Diaper Report 3/18/21

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Facts – as John Adams put it – are stubborn things. Assuming people care about facts. Or even inferences, based on the facts plainly in front of their faces.

Assuming they haven’t been narcoticized (as well as hystericized) by the Diaper covering their faces.

Sadly, even many who aren’t Diapered here Diaper there – depending on the signage. Which tells you they are more afraid of the signage than “the virus.”

At my gym in Roanoke, Virginia, almost no one Diapers – because there is no sign “mandating” they do. Most just walk in – and work out. A few Diaper but they are in the small minority – perhaps 5 percent of the total present at any given time.

But they are the majority almost everywhere else, such as the supermarket (Kroger) down the street, where I am usually the only one not Diapered – probably because there are signs on the door. It doesn’t matter that there is no physical enforcement because psychological enforcement is sufficient.

Thus, even people who don’t Diaper at the gym put the loathsome rag on when they enter the supermarket.

These same people have to know it’s all for show. After all, they have been working out Undiapered among the (mostly) Undiapered for going on four months now. Using the hysterical language of the sickness psychotics, my gym is a “superspreader event”  . . . every day.

For months, ongoing.

Yet no one has died – or for that matter, even gotten sick. If they had – given the state of hysteria over coughs and sniffles, even – there would have been a hysterical response, such as a forced-closure of the gym, probably with yellow tape around the perimeter for heightened effect.

This is not an editorial exaggeration. The panic over sickness is such that the slightest evidence of sickness – even if nothing more than a ”positive case” sans any symptoms of sickness – is more than sufficient to (as Mr. Burns used to say) release the hounds.

But, nothing.

Which ought to tell these obedient-to-signage simpletons something. One can infer from the lack of sickness – from the fact that lots of people gathering in close proximity every day in a gym, where people are not just breathing openly but heavily and not getting sick – that the hysteria over this sickness is just that.

Of course, they know that.

Which one can infer from the fact that they come – and show their faces. No one who really feared “the virus” might kill them would enter an environment where “the virus” was likely to be present.

Would you?

Certainly not without donning what they at least believe to be viable palliative measures, such as the Face Diaper. The fact that they do enter this environment, not only sans their Diaper but unworried about the many other people present also Undiapered is proof they do not fear “the virus” – or they are personally indifferent to the “risk” they are assuming, which is hugely doubtful given the general obsession with risk-avoidance to any extreme.

There is another explanation.


These people aren’t afraid – of “the virus.” They are afraid – of being seen as “noncompliant.” Of sticking out. Of being the only brave face in a store full of Face Diapered poltroons, obedient to the signage and the social pressure.

This is much sadder than the sad people who have been reduced to neurasthenic hypochondria by a juggernaut of state (and corporate) sponsored terror, whose fear of “the virus” – however neurotic – is very real.

These are the people who consistently Diaper – even in their cars. Give them credit for at least believing their lives are in mortal peril and acting (just the right word) in accordance with that fear. Condemning them for this would be cruel – in the manner of mocking someone afflicted with Down Syndrome for being unable to understand algebra.   

But what do we say about people who know perfectly well (as evidence by their actions) that “the virus” is a grotesquely exaggerated threat and who do not fear it and yet reflexively don their Diapers whenever a sign tells them to, even when all it is is a sign?

Who give in to social pressure as if they were 12-years-old again and desperate to fit in with the “cool” kids by talking like them, acting like them, dressing like them and pretending to like everything they like – while also (and this is important) joining the “cool” kids in mocking and worse of the kids who refused to play along and didn’t “fit in” with the “cool” crowd?

This isn’t sad, when adults behave this way.

It’s despicable.

. . . 

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  1. Eric, I like your diaper report, so never get rid of the standard photograph. The gal in the center has a most shapely figure and I dream about what she would look like without the diaper. That is my extent of pornographic musings.

  2. Eric, I still think that the gal front and center is shapely other than her getup. Do you have her telephone number? I am somewhat old and have a nagging wife, so a change might be in order.
    Besides, the wife has a scowl on her mug if I look down her shirt.

    • That is especially trying if I accidentally do a pinky hook on her shirt in the grocer. At least I rely upon home grown sexual ambitions. I have gotten used to it over the years.
      Perhaps she does not find me as attractive unless I wear a Joe Biden mask. There is no accounting for taste.

    • Excellent! We are planning to pay them a visit this weekend. I called a couple of days ago to encourage them. Looking forward to supporting fellow liberty lovers!!

      I noticed the article said the judge’s ruling was that the state had failed to show there is harm enough to justify an immediate injunction and urged the state to “quickly” make its case. If an injunction HAD been granted, the state would NEVER have to make its case in court, just keep stalling and rescheduling like NY tried to do to MAC’s Public House…

      • I’m going to head there this week. It’s right next to Dog Krazy, where I get food for my crazy Jack Russell.

        Thanks for the heads up, RG. I hadn’t heard about this before.

        • Hi Mike,

          It was packed when we went the first time on Super Bowl Sunday. It is a cool place to lay back, drink a beer, have a sandwich, and a few tater tots. When we were there they had a musician covering hits from the 70s and 80s. I tipped him $20 bucks on the way out….we are all just trying to make it and I will happily contribute for a little sanctuary of peace and normalcy.

          • Excellent stuff, RG. I will throw some cash their way as long as possible, and if the Nazis shut them down I’ll start up again when they reopen.

            I notice on their website that they especially cater to cops and military. That makes me wonder if cops are still going there? Even if they wear face diapers, they are still supporting a business that is in open defiance of Führer Coonman’s diktats and that the “health” department is fighting. Not that I have any desire to hang around a bunch of cops, but I hope they flood the place — as customers.

            • Hi Mike,

              When I visit it is usually younger guys…mid 20s hanging out and talking. A few families, a date or two, maybe a husband and wife. I have not seen any cops. If they are there they aren’t in uniform.

              FYI….very, very few wearing masks. Maybe someone picking up a meal, a server or two, but this is not a mask wearing place, which is why I like it. It takes me back for a minute when I walk in and the cashier doesn’t have a diaper on. 🙂

  3. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

    I completely agree, those who know it is all BS but still go along (so as to not upset the psychopaths) are much worse than the true believers.

    I was the only unmasked person at Home Depot in SE Michigan (under fuhrer Whitmer’s dictates) last Saturday. Nobody even said a word.

    At Home Depot – Id hazard a guess that the majority of the shopping public leans conservative. Given this, it is even more depressing. Generally, people who know how to work their hands lean conservative.
    Many “liberals” consider such work “beneath them.” Previous trips to Depot resulted in at least ONE other non-obedient sighting.

    This past time, not only did people have them on in the store, but also in the parking lot, where there are no mandates whatsoever.


  4. So the CDC says 3 feet now. So 6 feet was wrong all along?

    Fauci in March 2020 “Masks don’t work. Don’t wear masks.” Fauci in 2021 “Two masks better”

    Were you lying then or are you lying now?


    And the dipshits will still claim that they are following “the science” and comply when the “experts” completely reverse their prior “truths”. You really can’t fix stupid.

