Diaper Report 5/22/21

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Many of us who never got dragooned to kill or be killed in the rice paddies of Vietnam now have an inkling of what PTSD means.

After a year of being remote-imprisoned, denied interaction and denied service all of a sudden, everything is kinda-sorta opening up. One feels as if one has been let out of prison.

Which is exactly what has happened. Only we were never convicted of anything.

It feels weird to just walk into stores again – after nearly a year of not being able to.

The same stores that were closed – to the sane – as recently as a few weeks ago. The stores where you had to walk past a gantlet of threatening signs – No Diaper, No Entry! – and had to gird yourself for the possibility of an attack (verbal, usually – physical, possibly) by a sickness psychotic enraged by your failure to “practice” sickness kabuki.

Even if that didn’t materialize, the sight of Face-Effaced Freaks everywhere – even alone, in their cars – had become so oppressive one stopped being aware of just how much. After months and months of it, unrelenting.

What was funny, initially, morphed into sad and then, angry.

Not my girlfriend . . .

Eventually, it just became incredibly depressing. To know how sick the country had become.

You didn’t want to see it anymore, much less deal with it. So you stayed home even if you didn’t have to.

It is unnerving to see people whose faces you cannot see. You cannot read people when you cannot see their faces. You naturally wonder what is wrong with them – and what they are up to.

There is a reason why – until hypochondria was weaponized – people with “masks” on (outside of an operating room)were always regarded as suspicious. If you saw one enter a bank, it was safe to assume a robbery was in progress. Hence it being formerly illegal to wear a “mask” in a bank – and alarming, almost anywhere else where there isn’t an operation in process.

If you saw someone wearing a “mask” while out walking, you immediately assumed they were ill  . . . in the head.

But then, the sight of such Freaks became the “norm.”

Add the ritual humiliations applied to the normal. The injunctions to regard others – and be regarded, by them – as a pustulating leprous sink of sickness. The wary looks from the scary eyes above those Diapers. The way people would back away – or plaster themselves up against the wall – to avoid passing too close to you, if you had the effrontery to show your face.

The petty harassment – often administered by teenage clerks – at these stores. The way businesses began to treat customers as supplicants, begging to be allowed to buy something.

Now, in most parts of the country, it seems to be over – or at least, receding. In my area – SW Virginia – the big chains like Lowes and Home Depot have taken down the Stalinist signs regarding the mandatory wearing of Face Effacers. Even Aldis – the supermarket chain, which (like Trader Joes) was a “hot spot” of sickness psychosis just a few weeks ago – has ceased attempting conversion by the sword (or the closed doors).

This is welcome. But it is also . . . weird. It feels like coming home again after a tour in the shit. Stallone’s Rambo.

DeNiro’s Deer Hunter.

You walk up to those doors still expecting them to be closed – and for someone to say something. You are ready for action. The adrenaline flows, muscles tighten.

There are still many Face-Effacing Freaks about but noticeably fewer of them and the general ambiance of oppression is losing its puissance.

But that heavy feeling lingers. It is likely to last for awhile, too. How long does it take to “get over” being forced to walk through a minefield? To be shot at by strangers – and forced to shoot back, in order to stay alive?

PTSD is just as real as sickness psychosis. It is going to take the country a long time to recover from both, if it ever does.

The damage done to kids may never be undone. Abuse at a young age tends to imprint. It is why the saying, attributed to Jesuit fanatic Ignatius Loyola, about a child being his for life if he had him for the first ten years of his life.

In this case, it may have taken only about 12 months. How do you undo the trauma inflicted on kids forced into social isolation and hectored to regard not only other kids but everything they come into contact with out in the world as something that just might kill them?

It was only about 12 months ago that this sort of treatment would have been considered actionable child abuse by the same government that wheeled about and made it the New Abnormal – and actionable to not abuse a kid in this manner.

Those responsible for all of this ought not to be able to just shrug and walk away from what they have done. The economic – and emotional – damage they have caused. When they knew better – which is the same as saying they knew just what they were doing.

It was intentional.

But rather than burn in Hell, they’ve made bank. Including the several new billionaires of Big Pharma. Including the “sexiest man alive,” Dr. Fauci – who has made bank, both monetary and otherwise.

And most of all, the Orange Fail.

The one man who might have been able to stop Dr. Fauci but and treat sickness psychosis but chose not to. Who chose instead to promote the mass injection of healthy people with the “vaccine” he glories in having brought to Americans at “warp speed.”

May their guilt rest heavily on their shoulders.

Of course, that presumes they have a conscience. And by now, we ought to know better than that.

. . . 

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  1. ‘Masks are Optional in Iowa Schools’ was the headline I saw on the front page of the local newspaper.

    Definitely has the feel of a setup for a long con.

    That said, I’m glad the captives in the co-ed goobermint prisons, er’ schools, are catching a break… -IF- they take it?

  2. There have been many claims about the origin of viruses, especially today’s latest
    “COVID-19 coronavirus”.
    However, there is a long history of viruses throughout human history and false claims as to their points of origin.
    In fact, the “1918 Spanish flu” virus actually originated in the United States of America and was spread to Europe during the First World War, transmitted by the U. S. military during American military transports to Europe. The commonly-accepted misinformation that this virus originated in Europe is false and can easily be disproven by careful research.
    A majority of “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” deaths were not from the virus itself, but were from the then common practice of mask-wearing. In fact, “mask-wearers” were being buried by non-mask-wearers.
    You see, just as is the case today, breathing in one’s own exhalations is dangerous and is being promoted by the misguided government-imposed mandates to wear masks.
    99% of the deaths during the “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” were a result of bacterial pneumonia, NOT from the virus itself. As there were no treatments for bacterial pneumonia in those days, the death rate was horrendously high. Those who contracted the flu, but not pneumonia survived. As is the case today, almost everyone that dies with COVID-19 dies from complications from other causes, NOT from the virus itself.
    Fast forward to today, with our latest “COVID-19 pandemic”.
    Today’s “Chinese COVID-19 pandemic” actually originated at the American bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick Maryland and was purposely brought to China by an American military “trade delegation” where it was released into the Chinese population. Biowarfare at its worst…
    The “COVID-19 vaccines” being pushed are “game changers” as they are replete with substances which will materially change human DNA, unlike previous vaccines which were merely weakened or killed virus remnants which would evoke a protective antibody response.
    Sound familiar?
    Today’s “COVID-19 pandemic” is actually a “plandemic” being used to take down a legally elected president and to usher in a “new world order” in which medical tyranny will be used to subjugate an entire world population, using FEAR as a weapon.
    Today’s “pandemic” is misnamed as it does not meet the definition of a “pandemic” but is being touted as such for political reasons—nothing more. Observe non-medical types such as Bill Gates and others touting untested vaccines with questionable substances, mask-wearing, and other social restrictions such as (selective) business closures, lockdowns and social distancing.
    For one, Bill Gates is not a “doctor”, has no medical training, and is a major proponent of “depopulation”–genocide. Gates is a “silver spoon” recipient, both of his parents being proponents of forced sterilization and eventual world depopulation.
    In fact, Bill Gates’ “vaccination schemes” have resulted in not only diseases being spread, but the use of birth-control and sterilization agents surreptitiously being a part of Gates’ “vaccination” schemes without “informed consent” being a part of the vaccination protocol speaks VOLUMES. Recipients of Gates’ “vaccines” were not informed that they were being sterilized—a violation of the Nuremberg protocols on “informed consent”.
    It is easy to see that there is much more going on than a response to a minor seasonal “flu virus”.
    Its about CONTROL and eventual human genocide—nothing more.

    • Bill Gates is a total FRAUD, a college dropout with a police record, who made a fortune selling computer software he bought from someone else and peddled as his own product by using a campaign based on Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), as is very well known.

      Due to his great wealth, he presumes to lecture the public on many topics about which he knows little or nothing, one of which being medicine.

      One of BillG(e)’s other favorite hobby horses is “climate change,” about which he also knows essentially nothing. Why people listen to this jackass I have no idea, but if you wish to know something about the current *scientific* knowledge of the behavior of he Earth’s atmosphere, you might wish to listen to an actual distinguished atmospheric scientist, someone who has devoted his life to studying the subject.
      I might suggest one such individual, Professor Ronald G. Prinn of M.I.T.
      Here is a video of a talk given by Prof. Prinn in 2011:
      @ approx 30 minutes, he notes that powering an electric vehicle with electricity from a coal fired power plant does nothing to affect “global warming”
      @ approx 39 minutes, he explains that attempting to block the sun’s rays to lower the temperature of the atmosphere (a BillG(e) “idea”) has other, undesirable consequences.

      • People listen to him because he ran the largest software company in the world. Whether he can write a line of code, I don’t know. He probably can.

        He is a sociopathic being of above average intelligence with tremendous leverage. That’s why people listen to this perennial nerd.

