to stock up on your “horse paste.” Got some more yesterday myself. Ignored the many signs posted for the benefit of the ignorant and uninformed that “this product can cause illness and death in humans.”)

        • Hi Anon,

          Licorice root works better and can’t even be argued by the “scientists.” Fauci’s own wife, who is a biologist with NIH, shows the agency has even conducted studies width very good results. It is one of the majority of treatments used by the Chinese to cure Covid patients in their hospitals. One also doesn’t get any strange looks when checking out at their local grocery store with it in hand.

          It works very well on colds and flus as well. It should not be used as preventative medicine, but it is good to have on hand when one starts feeling ill.

          I don’t dispute the benefits of Ivermectin, but it is to be used once the virus has replicated throughout the body. The licorice root will keep the virus out of the lungs and from congregating in the bloodstream where it is spread into the body’s cells.


          • Thanks for the tip. Haven’t personally tried licorice root, but do have some recent experience with ivermectin. Even this week, son had a fever, sore throat. Took a calibrated dose, two days later took another calibrated dose. (Fever disappeared by the morning after the first dose.)

            I am not a medicine taker, and neither is he, in general. But one of the things I like about ivermectin is that it is sourced naturally (derived from bacteria). And it is also a prophylactic.


          • Late November/early December of 1999, I came down with a sickness that caused me to wake up one day and feel like I had been hit with a baseball bat in the chest. By an athlete. Flu or COVID? I took a double dose of Zinc, poured myself a tall glass of colloidal Silver, which I make, and sipped on it all day. Four days later I was well.

        • Ivermectin is also the active ingredient in heartworm medication for dogs. According to a retired RN I know (take that as you will), the dosage for dogs is a lot closer to the dosage for a human. The weight of the patient matters regarding dosage.

    • “She tells them that vanishingly few people can’t get either an mRNA or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. ”

      Wait a moment. The reasoning for a mandate is because of the implied vast number of people who can’t be vaxxed. If this were scientific it would be consistent. Instead it’s whatever argument sounds nice in the moment. They cross over and invalidate each other.

        • Indeed, the facts are a moving target, making them hard to dispute. Here’s one that’s indisputable. We, as a species, can survive any virus, man made or natural, without any medical intervention at all. if not, one would have wiped us out millennia ago.

  30. It’s just a matter of time until federal funding is threatened to the states that aren’t mostly jabbed and won’t enforce jabs. That’s what happens each time the federalies don’t get compliance. They have all of your stolen loot to threaten you with getting back if you don’t comply.

    The nursing shortage is the perfect storm for the media to propagate the narrative that as ‘we stopped masking and social distancing’ it obviously caused am explosion in the cases. ‘We need another lockdown and everyone needs to be jabbed because of this pandemic of the unvaccinated’. ‘Now we have seen what getting back to normal too soon looks like’.

    It’s going to be a long winter of heavy lies and propaganda. Enough to sway many of the moderate jab refusers. They only have limited time to convince everyone. By next spring, even the most stupid among us will realize the jabs not only don’t work but are dangerous to your health.

      • Yep. Even some mainstream news sources have pointed out the Israel dilemma but most people can’t be bothered to look past that glowing shit box in their living room.

    • Unfortunately, this workaround has been in place for quite some time and it neuters most of the constitution, in particular the 10th Amendment. The constitution was intended to put a limit on the power of the federal government and reserve most power to the states. But somewhere in the 20th century the feds figured out – and the Supreme Court assented – to letting them claim unlimited coercive power by playing games with funding.

      One thing I’ve learned in my business career is that everybody wants “free” money from the government and is willing to do anything to get it, no matter the conditions. Unfortunately, state governments are no different and quite often will sacrifice its stated principles as soon as funding is at stake.

    • I know two nurses, one an ICU nurse, who have been in the trade for over twenty years, and I’ve known them that long as well, and they have ALWAYS complained about short staffing. Nearly all hospitals are for profit now. They are NOT going to spend more money on staffing until they are forced to by circumstance. Which means ANY demand above average will be hard to meet.


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