    • I read an article a few days ago on CNBC that noted the political pressure being applied by Biden’s crew to get gov’t schools reopened against the wishes of some big Dem constituents, like teachers unions, and despite difficulties complying with the 6 ft kabuki. The new CDC Director Wollensky basically said “we’ll find the science” in a few days. Guess they found it.

  5. Good diaper report today – went to wally world, no gate keeper. Always pray and look for people like me. Saw several this time :). Walked by a barefaced couple about my age, and she smiled. I walked up to them and said, “It is so good to see smiles!” We had a great conversation. We all noticed they took up the red and green arrows on the floor. He said, “We always went the opposite way, anyway!” Had a good laugh.

    On the way out (now “allowed” to use a different door for exit), the usual gatekeeper (nice lady) asked if we wanted a bottle of hand sanitizer. Since it had aloe in it, I said yes.

    Things are looking up.

      • Thanks, B. It was such a relief to not be the only free breather, and have a friendly conversation with a stranger.

        During our delightful conversation, they said, “this is all about control!” Of course, I heartily agree.

    • A, this started out with the Brit version of Fauci who said distancing should be a meter. But he backed up and realized the Brits didn’t know how far a meter was. Honest to god, that’s what the fool said. So he altered it to 2 meters, him being the only ahole in the UK who knows the distance of a meter. Immediately, the Fauci thing converted it to six feet and that’s how we got a couple centimeters less.

      I never cease to be amazed how many people all the way from city council to the WHO know what’s good for us and we are just clueless. Not an IQ above freezing over the English speaking world.

  6. Went to a meeting Tuesday that ended up being six women seated around a small conference table (not six feet apart.) Since it was a work thing, I wore the stupid farcemask when I entered their building with my boss and a coworker. The lady running the meeting, the president of the town’s chamber of commerce, and my boss agreed the masks weren’t needed, so we all took them off. It was very nice to see faces and feel somewhat normal.
    Now, it’s become something to discuss, a new social interaction to navigate. We tentatively ask each other, “should we take off the masks” and grit our teeth waiting for some Karen to respond “What! Are you crazy? Don’t you care about others?” or for the saner among us to say “Hell yeah!” and rip that stupid thing off.
    Did anyone see the Rand Paul and Dr. Doom exchange over the fearmasks? It was pretty good. Paul called him out, pointing out that if you’ve had the virus or the vaccine, you are immune, so why the two masks? Is it theater?
    I will be flying south in May. It’s difficult to be a mask rebel (or any kind of rebel) when you’re going through the bureaucratic, authoritarian process of flying. These people do not negotiate or care about your opinions. You rub them the wrong way and off you go.

    • Hey Amy,

      I did watch a portion of that exchange. Dr. Doom, indeed. I see the mainstream apparatus speaking with a forked tongue, as always. Pope Fauci says new variants from South Africa infect the previously infected with ease, but I see the media claim that at least some of the vaccines are still somewhat effective, and, likely, one’s adaptive immune response would be even more effective. Also, I see the South African data, which doesn’t suggest any kind of cataclysmic spread at this time.

      So, I think the Good (Evil) Doctor may be fibbing a little. Also, he decries a study Paul cites for being done in-vitro, but Fauci seems to recommend masks based on science that wasn’t done in-anywhere.

      My two-cents, though I haven’t been back to more completely scrutinize what was said.

      And I hate commercial flying. Time for the flying cars.

      Eric! The flying cars, please!..

      • Amy, I watched it. He tore him a new one. Of course Fauci won’t admit to being wrong about anything. He was called out by Cary Mullis and the next thing you know, Cary dies in August of the flu, just like all good athletes do. I knew then it was going to get much worse before it got better.

  7. It is curious how people that may not believe in the new church of COVID will obey a piece of paper with words on it. When the psyop first stated, I looked for such signs. I soon discovered that if one did NOT look for, or at them, the world took on a completely different color. When the enforcer approaches you and insists you comply, the enforcer then appears as exactly what they are. A petty little tyrant wannabe, instead of merely an employee enforcing company policy.
    Could this addiction to reading such signs stem from the general trend way from actually speaking to each other, toward “signs” posted on texts and social media? I am biased toward reading, because I’m hearing impaired, but I do manage to avoid reading insane propaganda posted on store fronts.

  8. Hey Eric (and everyone else),

    Some good news amid the madness in Santa Fe. Went for a bike ride today, mix of road and bike path. Maybe 50/50 mask use among the people jogging/walking/riding on the path. I always say hello when I pass people, whether diapered or not, about 75% responded in kind. A few, walking unmasked, made sure to put it on as I rode by, but nobody had a fit or screamed at me. So, pretty depressing, a lot of outdoor compliance while exercising, out of genuine fear or the impulse to conform, who knows.

    But, at the end of my ride, good news. A guy was protesting at the major intersection in SF, holding a big sign. One side said, “Got an immune system?”, and the other said, “Refuse the Vax”. We chatted amicably for a few minutes, shook hands and marveled at the insanity.


    • Morning, Jeremy!

      God… I should be grateful, I suppose, that here in my area the self-Diapering is largely restricted to indoors. Outside, most people show their faces. Is there a “mandate” to Diaper outdoors in SF?

      • Morning Eric,

        Yep, the crazy authoritarian bitch that purports to “govern” New Mexico is one of the worst in the country, up there with Newsom and Whitmer. She has been draconian and capricious. In the beginning she shut down all restaurants, bars and anything deemed “non-essential” by the psychopaths who do not feel shame at so casually destroying the life’s work, passion, livelihood, etc… of us mere mundanes. At that time there was no mask mandate, but the idiotic 6 feet rule was in effect. A couple months later, she graciously “allowed” limited outdoor dining but instituted a mask mandate. The first one was unenforceable, but widely observed, because it specifically included exemptions for exercise and medical conditions. Then, in response to a meaningless uptick in cases, she shut down everything again and tightened up the mask mandate to exclude the medical exemption and state that masks should be worn while exercising unless “social distancing” can be always maintained.

        Prior to the increased severity of the nonsense it was pretty easy to be unmasked; businesses would, sometimes without question, sometimes with pushback, honor the medical exemption. Now it’s almost impossible. Many stores have armed guards at the door and mask compliance is nearly 100%. The outdoor mask mandate is mostly unenforced, though tons of dirty looks, and some hateful comments, from the masked morons, is common.

        Santa Fe has become intolerable.


  9. Mixed results @ Wed City Council meeting here in Corona, CA 92882.
    Mayor (female) and city attorney (male) were double diapered throughout the meeting, while seated on the dais, at least 20 feet from the nearest human.

    However, my own Council Member was facially naked for most of the meeting, as was one other.
    At least two city department managers “dropped the diaper” in order to speak.
    Way to go, people!
    Small steps…

  10. To all those who diapered because “they didn’t want to be hassled,” you and the rest of us are about to be hassled A LOT more, and the stakes will be much higher, many times playing for keeps, I reckon. Thanks for your cowardice you worthless spineless sacks of shit.

    Getting esoteric, the universe rewards Courage and destroys cowardice. Fortuna fortes adiuvat. That is because courage leads to evolution, unfolding, and higher levels of being. Cowardice = involution, shutting down, going nowhere and backwards. There are A LOT of people who, if they insist on being little bitches, probably aren’t gonna have the same level of comfort a few years from now.

