Diaper Report 11/21/20

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Today’s Diaper Report is a proxy report – conveyed to me by a good friend who had to deal with a hysterical member of the Sickness Cult recently.

He had taken his daughter to swim practice and was in the bleachers watching her when he heard a tap on the glass behind him. The tap grew insistent. He turned to see what the source of the annoying noise was and beheld a young Coronamonomaniac – he said she looked to be 18 or 19 – frantically pointing at his face while making bizarre Kabuki motions toward her “masked” face.

My friend turned back to watching his daughter practice.

This brought the young Coronamonomaniac from behind the glass. She began to lecture my friend – a grown man twice her age – about “masking.”

As it happens, my friend is a medical man who knows something about “masks” – but didn’t let that slip. He simply asked: Why?

“It’s a pandemic!” the kid screeched back at him – her “mask” barely containing the spittle and probably aerosoling it. “The worst one in history!” She actually said that. Having heard it, on TV.

Anderson Cooper and Dan Lemon being very deadly viruses, indeed.

My friend didn’t give in to this kid’s emotional blackmail. He just ignored her and went back to watching his daughter swim. The Coronamonomaniac let loose an exasperated arrgghhh! and went away, fists clenched in fury.

Chalk up one for the sane guys!

Another friend had to kick a Coronamonomaniac out of his place of business. This friend owns a repair shop and had a long-time customer appear the other day, ostensibly to drop off her car. My friend happened to be outside his shop, walking his dog when she pulled up.

He was not “masked” – as it is not his habit to don the garb of strange religious cults.

This was received by the faithful in the same way that removing a hijab at Mecca is received by the faithful there. Shrieks of outrage emanated from this person when she saw my friend’s face. “Why aren’t you wearing your mask?” the Sickness Moonie demanded.

My friend took this as insulting given he isn’t a Moonie in the first place and unintelligible in the second, since he doesn’t own a “mask” and thus the possessive pronoun doesn’t include him. In the third place, he was walking outside of his shop – on his property – and took a little umbrage at being accosted by a crazy person on his own turf.

A conversation was attempted – on the shaky foundation, as it turned out, of a business relationship going back almost 20 years. He pointed out that (a) he’s not sick and so can’t spread a sickness he hasn’t got and (b) he’s outside and nowhere near anyone who might get sick from the sickness he hasn’t got – excepting the Sickness Moonie who approached him on his own property and who therefore took it upon herself to “expose” herself to whatever phantom risk might be present. Finally (c) he made the pointless effort of trying to explain that a Holy Rag is a religious decoration and not a medical device; that it interferes with viral transmission to the same degree a Yarmulke wards off Jehova’s lightning bolts.

It didn’t matter.

Nothing matters to the Coronamonomaniac except Corona – which they style COVID-19 as it sounds (and looks) more dramatic.

Their fear of Corona, uber alles  – applied to alles.

Ordinarily – in sane times – this would serve as the very definition of insanity. A fixation, to the exclusion of all other considerations, on one consideration. Inspector Javert, for instance. In Les Miserables he pursued Jean Valjean to the ends of the earth over the theft of a loaf of bread. The reader feels pity for Javert almost as much as his victim, because it is clear the man is ill.

But not quite as much – for Javert’s cruelty over-rides his sickness.

It is the same with the Coronamonomaniacs. These people are willing to inflict incredible suffering on people in the name of assuaging their deranged fear of sickness. Examples are many and well-known but among the standouts are the locking away in “care” facilities of the elderly, who are denied contact with their families – and often condemned to die alone. Children denied their childhood – and their peace of mind.

Family gatherings verbotened. Businesses destroyed; life put on hold – perpetually – for the sake of people who believe their fear gives them a blank check to emotionally blackmail us – the bill to be paid by us.

I’m happy to report at least tow “cases” of people I know refusing to pay it.

Let’s make it more.

. . .

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  1. Here is a company email I received today. There certainly is a sickness going around, but it isn’t coronavirus.