        • Bill Gates was born with a “silver spoon” and is not a part of the “rags to riches” story” that some want to believe.
          Bill Gates’ “daddy is (was) a part of one of Seattle’s most prestigious law firms while his mother is (was) an executive at IBM.
          Both of Bill Gates parents have been heavily involved in the abortion movement, eugenics, and population control (genocide) movements. It is apparent that Bill Gates attitudes about human life were influenced by his parents attitudes towards human life–a commodity to be bought and sold and the ability to live or die determined solely by ((their)) whims.
          Gates bought an operating system from a real software developer (Gary Kildall), and took it as his own work.
          Gates’ success can be attributed to the tight “licensing agreement” that his daddy;s law firm crafted. For the longest time, it was nearly impossible to purchase a copy of DOS or Windows without purchasing hardware. This was a brilliant marketing tactic that assured Microsoft’s success.
          It is possible that Gates is an “aspie” who was “at the right place, at the right time” with “help” from his eugenicist parents.

          • Not quite.
            Gates & Allen bought an OS, but not from Dr. Gary Kildall.
            Kildall marketed his own OS, DR DOS.
            DR = Digital Research, Kildall’s company.
            Dr. Kildall earned a PhD in computer science from U. of Washington.

            Some say BillG got an intro to IBM through his mother’s contacts, based on her charity work.

            Gates’ shrewd business decision was to sell IBM a non-exclusive license to PC-DOS, which allowed Microsoft to license the OS to IBM workalikes (“clones”) as MS-DOS.

  3. Man – just read that Rand Paul has committed the heresy of announcing publicly that hes made the completely rational decision of NOT having the sacred jab !!! I suspect a trip to room 101 is being planned for him….

  4. It’s important we recognize the society we live in. These newly liberated fomite freaks are only so because the TV told them they could. If tomorrow the TV tells them to scratch an x in their forehead with a dull piece of gravel, they will do it. Bank on it.

    And the TV will tell them to do similar in coming months. Bank on it.

    • Jody,

      No doubt about it. The Milgram experiment is decades old and was far too generous in its estimation of the human psyche.

  5. The gay ass propaganda on Youtube, advertisements, and the soulless eyeless cartoon faces were the worst for me.

    I don’t think this is over. The only way out of this is to teach people the true difference between right and wrong. Tall order.

  6. “You walk up to those doors still expecting them to be closed – and for someone to say something. You are ready for action. The adrenaline flows, muscles tighten.”

    You equate your self-imposed neuroses with a Viet Nam Vet’s PTSD ?? Tet is coming. But you’re still in Saigon.

    • Hi Mike,

      Self-imposed? So the Freaks I and other sane people have had to see and deal with everywhere over the past year is No Big Deal?

    • Really? You don’t have a keen understanding of methaphorical style. That said, Eric is 100 percent right. The over the top reaction by the general public sheep has literally turned everything upside down.

  7. Diaper report central KY.
    Grocery stores even in areas full of A.W.F.L. (Affluent White Liberal Females) maybe 50-70% compliance. More rural areas we’re approaching more like 40% which is still entirely too high, but a yuuuuge! Improvement.

    I’m not at all conflict avoidant so I didn’t wear the diaper a single day of this scamdemic, and everything was fine (go figure eh?). There is a new “lightness” to being out in public though. I pity those around me less, so there’s that.

    Not sure what the next wave will be. Will the script flip? (Like how all the sophisticated people used smoke cigarettes, now you’re a social pariah if you do.) What new divisive tool will the prometheans utilize next? What new tactic will the pornographers of fear try now? Just sitting back and enjoying the ride at this point.
    Focusing on building, gardening, poultry, the, business and just letting the retards choke to death on their diapers and needles. Piss on em, they can’t eat me…

  8. Well in my opinion, we need a Clarification of Human Rights.
    As in:
    We hold these truths to be self-evident;
    That health is the natural state of all living organisms.
    That all living organisms are presumed to be healthy, unless proven otherwise.
    That disease means objectively verifiable symptoms which impair the functioning of a living organism.
    That the presence of microorganisms which do not impair function is *not* disease, and must not be legally construed as such.
    That the above declarations shall be known as the presumption of Medical Innocence.
    That all humans are entitled to the presumption of Medical Innocence, as a matter of law, being as well a fundamental right of personal sovereignty and human dignity.
    That the rights of personal sovereignty and human dignity are inalienable.

    • Nice. I saved your text for the day I can propose it somewhere. What we need is a real society so that you/anyone can propose that, and we can all vote on it, and it’ll become law. Instead we have unelected pirates who do whatever the heck they want and we have no say in it. We the Prisoners need to get together and talk about our country, because it’s OUR country, not a small bunch of Hitlers’ country.

  9. I suspect the Psychopaths In Charge are setting us up for a repeat performance. What they may have failed to take into account, is that now that so many are no longer under “orders”, is that a great many of those may say “never again”. The relief I felt when the nearby rural town became nearly mask free months ago was exhilarating. Even the corporate owned grocery is not requiring their employees to mask anymore, which was the last mask holdout in town. Yesterday, in three hours of shopping in town, I saw ONE person wearing a mask. An obese woman as old as me, 67, or older, or just looked that way because of her poor health.

    • It’s not as pronounced in my area, but mask wearing is down to about 70 percent from 99 percent. I supposed it is because many have gotten the jab and they feel “entitled” to walk around without a mask. What I am afraid of is that if the media pumps up it’s propaganda machine as some of the people who took an mrna jab start getting sick is that they will opt for more jabbing instead of calling bullshit. People who have taken the jab have effectively committed suicide as they have a ticking time bomb in their system.

      As they realize this, they will want company. That’s what I am ultimately worried about.

    • Hey John

      Its funny here, of the four major grocery chains within 30 miles only one still has the huge MASK REQUIRED sign right in front of the door. The other stores have been majority mask free for 3 or 4 months now. But Safeway of Cottonwood AZ is still fully on the faux Chee train. They even have signs for ‘FREE VACINES.’ I started going back even though I vowed to myself never to shop there again. Its fun, the reaction I get from the 95% still compliant sheep is priceless. I love ratting their cages by not respecting the ‘social distance.’ Even with faces covered I can tell they think me a monster (I am btw). I just smile at them, or sometimes I’ll cough. They scatter like roaches.

      I kind of liked it better when the virtue signalers were in the drivers seat. I had processed through all the stages, disbelief, denial, anger, and acceptance. After all I reasoned if these people want to slowly starve their brain of oxygen who am I to deny them that right. Less people would mean this place would go back to the quiet little paradise it used to be.

      When this script flips back, as it will. Say at some point enough people are pissed enough, the .Gov begins to fear our wrath, they will pass a new law, ‘No masks in public spaces’ it is at that point we should all wear masks every time we go in the bank or a ,Gov building.

  10. 9-11 was bad for civil liberties. Covid has been terrifying. Can’t imagine the next chapter.

    Each time it will be harder and harder to claw back what government has stolen.

    • Hi Rich,

      Indeed. This business has shown just how far they can push it without much, if any, pushback from most people. When Lord Zoltran lands his holographic UFO on the White House lawn, look out.

    • No shit, Rich. A year before this happened I told the wife to get every bit of cash she could and I would too. There wasn’t much to get since we’re on SS and I had just got fired which I called 2 months before since I had not leased my place to the bosses son and gave him the bad news right in front of the boss. He wasn’t happy with me anyway since I knew more about the equipment we used than he did and knew the little ins and outs that keep you rolling till you can get the proper fix.

      The reason I told her to horde cash was because I knew the Fed was about to pull one of it’s shitties at any time and we need to be prepared for whatever is was/is. When I saw what they had in mind after getting the dope on Event 201, finding out old Joe had taken SARS2 from a lab in the US to China along with $3M in 2015 with Obama’s blessings and had Jason Bermas turn me on to the unedited version of Gill Bates’ TED talk where he speaks of a huge pandemic and he would save the day by innoculating every person on earth which would result in lowering the population from nearly 9 billion to something between 6 and 7 bells started going off. It was along about then I found out that the B&G Foundation had innoculated childeren in India killing nearly half a million of them. They’re not welcome there now hhhmmmm.

      When I first heard of the Wuhan virus it was evident that was going to be the very thing to not only rob the US, making the Big Short look like the Little Piss. It was mid-March when James Bullard, head of the St. Louis Fed said “Things are going as planned” that really sent a chill up my back.

      One of the first things I noticed was their FATWA’s didn’t seem to affect we of small counties in west Texas at first although they’d try to make them worse later, once we started having deaths(false deaths). Eventually stores had up their requisite mask signs and people simply ignored them. There was work to do and the only people who died were the ones counting down the clock anyway.

      The first in the county was an 87 year old man who had some terrible diseases and it was a wonder how he was hanging on and then he died like everyone who knew him expected any day for the last couple years. It was on the list of covid as was a victim of a highway wreck so we had two covid deaths all of a sudden in the county.. Everyone knew it was bs and treated it as such.

      The grocery store, Dollar store, farm store and every other damned store were full of unmasked people and ignored the signs by the doors which were black print on clear sticky plastic you could barely read.