  11. My Mrs. went into the local pharmacy in the land of dictatordanistan in Victoria, Australia, now one of the leading gestapo locales on the planet. Sign said masking and washing of hands. The Mrs. said it was absolute. Next day I went to the same pharmacy, no nappy, no hand washing. Walked in like I owned the place, got my earwax solution, paid IN CASH, and left. I looked around and I was the only one without a nappy. Went to my local clinic for acupuncture treatment, previous visits all the staff diapered. Went last week, expecting to see diapers. None. I see more and more people without the nappy here. And most of the cases of people being fined for being nappyless are being thrown out of court or dismissed. No cases of the flu were reported last winter.

    • Australia’s gotten disturbing. Stay bold but be careful that you don’t encounter the bloodthirsty types cuz if they kill ya then the court’ll probably side with the state and you can’t make any stupid law enforcement goons butthurt that way.

  12. Science, which is real, has shown that the virus doesn’t spread in gyms, except in NY. It only spreads in retail and grocery stores, outdoor sporting events, hiking trails, sidewalks, cars, and restaurant hallways. So the fact that people working out in your gym haven’t gotten sick is because it’s a gym that’s not in NY. Really poor example here, Eric.

    Separately, there is a third explanation. Fear. Of being arrested, tased, shot, beaten, filmed, fired, cancelled, or cut off from their people. At the hands of local polizei, who will show up and deal with non-compliance, particularly in authoritarian leftist nazi states. In the words of Ivan Drago, you will lose.

  13. Thought you all would enjoy this little Gestapo gem from The Federalist:
    “Oregon Health Officials Propose Making Mask Mandates Permanent
    March 18, 2021 By Tristan Justice
    Oregon state health officials unveiled a new proposal in January which seeks to make temporary mask mandates permanent.
    The current order, passed in November by the state’s workplace safety department, which requires all employers to implement state-imposed guidelines for social distancing and mask compliance, is set to expire on May 4. Oregon health bureaucrats are now seeking to make the rules permanent.
    “Although the rule must be adopted as a permanent rule, its purpose is to address the COVID-19 pandemic,” the proposal reads. “Oregon [Occupational Safety and Health] intends to repeal the rule when it is no longer necessary to address the pandemic.”
    No threshold for what constitutes when the mandate is “no longer necessary” however, is offered in the proposal.”

    As for me, my workplace just issued an email saying that company-wide, we are still to follow the mask rules inside all buildings despite many states dropping them. (one of our offices is in Texas, which did drop it. My state, Indiana, has not.)
    I wonder, though, if a state government can mandate that private businesses must require their customers to wear masks, can’t that same government mandate that private businesses NOT require masks? I was thinking that after the lady got rolled by the cops at the BOA branch in Texas. Texas has dropped its fearmask mandate, so why should BOA, operating a branch within the state, still get to require it? Why does the ordering only go one way?
    I like Florida. It also dropped the fearmask crap. Miami said it was still going to do it, so the governor said he would pardon the offenders and forgive their fines. Be interesting to see how that pans out.

    • Sounds like DeSantis is doing his job, protecting the good people of FL from tyranny.

      Re the lady @ BOA, I noticed two things that were absolutely infuriating: (1) she pointed out that the employee (the one who called the cops?) was not wearing a mask – to which the employee said, “I’m 6 feet away” (doubtful), but the lady responded, “I was never within 6 feet of anyone in the branch!” (crickets) so WHY again were the cops called? (2) the AGW said that “the bank is a private business so they can require customers to wear masks” to which the obvious question remains, since they are a private business couldn’t they also NOT require masks? I have a feeling that that same AGW wouldn’t be defending a business owner upon whom he was sicced to “enforce” the “mandate.”

    • Of course government can order a corporation(s) not to require masking. Corporations are a creation of the state, and are thus subject to whatever restriction the state chooses to impose on them. They have no rights the state doesn’t grant them.

    • I had to go to Sweetwater yesterday. I haven’t been in several months but there were things there I needed I couldn’t get locally. So I go to the store that sells medical supplies, walk in and start on the paperwork and was rapidly kicked out. “You can’t be in here without a mask”. I said I couldn’t wear a mask(why the fuck would I be there anyway?

      So she says she’d come outside to my “car”, funny that, since nobody in west Texas drives a car. She’s worried about the virus but when she comes out I’d say the top of her head was even with the bottom of the window on my “car” door. I’d guess she weighed 240-250, maybe more. I almost asked what she thought her likely morbidity would be, weight vs virus. Anyway, she asked questions and had no answers for the ones most pertinent for me. I said I’d get back with her. She wobbled and shimmied and was probably close to cardiac arrest by the time she got back to her throne. It was obvious she rarely moved from it. It’s just one big room and she can see everything so a person looking around wouldn’t be bothered by her presence. Why go over and help them when she could simply make vague pronouncements from her throne. I forgot to look to see it it was golden.

      But a huge amount of people there, now after no mandate, were masked. I don’t get it and evidently, mainly only men do get it. No, they’re not young and healthy for the most part. Most are middle aged to old and just don’t give a shit. If they’re not dead by now they don’t worry about a virus for sure.

      Most men in this part of the country have dangerous jobs. Probably like me, they think if they’ve survived trucking, farming, working on power lines, operating big equipment, their chances with a virus that doesn’t seem to kill anyone is pretty good.

      In a grocery store a woman with a 4-5 year old boy, both masked up, were looking at something and I walked by in a part of the store that’s wide open. I was nowhere near them and she looked at me and grabbed the kid and said “We need to move”. Next thing I know she’s right beside me less than a foot away, both of us getting lettuce. Evidently lettuce is more important than life. She was almost that close when we were getting salads. I’ve never seen such a sad sack society in my life. Drive across the county line and it’s hard to find a masker. Went into the liquor store 20 miles away and nobody had on a mask. Nobody getting fuel was masked either.

      I did go into the store to run my card cause the last time I was there and ran it on a pump our bank account got hacked. The cashiers were thinly masked. It makes no sense at all. Before, when there was the pussy Abbot mandate, there weren’t near as many masked. It was obvious they’d be watching old slo Joe and his pussified crew. Gack, what a country we now have. 3 news organizations including Wapo printed a big bold lie about Trump. When they were called out on it only Wapo had a big green page with an X that said Sorry. They might have mentioned what they were sorry about but I doubt it. If Trump weren’t rich already, he should be able to be rich just from the blatant lies the lefty media spins every day and then has to withdraw. Every time I see Stelter or Lemon, I want to haul them both out behind the barn. I might get some good footage if they got hot and thought nobody was looking. I don’t care how you get your jollies but to push your queerness into everybody’s face every chance you get is……depressing.

      Well, if the medical industry won’t work with me I probably won’t have to worry a great deal longer and if things keep on the way they have the last year I say good riddance to the entire damned lying press and hope the best for those who know a lie when they hear it. Even the military had to apologize for lying. The woman very pregnant in a camo “pregnancy” suit standing inside a plane as if she might be a paratrooper was nearly enough to make me lose my beer.

