Diaper Report 3/9/21

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Seeing a face is great – but there’s something even better.

A handshake.

Offered by someone you just met – and who just met you. This used to be the way people exchanged civilities when they met. I’m Eric – it’s good to meet you! Hand extended – and (in the past) usually accepted.

The along came the ‘Rona – the weaponization of hypochondria – and the handshake went the way of practically every other civility, replaced by the preposterous – and pathetic – elbow bump. If you got that far. Many people – addled by sickness psychosis – won’t risk even that deformed civility as they “maintain social distancing” – i.e., engage in the very definition of incivility by treating others as well as themselves as diseased things to be avoided.

This is no accident.

One of the reasons for this learned incivility is to separate us. Literally (physically) and (more importantly) psychologically. To undermine and destroy the normal human bonds that form and grow in strength from being in society together.

Which develop from engaging in social behavior with others.

That could lead – does lead – to people forming acquaintances, then friendships and possibly more. To people getting to know one another, as opposed to fearing one another and seeking to avoid one another. To people liking other people rather than viewing other people as a physical threat to themselves, divided among themselves – a societal sickness which only benefits those responsible for creating it.

Calling “Dr.” Fauci.

How does one – literally – confirm they are not alone in opposing the various disgusting “practices” being imposed on all, much less organize (and act) to oppose them when they are alone, separated from everyone else and denied the ability to socialize? When it becomes almost impossible even to engage in casual get-to-know-you conversation with new people, as was usual before the weaponization of hypochondria – which has also  succeeded in turning most people into faceless Things whose state of mind is very hard to divine behind that face-effacing “mask.”

The effect of this on very young children is likely catastrophic as they are non-verbal and rely almost entirely on being able to read the faces of the adults around them, which they cannot do when all they see is a “mask.”

It is not improbable that a generation of emotionally stunted people is being cultivated who may never develop the instinctive ability to read emotions in people’s faces, having been denied the opportunity to develop this skill we take for granted because of the sick, evil bastards who have fear-conditioned the parents of these children to “mask” themselves  – an evil compounded by the “masking” of the children themselves.

This would have been actionable child abuse only a year ago – sufficient to remove the children from the clutches of such evil – or disturbed – parents.

Now it is the New Abnormal.

So I was feeling pretty down as I walked the aisles of my local supermarket – where All Out Diapering isn’t enforced but has also become the New Abnormal. Before a about a month ago, it was common to see at least a few other faces among the sea of Faceless, the fear-addled “compliant” who actually believe that “mask” wearing (which means wearing any old thing, including things like bandanas, neck scarves pulled over their faces and “masks” that may serve to keep out wood dust but serve no purpose keeping viruses out or in  . . . especially if the wearer hasn’t got a virus) “works,” which in a sick way they do.

And – less pitiably – the poltroonish enablers of this disease who go along with it even though they don’t believe the “masks” serve any legitimate purpose.

The latter people are the same kinds of people who wore a Partei pin – or armband – once upon a time, when it was considered convenient or expedient. And then took them off – fast – when it was no longer considered so. These are the people who form the mass of totalitarian tsunamis in every place and time where such tsunamis overwhelm what had been civil societies.

And then I saw his face – a fellow unbeliever!

But it turned out to be much more than just that.

I walked up and said to this man: It’s good to see your face!

It took him a moment to understand – as we’d never met before and in normal times, this would be an odd thing for a stranger to say. But in odd times, the meaning is as normal as it gets. As was his reply. which was to extend his hand as he said:

Fuck these sheep.

And then he baaaaa’d. Made the sound that goes with being a sheep.

I shook his hand and made the same sound. We both laughed heartily at the sheep in our vicinity, who regarded us with the dull stares of sheep, who also have the attribute of all looking the same.

Which is just what they – the would-be shepherds  of these sheep – want because of what it creates. A society of scared herd animals, afraid to show their faces – that is to say, their individuality – and absolutely terrified of showing what had heretofore been the usual civilities.

Such sheep are easy to shear.

But not everyone is a sheep – and the fact is the sheep never mattered, even before it became obvious who they are. They have always existed and always will exist. They do what sheep do – because what else does a sheep do? To expect a sheep to be a sheepdog is as pointless as expecting – as the writer Robert Heinlein once explained – a pig to sing, if you work hard enough to teach it to.

It wastes your time – and annoys the pig.

But not everyone is a sheep. I was lucky enough to meet one. They exist. They are out there.

And it is these people who will determine the way this all plays out. Look for them. It’s easy to see who they are. And when you see one, extend your hand. He – or she – is bound to accept it.

And it’ll make you both feel good, being in the society of men – and women – rather than sheep.

. . .

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  1. Texas Governor only pretended to lift mask mandates, too. A year late and only after 16 other states did it first.

    There’s way too much $$$ behind perpetuating Covid-19 and mask mandates in Texas continue everywhere, defying all science or ethics. Mayors and political power brokers won’t relent. The hospitals are the most draconian and militant about masks, even to enter facilities or receive medical care. There is no scientific literacy anymore and certainly no ethics when it comes to making money.


    • Pfft – still has “mask” and antisocial-distancing requirements….which I thought were guidelines….

      Since he is SOOO important as President of NGA, he must have been feeling the pain and humiliation of losing control of the other R govs who have done an end run and ended all the nonsense.

      But he can’t quite bring himself to take his boot off the necks of Marylanders just yet.

  2. Just wanted to point out that Google is celebrating the invention of the face mask in today’s doodle on its landing page. How disgusting is that? More importantly, what does that tell you?

  3. I took a roadtrip from Saint Petersburg to Atlanta Monday. We made 2 stops. The first was in Lake City Florida, and Macon Georgia. They were very encouraging. We gassed up at a Circle K in Lake City. I did not see many maskers at all! They were in the small minority, out on the fringe as they should be. Even the cashiers working jn the store were maskless! We ate at Bob Evans, and the waitresses were wearing masks, but did not harass us for not wearing. Coming from St. Pete where most people still mask up, it was very refreshing. It was much the same in Macon. Masks were in the minority. Now, I am in the North Atlanta suburbs, and the mask situation is depressing. Most everyone masked up in stores. Hardly ever see an actual face, etc. Hopefully soon, this sick charade will end.

  4. One year into the “pandemic” some context to consider. During the past year, in my county of 37,000 residents and hundreds of thousands of seasonal visitors there have been roughly 2,800 positive cases (includes visitors) with approx 20-30% showing no symptoms. Consistently very low hospitalization levels. Negligible, really. Less than 10 reported deaths, although no distinction made between from/with. The past few weeks have reported 20-30 cases a week while, and I quote, flu cases are non-existent, meaning zero. And all of this is supposedly due to the “control measures” so keep wearing masks, etc. even if you’ve gotten your gene therapy experimental injectable. All said with a straight face.