    Good morning REDACTED. This e-mail is a follow up on the quarantining/working remotely safety protocol I discussed last Friday at the Company meeting in regard to holiday gatherings. This is based on current recommendations from the CDC issued on 11/19/2020 that people stay home for Thanksgiving to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. To recap what was previously discussed, we would like to remind all employees to please:

    Spend the holidays as safely as possible with “members of your household”. The CDC defines your household as people who have been actively living with you 14 days before a gathering/event.
    If you are planning on attending an event with people who are not members of your household, please plan on quarantining/working remotely for 14 days following the event.
    Let your Department Lead know if you will be needing to quarantine.
    While quarantining, please attend meetings virtually. If you do need to attend a project meeting in person, please let your Department Lead know so we can coordinate that as safely as possible.

    Additionally we would like all employees, regardless of holiday gathering plans, to please:

    Work remotely as much as possible for the 2 weeks following the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Those dates are 11/30-12/11 and 12/28-1/8. Please only be in office the minimum amount of time necessary during those dates. If you can work remotely, please do so.
    If meeting with Clients during those weeks, please let them know that our office is “working remotely for those periods and we would appreciate meeting virtually if possible for all indoor meetings.” If you have to meet in person, please follow the established social distancing, mask, and hand washing protocols.

    Please remember as a general practice we are still encouraging everyone to work remotely as much as they are able, and for indoor meetings to be held virtually if possible. You are all doing a great job at helping make sure we are able to safely allow work to continue in office as needed. Thank you for all your ongoing safety efforts! Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you,


    Director of Human Resources

    Pronouns: he/him/his

    • Hi Clyde,

      Does your Director of HR really end his memo with Pronouns?!?!

      Honestly, I think I would tell them I was going to spend Thanksgiving out of town just so I can stay at home for two weeks working in my PJs.

      These companies have gone crazy. I am so happy I work for myself. I spent all day with a client yesterday. I worked and we chatted the whole time. No masks. No social distancing. It was like old times. The client was happy I was able to work onsite (and he didn’t have to send me all of the docs) and I was happy that no one was scared to be around me.

      • Yes, unfortunately “he/him/his” is a 50 year old queer radical leftist virtue signalling imbecile. The thing is, I would go back to the office now if they didn’t require the mask. So I have been working remotely for months now ever since they told us we are not allowed in the office without it.

        It just irks me to no end that this company thinks it’s any of their GD business where or how I spend my holidays. And that it is acceptable company policy to quarantine employees on suspicion of being infected with a virus so deadly, you need a test to know if you have it.

        So I am going to spend the holidays as usual and I absolutely will not disclose to these mentally ill control freaks my activities.

  2. The conceptual Trojan horse of all of the totalitarian measures is “asymptomatic transmission”. It transforms every human being into walking, talking potential biological weapons. A maskless person used to be Jim or Bob; now he is a superspreader.

    Of course, accepting such a state of things is pure madness, but the world has forgotten God, and that tends to make whole societies go mad in short order.

  3. When I was getting out of the car at Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago, I almost bumped against a 5-gallon pail that was hanging on the shopping cart stanchion next to my space. Then I noticed that the sign on it said “Used Masks.”
    I should have gone back in the store and asked the manager if he had a permit to store biohazard waste in his parking lot.

    • The employees probably did that as a joke, in protest of it all.

      At one store I shop at, I won’t go into details, but they put something on the wall for all to see that was a visual protest.

      The people are sick… of the tyranny.

  4. Eric,
    The video you posted of the NY business owners defying Cuomo’s shutdown orders was the most inspiring video I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for posting.

  5. The costume of the mask has little to do with the pandemic that has failed to increase overall world wide deaths from all causes from the previous two years to this one. It’s a membership badge. Many of us, myself NOT included, have a strong desire to be a part of something, a club, a religion, a political party, etc. Since the coronapriests have destroyed the other alternatives, by severely limiting, or not allowing any social contact, all that’s left is coronaphobia. And so, they put on the mask. One of the primary targets of the coronapriests are other religions. They can’t bear the competition. Membership in such “false” religions can’t be tolerated. Heresy, burn them at the stake.

    • Strangely, a few hard core anti-Trump, leftist, WuFlu cultists that I know recently had to “quarantine” due an “exposure” reported to them by a “contact tracer.” No details given as to who what, when or why. None got sick or had any symptoms. Rather than open their eyes to the scam being perpetrated, such ridiculous treatment by their fellow human beings is virtue signaled as the receipt of some kind of cult sacrament. It (WuFlu) is SO real and SO novel, dont’cha know!