  14. Shopped sans diaper at a hardware store that I’ve been in a few times over the past year. No issues but everyone else diapered. Upon seeing me some employees lowered their masks below the nose and one even removed his and even the diapered were all good morning sir, how can I help you sir, thanks for your business, sir.

    I’ve mentioned this place before. They were publicly no ask no tell then the cops were sicced on them and they started with the signs. It’s been a month or three since I’ve been there and the signage has multiplied six fold. Now there are groups of signs throughout the store explaining how to perform the sickness kabuki throughout the store. Stand here, don’t stand there, wash your hands like this, don’t touch your face, don’t scratch your ass (made that one up but it is not a stretch) blah blah blah… Like they’re talking to babies. I’m guessing this is some corporate CYA stuff (see, we’re trying, don’t shut us down) but man is it over the top and surreal.

    Also prices noticeably higher with everything moved around and repackaged. A pound of 2” interior screws cost me $8.29.

    • Hatter this is one of the intended effects of the sickness kabuki. To raise prices and remove what little is left of your money. This is why large companies support the sickness kabuki. Designed to get the little guys out of the picture.

      • Yes. Just reporting what is to be expected. The gov’t printing trillys for the stimmie packs increases the money supply exponentially so something with an an intrinsic metal value like a screw necessarily goes up in price.

  15. So this past week i had 1 car dealership refuse to even deal with me because i asked to do business outside where i could be undiapered. Now mind you i was the only customer at the time and every sales associate had their diapers around their chin as i was walking around looking at their cars on the lot. Today i amused myself driving through a very left leaning town of metuchen. Everyone in town seems to have collectively lost their minds. They will diaper even walking down the street with no other person around. Today we are getting fairly heavy rain. Watching the faithful voluntarily water board themselves with face diapers in the pouring rain was amusing.

    • Dealerships have been real dickish this whole time, back in July I told the one I’d been usin for 5yrs that I was done with ’em after they gave me a hard time, tried to get in for an urgent drive-in appt and they told me “You have to understand we’re in a PANDEMIC” told em no we’re not, asked to speak to my fav coolass old guy service manager to which she butthurt-as-hell replied “he no longer works there” (I think cuz he was previously chin-diapering and also let me over to the service desk without a diaper back in May, but he knew it was all bs and didn’t need that job anyway, probably quit).

      The next dealership I tried was just as scummy. Car’s still young and under warranty, so still needing to do my due diligence on recommended service, I made another appointment with yet a third…they better be cool, this shit is gettin old.

        • I’ll have to look up the fine print in Hyundai’s warranty, I already get the oil changes done elsewhere and keep records of those and the receipts when I do my air filters, but not sure what Da Rulez say on the bigger issues that could arise. I didn’t mind going to them before because the old dude was cool as hell…but now that I can really appreciate having a choice, they of course make it hard to track down what was in the agreement.

          • If you have an automatic, make sure you service it before it says. Use Amsoil. It’s magic on transmissions. I brought the one on the wife’s car back to life with it and stopped a leak too.

          • Under the Magnusson-Moss warranty act they cannot deny warranty work because you had the vehicle services elsewhere. If inferior parts or service work caused a failure, the burden of proof is on the manufacturer. (IE: a crappy aftermarket oil filter came apart and destroyed your engine)

      • Stealerships have been some of the worst churches of the holy sickness that I have found in my line of work. I see more common sense at fast food establishments than at stealerships.

        My father was a car salesman. He always amazed me by how much he was disconnected with society. He once changed jobs and took out an ad in the newspaper to let “customers” know he had moved and if they wanted a great sales experience, they now know where to find him. I see the same when I have to go to a dealership in person and deal with their religion or when I watch their ads. They are all over the top virtue signalling thinking it will sell cars.

        I had to take my truck in recently for a recall. Lucky enough to be in a state where I can show my open face; however, I suspect they made my warranty repair (and oil change) as quick as possible to get me out of view of other sheep as soon as possible.

        • Last May, we were in the market for a used vehicle. Bc the lots wouldn’t let us in to their showrooms without covering out faces, we made them come out to us. Signed papers and purchased a car through carmax. Car had problems immediately, so returned it. Although they were unsuccessful at getting us to wear masks to test drive and make the purchase, they tried to make us come inside to sign papers to return the vehicle. I held my ground and said I could see no reason why we should have to come inside (and genuflect) in order to get a refund of our $. They relented, and brought the papers out to us. So ridiculous to have to go through all of this.

    • Back in the 1980s I used to fly without any ID on my person all the time, it was no problem. That’s the way it should be.

      • Hi Jason,
        I remember flying the Eastern Air shuttle back in the 60’s when I was a college student. Didn’t even need a ticket, just jump on and pay (cash) onboard. Sad that today’s students will never experience that; probably think being harassed by petty bureaucrats is normal.

        • Morning, Mike!

          America transitioned from a remarkably free, vibrant country – in spite of things like the income tax – to one that is totalitarian and depressing in the course of a mere half century. In so many ways, the apogee of Western civilization was reached when Apollo 8 (not 11; 8 was the ride) left the pad. By 1974, it was obvious to anyone who could see that the ballistic trajectory was no longer up and onward but instead a sickly, cloying regression. Things were still largely good in terms of personal freedom for another two decades or so – the dissipating fumes of what was once a great civilization. I was around for that and saw and felt it. Nunz and others here did as well. We remember what was America.

          By the ’90s, it was all slipping away – and that too was obvious. By the 2000 America had become something else, a strange decaying and surreal place full of echoes of its past one could still hear amid the growing crescendo of the wrecking balls. It is now over in every way but the accepting of it and the waiting for what comes next.

          Sic gloria transit mundi

          • Hi Eric!
            I’d set the date a bit earlier, specifically 1963, with the murder of JFK. Momentum carried the curve up for a few more years and I agree that Apollo 8 was probably the top. JFK was a “clear and present danger” as the security state likes to say- to their very existence and the Niagara of money they could suck out of the economy. That happened when I was in high school and now being an old fart I realize those were “the good old days”, we just didn’t recognize it at the time.
            Looking at the dystopia the USSA has become I’ve spent countless hours wondering how it would be if JFK had survived and carried out his vow to break up the CIA and scatter it to the four winds.

            • Amen, Mike –

              We saw behind the curtain, a little, that November day in 1963. What they are capable of. I think many Americans got the message whether they wanted to really face up to it or not. Since then, they have been less and less discreet because discretion no longer matters once you establish – as humpy Dumpty put – who is master.

    • I’ve been considering getting some driver’s licenses here in the Washington SSR. Since you no longer need to prove who you are. Might be nice during a traffic stop. John Smith can get all the tickets.

  16. Eric,

    I don’t normally diaper up, but I’ll RELUCTANTLY don it to do necessary stuff, like go to the vet, doctor, etc. I don’t buy in or believe the BS, but I’ll reluctantly wear it to access something I need, such as care for my diabetic cat.