      • Who is coaching this guy? What struck me is that it is the inverse of a sheriff not enforcing a law (or an even fuzzier executive order/mandate). Rather he is actively encouraging essentially political co-conspirators (businesses) to use other actual laws to enforce the desires of that faction. I know you’ve touched on this before but this kind of activity must run afoul of public accommodation and anti-discrimination type laws, which themselves impair property and free association. Yet, it will be disregarded. The rabbit hole gets deeper.

  5. Fuck these sheep.

    As Bill Cooper said many times, “Sheep are born to be fleeced. They have the wool pulled over their eyes. And they are inevitably led to the slaughter.”

    • Hi Michael,

      They are worse than sheep, in my opinion – because they are at least nominally human beings and capable of not being sheep. A sheep can’t help what it is. One feels a certain sympathy for them, for that reason.

      • You are correct sir. These creatures aren’t quite human, nor would I say have the dignity or courage of sheep.

        True sheep story: As a young man I worked abroad on a cattle ranch. I was a city kid who was part teacher and part ranch hand. I thought I was the greatest thing going since canned piss (Aussie expression) and on the ranch was a herd of about 40-50 sheep. I wanted to improve my speed, and I thought they were stupid, so I would sprint at them and see if I could catch them. I can run pretty fast but they could always outrun me.

        Being kind of a punk, I did this almost every day and thought I was soooo cool. One day, I left my building to go outside and the whole herd of sheep was nearby, looking at me. I looked at them, because they never came near my area. They all stared at me, kind of dumb looking, but kind of angry looking too. The energy was different. I stopped and didn’t know what to do, and then one stepped forward, stamped his or her foot at me, stared right at me and yelled “Baaaaaaaaa!!!!”

        I was shocked and moved my body back like “Whoa”. I recovered and like an AGW tried to scare them by stomping my foot at them and opening my arms wide and moving towards them. They did scatter. Their instincts too over. But I had respect for them after that and didn’t mess with them anymore. Also, the manager of the ranch told me to knock it off too. But I remember those sheep. That was something different.

        • Great story, Michael!

          I respect animals as well; they have their nature – and humans have theirs. The tragedy of humanity is the potential pissed away, so often for something worthless or degrading. Like a Face Diaper.

  6. Mississippi report: I did NOT see one face diaper while out today. I went to two equipment dealerships and one busy gas station. I even saw people entering/exiting the tattoo parlor next door without face diapers.

    • Outstanding news, Handler!

      My gym remains largely free of Freaks but about 5 percent are Diapered. It’s mostly women but there are a few guys. Young guys. I can think of few things more pathetic than such a spectacle, which is a confession of servility/visual passivity beyond my understanding.

      • It’s little wonder as old, decrepit, and out-of-shape as I’ve gotten I can still “score” with rather young women…what they’ve got to pick from so-called “menfolk” more age-appropriate to them, I almost feel sorry for them…ALMOST.

  7. My report from the SF south bay, Silicon Valley, mask central.
    Last Friday night I sat down on a bar stool at one of my favorite watering holes, played pool, drank with old friends I haven’t seen in a year, everybody maskless! Nobody gave a shit! It was like being reborn.
    Went hiking Saturday in the Santa Cruz mountains, many people on the trails, about 50% masked. Stopped and talked to a young maskless couple. Nobody seemed to freak out with me being maskless, I said hello to everyone I passed by.
    Had to pick up cat food Sunday at the pet store, which you have to mask at. It was depressing. Used my old, filthy worn out bondo mask that barely stays on my face, doesn’t really do jack shit. Had an employee and the cashier ask me if I wanted a new mask, I said no thanks. As soon as I finished the transaction I yank off the mask and walked out. I heard the cashier say something about leaving it on until I left the building as i was walking out.

    • Hi William,

      I’d go to any lengths to avoid the Diaper; as you wrote, the experience is disgusting. How about traveling to a store that will sell you the cat food without insisting you degrade yourself and buying enough to last for at least six months? I did precisely this. You could also order online and have the bastards bring it out to you.

      • Hello Eric: I’ve vowed to boycott Premier Pet Supply here in the Detroit area. Last visit was about 3 weeks ago, shopping bareface, something they have tolerated up until now. But something has changed – the young 20-something manager insisted that I wear a face-concealment device next time or get curbside service. My reply was “I suppose I can just order from Chewy.com”. They let me buy my stuff, and when I said “Thank You” I got – silence.

        • Michigan diapers are the worst, because unlike here in Washington state where the orders are strictly enforced, in Michigan it was overturned by the state supreme court. For some reason they’re still following Whitmer’s orders. I remember restaurants complaining about her orders over the winter, but obeying like they were the word of god.

          • Yes. Apparently, my fellow Michiganians don’t like freedom. It’s very depressing, but I’m hopeful Spring will bring change. My husband and I walk every day when weather permits, and lately we see very few diaper wearers. We used to encounter a few oddballs that would put a gloved hand over their facelessness as they passed. They have vanished, thankfully.

    • Lol, got the goods and off went the rag, well played.

      “I heard the cashier say something about leaving it on until I left the building as i was walking out”

      This kinda tiny tyrant bs needs calling out, bigtime. Did they really think you were going to obey them? They’re a fuckin retail clerk

  8. I recently had an encounter in the Seattle Soviet Socialist Republic. I met up with a friend of mine at a bar that was recently blessed with the privilege of reopening. We were sitting down talking and drinking for a bit. This girl that frequents the bar and knows my friend sat down at our table next to me, and removed her diaper. This was the first time we met, and to her I was a complete stranger. After a little bit of random conversation she starts going off on how people who frequent the Starbucks she works at are trying to kill her by coming in undiapered. My buddy provoked her by telling her I don’t agree with mandatory diapering. I said I don’t agree with it, but wasn’t going to push the subject anymore than I would question any other religious fanatic’s religious beliefs just to get a reaction. My friend however was feeling a bit more provocative. He simply asked how it makes any sense that you have a diaper on when enter the business, but take it off as you sit down. He also pointed out that she removed her mask after sitting down next to a stranger. At this point she completely lost it. It was like questioning the reserection to a devout christian. She started yelling out wear your mask when you go to Starbucks. I replied that in the police state of Washington, I have no choice because of armed government agents. She through a glass at me and stormed off. I found it pretty hilarious.

      • Most of the desciples of the sickness cult are. I actually got a kick out of it. More people need their delusions crushed. We need to bring people down to reality.