      A couple in the county had decided to open a hunting store in a nearby town and everything rocked along as usual. I walked into a store a county away and the young and in-charge fatty at the register hollered at me and said I had to have a mask. I never slowed down and barked(I have e really deep voice anyway) “HIIPA” at her and continued on. She looked like she’d be slapped and i knew she’d be told about exceptions. She was really nice when I checked out and I wished her “good luck” instead of good day.

      The first time I went to the doc I had to wear a mask and she said something like “Well, We have to because of the pandemic” to which I replied “You mean the plandemic” and she said “probably so”.

      There just weren’t many takers out her where the few peace officers didn’t give a shit and weren’t about to hold people up for not wearing a mask.

      When the Thanksgiving version of a multi-county paper came out the front page was full of local’s pictures and what they were thankful for. The guy who owned the hunting store said he was thankful for not seeing masks everywhere he went. I met him a couple weeks later and neither of us were masked up so we had a good conversation standing in the middle of the highway unmasked and smiling. The past 18 months I don’t think I’ve ever been more glad to live where nobody trusts the govt. and that includes the local govt.s I did get a bit pissed the second visit to the oncologist and the nurse insisted I keep on my mask during the long wait for the doctor “because there’s elderly people we need to protect”. I guess she couldn’t read my chart. But my 02 level was the lowest I’d ever seen and I made here a bet. We went outside and took off our masks and I power-walked a long block and back and my 02 lever was back to 98-99. She couldn’t deny the truth of that. At least we wasted time outside and the doc got there quickly after I got back in. When I left I whipped that mask off going out the door. I get to see the doc again next week. I have found a way with a cheap paper mask to form the metal at the nose into a place where it gives me air from the sides and the top. I considered buy and N99 mask that has a “cheater” flap at the nose so you can breathe but I don’t intend to wear one very long and I do other things to the bottom allowing air from that part too. When you have asthma, that mask, any mask is a killer. I almost wore my Israeli gas mask to the doc one day. It frightening as hell. I considered kitting up and throwing my AR over my shoulder too. A couple years ago when we got a new sheriff the “gun free” zone signs came down at the hospital. I didn’t ask why since it makes good sense.

  11. “How do you undo the trauma inflicted on kids forced into social isolation and hectored to regard not only other kids but everything they come into contact with out in the world as something that just might kill them?”

    You do what we did tonight. 13 children between 1st and 6th grade running,playing and being kids, not a facr diaper in site. Eating burgers and dogs, having ice cream shooting each other with nerf guns and having more fun in 4 hours than the last 8 months of school. The parents planning a camping weekend, a suite donated to us at the local minor league team’s stadium, and a pinewood derby that should have happened 6 months before it actually takes place. Parents need to get the kids out and socializing again with their peers away from the liberal indoctrination centers.

    • Excellent, Antilles!

      I hope normalcy spreads faster than the hysteria that has undermined it these past 12-plus months. It may be difficult for Pope Fauci and his church to find new followers or even retain most of those acquired if “the cases! the cases!” don’t “spike” again. But if that does happen – perhaps because of immune system weaknesses triggered by the “vaccine” – then we are in for it, doubleplusbad.

      • Remember, too, that there WERE NO EXCESS DEATHS IN 2020 over the past 5 years! This entire scam has been virtually fact-free. All TPTB need to do is start the propaganda again, which they could do at any time.

        • Hi Anon,

          Yup. Another fact that ought to have made an impression on people. Had the fact been reported. Were people interested in facts.

          • These idiots called Amerikans are not interested in facts. If they were, 70 percent of them would not already have been jabbed.

        • Last I looked there was a substantial increase in all cause mortality in 2020, according to CDC numbers. Something in the order of 18%. It is said that all cause mortality numbers are less prone to manipulation. Regardless, I am well aware of the fraudulent numbers provided and created by CDC. I’m well aware of what the CDC is and what it’s function is – a propaganda laundering facility owned and operated by big pharma and other evil entities that seek power and control. But that isn’t the point. My point is where is your source for the claim there were no more deaths in 2020 than normal? I’d like to see it.

          You needn’t accuse me of supporting the contrivavirus narrative. I don’t. I suspect the increase in mortality was a result of three factors. One, medical malpractice. Two, failure to screen and treat all illnesses of all types for many months running. Three, increased deaths due to physical and psychological damage caused by the universal imprisonment scheme. In other words, there was substantial excess mortality in 2020 and clearer thinking would recognize this and describe it appropriately. An immense crime committed against humanity. A willful, malevolent act. The deaths should be laid at the feet of the perpetrators – Trump, Fauci, the Malthusians, eugenicists and other satanists that are prevalent in positions of high power, the medical establishment, the corporate media and on and on. Do you actually think that what was done to our society in 2020 would not result in increased deaths? That is illogical.

          I’ve spent some time looking at the numbers. I often here this no increased death in 2020 line, always without supporting documentation. If you can provide the documentation showing that the national mortality in 2020 was no different than previous years, please provide it.

          • Here is a reference to a JHU study published last fall on the effects of “covid-19” on mortality, which includes mortality rates for preceding years from all causes.


            I cannot disagree that there would have been different effects on mortality rates, due to the reasons you listed above. Of course we have never before had a worldwide “lockdown,” so one would expect more deaths would result from suicide, drug abuse, and violence stemming from that, as well as the lack of cancer screening, etc. But, as you note, medical malpractice is a leading cause of death in the US, ongoing. I have read that it is in the 200,000+ range each year. Maybe the number of malpractice deaths lowered in 2020 because no one was allowed to see their doctor or go to the hospital unless they had a “positive covid test.” This may have saved lives, possibly offsetting the increase from other causes also related to the “covid response.”

            “You needn’t accuse me of supporting the contrivavirus narrative.”

            I didn’t. Be careful about making ASSumptions, especially when you are trying to point them out in others.

            • Ok. At least you provided a link to something. That is more than usually occurs in these cases.

              The Briand study fails to make your case. Perhaps you only read the headline. It was published in November. The CDC reporting involves substantial lag time. Her paper doesn’t include all the numbers for 2020 but only for a portion of the year. Briand makes some good points in her paper, but that is irrelevant to this discussion.

              What is relevant is that the CDC reports 3,358,814 all cause deaths in 2020. The number was 2,854,838 in 2019 and less than that in all 4 years previous. Those are the numbers. CDC numbers. Are they fraudulent? Possibly. Quite possibly.
              But again, if you can provide no documentation to support your claim that all cause death was the same in 2020 as previous years then you should probably stop making it. If you do have said documentation, I’ll be glad to see it. If it is credible I’ll join you in the no increased death in 2020 claim.

              I’ll repeat. If the CDC numbers do accurately represent all death in 2020, then the substantial increase is best explained by the 3 factors I mentioned in the previous comment, not by a cold germ that is irrelevant to healthy people under 65 and is upwards of 94% survivable even by people in terrible health who have also already reached or exceeded full life expectancy.

              I’m on your side. I’m trying to make the point that fighting the lies of the covid cultists does not necessitate that we imitate them.

          • You forgot to mention double counting and ghosted deaths. How do we really know who died and of what. We rely on somewhat competent and honest reporting from various local, state and federal agencies. I frankly don’t even trust the numbers on car accidents any more. There is no way of knowing what happened.

            The government is full of liars, so their numbers are the last thing I trust.

            • Of course I agree with you. I think it unlikely that a half million fake death certificates were created for 2020. But after what I’ve seen in 2020, I would never dismiss that possibility out of hand.

              It would take someone with far more time, intellect, financial resources and energy than I have to attempt to do an audit of CDC’s all cause mortality in the U.S. for a year. So until I, you, or someone else does that, just saying I don’t trust government numbers doesn’t cut it as an argument. That men are liars and governments even more so is a truism, but stating that doesn’t get us any closer to knowing a true number.

              Again, if anyone can provide any documentation showing the all cause mortality in the U.S is different than what the CDC lists, I’m eager to see it. If we can’t then we should probably stop making empty claims. In the long run empty claims only serve to harm the credibility of the one making them.

              • Hi Jody,

                I think the pertinent distinction to make with regard to the death tally is between those who died with the ‘Rona and those who died of the ‘Rona. It is misleading – arguably, deliberately so – to characterize the natural death of an elderly person who happened to have died with ‘Rona in their system as unnatural. Even more so the death – in a car wreck – of a 26 year-old who, at autopsy, was found to have some ‘Rona in his system.

                My understanding is that something on the order of 90 percent of the claimed “Corona” deaths were actually people who died from various other pre-existing problems, possibly pushed over the edge by the ‘Rona – but who were likely to die at some point over the past year, regardless.

                That leaves a relatively small number of deaths that can be attributed to the ‘Rona exclusively. Last time I checked, it was in the neighborhood of 15,000 people. Out of some 330 million people. It’s not nothing, of course. But it’s far less than was hyped.