    • Yeah Marky I hear you, in some cases life doesn’t give you a real choice. I’d love to live on a well-armed well-stocked compound with my family and give all the yuppies in town hell. But we’re spread out instead. And in my chosen field, savages as people around here are, if some public altercation takes place and word gets back around they will fire you, they even have social media shit built into the employment paperwork. With my health what it is I can barely manage the work I’ve trained to do that actually pays and makes it so I can pay the bills with a tiny bit left over, the last couple years of cognitive fog have made it difficult to pick up much of anything new to get by on and the fatigue makes daily tasks a challenge.

      I’m trying to keep afloat while looking for a pathway back to the old world in a land of retarded willfully obedient wimps. I hate the shit out of going out now but I hate online shopping more.. I don’t bandana up til I’m 2 inches from the entrance and I make a show of ripping the fuckin thing off on my way out. I breathe greedily and I shake my head at the obvious freaks and look at their masked kids with pity and empathy. I’ve seen a couple little’uns without em on and I’ve told ’em not to worry about it when the stupid store clerks tell them they need to muzzle. Trouble there is CPS will probably intervene eventually if some piece of shit reports their parents for it (already happening all over the place).

      Buncha bullshit. I know compliance on any level ain’t helping but I ain’t got the numbers around here, not the numbers in my bank account, not the numbers in groups (havent seen any local friends in ages since I can’t trust their judgment), not the numbers on my bloodwork, it’s fuckin grim. Doin what I can to get and stay healthy and constantly try to talk sense to people, that’s about it.

      • You’d think a few people would do some research and find out a virus is 100th of the width of a human hair. Think about the snot and saliva, dirt and other detritus that gets in a mask and it doesn’t take a genius to know you’re better off without one. Many world reknowned specialists in the field have said the same and they get it from the press and govt. and employers if they are taking a check from some outfit. It’s insanity, just what Americans love these days evidently.

        • It’s just like after 9/11, except instead of all the new “patriots” comin outta the woodwork, this time they’re all “health” ‘advocates’, particularly ones who up until March 2020 gave zero shits and had no understanding at all about the real health problems suffered by people around them in their family and workplace, who looked at ya funny because they never went through any real health issues themselves, and who don’t know the first thing about wellness, except to just go along with whatever the authorities demand of them in relation to the subject…friggin Twilight Zone

          • Gotta rephrase that, **and who STILL have zero comprehension or care for all the real medical problems people already had.

            Between the asthma, anemia, allergies and the acid reflux, I’m a witch hunt mob’s wet dream. Some total stranger accused me of having a cold during a call the other day. Never heard my voice in their life. Then had the nerve to ask if I got the jabs yet. Told em I wasn’t comfortable discussing that shit and they changed subject. People think it’s cute to violate basic boundaries and etiquette because the media went and made it trendy to throw away their sovereignty.

        • Pope Fauci actually has a long track record of proclaiming how dangerous they are. He stated that one of the primary causes of death during the Spanish flu was bacterial pneumonia caused by the masks.

          • Hi Mattacks,

            Did you watch the exchange between Fauci and Rand Paul? Fauci came across as the despicable little bureaucrat he is, evading a straight answer and demanding obedience to edicts just because he says so (and knows best). Paul repeatedly pointed out the silliness of wearing a Face Diaper or two once immune to the ‘Rona, as by having had it or the quackcine (assuming the quackcine works). Fauci continued to defend Diapering for All – because there might still be “risk” – the variants! the variants! – however unsubstantiated.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        It is kind of hard for the American public to points fingers at us and scream “conspiracy theorists” when all of the conspiracies are coming true. Society is going to push us out. We will be like the Amish. We will have to trade, barter, and buy among ourselves.

        Some interesting (not equated to fun) times are coming.

        • Im beginning to beleive that this is the best route to go. Carve out our own existence amongst ourselves and leave the rest behind. BUT as much as this would be a great alternative we have one major problem. The left will never leave us alone. They want total domination and will not suffer a a small group of 1 or 2 million(possibly more) like minded people detaching themselves from the matrix, not bothering anyone and living out their lives in peace. We will be an object to be ridiculed, attacked and ultimately crushed. I fear that in the near future a stand will need to be made where millions of us collectively say no more.

          • “I fear that in the near future a stand will need to be made where millions of us collectively say no more.”

            It is what is needed, but won’t happen. If you have ever been involved in organizing people, you will know that those willing are followers with no passion or goals (or they would lead), just looking to belong to a group. They will point and say “he made us do it” when the mans comes.

            The rest are individualists who need no leader and will buck their authority no matter what.

            Individualists can’t win. They are always vastly outnumbered and surrounded by weak people, sure to betray them as soon as it will make their lives easier.

            • I agree with your theory regarding individuals, but the independent minded need to realize that the lone antelope always gets tackled and eaten by the hyenas. People are safer in groups. Even preppers, who are pretty introverted and distrustful of most people, realize that like minded communities can be safe havens.

              • “People are safer in groups.”

                ‘Group’ people, maybe. Individualists, nope.

                The homologous will discriminate, take advantage of or purge the outlier as soon as it seems beneficial to them. Even in very small groups this will happen. Simple human tribal nature. Amplified, if a a clever covert sociopath is mixed in, becoming a cult.

                We are not that evolved. Study the primates to see how the non-linguistic ‘scared monkey’ part of our brain works. See how the ‘group’ treat the ‘odd’.

                • In looking at animal nature most animals survive in packs. There is always an alpha dog, but the majority of animals travel together – elephants, coyotes, giraffes, lions, racoons, monkeys, birds, etc.

                  There are a few that are not pack animals – bears, usually travel alone, skunks, snakes, etc. I guess the method to a successful survival is one to be big, stinky or sly. 😉

            • “Individualists can’t win”
              I’m drawn to a quote from, Ironically, the mask of zorro Anthony Hopkins to Antonio Banderas;
              “Oh, yes, my friend, you would have fought very bravely, and died very quickly.”

              That is what the ptb are counting on. They want to face us individually so any hutting will be 20 to 1 odds.

              • Yup.

                It comes down to (for me)

                If the New Normal goes fully global and there is nowhere to run. – Sit back, ride it into the ground. Keep coke and hookers on speed dial for when I have had enough.

                If it is limited to the West and developed East, run elsewhere if it is ever possible again. – Hope TPTB tentacles don’t arrive before the cloak and scythe guy.

                I see no way left to effectively fight against an entrenched system with 90% of the population, if not actively against freedom for individuals, completely unconcerned with freedom in general. Certainly not a people caring enough to fight for it.

          • Hi Antilles,

            They leave the Amish and Mennonites alone. They do not bother the Native American reservations. I think after awhile, if they received no response, they would get bored and feel the need to go back and fight amongst themselves. If we engage them they would be tracking our footsteps and never leave.

            We just need to come up with a fancy name and claim some exemptions.

            • They authorities leave the amish alone so far, but anyone who has a wife that likes the discovery network of channels knows they are trying to push pop culture against the amish. They have been degrading them for years hoping it catches on. All the shows seem to be about leaving the amish culture and how much better it is on the other side treating the amish like a cult.

              • Most of the Amish don’t have TVs so do they know they are being degraded? 😉 I am backing the Amish on this. I think they had the right idea all along – ignore modern conveniences, keep life simple, and stay within your own community.