    • Many young people have lived borrrrrrrring, safe, predictable lives, so they like to play up how “people are trying to kill them.” They think it makes their life exciting, unpredictable, and noble.

      • Hi Michael,

        I agree – in re “boring, safe, predictable lives.” I’d add that these young people also grew up being constantly admonished about saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety. Strapped into car seats. Never or rarely let off-leash. This has consequences.

      • I believe people are trying to kill me, just not my fellow peers, but government and large corporations. Somebody not wearing a mask does me no harm. Some large corporation putting GMOs in my food and in shots with the support of my government does.

      • That is why I think so many are LARPing through their existences these days. Somehow they think they can just snap out of it whenever they’re ready, but I’m not sure they really want to.

  9. Oh, there was a minor triumph the other day.

    I had the diaper-dispensing security guard at the local Fry’s help me put my bushel of plastic shopping bags into the store’s recycle bin as I entered. I bid him “thanks” and then went upon my merry shopping trip, undiapered.

    Not only was he nice enough to help with the recycle bin, but he gave me no trouble about the diaper. 🙂

  10. I am told I’m in the wrong part of the (Phoenix) Valley with regards to diapering. Where I am, there is still 99% compliance, though I’ve hoped I would meet and shake the hand of another heretic this, the entire time, to no avail.

    I hear that far in the East Valley, that is, Apache Junction, that there is more like 50% compliance… Sometimes.

    I can only hope for the spread of the “illness” of freedom.

  11. Diapered report from new jersistan. One funny,one depressing. Funny, i’m walking out of harbor freight and as i’m walking to my car i get the yelling in your face karen wondering where my diaper is. I was already in a foul mood from something else that happened tha0t day so i stop look at her and say “you really want to f&ck with someone wearing an NRA hat and carrying 3 ammo boxes. You are a special kind of stupid liberal aren’t you?” She immediately scurried away. Now the depressing, I go to the jersey shore outlets with my wife. Walking from store to store is completely outdoors and my family was the only family un-diapered between stores. Everyone else was full diaper, unless they were stuffing their face. Only 2 stores would let me in undiapered and i showed my appreciation by dropping some money. Timberland the manager looked at me and the boys and said medical condition right, as he gave a wink. I laughed and said yup, his reply, come on in. Walked out with new hiking boots for entire family and new work shoes for me. The only other store was a beef jerkey outlet….. note the bison and the moose jerkey are excellent. No one bothered us, no one stared or gave me the evil eye that i saw and security didn’t bat an eye at our sight but wow! Everyone even down to the toddlers were fully diapered in the fresh air! We are lost as a species.

    • That sucks, Antilles, but at least you’re doing what you can with your shopping dollars.

      And some of these “liberals” are sure “special”, doubtless.

    • Moose jerky, he says 😶

      Stories like those are why I was so quick to collect a bugout bag of self defense tricks a year ago. From Freehold on northward seemed to be just total hotspots for crazy fights breaking out at stores, idiots tackling people and getting them charged with terroristic threats, etc.

  12. Let’s look at the definitions

    show or explain to (someone) how to do something.
    “she taught him to read”

    give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (someone, especially a child), typically at a school or university.
    “she was educated at a boarding school”

    Basically educate is a sinonym for indoctrinate. That’s why we have educators and not teachers anymore.

    The teaching profession has been taken over so successfully by the marxists that homeschooling is becoming the only option.

    • Saw that – so much for social distancing!!

      I have been in B&B a couple times in my local area. Mall has signs about “masks required.” B&B still has a gatekeeper who asks if you want a mask.

      But…had a coupon for a free item recently, so couldn’t resist. Went into mall, up to gatekeeper, who was of course masked, and talking with a masked mall security guard. Walked up to her and immediately asked where I could find item. She politely offered hand sanitizer, which I declined with a smile. Nothing more about the nonsense.

      Later, my son said, “I didn’t think you were going to make it that time.” He underestimates the power of diplomacy…

  13. Diaper report from the middle of nowhere:

    Here’s this from my home state, a true story you can’t make up.

    A North Dakota state representative was being bothered by another state representative, a woman and a Democrat, for not wearing a mask. She hectored him until it reached a boiling point, he had had enough of it.

    Finally, he became indignant, turned to her and said “Fuck you, you’re not my fucking mother!”

    When you think about it, it is hilarious.

    The representative was expelled from the house a few days later. Got the boot.

    More stupid mask madness reaching a tipping point and striking once more.

  14. “Fuck these sheep.
    And then he baaaaa’d.”

    I would’ve died laughing. Having this guy as a friend would make shopping fun in the twilight zone.

  15. Has anyone noticed a link between the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act signed by Obama in December 2016 and certain changes made by it, especially, the FDA Drug Approval Process and Informed Consent? Could the FDA have bypassed the clinical studies as fast as they did without this bill? I have seen the consent forms by both Pfizer and Moderna….it is in very fine print at the bottom of the page of the questionnaire that everyone must complete. I am wondering how many people have not read it, my guess is most. It does state that this “vaccine” has not been approved by the FDA and is under EUA only.

  16. I had a funny dream last week. My wife and I were sitting in a restaurant, and a guy walked up to me out of the blue and introduced himself. He was black. I instinctively stood up and shook his hand. Everybody stared, and fear set in. If I sit back down and continue eating, everybody will think I’m a filthy superspreader. If I go to the restroom to wash my hands, they’ll think I’m a racist. Fortunately, I woke up and didn’t have to decide.

  17. My workplace asked the women to gather in the breakroom to take a photo for international women’s day, whatever that is. We are still on a fearmask mandate. This is the third or fourth time I’ve been invited to be photographed with a feedbag on my face and as always, I declined.
    So they got about 25 subjects, all of them masked, took the picture and posted it on Facebook with a quote about the world needing more “strong and independent women.”
    Nothing says strong and independent like hiding behind fearmasks. They looked like the women living under the yoke of the Taliban.
    Changing the subject slightly, my state is distributing the shot based on age. So it got lowered to 55 and our HR sent a company-wide email telling us this with the state’s link to sign up. One employee replied all and asked if this was required, saying she doesn’t get flu shots and isn’t planning to get this one either. Would that affect her employment? Someone else asked if she meant to reply all and Joy said no, but hey, why not? Others were probably wondering about that, too. So HR lady says she just wanted us to know about the availability, but didn’t really answer the question about it being mandatory at some point. However, a few days later, the state got a bunch of shots from J&J and lowered the age again, but no email from HR this time. I’m “hoping” they realized that nagging us about getting a shot or even gentle nudging regarding personal healthcare decisions is inappropriate. Hey, you never know. We could have a closet libertarian somewhere in upper management.
    If they plan to make it mandatory, they should say so, so that we can look for other employment and/or retain counsel.