  6. I will go to church this morning, but I might be coming right home. The county nitwits issued a mask order Thursday, so now the congregation can be fined if I am there without one. I emailed a few church leaders yesterday to ask whether anybody would be shoving one in my face today. I said I would not wear the Magical Face Diaper because I don’t belong to that cult. Only one responded. He thought he was being clever by saying he doesn’t call the cops when he sees somebody running a stop sign. This is the level of intelligence we’re up against here: I didn’t ask whether he would call the cops; I asked if I would be harassed by our own members. We will see.
    Speaking of low intelligence, this morning I had a Facebook friend suggestion. I never respond to those. Yes, I know: I should delete my account, but I belong to some groups that use it for routine communication. Otherwise, I seldom look at it nowadays. Anyhow, out of curiosity, I took a look at the person’s posts (I don’t know her).
    The most recent one:
    “To the mothers of stubborn little girls with fierce attitudes, don’t put out that fire. They will need it.”
    The previous one:
    “If you can’t put a piece of cloth across your face to keep your neighbor from dying, never, never try to talk to me about God.”
    These are both memes that somebody else made up and she “shared.” Has she ever had an original thought? I doubt it. And I’m sure she doesn’t see any incongruity in her brainless posts, on the one hand urging “fierce attitudes” and on the other screeching that if we don’t all conform like docile herd animals and do what everybody else is doing, then we are neighbor-killers.

    • “If you can’t put a piece of cloth across your face to keep your neighbor from dying”, and there lies the lie. You cannot keep your neighbor from dying. At what point in time did people determine they were immortal if they obeyed their masters? Such is also the big lie told by medicine. Doctors do not “save lives”. They may extend one, and quite often shorten them, but never have they saved one. Which brings to mind. Every year in the US about 250,000 die from medical error. It’s never shown on a death certificate, and so does not make any list of causes of deaths, but is nevertheless the third leading cause in the US. COVID has just lately accomplished the number of deaths doctors cause EVERY YEAR! And COVID stats had to be highly inflated to get there.
      My latest experience of the Medical Industrial Complex: I suffer rheumatoid arthritis. Which can be, and often is quite painful. The drugs I’m on are modestly effective. The alternative drugs offered run about 4-5 thousand dollars a month, which I refuse to contribute to Pharma, regardless who’s paying for it. I’m “allowed” a limited dose of a steroid for extreme flare ups, which work quite well. My last visit, I requested an increase in my steroid script. They reduced it. I’m well aware of the dangers of extended steroid use, my mother died from it. Never the less, the notion that it is not my decision to live a shorter less painful life galls me. A suspicion they are attempting to torture me into using the 4-5k dollar drugs infuriates me. I have never held the medical professions in the high regard they think they deserve, and my now declining opinion appears to be warranted.

      • Hi JWK, my wish is that you find relief from your pain. Great point about deaths from doctors’ mistakes. The chief of staff at our local hospital has been a militant masker, badgering the city council to enact a mandate (a moot point now that the county has issued one). He whines that his ICU is 95 percent full and that they will be overrun if we don’t all put on the Holy Rag. I wonder how somebody so dumb could make it through medical school. Can he not comprehend simple fluid dynamics? Can’t understand that these things turn an infected person into a walking COVID mosquito fogger, blowing out the accumulated spit (that without a mask would have fallen harmlessly to the ground) in aerosol form for other people to inhale? His hospital is part of a huge chain with vast resources. He should concentrate on managing it better and eliminating screw-ups instead of inflicting his superstitions on the handful of us who still have brains.

        • Mine own faith (LDS) went back on “Xooom” for virtual “Sacrament” meeting. Meh. It’s a little better than nothing, but not much. Brigham Young and/or Joseph Smith would have told any Governor that presumed to enforce a “lockdown” to “Get thee hence to the infernal regions”, and given directions. Orrin Porter Rockwell would have given a few a “head start”!

        • I wonder how one can go to school for so long and STIILL be so stupid. I’ve long suspected that the ICU shortage already existed due to mismanagement or misallocation, and COVID is also being used to cover that up among abundant other failures.

          • The line that wrapped around Dodger Stadium for free Covid testing proves to me that the average American is an idiot. Does anyone wonder why it is free? The individual is the product. The NSA is loving this….offer free DNA swabbing, tada, they have everything about you. They match this up with your social media accounts, college transcripts, cell phone records, etc.