                • Oh i do too. I find them to be some of the nicest people i ever interact with. And they do have the right idea…. only i would at least still wany AC in the summer.

        • RG,

          I have been informed that, if that bill passes, my employer will make mask wearing “at your discretion”!

          So, damn it, it had better pass! I think it has a good chance of getting through the Senate. Just not so sure about that RINO, Gov. Ducey.

          Fingers crossed.

          • I hope it passes, BaDnOn and I hope Ducey signs it. Unfortunately, I think many of the cities and businesses would disregard the no mask mandate. I think people have come too set in their ways and the Karens will make the businesses that forego the masking, miserable.

            • Hi RG!

              I have a nice story to relate. I stopped by Home Depot today to get some stuff and – per my usual – blatantly showed my face, despite the Stalinist sign about Diapers for All. Got my stuff and walked toward the checkout. The lady at the register had her Diaper partially off and . . . coughed! She said to the guy ahead of me – who was not Diapered, either – “don’t worry; I smoke, it’s just my usual cough.”

              The Undiapered guy ahead of me laughed and told her he wasn’t worried about it- and saw me, whereupon I said I’m not, either – I’m just sick of everyone walking around like Michael Jackson. We all laughed!

              It was a very uplifting moment.

              • Hi Eric,

                That is good news. 🙂 I truly do believe half of this population doesn’t believe the cases are as frightful as they are, but don’t wish to rock the boat so they adhere to the policies so they don’t meet any resistance.

                I haven’t had much luck at Home Depot, but Lowes has been wonderful and god bless Tractor Supply.

              • Hey Eric,

                I experienced something similarly uplifting as I went shopping earlier.
                There were a few people in the store who had their masks pulled completely down, which is something I hadn’t seen in that store for months. I was still only one who didn’t have a diaper whatsoever, but it was an improvement.
                The truly heartwarming part was when I was at the self-checkout. Some chick had brought her baby in a stroller, and the clerk girl had pulled down her mask, too, and was playing peek-a-boo and making faces at the kid.
                It made me wonder if the kid had ever seen a strangers face before, which is a sad thought, but happily, he (or she) had now! 🙂

              • Unfortunately I have couple of counters to that, Eric.

                New neighbors just moved in a few days ago, looks like a youngish couple with a small child. Yesterday I saw them out with the kid in their back yard, all fully diapered up. I waved to them but was not wearing the Holy Rag – they pointed at me, gathered up the kid and ran into the house. Apparently they felt threatened being just a hundred yards away from someone with no diaper on his face. I’m sure life will be “interesting” with those people around.

                Another one, yesterday evening the wife wanted to do one of those “Zoom” meetings with some friends. (Zoom is a really awful piece of software with effectively zero security but to keep some semblance of peace at home I let her rope me into it.) Anyhow, this was about 5 or 6 people all crowing about how they got their “jabs” and are going to get their seconds, and bragging about double-masking. One of them asked about if we got our shots yet and I piped up that I’m not letting government and big pharma conduct medical experiments on me and that furthermore I don’t mask up. This guy got so worked up I thought he was going to have a stroke! It was obvious he and the others fully believed the nonsense they were being spoon-fed and questioned nothing.

                There are a hell of a lot more of these brainwashed skulls full of sludge than there are of us. We’re totally screwed.

                • Hey Jason – good luck with the neighbours… pain in the ass ones can make life really hard.

                  One of the best things about my situation is my neighbours dont seem to care too much either… infact they are still ok with our children playing together, so the kids still have some social life. Interestingly – mine and the neighbours kids playing outside together a couple days ago attracted a couple other kids from down the street ! they were all hanging out and stuff… looked so nice…that said later I asked my daughter about the other kid – she said her mom was a nurse…. Im kinda scared now – this can go either way !! (NHS nurses in the UK are normally the highest order of Karen one can be)

            • You’re probably right about that, but, at least, it will become evident who is who, and where we are welcome to shop. Hopefully the “Karens” of the world will shop elsewhere, for the most part, though I know these people are pernicious and as has been said elsewhere, have no tendency to lie-and-let-live.

      • Okay, BaDnOn – I am going to be nosy. What does your name mean? I kept thinking it had to do with chemistry and the periodic table, but I couldn’t think of any element that had the abbreviation of Dn. I kept looking at it and then I am trying to make sense of the letters Bad Non, but that doesn’t make sense to me either so I just thought I would come out and ask. 🙂

        • Raider,

          It’s okay. “Badnon” was actually an egregious typo of my name that I signed on a poem I wrote many years ago. Some of my friends liked it, so it stuck as a pseudonym, and some call me “Badnon” still, to this day.

          The CaMeLcAsE is just a habit of mine, dating from the old Internet of the 90s. 🙂

        • >chemistry and the periodic table
          Speaking of which….
          for those old enough to remember 1964 🙂
          Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.

          • Haha, I read your code loud and clear. I wasn’t around back then, but there are still buildings here named after him, including a certain science center I used to frequent. 😉

  17. ‘…While also (and this is important) joining the “cool” kids in mocking and worse of the kids who refused to play along and didn’t “fit in” with the “cool” crowd?’

    Yeah, I can say I was and am often on the receiving end of that. But now, I’ve long realized that uniqueness and thinking for yourself are traits that bring pride, not shame.

    I saw a double-diaperer on the way to work, alone in his car. I laughed out loud. I wondered then if he could see me laughing at him as I saw him in the rear-view? I hope so.

    Who’s laughing now?!

  18. Eric “Who give in to social pressure as if they were 12-years-old again”

    Again? Our society is mostly composed of STILL 12-years-olds. Most of the last two or three generations never grew into adulthood. They are

    When I was 12, my peers were more sensible, knowledgeable and mature that most of the ‘adults’ I see today. Something broke 50-60 years ago and we are seeing the result now.

  19. I have taken to a trolling thing with the masks. I have taken a few of those surgical masks with the blue outer layer and “modified” them. See, if you take a pair of scissors and cut off the inner two layers it becomes something even flimsier than a kleenex. Totally see through and easy to breathe through. I love wearing it and making my wife and daughter embarrased in the few places in my area that actually care to make us wear a mask. Usually even there it becomes more of a chin mask as I just wrap it down there so I am supposedly in compliance per their sign…but I am totally not in compliance as to what the Karen’s want.

  20. A client just came in about an hour ago (I work in NY- Westchester County, and have not put on a mask for one second at work the time, even last week when a guy sat across my desk and said “I have covid, but it’s not contagious now”). Anyway, the guy that came in today saw one of my co-workers (girl, 22) put on her mask as she does whenever someone walks in. The guy, who was wearing a mask, said “You don’t have to do that on my account”, to which I replied “And you don’t have to do it on mine either”. He happily took it off and sat down across from me and said how tired he is of the mask nonsense, but he does it to make other people feel more comfortable. I replied “I’m tired of making other people feel more comfortable”, and he laughed and said I hear that.

  21. Heres an interesting on – i just had a chat with a Chinese colleague about how stuff is in China. Hes like they’ve already forgotten about covid, and life is basically back to normal !!!