                • 100% Eric. It is indisputable and easily documented that the CDC has created a fraudulent system for categorizing death that results in large numbers of deaths being attributed to the holy germ.

                  That’s not what is being discussed. What is being discussed is the empty claim that 2020 was “the same” as the previous five years in terms of total deaths. Unless someone can provide documentation to dispute this total death number that CDC provides (half a million more) than we should stop making easily disproven claims which are damaging if we are trying to reach truth motivated individuals. Lets not imitate the low intelligence, low integrity practices of the covid cultists. We don’t need to. It isn’t helpful.

                  Furthermore, the larger point is being missed. Which is that the psychopathic machinations of our owners caused a half million people untimely deaths in 2020, not contrivavirus.

                  But I’m repeating myself. Repeatedly.

                  • I agree, Jody –

                    It’s important to focus on what is indisputable. As for instance that people who aren’t sick can’t get anyone sick. And that this “virus” was never a mortal threat to 99-plus percent of the healthy population and accordingly, the past year has been a fomented crisis driven by mass hysteria.

                    And now I’m having to deal with someone who thinks “the Jews are the devil’s spawn.”

                    • Hi Jody,

                      Thanks for the kind words! I try… coffee and Turmeric seem to help; I also sometimes take a pull a look at my Trans-Am. It uusally perks me up!

  12. Went to the grocery store and out to eat at a restaurant with the family today. Less than 5% wearing the diaper. Although it’s good to see the diaper going away, deep down I know that most of these people are the enemy because a couple of weeks ago they were diapered. Now it’s just more difficult to discern who’s on your team. I’m now Neo in the Matrix, surrounded by people who could be, and probably are, agents.

    I have to be completely honest here… a part of me is disappointed that the masks are disappearing and I’ll tell you why. I derived a selfish sort of pleasure being one of the very few who dared to reject the diaper. It was an enjoyable experience being a wolf amongst the sheep, making eye contact with the perpetually scared, daring them to say one GD word to me about my lack of “faith”. I will miss that.

    Alas, I have hope that the vaccine fight will be an enjoyable experience. Ready for the next phase of this scheme…

    • Admittedly, being the lone person in a crowded store without a mask gave one a certain feeling of superiority at times. But I would much rather go back to blending in with the crowd and seeing everyone maskless than to live in that hellish clown world for even one more day.

      • Amen, Jim!

        I’d like very much to going back to that in early 2020 when I saw my first Diaperer. It was at the coffee shop I used to go to. Everyone looked at this Freak, wondering whether Michael Jackson was in town. And them – just like that – everyone became Michael Jackson.

    • Indeed, Philo –

      The Matrix movie come to life. These people are agents – and now we know it, even if we can’t tell them apart as easily anymore. These same agents will be activated against us again. I think we have a few months, at most. Prepare.

      • eric, you couldn’t be more correct. The scariest part of it to me is the new US prez is obviously a Chinese agent. Heavy Duty Country has a video where he laughs like hell at Bo Jiden. I didn’t laugh. It’s not funny that he’s just a marionette with some invisible force controlling him.


      • it’s a tremendous mistake to condemn and divide people more than necessary, especially when you didn’t engage a huge array of individuals as a master of persuasion & influence.

        the manner in which you’ve defined yourself as superior and others as irrevocable enemies is probably much worse than the puritanism you recently scowled at and i would say turn back to reasoning as soon as possible. you’re getting wild eyed.

        mask-wearing is clearly very easy to rationalize for the spooked, busy average person just trying to go about their business without realizing the impending doom that these gestures portend. few have been able to imagine the scale of deception and evil taking place, but this is no reason to impinge conversion potential by turning nasty on the weaker or less aware. the goal should be having more people awake and active not defining more people as our enemies.

        • Hi Hickory,

          I understand your point and – normally – would agree with you. But this is not normal. Diaper-wearing enables a vicious lie. It is what has made the hard-nudge to Jab everyone – even kids – possible by making that seem “necessary.” We do no one a kindness by pretending their fear justifies their hysteria.

          I remember when the Heimat Sicherheitsdeinst appeared – and with it, gate rape and submission training at the airport. I deployed everything I have in the way pf persuasion and influence to urge people to stop going to airports. If even 20 percent of the people who did not have to fly refrained from flying, gate rape and submission training likely would have disappeared as the airlines would have squealed.

          Diapering is the same thing. I haven’t worn the filthy rag once during this whole vile episode and while I get that it is easier for me as a self-employed person to “get away” with that, it is also possible for many others who simply chose, out of fear of not being seen as “compliant” and just their own short-term convenience to wear the disgusting thing.

          And for that reason, yes, I do condemn them.

          • >Heimat Sicherheitsdeinst
            From the very start, I *always* thought of these clowns as the “Department of Fatherland Security.* Being 4th gen German-American, English is my native language. Translated to the language of (most of) my ancestors, I suppose that would be:
            VaterlandsicherheitsAmt, or VSA.
            I suppose HSA works as well.
            Got to love those compound nouns. 🙂
            Either way, “homeland” is not a concept I associate with the land of my birth, but with the land of my 19th century ancestors, and never mind der NSDAP, which was formed long after my own ancestors left the Old Country.

    • Same here. Haven’t worn a diaper at all. I do the same, look them right in the eye knowing they want to tell me what to do, but since they are such sheep already, they just look down. Cowards, all.

      • Yep, Diane, it’s sort of terrifying to know there’s not a person in a 100 with an ounce of guts. We actually could have an emergency where the people need to ignore govt. and there won’t be a pair of balls anywhere in sight. That’s the very thing that worries me and makes me wish I had more money for that over-priced stuff that goes bang.

      • I have only worn the diaper at work, and that only in limited circumstances since my boss told me to. Outside work, I think I have been kicked out of 30 stores for not wearing the liberal rag. It is positively sickening and terrifying to see the sheepish, slavish behavior of the sheeple. They truly make me sick.

  13. This whole fiasco is just another democide episode — that’s all it ever was. I’m sad that alot of innocent people don’t realize this. We really need a new society started from scratch — no more dictators, because this is what you get with dictators — unelected dirtbags that run huge media campaigns & education system to keep the public dumb & uneducated. There’s no such thing as a virus, period, OMG geez.

  14. Here in St. Pete, FL, new signs have appeared on store entrances. These signs proclaim you may enter the store unmasked if, and only if, you have been fully vaccinated. I lmao deep inside, and almost outloud as I stroll past them. This is because the CDC has deemed it safe for the jabbed to mingle without a mask. Since when does the CDC make policy for how stores allow theur customers to shop?

    Sadly, many people still wear the holy vestments. Are these people being honest and still wearing because they have not been jabbed, or are they living in irrational fear? If I was to bet, I would take fear. I just went to a Big Lots and a Winn Dixie, and still well over half the shoppers were diaperd up. WTF? At least no one has questioned my unmasked face.

  15. Yesterday I got a haircut. No masks. None of the staff, none of the customers, no one.

    Now I have to remember to smile again. 🙂

  16. Today in NC, I watched a young woman double diaper up with some kind of fashion-y diaper on top in order to enter a closed and otherwise empty of another person post office, which still had yellowed signs up referencing govking mandates that have been rescinded. Otherwise, some changes for the better have happened here and in other places and I want to be optimistic but I keep hearing in my mind the Voltaire quote “it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

    • You can bet she’s also genetically modified. Those that are, remain the most fearful by a wide margin, essentially looking like society’s mummies.

      • I really appreciate your specificity in describe it. Genetically modified. Not vaccinated, inoculated, or immunized. Too many folks on our side (Rand Paul I’m looking at you) don’t use accurate terminology. Overall, though, the thinking of folks like this woman I saw is so full of contradictions, faulty premises, and willful not knowing it really is like dealing with the truly insane. It worries me we numbers of them are marshaled in a direction.

    • Hat, our local post office has a good woman who works there. I went in and found a note I had a package to pick up. I could see her masking up as she came from the back. When she got there and before she could say anything I said “Don’t wear that damned mask for me” and she immediately took it off and smiled and took my card to get my box. She was still smiling when she came back.

      • Where I live they don’t deliver mail. You have to go to your P.O. Box to get your mail. It’s open 24/7 and usually empty off hours. People like the woman I mentioned still diaper up to go in an empty building because… signs, which aren’t even up to date now. As for the post office employees it depends on the person. As I’ve mentioned before, though, the guy who runs my village post office is an actual communist diaper fanatic. As a result, I have cut my post office usage to the absolute bone and receive and pay almost every bill online now. I also have every package shipped by UPS and FedEx who DO deliver right to my door.

        • Unfortunately the diapered clown will never feel an impact from your decisions. He will not miss a day’s pay, and has probably been paid “hazard pay” for working during a “pandemic,” don’t you know.

        • Hi Zek!

          Our local post office is ok – but some of the locals aren’t. Last time I was there – Undiapered, of course – a guy (Diapered, of course) saw me and literally fled the building.

          I shared a laugh with the guy working the counter, who I know.