    • Good on you for declining the creepy photo op. The workplace has seriously been lacking in basic etiquette recently, I’ve simply told ’em one’s vaccination record is an inappropriate conversation topic and changed subject to something lighter.

      Other jobs would push the flu shot over the years, offered it on-site, etc, I never drank the koolaid either..I like that lady’s moxie lol, I’m sure she’s expecting people will probably scrutinize over it, but there are bound to be others who ain’t takin that shit either and someone would’ve needed to be the first to speak up. Approving something for emergency use doesn’t make it open season on human rights no matter how hard they try to push the issue.

      • I know one state – Utah maybe? – just passed a law that workplaces can’t require the shot as a condition of employment. My state – Indiana – considered it but they worried about the hospitals, which require employees to get flu and hepatitis vaccines. It didn’t occur to the dimbulbs that they could just no you can’t require the covid shot. So, we have no governmental protection from this so it’s up to us to make our stand.
        I think the authoritarian asshats are equating forcing us to wear a mask with forcing us to get a shot. Since we readily complied with the mask, won’t we also comply with the shot? I hope we won’t go along with them incrementally shortening our chains. A mask is stupid and humiliating and ineffective, but it doesn’t do long-term physical harm (although we are starting to hear from people who are saying otherwise, even in the media, about how it is damaging the psyche of kids, as well as causing some odd oral and skin issues.)
        But the shot? Who the hell knows? They’ve lied about everything else, why should I believe them when they say this shot is “safe and effective?” I guess, like the masks, we’ll learn about the ramifications in a year or so.

        • Hi Amy,

          Right now the shot is experimental. I think workplaces are going to have a really hard time to try to mandate a “vaccine” when it actually has not been approved by the FDA and will not be fully tested until the final phase in January 2023. The employers would be taking on an undue amount of liability if they mandated it and someone was maimed or even died due to their requirement of it.

          I don’t expect any help from the US Court system in helping us make our way through this, but I do hope the potential distress from implementing a full fledge directive may be enough to keep the lion in the cage.

          • Yes, as of now, we can object to being required to undergo experimental treatment and probably have some success at that. But the experiments, i.e. human trials, are happening right now, aren’t they?
            That’s my worry. What happens when this is no longer considered “experimental?”
            So, the options are: Everyone is just fine in a year or so (or there are very few complications), so we are then required to get jabbed “just in case.” (Required meaning that school kids will have to get it, people entering the country, most workplaces, maybe even a “vaccine passport” to fly, get minor medical and dental care, enter government buildings, etc.)
            Or …
            Everyone who got the shot dies, so forced vaccination becomes a moot point.
            Neither scenario looks good.

          • Hello Raider Girl,

            I can see why you would think that employers wouldn’t/couldn’t fire employees who do not want the poison needle. In a sane world this would be the case. Alas, I see little evidence of sanity in the world around us.

            The New York Times recently published an article titled “N.Y. Restaurant Fires Waitress Who Wouldn’t Get Covid-19 Vaccine”. Bonnie Jacobson, 34, said she was not necessarily opposed to getting vaccinated, but wanted to study the potential effect on fertility first. Her story was picked up by many outlets.

            I’ve been seeing many articles like the one at USA Today titled “Fact check: Yes, employers can require that workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine”.

            If you google “javits center man dies minutes after vaccine” or “woman dies minutes after vaccine” you will find stories of people who died within a half hour of receiving the jab. Dutifully, in every case, the writers of these stories are quick to mention that these sudden deaths are not linked to the “vaccine”.

            We truly living in interesting times.

            • Adam,

              Im afraid its a slow march to making it hard to work without a vaccine. I know for example in Dubai most companies now are saying “come into work if you’ve taken the sacred Jab. Others you are free to continue to work from home”….. its not hard to see what happens next, on any number of pretexts….

              • Nasir,

                I’m afraid you may be right. Not hard to see where this is heading. I hope the mass hysteria wears off soon. Panicfest is getting old.

                • Hi Adam,

                  There is a very weird (to me) masochistic/sadistic aspect to the Sickness Cult. It is something so foreign to me that I have trouble understanding it and yet I know it is real – very much in the way that John Douglas, the famous behavioral profiler, could identify a serial killer and predict how he would act without actually being a serial killer himself.

                  • Hi Eric,

                    The sickness cult is weird and bizarre to me too, as it would be to any libertarian, but it is apparently quite appealing to authoritarian followers.

                    One thing authoritarian followers love more than following arbitrary nonsensical edicts is punishing those who do not adhere to their ideology. They are not live and let live people. There are many examples in our society and throughout history of authoritarian followers doing horrifying, sadistic things to those who are not part of their ingroup.

                    As Bob Altemeyer has pointed out, authoritarian followers are the most dangerous people on earth. Unfortunately, they make up the majority of the population.

                    Panicfest could not have happened in a world where libertarians were the majority

            • Hi Adam,

              I did read about the server at the NY restaurant after her employer mandated the vaccine. I am aware that employers can mandate whatever they would like, and some will demand the shot for employment. The NY restaurant received a lot of bad publicity in regards to that story and they did offer her job back, which she refused.

              The employer though is taking on a lot of responsibility if something were to go wrong. If my husband’s employer mandates the vaccine for him to work there and my husband decides to take it and something happens to him do they think that his wife (me) is not going to sink my teeth into them and go after every asset they own? Small and medium sized businesses will be hurt the most. Someone like Apple, UPS, or Raytheon Technologies will pay and sweep it under the rug. The smaller businesses will fold because they do not have the legal talent or funds to able to keep this from going to court. This is going to be a very high risk pursuit for them. So if I am a small business (which 97% of all businesses are), I am going to think very long and hard on the impact that such a demand could have and is it worth it to put such a requirement in place. Not to say some won’t do, but they need to recognize the legal ramifications if they do.

              • I agree with you completely. I really do. Many (hopefully most) small business owners won’t take such risks. Large corporations can payout like a slot machine. Either way, they should be held accountable for the harm they cause.

                But… Much like someone who is intelligent (like yourself) can overestimate the ability of others, you are more thoughtful and reasonable than many of the people setting corporate policy. People less intelligent, thoughtful and reasonable than you will likely choose different policies. Gotta chase that careerism.