    I asked him about the vaccination thing in china (because they have a vaccine which is being used widely across asia and the middle east). He said nobody there cares for a vaccine – it seems to only be a big deal here in the west…. The irony man….

      • Yeh – i think they could care less – and just figure out ways to make money of it themselves. This chinese friend keeps telling me about how many of his friends have set up new factories. One of his childhood buddies has a factory making wires – when everything shut down his factory did too. After a coupe weeks he realised he can use his machines to make that little metal wire thing on the masks. So he started doing that. When stuff came back online – he basically added another unit !! Thats the young in China.

        While in the west our youth are out protesting, looking to government for answers, and handouts, ratting each other out for not complying, complaining about things on twitter …. i think that really shows the difference between the cultures..

        • Can confirm. I lived in China for almost 5 years. The young there are light years ahead of the coming-of-age here. Their culture isn’t a cesspool of degeneracy and filth either.

          One example. During the crypto bull run of 2017, in China, I was helping people understand it and how it worked. At a speaker at “Mastermind” meetings, with a $15 entrance fee (pizza provided however), it was standing room only, on a Saturday night.

          Those wanting more help signed up for an afternoon of private teaching and paid over $150, again giving up their Saturday.

          I returned to the US and attempted to do something similar. Crickets. I hosted a free event. The meager attendance was my family members and a couple of their friends lol.

          During that time, an underwear run went by with about 40-50 millennials in underwear and fluorescent body paint, orange, pink, green. Drinking. I had to explain to my Chinese girlfriend wtf was going on. Even after a few minutes, she was still so confused. Couldn’t comprehend how that was “fun.”

          Much of the “liberal” youth is vile contemptible worthless trash, looking, as Nasir said, for the govvvvvvvvvvvvernment to fix ALL their problems, and waiting for that freeeee money. Worthless sacks of shit “raised” by even more worthless sacks of shit, the generation that was gifted with the most prosperous and relatively freest place in the world, and allowed/encouraged it to turn into…this fucking place.

          • When I was in Vietnam a little over a year ago. ( This thing was just starting to get into the news) I remember watching the Asian discovery channel. They had a bunch of shows on engineering, and real science. Even engineering competitions. There was no 60 day fiance or my 800 lb life. Really amazing comparison.

    • Remember China’s leadership has been mastering manipulating and exploiting populations and their fears better and longer than the West.

      If ‘Rona was released by the Chinese as a bio-weapon, it was a brilliant move. Their understanding of the Western psyche and medical neuroticism probably predicted the insane response of the West would hobble them massively, while knowing that their society would recover quickly as they are nowhere near as hypochondriac insane.

      Just another nail in the Wests coffin.

      • Anonymous,

        The chinese have been building our “stuff” for many years. They see the number of warning lables that go on almost every product. I’m sure they have had a pretty good understanding of the west’s obsession with saaaaftey for years now. This move was brilliant on their end if you think about it. They essentially held this virus till the right time, they had a president they hated as much as the left because for the first time they were being forced to somewhat play fair. So release the virus kill off some of their own elderly (who cares anyway they were just a drain on the communists resources so added bonus to get rid of a few no longer useful citizens) make sure the virus reaches the west and then let the neurotic saftey fears of the west take over.
        Add that along with an unscrupulous lib party that would not let this crisis go to waste and their orange man problems take care of themselves.

  22. *Poltroonery*
    Nah…I think in most cases, it’s just that the average ‘Murican just doesn’t care. Some that rightly don’t believe in the filthy rag and therefore don’t bother to wear it when not prodded, will simply don one when they are prodded, because the concept of defending their own liberty and autonomy are completely foreign to them; it has been bred out of them through years of pooblik skool and TV-watching- you just ‘do as told’- and especially over ‘something small’ , like wearing a “harmless mask”- The fact that there is no valid reason to wear a mask; that one doesn’t want to wear one, etc. doesn’t even enter into the equation, -it’s just something one does because it is “required”, just like narc-ing on your every performance of labor and every financial transaction so that Uncle can take a cut of whatever his slaves earn, or the way everyone just gives up every one of their most basic rights, including their right to the most basic bodily privacy just to board some filthy flying cattle-car.
    It’s portrayed as “normal”- and to resist is therefore ‘abnormal’- ‘everyone does it’. If they had wanted to wear a mask for some reason 2 years ago, when no one else did, they wouldn’t have- because it would have been viewed as abnormal (as it is and should be), and would have elicited funny looks and pointing and whispering….but now that everyone does it, things are reversed, so to not wear the rag piuts one in the same position as wearing one would have 2 years ago.
    The only things the average person seems to stand up for, are causes championed by the media- like faggotry, transgenderism, ‘racism’, etc. It’s herd mentality, because few think for themselves anymore, nor care for their liberty.
    The true controllers of this world have used this heard mentality as manipulated via their media to completely reverse most of the values of Western civilization; destroying culture, religion, liberty, morality and the most basic traits which once distinguished civilized people as human, as opposed to beasts clawing for survival and incapable of independent thought.

  23. I have always been a fan of psychology. I love watching and listening to how people behave, what makes them tick, how they became the people that they are. To me, it is just fascinating. Nothing is more psychological than the certain happenings in the world revolving around this Plandemic. What other time in history can you tell so much about a person, their thinking, and behavior then during times like these? You can immediately tell the confident from the unsure, the fearful from the brave, and the neurotics from the sane.

    I don’t hold the same view of disgust that some people do when it comes to the masked. If anything, I feel pity toward them. They are fearful, unconfident, and lack the insight to further their own research to what this truly is about. I don’t believe most people are nefarious. I believe they are people uncomfortable in their own skin. Yes, they are sheep and followers, but most of the time it is coming from a place of ignorance and not a place of turpitude.

    I do have to say one good thing with the vaccines. The people who are taking them feel more confident around us non masker wearers. I visited an older client yesterday and I expected a little push back for my bare face (I like testing the waters) and she greeted me at the door with no mask. She smiled and said, “I got the vaccine, so come on in.” This thinking alone is a conceptual moment in its self. Why do people feel confident after putting an untested, untried, and unstudied vaccine in their body? I am analyzing the behavior and am interested in the findings of such an experiment.

    • Hi Raider Girl: I wish these vaccines were only placebos, since I personally know a few people that have taken it. I think the psychological benefit would be great, and we could more swiftly exit this nightmare we’re forced to live through.

      People just seem to trust their doctors. Me, on the other hand, I’ve grown to distrust the whole medical industry, whether people or animal oriented. Vaccines and aggressive antibiotics treatment killed one of our collies prematurely and triggered auto-immune disease in another one, the dog form of Lupus. I severed my 20 year relationship with our Family Practitioner over an argument over Statins. This most gentle, kind and knowledgeable (so I thought) man turned into a mean tyrant when challenged. He couldn’t think outside the box – whatever he learned in medical school or read in the latest medical journal was the bible for him.

      I don’t trust any of them.

      • Hi Snapdragon,

        I agree with you 100%. I saw an episode in my early 20s that just made me distrustful of the connection between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. They are to intertwined in my opinion.