          • Funny. Early on in the diapering madness, I was at a Costco with my girl and we walked in. She did wear a mask, though she doesn’t believe in them. I walked in, pretending to put one on and then took it off. Two fags approached me and said “where is your mask? You aren’t wearing a mask.” I said you’re a genius. I don’t have to wear one. He then told me that he was going to get the manager. As the manager approached, I put the mask close to my chin. The fags kept insisted on him kicking me out. He said he couldn’t do that. I told the manager that they need a mental checkup. He laughed and agreed.

            • Nixon – this is the best strategy – half ass it and mock it. make it a joke, and let them know they cant get to you. The hard core faithful will never see it – but many more will realise how stupid it is and well this thing will hopefully fall apart sooner…

            • Good on ya, Nixon.
              No use we normal folks should be required to kowtow to those whose immune systems may well be compromised due to their ah, “lifestyle choices.”

  17. It’s the eye of the hurricane. Does anyone remember the video of Bill and Melinda Gates being interviewed, when he said about a pandemic that “the next one will get their attention” with that shit-eating look on his (and her) face? I strongly suspect the “next one” will hit the “vaccinated” this fall or winter, and probably will leave those of us rejecting experimental gene therapy alone, but of course we’ll get blamed for it.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why so many people I see in stores still don the Holy Rag. What will be interesting is when June 11th rolls around (the date Fuehrer Beshear gave for when all mandates end), to see how many are still walking around muzzled.

    • No good deed will go unpunished.

      Tractor store, no masks. Target, no masks, though some have the filthy things covering their mugs to the ears and eyes. Looking repugnant must be cool or something.

      Walmart, no mask, buy what I want, no hassles.

      Grocery stores, no masks, some employees, some idiot shoppers.

      Mask Required signs are gone.

      People have had enough, it’s over.

      Joe Biden needs to introduce a new shtick. He should have the White House chefs prepare a meal of bugs, some kelp, can’t have beer, has carbon dioxide, so that’s out, champagne, gone, no more beef on the menu, no more shellfish, need hydrocarbons to catch shellfish, no lamb chops, no nuthin’, just bugs and some wild-crafted wheat grass, juiced if desired.

      No Eggs Benedict for Joe and Kamala. The White House kitchen cupboards can be bare, Old Mother Hubbard would understand. Jill and Joe can graze the White House lawn, if they are even there. Go find a job, Joe.

      Bugs can sustain you.

      A food emergency will be even better, rationed foodstuffs will be one more crisis to create then to offer a solution.

      President Biden will ask all Americans to do their part, since we’re all in this together, a mandated fast for the next 100 days, a food emergency will necessitate the eating of bugs and a few pine needles.

      Cold dog soup for starters.

      Joe isn’t going to eat bugs, Kamala isn’t going to eat bugs. They might be dumb enough to eat a few, no big surprise there, they’re out there in left field, all alone, stranded, no rescue.

      Back to reality.

      In the final analysis, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Tractor Supply et al figured out that if you make people wear masks, business is not as good, drops off dramatically at certain times of the day.

      No mask requirement translates to more people inside the stores shopping for what they need and want.

      It is not hard to reach the conclusion, the numbers speak for themselves. Seeing is believing.

      The places were packed with people who were not wearing a mask, when you wear a mask, it is just embarrassing and dampens anyone’s spirit. Just a few people here and there at each store, but they were looking like they were ready to rip the things off of their senseless heads, looked that way, anyhow.

      Still have to kill them all with kindness, difficult job to do, it can be done. Even if you have to pick them up by the shoulders and shake them so they do come to their senses, the time has come.

      If an orangutan wants to eat your lunch, he’ll just slap the snot out of you first and then have your lunch. Happened to a GI in Vietnam, he shared his lunch with an orangutan while out there in the great wide open, the third day, the orangutan wanted all of the lunch. The grunt wasn’t willing to do that, got slapped silly, was between a rock and hard place no matter what.

      Mike Tyson might not oblige and the orangutan might have fight on his hands. har

      Was at a zoo in Minneapolis, was staring at the glass that was in front of the bars of the cage for the orangutan. All of a sudden, there was a big glob of orangutan spittle right in front of my face hanging on the glass.

      Easy to hate, especially when you are behind bars.

      Nature of all beasts.

    • A real hoot to watch couples leave the grocery store with their groceries, walk to their cars, load the groceries in the car, get in the car and drive off, all while diapered. They obviously live together, so what is the point?
      Do they wear their diapers to the dinner table? To bed?
      Inquiring minds don’t give a S*. These poor folks are disturbed.
      As the late John Prine put it, many years ago,
      “The mentally ill sit perfectly still,
      and live through life’s in betweens.”

  18. Still 90+% masktards here.

    It has been getting worse, not better. Masks are only required indoors in retail. Everything else is shut down. Almost everyone walking the town has a mask on. A large number of people driving are masked, even when alone in the car.

    • Hi Anon,

      Good – and bad – news from SW Va. For the first time since this all began, no – zero – Diapers at my gym today. The good news. The bad news showed its face (or rather, didn’t) at Earth Fare. No Diaper enforcement – but almost everyone pre-Diapered. We sat and watched them roll into the parking lot. Diapers on, in their cars – wearing them as if that were “norma.” Because such has been normalized.

      Took a pull just now. Southern folk will know what I mean!

    • Where are you. Most people in my area are now maskless. Michigan. Went to a big high School track meet only a couple folks had masks, they looked like retards, oh excuse me differently able’d.

  19. PA walmart diaper report:
    60% unmasked
    2 friends shook hands
    2 women hugged (made a point of saying they were anointed)
    Many employees unmasked

    You could have been doing this all year

  20. I’m skeptical it’s over; not by a long shot. The present half-assed and self-contradictory CDC guidance on face diapers can and will be reversed, on a whim. This is nothing more than the equivalent of a guy who routinely beats his wife promising after giving her a broken nose and pushing her down the steps that he’s changed his ways and will never do it again. It’s all bullshit, and a prelude to the next beating, which will be the worst yet. Don’t get complacent.

    • I agree, BAC.

      My Spider Sense is tingling. I just accept that the people who did this are going to just stop – and go away. They’ll be back. Just fire up the Fear Organ again. And if it turns out to be true that the “vaccine” sets people up to be vulnerable to future infection and to get much sicker, we’re in for it.

      • Hi Eric,

        I also am very suspicious for the same reasons. Once the “Yay! We’re going to get back to normal” euphoria wears off, and the “Cases!” *wink wink* start to go up again, I think the wrath will be turned against the “anti-vaxxers” and “deniers” (as I’m sure we’ll be styled) for “ruining everything). I can also almost hear the “it’s not faaaaiiirrr” chorus coming, that the unvaxxed shouldn’t be allowed to share in the “freedom” with others since we didn’t “earn it” — not playing kabuki and not getting the vax.

        That situation could also be prime opportunity for even more government crackdowns— as it would just be more “proof” that “people can’t handle freedom responsibly”

        • Yeah that’s the usual game plan of the control freaks. Their control freakism didn’t work not because control freakism always fails but because somewhere someone didn’t obey them.

          That’s what they’ve done all along. 99.9% wasn’t enough, the failure was because of a very few outliers didn’t obey a couple times.

        • RE: “I can also almost hear the “it’s not faaaaiiirrr” chorus coming, that the unvaxxed shouldn’t be allowed to share in the “freedom” with others since we didn’t “earn it” — not playing kabuki and not getting the vax.”

          It’s already here. I described in the last Diaper Report how on the AM radio station they were saying people who didn’t get The Shot were, ‘taking advantage of things’ or something to that effect, which is basically what you just wrote.
          I imagine there’s much more out there just like that if I heard it in my brief listen.

    • Yep. It’s not over yet. Now they’re going to go after the unvaxxed, You won’t be able to board an airplane or obtain employment without the vax. Bank on it.

      • Time to break out the yellow triangles, point down.
        Nicht geimpft! In Fraktur typeface, naturlich.
        Should look just great on a striped tunic, nicht wahr?

  21. ‘It was intentional.’ — EP

    This should — but won’t — be a moment for Big Gov to reflect on its plummeting credibility. Apparently a third of US adults want no part of a covid vaccine that government spent heavily to develop and promote. We’ve come a long way from the innocent Leave It To Beaver days when kids proudly displayed their polio vax scars, and parental dissent was virtually nonexistent.

    What happened?

    JFK’s assassination, I maintain, opened a permanent credibility gap between Big Gov and the public, which went on widening as lying Johnson and lying McNamara lied, lied, lied about their lethal debacle in Vietnam.

    In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers blew the lid off the fedgov’s sordid lies, four years before the last Americans were airlifted off of a Saigon rooftop in 1975. Today’s equivalent of Daniel Ellsberg, Julian Assange, rots in a London prison cell, charged in the US with espionage for publishing damning truths about another stupid, effed-up colonial war.