                Vaccines have a cult like following even among many small business owners. For some it’s like a deeply held religious belief. People who have seen their loved ones die shortly after the jab often refuse to believe the shot is at fault. These people would never even think of holding anyone accountable as they would never link the illness or death to the glorious life saving vaccine. They are true believers. It’s merely a coincidence that grandma or mom or whoever had cardiac arrest 3 hours after taking their life saving injection. Safe and Effective!

                There are some powerful psychological forces at play here. Most people will believe a room full of strangers before they believe their own lyin’ eyes. (Solomon Asch) Most people will do what someone in a perceived position of “authority” tells them to do. (Stanley Milgram)

                When they roll out the covid passports there will be added pressure to conform and rewards for doing so. Unfortunately, most people will succumb to the peer pressure.

                It’s pretty wild to watch. We’ll see what happens.

                Have a great day Raider Girl.

            • “Dutifully, in every case, the writers of these stories are quick to mention that these sudden deaths are not linked to the “vaccine”.”

              But have the wu flu, recover and then fall off a ladder and die 3 months later and you died of wu flu. Amazing how that works.

              • Amazing indeed Antilles. After a year of inflating the numbers to promote maximum fear now they’ll deflate the numbers and deny the obvious to promote the narrative.

                Truly amazing to watch.

                • Hi Anon,

                  It’s another example of cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, practically every death is now a Corona Death, no matter how tenuous the facts. As for example the notorious case of the 25-year-old in Florida who was killed in a motorcycle wreck… his death counted as a Corona Death because he “tested positive.”

                  On the other hand, a healthy young woman dies within 30 minutes of receiving her jab and everything except the Jab is considered the cause of her death.

        • It is a difficult thing to contemplate that TPTB have planned this for years. The convid hoax is cover – the goal is to entrap all of humanity and force submission. Recognizing that none of this makes sense is the first step to informed resistance, but don’t stay there. Keep allowing the layers to be peeled back to reveal the horrors they have in mind for us.

          This is not a drill.

        • You bringing up oral issues made me thing of this. I actually was talking to one of my clients who is a dentist recently and he said he has never seen the amount of oral complications that are now inside people’s mouths. He also said his practice has never been busier. Usually the mouth is the mirror of the body. If something is wrong (tongue, cavities, bleeding gums, etc.) it usually is an indicator something is off somewhere else – heart disease, thrush, lung inflammation, etc. I have no doubt in future years that there will be plenty of studies that the masks did more harm than good.

        • “safe and effective?” Israel is the world’s lab in this experiment.

          Israel’s covid death doubled since it started its vaccination experiment. They’ve only been vaxxing for a couple months and racked up a body count as high as the “virus” allegedly did in 10 months. Long story short, (from an article by Patrick Delaney titled “Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel’s elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths: researchers”…)

          “A re-analysis of published data from the Israeli Health Ministry by Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a member of the faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases at Aix-Marseille University, and engineer Haim Yativ reveal, in short, that the mRNA experimental vaccine from Pfizer killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period. Among the younger class, these numbers are compounded to death rates at 260 times what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the given time frame.”

          Gilad Atzmon has also been covering this in his latest articles. You can find them at unz dot com.

          There is nothing safe about these mRNA gene therapy injections.
          They are apparently quite effective.

          • ” Israel is the world’s lab in this experiment.”

            Oh the irony if Israel managed to Mengele 6 million of its citizens……

          • See? You should take the J&J shot because it is safer…..

            What I expect the reaction to be from the contemplation challenged and innumerate.

            • I would expect a similar reaction from the contemplation challenged and innumerate.

              It seems like the moderna shot is safer than the pfizer shot. Maybe the J&J shot is safer yet? Maybe the sputnik vaccine is the safest of them all? They all come with some level of risk. I’m not taking any of the poison needles.

              • Nor I, Adam.

                After all, why should I? I’m healthy and strong. This “virus” presents no significant risk to me – and I know the risks of it. The “vaccine”? Who knows what the risk is?

                I’ll pass.

                • Cheers to your health kind sir,

                  Once again we find ourselves in agreement. I will take my chances with the most sinister of viruses. I have Vitamins C & D, Zinc Picolinate and L-Lysine at my disposal. I recently learned that L-Lysine kills viruses dead. So does Vitamin C. Humidity cures pneumonia. I’m certain I can chicken soup and extra sleep my way out of any common cold. There is truly nothing to worry about.

                  I really hope the world will come to its senses and leave this insanity behind. The world is too beautiful for this nonsense.

                  • Hi Adam,

                    One of the great tragedies of our time is that almost everyone has access to good food at affordable prices, sanitation and comfort unknown to previous generations… and for these and related reasons most anyone who isn’t unlucky enough to have been born with a congenital defect/weakness of some kind can maintain excellent, youthful health well into what is considered “old age”… if they are willing to pursue it.

                    I’m middle aged but am stronger now than I was when I was 25. I run five miles every other day, easily. I take no pills. I have no health issues. Because I take care of my health. Almost anyone can do the same and if they do so, then “the virus” presents as much threat to them as being struck down by a bolt of lightning. If most people took good care of themselves, this “virus” would be a trivial threat to most people; the usual precautions within hospital wards and homes for the very elderly would suffice – as they have always sufficed.

                    But all too many people take atrocious care of themselves. They eat shit “food” and they don’t exercise. By 50, many of them look 65. Or older. They are weak and so vulnerable.

                    It’s all so stupid because so avoidable.

    • From what I’ve heard (No Agenda Podcast), the paperwork that comes with the Moderia vaccine has a disclaimer paragraph about how the product has not been approved for use by the FDA. So it is still experimental. No way the lawyers will make you take an experimental treatment as a condition for employment.

  18. This bit, “who regarded us with the dull stares of sheep, who also have the attribute of all looking the same” reminded me of the opening scene of the cable series ‘Weeds’ as well as its theme song, Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds.
    “And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
    And they all look just the same.”

    Yesterday, on impulse, I got to shake a guy’s hand I had just met, too. It’s indescribable how human it made me feel. It’s so surreal that a once normal thing is not quite.
    Also, the local bar/restaurant is advertising having live music again. Wish I weren’t so dead tired at the end of each day, I’d go see. The last time I was there a local snowmobile club pulled into the snow covered lot, some of them took a break and went inside and had fountain pop and a few beers, while others rode around an adjacent field. In spite of the fact they mostly all were preoccupied by their i-gadgets it was nice being around a group of bare faced young people who were being active and were unafraid and mingling together. I managed to learn how snowmobile helmets differ from motorcycle helmets, pretty cool stuff.

  19. It’s all about population reduction. The plan is to reduce the human race down to 2 billion or less. The covid hoax vaccine is part of that plan. When enough stupid sheep willingly take this thing, there will be less traffic, cheaper gas and the price of food will go down because there will be fewer people around to eat.