        I have my doubts it is a placebo, although I hope that is true. The vaccine was the intention, COVID was the crisis that was needed to institute it. Moderna started human trials on March 16th. Why would a company start human trials on a vaccine that barely make a blip in the US at this time? This country did not even go on lockdown until late March, but we have experimental testing on humans taking place? Italy was one of the first European countries to lockdown on March 10th. That is some quick turnaround time.

      • Snapdragon, good on you. I was in a similar boat, got strung along by my primary, started taking more of an interest in how the maintenance meds were causing my malnourishment (even signed up for a local library card for access to med databases and started digging around), questioned and finally got the referral I thought was necessary (wasn’t, but still a step in the right direction, further away from pill peddlers), and never went back.

        I only have one doc I trust now (probably because they’re entirely liberty-oriented and have a strong aversion to the insurance mafia’s game. Their answer to statins is keto, by the way, low carb, very meatcentric, fix the gut and everything else falls into place, etc) so I’m trying to learn all I can to get on track before shit completely hits the fan. All the unnecessary meds my primary left me stuck on for years and would never help wean me off of when i asked for the guidance/support, this one helped guide me off of ahead of the impending apocalypse and I got the months of shitty withdrawal outta the way. Still dealing with some minor rebound effects while my body adjusts, but I ain’t goin back.

        One friend has been talking about tapering off their blood pressure meds asap, cuz if a day comes that they have to quit that shit cold turkey, they know it could very well kill ’em if their body aint ready. The situation all these ‘authorities’ led us into is no joke and they’re all complicit (except for the docs telling us to turn off the TV, stop harassing people for not wearing a mask and not be afraid to defer (or at the very least delay-until-they-come-to-their-senses-and-defer) the jab).

        Wish I’d taken more of an interest sooner but I was still fairly young and they keep you in this spot where you’re too insecure in your judgment or interpretations to meddle in your own damn health. This one I ask questions and they’re happy to give answers, but they encourage you to research the shit yourself too, and they don’t take it personally when they’re wrong about something. The open-mindedness goes a long, long way. As opposed to the asshats who heard orange man talk about getting UV light into the body and cackled instead of bothering to consider looking it up (intravenous UV therapy is already a thing).

        • Hello Moose: I agree with all your points – one of the best changes we made was switching to a more holistic type doc who doesn’t take insurance. She can still order blood tests if needed, which are covered.

          Getting those carbs and sugars out is really helpful. I’ve read a lot of Dr. Mercola and also Dr. William Davis. You are so right about statins – the thing that seemed to irritate our doc so much was when I pressed him about why he never encouraged us to reduce, if not eliminate most added sugar in our diet. I referenced several books by other doctors that had been published on that very topic – this was at least 5-7 years ago – that was when he blew! Wow, talk about jekyll and hyde! I was shocked, to say the least, after dealing with this mild-mannered guy for years. I had to move on after that, which was a very good decision – I haven’t looked back.

          • Yeah when it’s at that point, that’s when you know even after considering all the havoc-wreaking prescriptions they put you on, that kind of practitioner was still hands-down the most toxic part of the bs treatment plan they had you going along with, and they’ll never even be self-aware enough to realize it..

    • “Why do people feel confident after putting an untested, untried, and unstudied vaccine in their body?”

      And yet those same people will look at you in horror if you tell them you use a well established, proven safe method of combating the virus like exercise, eating right, fresh air and sunlight, vitamins specifically D, C, Zinc and if you happen to get sick, a proven safe drug like hydroxychloroquine. Its amazing.

      • Perfect recommendations, Antilles. I also am a big believer of a teaspoon of elderberry syrup daily, especially during the winter months.

        • A curious thing about the FDA and supplements. In order to claim your supplement product is effective in treating illness, the FDA requires it to be re-classed as a drug, and so it must go through extensive and prohibitively expensive testing before the FDA approves it. Testing the latest and greatest “vaccines” did NOT have to go through, and in fact didn’t have to go through much testing at all.

      • ive really started taking supplements and eating healthy since this thing started. Vit D (especially for a brown guy) is very important – very strong correlation between a bad outcome of covid and low vit D. Also take quercetine, selenium, an other multivitamins, with fresh local honey.

        Whether its protected me against a virus with 99.9x% survivability or not – I cant say. But honestly its almost completely cured my extremely bad hey fever and pollen allergies….. a couple years ago I couldn’t get through without prescription strength decongestants day and night, and about 6 month of prescription strength antihistamine. Last year only took 2 weeks of the antihistamine, and no decongestant….

        • I take the quercertine as well. I did find out when i first started it i had noticeable tinnitus for about a week. Then it went away. You notice that? Apparently it is a side effect of that vitamin.

        • Hi Nasir. Your experience somewhat parallels mine: proper supplementation and a clean diet practically eliminated my seasonal allergies. I haven’t had to take an antihistamine or decongestant in well over a year.

          May I suggest that you add zinc to your protocol, if it isn’t there already? Zinc can prevent viruses from replicating at the cellular level. You already take quercetin, which is good because it directs the zinc into the cells, much as hydroxychloroquine does. Another important factor is turmeric. If it is not already in your diet, you should consider including it. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory spice, and inflammation is one of the key conditions that cause negative outcomes from viral infections.

          Full disclosure: I am not a doctor or other medical professional. My information comes from mercola.com and a wonderful local doctor, now retired, whose teachings have probably helped me even more than his treatments.

          • Hi Mike, I do have some Zinc in my multivitamin, but someone told me not to take too much unless you’re not feeling well. So I dont really take extra zinc (though I will incase I ever feel unwell).

            Yes Turmeric is very important too. As Im from Pakistan its a big thing out there – people have it for everything in the Asian Subcontinent. Though I only usually have it occasionally with coffee when im feeling a bit down… (yes I know its very hipster – but after a while you can get quite used to the taste).

  24. “while also (and this is important) joining the “cool” kids in mocking and worse of the kids who refused to play along and didn’t “fit in” with the “cool” crowd?”

    The word “toady” comes to mind.

    Interesting turn of events in my neck of the woods – at our church, a family (two parents and an adult child) have been consistently showing up each week diapered. There are a few other families who do this, but the mother in this family has had many health problems over the years, and is a bit neurotic anyway.

    About two weeks ago, we learned that the father has cancer. He came to church that Sunday sans diaper. Last week, all three were undiapered.

    Puzzling at first, but in a way encouraging. I wonder if they have been hit with the icy water of reality that there are things that afflict us which are much more threatening than a cold “virus.” Time to live before we die.

    • Wondering if his cancer find was delayed because the family was afraid to go to the doctor’s? Seems that in my neck of the woods the ptb have sufficiently scared the hive mind to the point that many are terrified of doctors offices. There are ads everywhere about not missing cancer screening appointments because of wu flu. Usually followed by an add about wearing your diaper because “it protects me from you.”

      • I’m not sure. That could be the case. However, I have been surprised that they have been coming to church regularly, although most church members don’t diaper, and we don’t anti-social distance. So I don’t know if they would have been afraid to go to the dr. It is a sad situation for him, but we are praying that he will make a full recovery. I’m glad that he is breathing a full amount of oxygen, as cancer may thrive in anaerobic environments, and of course, lack of oxygen also depresses one’s immune system.


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