            Most VA colleges (yes, I am talking to you UVA) are REQUIRING testing before campus is closed for the holidays. They say it is for the safety of Grandma. Give me a break.

            The acceptance of this (and the willingness) to cater to governmental bureaucracies leave me to believe we are all screwed, unless we build a compound in the middle of nowhere and hide out.

      • How many die from criminal activities of NEGROES? Quite a few, I’ll wager, with most of them probably being negroes as well. And yet, some sixty years ago, we ENDED segregation. Methinks NONE of this has anything to do with genuine concerns for public health.

      • JWK,

        I have serious doubt that any math can be used to justify that your RA drugs should cost $4-5k/month. Most of that, I’m sure, is simply avarice. They put in a patent, and then their greed can be sated. Good for them. But pressuring you into buying these drugs by denying you the cheaper alternatives is criminal. This is one reason for the legalization of all drugs. People often think about buying cocaine or LSD upon such a declaration, but few think about being able to purchase medications in whatever quantity they believe necessary without some lab-coated middle-man in the way.

        To relate, I noticed the same thing with allergy medication when the “third-gen” drugs began to sell over-the-counter. Suddenly, my chlorpheniramine was $12 a bottle instead of $2-3. Why? Because the newer drugs were exorbitantly expensive, and a cheap bottle of those was ~$12. Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

    • Indeed, Roland –

      The idiotic – the evil – premise is: You are sick and thus are a threat. Therefore,it is evil for you to not take “action” to mitigate the threat you present. According to the same logic, I am a threat to anyone weaker than I am since I might smash their face in. Ergo, I must wear handcuffs to assuage their fears.

      To hell with them and their sick emotional blackmailing.

      • Eric, it is a delicious coincidence that just last week in the Sunday morning adult Bible study before church we discussed Martin Luther’s oft-repeated admonition to “put the best construction on everything.” A great way to treat people, I think: give them the benefit of the doubt. Don’t use somebody’s slip of the tongue to try to prove that he is evil. If you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all. That sort of thing. I want to know how the current sickness assumption fits into that. Not only are you presumed sick, but you can never prove yourself healthy. Even if you have a negative test, hey, you might have been “exposed” after you had the test. So put on ya maaaaaask!

      • And the studies that show masks to work are using n95 masks in climate controlled hospitals. Or they are using single pass aerosol tests with whatever rags they test.

        There are studies showing damp booger rags make you sick, some that show that they dont do much of anything and all of that that only proves you need to mask harder and more consistantly.

        Some food processor to take his booger rag off at the end of his shift and send it to a laboratory to see what kinds of infectious colonies are growing in it.

        If its found that its full of salmonella, ecoli, pneumonia bacteria, mold and covid19, that will prove that it protected him and consumers from all of that shit, and everyone needs to mask up all of the time including in the shower and in bed

  7. Had my one and only mask confrontation today at Home Depot. Cruising down the aisle, when this big fat guy, 40 something years old, (I’m 70) looks at me and says “you need to wear a mask!” I immediately responded “hey, fuck you”. Not the most eloquent response I admit, but hey, it was all I could come up with in the moment! It worked tho, as he was kind of dumbstruck and skeedaddled out of there pretty quick. Felt real good!

    • Outstanding, Floriduh!

      These Freaks need to have their chains yanked; they feel empowered to bully people via social sanction in precisely the same way that, once upon a time, it was okay to call a black guy “boy” or “nigger” in public.

      It ends when enough of us refuse to put up with it.

      I’ve been working out harder than I ever have in my entire life and have bulked up to over 220 pounds (I’m normally around 200). The fury I feel is my fuel. God-damn these people.

  8. At this time the only point of wearing a mask is to avoid conflict with people who don’t understand how particulate arrestors work.

    On a personal note. I had a rather fine interaction with an older lady in the gas station line the other day. I was talking and joking with her as we waited to be checked out, and she very curiously, not at all pissy, or karen-like asks:

    •”where’s your mask?”
    •”I dont wear one.”
    • “Why?”
    •” I don’t allow governors and retail workers to give me medical advice, they’re not allowed to do that.”
    •”Oh, well I see your point.”
    •Pulls mask back over face after having it down while speaking to me.)