    But 58 years after JFK’s demise, the Deep State continues digging in its heels about releasing ‘sensitive’ files. A fresh deadline looms on Oct 26, 2021, when lifelong insider and political fixer Joe Biden must decide how much of the long-running JFK coverup to retain.


    Yet Big Gov wonders why calm, rational adults just walk away in disgust from its authoritative health advice. Like a stoolie offering tainted testimony to reduce his own jail time, the reprobate US fedgov demonstrates time and again that it compulsively, maliciously lies to cover up its own incompetence, malfeasance and (likely) treason against its own people.

    • I agree, Jim –

      JFK’s public execution occurred before I was born, but I became interested in it early. I read a great deal about it. And about JFK. He was, like most, a flawed man but I came to believe he was not an evil man. And the more I read, the more I began to appreciate why they killed him. And I think many Americans know it in their guts, too. November, 1963 was the year America got a look behind the curtain – and the sight wasn’t pretty.

      • Thanks, Eric.

        As a kid on that day, I saw taciturn, apolitical adults openly weeping. They knew in their hearts, instantly, that everything they had believed about the honesty and goodness of their country had just gone permanently, upside-down fubar.

        What if — yeah, what if — the Deep State spiked Joe Biden’s vote totals to ensure that DJT wouldn’t be in office on Oct 26, 2021, the next decision date for declassifying JFK files?

        Then the Jan 6th capitol trespassers would be like a citizen who double parks to chase a fleeing bank robber: small infractions can be justified to stop a larger crime.

        Merrick Garland’s scorched-earth manhunt of Jan 6th participants is telling, just as the 57-year refusal to reveal the full truth about JFK constitutes irrefutable proof that something ugly and institutionally embarrassing is being suppressed.

        • For what it’s worth:


          At one time, JFK research had a wealth of information on the Kennedy assassination, many thumbnails, Candy Barr, Jack Ruby, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kennedy. Pages were filled to the hilt. Information about Oswald stalking Kennedy before November of ’63, what was read.

          All down a rabbit hole, scrubbed. It was a great site, had to be too much information. Get it gone.

          Now just one page announcing a new website. Been that way for a while.

          There was no conspiracy, President Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin, LHO the perpetrator, the culprit.

          Yeah, right. Tell me another one.

          Jack Ruby shot Lee live on TV, saw it with my own lying eyes.

          One memory that is seared indelibly into the psyche.

          • Hi Drump,

            Numerous things about that business – JFK’s murder – indicate the true rather than the told story. So many of them, but a few stand out to me, including (in the immediate aftermath of his being pronounced dead at Parkland) one of the attending doctors describing the lethal frontal head shot to the press (and similar testimony given by others in attendance), the apparent doctoring of the autopsy report and of the body itself; the weird shenanigans at Walter Reed.

            Then there’s the whole Ruby thing. It was like the Epstein thing only even more blatant. The president has just been murdered – during the height of the Cold War – and some “random” guy just waltzes in to the basement parking lot in just the nick of time to be there when the alleged assassin is paraded out with minimal security, such that he can just walk right up to him and pump a few rounds from a .38 snubbie into is guts.

            The “random” guy having all kinds of interesting connections. And then dies of “cancer” before he can be properly interrogated.

            • They got away with it for awhile, until Abe Zapruder’s home movie clearly showed Jackie Kennedy frantically attempting to retrieve a large chunk of her husband’s skull from the rear deck of the limo. Can you say, “exit wound at dorsal face of skull?”
              >The “random” guy
              Who was always referred to by what was evidently his mob nickname, “Jack Ruby,” rather than his given name, Jacob Rubenstein.
              And whose business in Dallas was *always* described as a “night club,” never as a “strip club,” which it was.
              Don’t want the public thinking for themselves, you know.
              Might start asking embarrassing questions.

              • Hi Turtle,

                Yup. The second (kill) shot blew out the back of JFK’s head. Brain and skull ejecting backward. How does that happen from a shot to the back of the head? I think when people see that, it confirms what they knew in their guts. But many don’t want to deal with what it means.

                As now.

            • Back then it was called Bethesda Navy Hospital. I was born there, up on the fourth floor. Had a great little golf course too, built by Eisenhower.

          • Oswald could not have pulled off 3 shots in 4 seconds from an old bolt-action rifle. Oswald had to be eliminated. Jack Ruby’s real name was Jack Rubenstein. Likely the mossad was involved because Kennedy wanted to reign in israel’s nuclear ambitions…

      • Eric, was wondering – what was the movement when you realised that what they tell us is fake, and well so much of the system is a con ?! On the telegram group of a british journalist (one of the few sane ones around) and he had an interesting post about it – was an interesting read, along with everyones comments about the moment they realised what they tell us isn’t the truth……

      • In today’s world JFK would be considered alt-right. He was a lifetime member of the NRA. As a Senator he talked about the threat of communism from within the government.

    • Jim,

      I think that the credibility gap opened even before the JFK assasination. I’d go back to the Pearl Harbor hearings held in the wake of WWII. Even during the opening days of the war, rumors SWIRLED about that FDR KNEW that the attack was coming, and let it happen anyway! Unfortunately, C-SPAN didn’t exist in those days, and the press didn’t highlight what transpired in the hearings; there was dirt brought up in the hearings themselves. Unfortunately, since the Democrats controlled Congress, and with that, the committees, they determined what went in to the reports that were available to the public. SO! Since C-SPAN didn’t exist and the press didn’t do its job, it wouldn’t be until 1983 that the truth of the attack was put forth in John Toland’s book, “Infamy”.

      • The definitive book on the truth about FDR’s betrayal to bring about WWII “Back Door to War” was written by Charles Callan Tansill and published by Regnery in 1952.

        • I’ll have to see if I can get that one. Since C-SPAN wans’t available, people couldn’t watch the hearings. Even though dirt was brought up in the hearings, the word never got out to the general public about Pearl Harbor.

          • You really should. It’s 700 pages of truth bombs written by a real historian back in the day from original sources. Also, it speaks of the absolute unnecessary aspects of the war with Germany, which is even more toxic to the establishment. The copy I have is a 1971 reprint of the 1952 original from Greenwood Press out of Westport, CT. Charles Callan Tansill was a professor at American U, Fordham & Georgetown. I am related to him via my sister marrying his great nephew.

      • The fedgov has been doing the same routine to get into war since at least 1861. It harasses an enemy through various means, usually trade restrictions, refusal to leave places it isn’t welcome, etc and so on. Eventually it pisses off its target to a point where something happens it can use. Fedgov can even make it up but people believe it because of the tensions (fedgov created). Then fedgov plays victim and goes to war.

        It’s always been a ruse and people fall for it again and again. I would not be surprised if the technique itself goes back thousands of years. Most every way humans are ruled over does. Nothing ever really changes on this rock.

        • The FedGov and FDR followed the same playbook to enter WWII. Look up “The McCollum Memo”, which was an 8 point plan to provoke Japan in to committing “the first overt act”. It more or less followed the standard playbook you outlined above.

          The McCollum Memo, named for its author, LCDR Arthur McCollum, featured an 8 point plan to provoke the Japanese in to attacking. McCollum, who was with Naval Intelligence, had grown up in Japan as the son of missionaries. He knew the language and culture; he knew the Japanese mind. He concocted a plan that did just that. FedGov carried out every step of the plan, which culminated in the December 7th, 1941 attack.

      • Hi John,

        I think JFK was dangerous to the people behind the curtain for several reasons. One was that had his own money and so didn’t need theirs. Another was that – from my reading about him – he was a reluctant politician, more or less pushed into it by his father after his older brother was killed in WW II. A third is that he was very sick – Addison’s Diseases, then incurable – and so had a view of life that gave him a kind of immunity from the pressure applied to other politicians. He knew his time was short – so they had less power over him.

        • I strongly suspect that any POTUS since that doesn’t walk the line gets a private CIA managed viewing of the Zapruder film. In fact, such could apply to ANY politician.

        • Hi Eric…
          My dad served in the USN during WW II… for which he developed a kinship for JFK and thus the PT 109 memory. Himself a devout Roman Catholic, I remember dad sharing his excitement that JFK was the first Roman Catholic to be elected president. My father was a Democrat, and a sole proprieter of an HVAC business. I am not sure what political affiliation he would align with today. A conservative religionist, but one who believed in 1962 that “Democrats watch out for the little guy.”

          • Indeed, John –

            As I’m sure you already know, JFK had a crippling back problem (and his father’s connections) yet still sought active/combat duty. I consider him the last American president who wasn’t a complete tool – and that’s why they had him publicly executed.

            • eric, do you remember when Laura’s jaw nearly hit the ground after the Shrub said a few words to her at the old man’s funeral? Then she passed a note to Jeb and he had the same reaction.
              I can almost guarantee the Shrub told her his old man was in charge of killing Kennedy. There’s a book called Miles on Kennedy. You should read it.

              • I do recall that, Eight – and hat tip regarding the book, which I’ve not read but will get and read, assuming it’s available. The Bush family is an real-life mafia, without the honor.