  20. I have to wonder, when this is all done, what will become of the field of Epidemiology? It is treated as if it is a hard science, yet it has completely failed to correctly predict anything that happened over the last year. I’m reminded of the extremely strained “science” of economics, which continues to amaze at how poorly their formulas will predict behavior. Or climatology, which continues to be ignored by the planet, which does whatever it is going to do despite “Man’s” destruction. How is it that we treat epidemiology as an equal to Newtonian physics when they can’t even tell us why masks don’t work in California but somehow are very effective even when not worn in Florida? Or is that the other way around? I’m sure plenty of people here are on Tom Wood’s spam list. He loves the overlaid death graphs by state without captions then pointing out that no one can tell which state is which. But nothing from the epidemiology to back up their claims, other than a few poor computer renderings, and gut feelings.

    No wonder there are conspiracy nuts everywhere.

    • ‘What will become of the field of Epidemiology?- RK

      What, indeed?

      Today, epidemiologists’ projections diverge in a K-shaped fashion.

      One set of soothsayers sees herd immunity achieved by this spring, with the virus nearly disappearing. Another set warns direly that mutations will send us back into crisis by summer.

      When epidemiologists can’t even get the direction right, equal or better accuracy can be achieved by consulting an astrovirologist, or casting some chicken bones.

      • Hi Jim. When you say “Today, epidemiologists’ projections diverge in a K-shaped fashion”, I have to wonder if the two sets of epidemiologists consist of those who rely on government funding and those who don’t. I haven’t done a serious study of the subject, but my impression is certainly that the Chicken Little types tend to be bureaucrats and academics while the others tend to be more independent. Very much like the hydroxychloroquine issue or climate “science”.

    • But you fail to account for the arrogance. You may have noticed that TPTB are never ‘wrong’. Just like the majority of the mAssess, they will never take responsibility for their mistakes so they will never learn from them. We are living among the ‘post-reality’ delusional. Belief and dogma now trumps facts. Fear and paranoia are the prime motivators now. And being the majority, these insane people will label the sane as crazy for not accepting their delusions.

      It is no longer safe or prudent to be visibly sane.

      • For sure Fauchi fits that mold. At this point there’s no difference between his fear mongering and Dustin Hoffman playing the lead role in Outbreak. Like literally. Fauchi is playing a scientist/doctor on all the news outlets and will say whatever they want him to say. Cuomo (second generation inbred politician), and Gavin Newsom (“News-om” Fake name?) are playing the role of crisis governor. They love the limelight and won’t give it up.

        And why wouldn’t they? Everyone gets a kick of adrenaline and dopamine from those upvotes, likes and “me toos” from the soc-nets. No imagine that, but with a giant news set, cameras, all the production staff, etc. But it’s all an illusion, a facade. The ratings for news channels are horrific, even worse when there’s nothing going on. Viewers are addicted to the fear porn, but the dealers need the addicts more than the addict need them. Tune into CNN, MSNBC or Fox News on any given afternoon. You’ll see “Breaking News!” lower 4/3rd banners all day. It’s not breaking news, it’s just a press conference. But the hype might get someone to notice.

      • An example,


        “You can have transmission even when people are fully vaccinated,” Henry told reporters. “The illness seems to be milder and doesn’t transmit as much [and we] won’t see rapid explosive outbreaks.”

        She has been making all kinds of absolutely arrogant and unsubstantiated statements since day one. She has regularly been wrong and grossly over stated the threat for about a year too. I have yet to hear her offer any correction or acknowledgment of her previous errors, so she continues with her arrogant certitude.

        It is clear someone is a liar when they claim to be authoritatively knowledgeable about what is going to happen, when it is not possible to know outcome.

  21. Last time I saw someone go maskless in a store was last week at Target. I made sure to give her a thumbs up. Otherwise, like you said, a bunch of sheep.

    One thing that might help our psyche would be to get involved with a group of people who also don’t buy into the bullshit and meet regularly. I recently started going to meetings of the KY Make Americans Free Again. They meet every Thursday night. I don’t hold out a lot of hope that they’ll change much by petitioning the government or suing, but it is really good to walk into a room with a bunch of people and not a diaper in sight.

  22. not sure if you’re following news from the UK – but they’ve opened schools here. But may new pointless mandates – such as wearing masks by all parents dropping kids off – even outside on the school ground !!!!

    Now I said this must be a joke – people wont wear masks outside – they must know its not possible to get it out. But lo and behold – Monday morning at the school ground as far as the eye can see all adults in masks…. (but one ofcourse). Now I dont know my kids really have good teachers who they get along with very well…. but if they start nagging me about having to wear a mask when I drop kids its not going to go well 😛 😛

    Its crazy how sheepish the Brits are…. (To put in prospect even the French are growing a spine and have started protesting a lot of this crap. Not the Brits though….

    • Hi Nasir, are you familiar with the Off-Guardian website? (www.off-guardian.org). Based partly in the UK, it was founded by commenters who were kicked off the Guardian’s website. That gives you a perspective on who they are 🙂 – lots of well-researched articles that cut through the nonsense in the UK and worldwide. A recommended read if you aren’t already…

      • Anon, I second that on off-guardian. I give them a small amount of support so that I do not have to feel cheap for not paying for the knowledge.

    • Hi Nasir,

      The UK was bled white by WWII. It no longer produces or is ruled by men like Henry II, Edward I – or even Churchill. And the men who fought off the Luftwaffe and stormed the beaches? Long dead – and with them, the balls of what was once the epicenter of Western civilization.

      • Eric, a bit of recommended viewing for you and your lady friend, but if you find it a bit slow-paced…considering that ol’ Katie was old enough to be Peter O’ Toole’s ma, she did a credible job as Elanor of Aquitaine. Of note are Anthony Hopkins, Nigel Terry, and Timothy Dalton all appearing before they became famous.


        At least while that WWII generation that held up under the Blitz, chased Rommel halfway across Africa, landed at the beaches of Sicily, Taranto, and Normandy, and ran into an armored meat-grander at Arnhem, was still produced damned fine movies up to that point.

        • That was a seriously great movie. Peter O’Toole deserved the Best Actor Oscar for his role, but the smarmy Academy gave it to Cliff Robertson for “Charly” that year.

          • Hi Mike,

            The dialogue/acting in movies such as Beckett, Lion in Winter and A Man for All Seasons is brilliant and that hardly covers it. Anyone who has not seen these movies ought to.

      • Eric – it really is sad to see the direction the UK has gone in… infact all of western civilisation in our life times… where is the new epicentre anyways – is it even relevant the way all of western civilisation is going !??