        • Similar reason they had problems with Trump. Trump was brought up buying political influence. He didn’t need to be bought, he was used to doing the purchasing to get his buildings done.

          And Yes, JFK was the last real president.

          • Morning, Brent –

            Having grown up after the execution of JFK, I can only imagine what it must have been like to have been around prior to it. And I can imagine it, because I was around for Nahhhnnnnlevven – another look behind the curtain. It is massively unnerving. You sometimes wish you’d not seen it. Many submerge what they know they saw, deep down, never to think about it again – because the thought is unbearable. I think I understand why so many of the people rounded up by the Nazis just couldn’t believe it was really happening. There has to be some explanation…

            And of course, there was.

  22. One of the things which is giving me the most joy these days is where there is a shop (usually owned and run by a brown guy) with all these masks required and covid this and government rules that…

    Then you enter and nobody’s wearing a mask (or even if someone are) nobody bothers you to wear one !! Hoping this will spread and all this crap falls apart soon….

    • It is just such a type of shop that my husband and I patronize most here in the Epicenter of Sickness Kabuki, NYC. Typically, the “Must Have Face Diaper” sign is on the door, but no one working inside wears one and neither have we. They know us by name and often give us loyalty discounts, bringing to mind the sort of old-fashioned, small-town small-biz feel that’s so often been replaced by the likes of Wal-Mart, Tar-jhay, et. al. The combination of:

      A) patronizing small, Indian/Pakistani run stores whose owners don’t obey Diaper mandates either,

      B) ordering in bulk by mail—but not Amazon!—to avoid the addled, oxygen-deprived masses (while also saving on shipping; we often got shipping for free), and

      C) boycotting all the rest has worked for us—and allowed me to continue adhering to my libertarian principles— through the duration of the scamdemic.

      Now that the Diapers are coming off (for the sane), the usual suspects take delight in doubling down. I suspect in a few months’ time, they will be triple-diapered and double-gloved, if not bundled up a la John Travolta in the “Bubble Boy” movie of the week c. 1976. Because they are Following The Science(tm), of course!

      • Hi Fed Up,

        I was born in NYC; I wonder whether I’ll ever set foot there again. I haven’t been since before the Trade Center was destroyed. More than just the skyline changed for me – and I suspect, many others. I feel the same about DC, where I worked for a number of years before flying the coop for good. More so, regarding DC. I give thanks every day that I got out of there back in ’04 – in advance of what came after.

      • Hi fed Up- seriously. Ive never been big on going to small shops (never found what I needed, and well ive been using a card since I was a teenager and most small shops here in the UK dont really take). But since this covid con – I always keep cash, and try to go to the small shop…. yeh its mostly the Pakistani/ Indian types who are the ones who care least about the rules (while ensuring they tick all the boxes and put up all the signs/warnings/government penalty notices)…. something about that which I love – what better way to make a mockery of this con……

  23. Diaper report from Myrtle Beach SC: Wide open. Masks? What masks? Walmart? 90% unmasked (excluding employers). Subway? One masked out of seven. Putt-Putt? No one masked. Beach? Nada. Walked into a Wendy’s in Mount Olive, NC. Half masked. The rest of us showing our smiling faces.

  24. I will never ever get over this insanity. They always knew exactly what they were doing. It was never about health and it still isn’t. The govt., high (on power) as any addict after a fresh blast, THEY did this to us and they knew the entire time. And they’re not done “doing it”. Sure, they’ve retreated somewhat, but they’re still in process.

    The people that have eagerly embraced this sickness, especially (but not only) the ones that keep trying to do it (the diaper forever crowd), are clearly not right in the head. They’re like what people say about drunks: that it isn’t really “the alcohol” that makes them become assholes (for the “mean drunks”) but that it only unleashed their inner asshole that remains just under the surface always.

    The Branch Covidians were already and continue to remain deeply ill and paranoid delusional to the shocking/scary point. These people truly scare me. Not in the sense of a fair fight… THAT… I’m willing to do even if I might lose it (I trained for a while but I’m certainly not “the baddest dude on the block”). Look at what these people are willing to afflict upon their (and everyone else’s) children!

    And the AGWs just “blossomed” with zeal over yet another opportunity to conduct additional interventions. I watched (and listened to) the same fools that swore up and down that the AGWs “would not implement unconstitutional orders, they swore an oath!” later claim that they “always knew” that they would not uphold their oaths and would just follow orders.

    Initially (circa late March to early April 2020) the AGWs (here in SOMD) took to trolling around EVERY FREAKING business even the god damned car wash at the local car dealership! The very same people that have always suggested that “we just don’t have the manpower/resources to *only* protect the vulnerable” have never been able to answer how we managed to police individual people in the wilderness taking walks or a swim in the ocean. There is no corner of the backwoods (at least in MD) that is too difficult or out of reach of the totalitarians in charge here. There’s no amount of your/my money that they’re unwilling to spend.

    All of these people… the number of which I know, that have not lost their minds, are akin to statistical noise at this point, otherwise… they’re all insane. Masks or not, I want nothing to do with them. I was never a gregarious “people person” in the first place. I don’t want to look at them, I don’t want to engage with them over/about anything. They are dangerous and unhinged. They openly wish death upon those that are not similarly afflicted and nobody bats an eye.

    I’m 56 now and I do not believe that this can be undone in my lifetime. The only question that remains (in my mind) is how long the economy can continue to run on fumes.

    • I was surprised by how people on the Eastern Shore are so mask Nazi’s. Figured they be more like the hillbillies near me in the Shenandoah Valley. It’s pretty chill here regarding masks

  25. Dear Community here. I am struggling and have no one to go to. I am President of a 9-member board of my 400 unit condo association. My best allies and friends among the board are the biggest corona commies and curiously, are people I genuinely like in every other way. Sadly, someone at our front desk got the rona and after an announcement complete psychosis took over among them. Our building is in serious trouble and I am working hard with these people to turn it around, but I was so disheartened that I’m not only considering resigning but may never talk to these people again. Please view the commentary below and comment on how you would handle this. After working so hard for 1.5 years as President, my spirit is crushed and don’t know if I can continue in my capacity. At the same time, I know I would let a lot of people down if I walk and there is no logical person to take my place with the time to devote and the requisite skills. These people think they can demand someone undergo an unwanted medical procedure for their sake. Outrageous, in my opinion!!

    Board Member #1:

    Dear Board and Management Team,

    It’s unconscionable and irresponsible that so many of our staff have not been vaccinated yet. The valets are mostly unvaccinated also, maybe security, as well.

    There is no reason for this, when the vaccines are now easily available, quick and free.

    The idea that one staff member testing positive can shut down the management office and hobble the already shaky desk staff is mind blowing. (Manager) and (Assistant Mnager) have no excuse for not getting vaccinated. All of our staff members come into contact with hundreds of mostly elderly residents on a daily basis and we owe everyone more health safety. The expense of getting Servpro to disinfect is an added insult.

    Let’s start a new campaign to get everyone possible vaxxed. Signs should go up in elevators, on bulletin boards and on the front desk, and emails with relevant information for access to vaccinations should be sent ASAP.

    What is (Management Company) doing about this? Unless they are urgently requesting/insisting that their employees be vaccinated, they are a major part of the problem.

    As people are feeling free to remove masks, even though they have not been vaccinated, the need for vaccinations is even more critical.

    Let’s stop pretending we don’t need to do anything as a board or management company. We do.
    I’d like to see a proposal next week.

    Board Member #2:

    I completely agree and am outraged too that we are in this situation. Also, yesterday I was asking about management contact tracing the residents that may have come in contact with the person. Those people should be made aware for their safety and the safety of others. But, I did not see an adequate response from the management. I didn’t want to dwell on it. but, its important.

    Also, the email was very vague and would not be enough for folks to understand if they had been in contact or not. It was vaguely worded as “day shift”. I understand there are privacy issues but there are ways to still communicate matters about “public health” so that people can make responsible decisions.

    Waterview is a private property, are we legally precluded by the state of FL to ask employees on our property to show proof of vaccination? Can we request that all employees on our property be vaccinated? Its free so it’s not a financial burden and we can give them paid time off to get the vaccine. It’s also now very easily available. One can just go over to the Publix or CVS on (XXX) Street.

    Kindly advise.

    Board Member #3:

    The attached article points out that businesses can require COVID vaccines. However, while (Condo Association) pays the salaries of employees, they are technically employees of (Management Company). Therefore I believe it important that Management address the most recent disclosures of possible infection exposures and apparent lack of staff vaccines. (Management Company’s) own email to Association members states they are following guidelines to protect both staff and residents. Therefore, it would be hoped that vaccines for all employees can be quickly implemented.

    Perhaps, with cost of salaries now on the rise, bonuses, as part of salary increases, could be offered within the 2022 budget for staff that can verify vaccines. It is one thing to opt not to protect oneself from infection, it is another to risk the health of (Association) residents, many elderly with health issues. Additionally, with operating budgets already under pressure, spending more funds to sanitize, makes vaccines that much more prudent.