        I guess what I really hope for a lot of the ideals survive – wonder where that will be though

      • Eric,

        Funny you should say that. That’s what I was asking people at the beginning of all of this.
        Where are the men who landed at Normandy? Where are the intrepid souls who volunteered, deliberately and whole-heartedly, to land on a beach sprinkled with pillboxes and land mines, and charge at MG-34 fire?
        Where are THOSE men? And why are they replaced by these faceless cowards constantly bidding me to “stay safe!”?

  23. A single isolated person has no effective defense from tyranny, without dying in the effort. And so the tyrants have discovered a means to isolate each and every one of us that it appears works all too well. At least it did. Until people started getting tired of eating male bovine excrement, making themselves sick, for the sake of a non-existent plague. A number of governors/mayors have suddenly reached the conclusion that maintaining this charade not only may reduce their chances of retaining their job, but may in some cases become physically dangerous. Such isolation makes people crazy, and crazy people aren’t necessarily the safest to be around, especially when they manage to focus on the cause of their craziness.
    One of the most devastating effects of the onset of my arthritis was that I had to refrain from shaking anyone’s hand upon meeting them, without first explaining that a firm handshake is extremely painful. Which takes a lot away from the experience. Now the experience has been turned into a sin by the COVID priesthood. However, we all retain a right that can’t be abrogated, the right not to believe a thing. We may be physically forced to do a thing, but one has to volunteer to believe it’s a good thing. It appears that non-believers are proliferating, while the believers gnash their teeth, scream, and demand we accommodate their insanity because “we are all in this together”. Which suggests they must have parasitical intestinal worms if there is “we” involved.

    • Hi John, Whenever someone would tell me “we” have to do this, this, and that I’d ask them if they have a mouse in their pocket….because that’s the only “we” that will count 😆.

    • “A single isolated person has no effective defense from tyranny, without dying in the effort.”

      Defensively, maybe. But offensively?

      The lone wolf is their most feared enemy. For decades they have been infiltrating groups, but they knew they were defenseless against a single determined foe. Now they have the technology to track individuals, and it’s obvious this is their focus.

      They know that no matter the sophistication of their security, a determined individual can change the course of (their) history with one act.

      The individual is their greatest threat.

  24. Like diapers, the disgusting elbow bump – in addition to sending the message “I am a trained monkey” – actually increases your chances of exchanging a respiratory virus.
    To carry out this ritual you have to get twice as close to the source of the aerosol droplets that the other person is emitting as you would to shake hands, since both of you are using only half the length of your arms. Plus, you are touching the part that the public-health windbags have been telling everybody to sneeze into.
    If you were writing fiction about a society of superstitious weirdos with no knowledge of how anything works in the physical world, you would be hard-pressed to make up something this bizarre.

  25. As Eli Wallach, as the villain Calvada, in the Magnificent Seven said, “If God had not intended them to be sheared he would not have made them sheep.”

    They are inviting abuse. It will be impolite of them not to accept it.

  26. Statistical malpractice in Missouri:

    The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services added an additional 81,206 probable coronavirus cases to its online dashboard Monday.

    The new probable cases are from antigen testing — saliva-based tests for the coronavirus that are cheaper but less reliable than the PCR tests most people associate with coronavirus testing. The state has reported nearly 481,000 positive PCR tests to date.

    The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services reported 62 new cases Monday. However, the department said all but three of those cases are old cases that had not been added to the system … and the active case number will correct itself in days.


    From a public health statistics point of view, it is patently fraudulent to mix in a big bolus of backlogged test results with current results, hopelessly polluting the data.

    Saying the active case number will ‘correct itself’ is the classic artful dodge of a dissembling ‘let them eat cake’ unionized bureaucrat, probably miffed at not receiving overtime to perform a simple task that a competent analyst could accomplish in half an hour.

    Promote this indolent sheeperson to the DMV! Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ah!

    • Being a resident near the said Missouri County, I daily dispute the BS that channel 17/22 displays, in their comments section provided at the end of each article. It gets tiresome repeating the same truth every single day, and I’m not sure anyone even reads the comments section, but I will not let up. If just one person reads them, sees the light, and acts accordingly, I consider my time well spent.

    • Perhaps you could join me there, Alice_the-dog. The more comments there are, the more likely they may be read. The psychology that more is better in play.

  27. Last night sixteen of us went to a restaurant and sat together. Yep, we all sat around two large tables with bottles of wine, mixed drinks, lots of food, and talked buoyantly as the other patrons eyed us suspiciously, probably believing we were creating some super spreader event. Hell, even 1/2 of us showed up with no masks as we passed tables of people waiting to be seated! I am sure a few people passed out. We ranged from one year to 85 years of age. We sang Happy Birthday and had a great time for two hours. To us this felt normal, to the others around us you could tell it did not. Most people were seated at tables of two, a few others at a table of four, nothing more.

    When I made the reservations I actually had trouble finding a restaurant. A few refused due to the size of our party, others wanted to sit us at four separate tables (socially distanced, of course). Only one brave restaurant would do it. We left them a 30% tip. I don’t know if anyone complained. I am hoping that they didn’t, but that is probably doubtful. If they did the owner didn’t say anything to us. We had a great time and I can only wish that we convinced a few to throw off their shackles, if not, we put enough fear into them to stay in their basements for a few more months. 🙂

    • That’s awesome, RG! That’s how you do it. Terrorize the imbeciles so they’re afraid to go out. These people are too stupid to be in public.

  28. Having been an educator for many years, it truly bothers me that our young have lost an entire year of schooling.

    And for what?

    So camelilla can be anointed our next president.

    When is the lame-stream press going to admit that data shows mask-less children can interact freely in open schools, with minimal risk?


    Maybe after they get their non-white, non-male president?

    • The very progenitors of this insanity, Fauci, CDC, etc. have plainly stated that children suffer few effects from the virus, and are not a significant vector for transmission. Which brings to light that those who insist we act like children are dangerous asymptomatic carriers that will kill the rest of us are either insane, stupid, ignorant, or have an evil agenda. I do not bemoan their loss of public schooling, which I consider to have a net negative effect, but the effect of the infliction of social stigma upon them is devastating, and will continue to be so for years, if not their entire lives. A generation of socially dysfunctional, disturbed, paranoid children is being created.

      • “A generation of socially dysfunctional, disturbed, paranoid children is being created.”

        It is not like they will stand out from the rest of the socially dysfunctional, disturbed, paranoid that are ‘feeding and housing’ them. I won’t say raising because that suggests active participation in creating an educated, reasoning and functional social being. Something that has not been seen more than rarely in the wild for many years.

    • We have homeschooled for 10 years. One child graduated last year. Although there is an argument floating around saying that HS kids don’t get the same opportunities as public school kids, I would like to share that our kids have participated in swim, cheer, golf, soccer, volleyball, basketball, 4-H, church activities, mission trips, field trips, shooting sports competitions, prom, etc. Perhaps the groups haven’t been as large as they would be in a public school setting. But we have been able to filter out some of the toxicity that comes along with that.

      Our kids did public school for a couple of years. Even when they were in lower elementary school we had to intercept and prevent certain acts of indoctrination, such as in the form of “safety” training which, upon review of the curriculum, we learned was all about trusting only teachers and administrators, and NOT trusting parents and family to protect them.

      Homeschooling is becoming very popular and there are a lot of support systems available in the form of co-ops, and many organized HS activities. It is worth trying, even if it’s only on a year by year basis.

      • Congratulations! I admire homeschool parents.
        Funny that the tired old criticism that homeschooled kids are deprived of social interaction has been turned on its head. While your kids carry on with their friends, the government-schooled ones are holed up in their rooms checking online lists of past-due assignments and thinking about killing themselves.
        “Perhaps the groups haven’t been as large as they would be in a public school setting.” That too is a good thing. The mobs in those prison-like edifices bring out the worst in kids: group-think, cliquishness, cruelty, blind obedience to bureaucrats, and an inability to communicate with anybody who is not exactly their age.

        • Thank you for the encouragement! It has been a joy to HS.

          It breaks my heart to think of your point about kids thinking of killing themselves. Kids already have so many pressures with relationships, hormones, self-worth, etc., without the added unjustified burdens that the psychopaths in charge are needlessly inflicting on them.

          • My wife’s brother and his wife homeschooled their kids 20 years ago, when it was not nearly as accepted as it is now. Both of them turned out great. They’ve always had lots of friends, and they learned early on how to look adults in the eye and engage them in warm, intelligent conversation.

              • My grandson approached me on doing some grandiose project for extra credit. I said that it could be done, but not at this time.
                My pitch was that he has the tools at hand and the creatures that inhabit ditch water are most fun to study. I gave to his mother a truly good microscope and he can use all of my stuff with his search for identifying what he sees. It is a project that will last until he tosses it all and learns how to drive a stick.

        • A possible benefit of this whole “social distancing” and masking insanity…maybe folks have woken up and realized that the public “education” system isn’t worth the time, effort, and FUNDING.

          • Yes, I may have read here where a teacher was mocking parents who want their kids back in school. Something along the lines of “you just want your babysitters back…”

            The obvious retort from parents should be, “we’re doing your job for you, so you are no longer necessary”.

            • Most of them are just glorified babysitters, but extremely well paid for it, not to mention summers and school vacations off. Most teachers around here make more and get way better benefits than most of us peons for what’s basically a part time job

      • Several years ago my grandson was having behavioral issues at public school. I talked with my son about it at length, from which we both independently determined it likely that the source was him being taught behavior and critical thought from a libertarian perspective, and every single day being told such was immoral and ignorant the moment they got to school. With my encouragement he and his wife started homeschooling and the very first thing they discovered was how little of their time it took. Children want to learn. Teach them to read and do basic math and leave materials around for them to learn from and they will largely teach themselves. Some time will be needed to traverse difficult subjects, and to encourage them to learn things that don’t especially appeal to them. There are abundant lesson plans and materials available, and any who think they aren’t smart enough, just remember, all you have to do is stay one lesson ahead of the student. If you can’t stay that one lesson ahead, engage your child to learn it with you.

          • That is great news! So glad your son and daughter in law (and you) intervened.

            That has also been one of the most eye-opening truths for me, that kids can accomplish so much without (most) of the drudgery. Yes, they have to read classic literature, write essays, research papers, and lab reports, practice a foreign language, and prepare for debate when they enter high school. But there seems to be less trauma, and of course more personal attention and feedback with parent involvement and typically smaller HS classes. Plus, more time to learn and master “non traditional” subjects, such as knife forging, taxidermy, etc.

          • That is the point with studying ditch water creatures. It will force the child into going into books that some long dead guy compiled to get an identification.

        • I’ll amen this, John –

          When I was a kid, my parents – who were educated people – provided me access to a wealth of books as well as to museums and other cultural attractions. I loved to read – and learn – and so dove into these things without being told I had to. To this day, I cherish books – hard copy, not virtual – and have accumulated a pretty impressive rack of them, on a variety of subjects. I agree with you that kids are naturally curious and most of the trouble with “educating” them is due to stifling them with mindless drudgery, especially rote memorization and the expectation to adhere to orthodoxies “just because.”

          I can’t imagine what it must be like to attend a government school today.

        • Well done, John. Parents shouldn’t avoid homeschooling because they fear they can’t do the job. By the time a child reaches kindergarten age, he has already accomplished an amazing feat – learning how to communicate with other human beings – largely on his own by observing and imitating the adults around him. If you don’t remember your algebra or how to diagram a sentence, you can learn it again along with him. The really good news is that you won’t have to babysit 30 other little monsters while you do it.

        • The euphemism treadmill definitely isn’t without a purpose when it comes to the state wanting to steer perception. They just wanted something that would sound legitimate and over parents’ heads so they don’t question “””the experts”‘””

          Josie the Outlaw does a good video on the reality of what the school system actually accomplishes:


      • It’s a rare case of truth in advertising. “Education” is synonymous for indoctrination, so “educator” is actually a good description for what these brainwash specialists do.

    • Hi WV mom. There is a great deal of irony in what you refer to as “their non-white, non-male president”. The lovely and talented Commie Harris has done more to destroy black lives and black communities than any white supremicist could dream of. As a prosecutor, she sent an estimated 1,500 young black men to jail for drug offenses. That’s 1,500 young men who will have problems supporting a family for the rest of their lives — all for doing something the government has no business being involved in. To top it off, in a video that has surely been scrubbed from the internet, she bragged about putting them in jail for drugs while she was using drugs herself. She thought that was sooooo amusing.

      As the California AG, she opposed parole for prisoners who were eligible for it on the grounds that the state needed the cheap labor they provided. That makes her a modern slaver.

      Let us not forget that her entire career was based on being the fuck toy for a powerful politician, Willie Brown, who was a married man during their long term affair.

      H.L. Mencken foresaw Clueless Joe Biden when he said that one day Americans would get their wish and find that the White House was occupied by a downright moron. Even his brilliant mind could not guess that it would occupied by a hypocritical whore.


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