    • I was president of our local (178 unit, single family home) HOA and most of my fellow board members were and still are freaking idiots. I see your board suffers similarly in the respect that they consider themselves to be an extension of the local government to the extent that they think matters of public health are within their jurisdiction. Clearly, that cannot be the case.

      The experimental poison commonly known as “the vaccine” does not prevent the circumstance which they’re attempting to address anyway. It’s the single shot equivalent of chicken soup, a couple days in bed, and a few NSAIDs at best. At worst it can kill you.

      You may want to remind those power grabbers and tinpot despots that only Big Pharma and Uncle are immune from damages related to mandating (or otherwise requiring) “the vaccine”. They are not, neither is the management company.

      It’s clearly become an actionable plan for “the left” in our country to take up enforcement of “orders” when their beloved govt. is unable to do so due to pesky things like the law.

      How about “let’s stop pretending that we’re an extension of the government or the health department because clearly we are not.” Also maybe put into perspective that, outside of having a lawful choice to NOT vaccinate, some people CANNOT vaccinate.

      I’m reading so much arrogance and hysteria in those few emails you posted but I’m by no means surprised in the least. If the people writing that are legit serious, they are clearly scared and starting to feel the helplessness of the inability to just deal with reality. They cannot control public health anymore than the weather and are just kidding themselves that there is anything THAT MAKES SENSE for them do in that regard.

      They are clearly wanting to extend the failed experiment as long as they can. I would certainly do them and the residents that suffer the consequences of their actions to come to terms with reality. I’m betting that is that very last thing they’re willing to do.

      • I would recommend to just go direct to the people as much as you possibly can — ask the people to vote. Most of these board member people are wannabe dictators. On the bright side, if they got their quackcine, they’ll be sick and/or dead soon anyways — yay good riddance to them.

    • Some bits which might be of use to you, DC Miami. The first via Becky Akers:

      Should your boss try to coerce you into submitting to The Jab, this form


      should convince him of the error of his ways. If it doesn’t, and he actually signs it…well, I’d hunt a new job, were I you.

      This video is via Charles Burris:



      And, this bit from Allen Stevo might help you decide what you want to do, one section in particular is titled, ‘Commit To Lead’:


    • Hi DC Miami,

      I am sorry you are going through this.

      Although employers can mandate vaccines OSHA actually responded to this on a FAQ that they released on April 20th. If employers mandate shots for employees they can be held liable for any adverse reactions, injury, or death that results due to this demand.

      The only thing that you can do is speak the truth. You will have pushback and you may be the most unpopular person in the room, but you may find an ally or two that feel the same and just do not have the balls to say anything.

      Here’s my advice. First your letter should begin complimentary. Talk out the wonderful relationships you have had with members of the board and it’s residents. Next you lower the boom. I would focus on numbers. Compare the loss of HOA fees and new membership due to the board’s militant viewpoints. You can address morale and mention incidents from residents that have spoken to you on how unwelcome they feel with these pushes toward “vaccination”. Your letter can end with that the condominium homeowners are adults and are fully capable of making the best decisions on their personal health and it is not the place of the of the board to do so.

      Let us know how it turns out. I am rooting for you.

      • RG,

        That OSHA pronouncement says “should”, not “shall”; therefore, it’s just guidance, not a hard regulation. It’s not ironclad by a long shot that if your employer forces you to get vaxxed and you get hurt, that they’re liable for this. Again, if you read the OSHA document itself, it’s a recommendation, not a regulation.

      • Hi Raider Girl:

        It looks like OSHA got cold feet; check out this tweet (needs to be verified, as it is a screenshot):


        Looks like some arm-twisting, if you ask me!
        (FYI, that account is documenting vax side-effects anecdotes found around social media; worth checking it out often).

        To DC Miami: my suggestion would be to be frank and speak the truth, as RG said. Let them know that offering bonuses is akin to coercion (and discrimination) and that goes against well-established principles (I would suggest you check out the Nuremberg Code). They might argue that the vax has been “approved”; it has not (show them the Pharma and CDC docs where it states it only has an EUA). Gather and document as much info as you can, and be prepared to counter arguments (a typical one may be: “oh, but government, CDC, and doctors say they are mostly safe and effective”).

        It’s hard not to feel demoralized, but don’t give up; keep fighting. Now, if possible, take a small break; that can help to recharge your energies.

        BTW, this is my first time commenting here, but I have been reading this site for a while. I want to thank Eric for writing these articles and providing the space for comments, and also, all of you for participating in this comment section. This has helped me keep my sanity! Things are really crazy (to put it mildly) here in my country (Panama).

    • Dear Eure Majestat, helot, and Raider Girl:

      I am beyond thankful for your replies, advice, information, and genuine caring for my situation. It’s why I feel as I do about this community. I am about 6 months into my following of this site but maybe a month in as a commenter. You showed me why I come here and you all had great things to offer!! I will use all of that in a combination of ways. Plus, I am also well versed on the whole scam.

      This will take some days to play out as I will have further convos with Management company executives and even our law firm before I decide how to handle it, but what happened really demoralized me after all my hard work and contributions. It’s now hard for me to muster the energy to battle against this as I am beyond drained already.

      I’ll check back later in the day to see if any other comments come in and will take all of them into consideration. I hope Eric will weigh in, as I my being here shows that I greatly value his opinion.

      Thank you all and also to any who may post later. I truly appreciate this.

      • Oh boy, can I ever relate to this part:

        “what happened really demoralized me after all my hard work and contributions. It’s now hard for me to muster the energy to battle against this as I am beyond drained already.”

        That was one of the Big Objectives of the Power Elite in doing what they did to everyone.

        IMHO, it means you’re a human being if you feel that way. What & how you/we/us all eventually do in response,… well, as I heard once long ago: that’s why there’s horse races.

    • Not a single shred of critical thought among them. As if the “vaccines” posed no threat at all, despite not having ANY long term safety testing. Despite them killing people at a far higher rate than any previous vaccine, even by the stats of the “officials” and “experts”.

      • And the workers all wear masks, so according to their devoted thought, the mask (sick person and the cultists wearing them) should have left them worry free, right? It’s just so easy to shoot their narrative full of holes.

        Their belief is that the only way for this to work is for every person on the planet to be needled and wear a mask 24/365.

        So these lowly paid workers are supposed to jeopardize their health for some cultist who will not care one bit if they are harmed, because it’s for “the greater good.”

      • The first person sending the original email on the matter signed her name at the bottom (I removed it) and below her name, said “vaxxed.”

        Just so fuckin sanctimonious!!

        • Well, social media (FB mostly) are offering the option to put a frame around your profile photo. Guess what the frame says? And…a lot of people have already used it.

  26. From the very beginning, there was nothing rational about any of the restrictions. The notion that our economic, social, and mental health be destroyed to contain a virus a bit more dangerous than ordinary is insane on its face. This virus will soon pass, as they always do, otherwise one would have wiped us out millennia ago. The damage done by the above mentioned restrictions will take a generation or more to recover from, if we ever do. Not to mention that virtually all these restrictions were and are illegal. I’ve only read the US Constitution a few hundred times, so maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing an “except for plague” clause anywhere in it. It DOES insist that the States maintain a republican form of government, by federal force if necessary, which does not include edicts from executive branch governors and mayors, or those of local “health department officials”.

    • There’s a recent article by Napolitano on the “emergency powers myth” making the rounds. I’ve always said that “Neanderthal thinking” is where the government believes there are no real limits to its power. That anything that appears to limit/prevent it is just one rationalization away from being cast aside… THAT is caveman in essence. Humans started with “get in line or get the club” as the earliest form of “government”.

      We thought we had beaten back Neanderthal thinking here in the USA… before it had become openly totalitarian… and boy did we fool ourselves. Nope! Now, having run the course, the case where every single thing NOT being dictated by the govt. is called “Neanderthal thinking” now and the people that believe this madness to be “enlightened thinking” are not just willing to use “the club” they are eager for it and cheer it on. They’ll take up “the club” themselves and wield it upon the unclean cavemen if necessary because random vigilante violence is now happily/openly a tool of the “enlightened”.

      These lefty-themed riots are an extension of this mass hysteria and psychosis as well. They are essentially open-air violent rituals where they attack the very thing they maintain is the only solution to the problems they believe in. Funny how they primarily apply their violence against random people and characterize what they’re doing as “mostly peaceful protest”.

      They demand more of the very thing they claim is the problem and are not shy about open displays of seething hatred and all-to-often violence against those that do not agree. They do not allow themselves to acknowledge any of the inconsistent contradictions or the degree to which they are responsible for continuing this madness.

      If this is not absolute clinical insanity on a grand scale, what would be? I don’t mean “crazy, funny, ha ha” like characters in that Michael Keaton movie. I mean “clinical insanity” like someone that might have occasion to blow your house up or murder your dog if they think you’re not “doing your part”.


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