    There it is ladies and gents. Hundreds maybe thousands of interactions per week and I’ve had a total of 2 people actually speak directly to me about it who weren’t posted as (rona-guards) at entry points. It really isn’t a big deal. As committed to their personal slavery or conflict avoidance as they may be. They aren’t nearly as convinced of this b.s. as the media would have you believe. I think most of it is just passive compliance.

    • SS,

      I agree with you, it is just passive compliance. If the mandates were lifted 60% of these mask wearers would forego these rags. Ten percent of us don’t wear them at all and then you have the other 30% that are bat shit crazy and will never remove them.

      My hubby got kicked out of a local convenience store yesterday. Went in a to purchase a few lotto tickets. How else are we going to afford the 54’ Hatteras? 😉 He has been to the store a hundred times before over the years. The owner was in today and told him next time he comes in he has to wear a mask. My husband stated no he wasn’t going to wear a mask he would go someplace else. The owner seemed taken back and didn’t say anything more. The business has lost a customer forever, technically two, because I won’t return either.

      The governments have literally ripped this country in half. When owners have to confront customers to enforce a mandate, not even a law, they are taking a huge risk. In my business I don’t wear a mask and I tell my clients they don’t have to either. Many keep the mask on. As long as each of us respect the other individual’s boundaries I am okay with what they do as long as they are okay with what I do.

      • Hi RG,

        I’ve mentioned before the coffee shop I was a regular patron of for many years – and which I went out of my way to defend during the early months of this pandemic of fear. I went there every day, to “show the flag” – during the “lockdown”when no one except those the Coonman decreed to be “essential” was supposed to be allowed outside their home. I went. I sat there in the parking lot, drinking coffee – and tipping twice the cost of the coffee – to try to show support and to make a point.

        Then – a few months later – the owner demanded the wearing of the Holy Rag. I refused. She kicked me out.

        Now I hope she loses her business. She will have deserved it. I have no sympathy for Quislings.

        I hope to see her standing outside in the cold, by the I-581 underpass traffic light, begging for alms – wearing her Holy Rag. I will roll down my window and cough at her.

        • Hi Eric,

          I have read your posts concerning the coffee shop. A part of me feels for the owners of the business trying to forge their way through this mess and the other half of me is appalled at their lack of common sense. I think owners should make concessions for long time customers that have stood by them through thick and thin. Dumping on those that were loyal to your business makes them no better than Fox News.

          Most people believe that everything will fall back into place when these mandates end, it won’t. I, for one, will never frequent, several businesses ever again. On the plus side, I have established a new way of living that doesn’t revolve around “stuff” or large brick and mortar stores or online conglomerates like Amazon. I actually cancelled my TV service the other day. I am tired of the MSM. We have Roku so several of the apps we can watch for free. Also, I have no problem putting rabbit ears back on my roof if necessary. I remember growing up with only 5 stations so it wouldn’t be a hardship if I had to return to that.

          • Hi RG,

            I have zero sympathy for the owner of Sweet Donkey as they didn’t have to enforce the Diaper “mandate” but rather chose to – zealously. To hell with them for doing that. It is just as contemptible as refusing to serve people who aren’t wearing an armband.

            Like you, I’ve reorganized the way I do thing as well – and some of that has been good. But I still seethe at the assault on our lives that is going on and have come to despise these Sickness Cultists.

            • I am not a religious person (agnostic, yes), but I am a strong believer in karma. If an individual does good they will be rewarded. If an individual does bad, restitution will be made sometime in the future. It may not be tit for tat, but the universe does keep track and everyone gets theirs at the end.

              We are seeing history repeat itself in today’s current events. I like to think we are all on the right side of it, because we are standing true to our principles and integrity. It will be interesting to see who is still standing when this reaches a conclusion.

          • RG, don’t waste your time and risk a fall putting an antenna on the roof. The stuff you’ll pick up with that is among the worst. I’m living on YouTube airplane videos. Mentourpilot is a good educational one by a (now furloughed) 737 pilot, although he occasionally does fantasize about “green” airplanes.

            • Roland,

              MP is great! I wish I had more time to watch him. But yeah, I watch a lot of YT videos, especially old History Channel documentaries like the “Sinking of the Bismarck”; that was a GREAT one! It’s narrated by Jonathan Hillerman (Higgins on Magnum, P.I.). I also follow a few sailing channels. If you know what you want to watch, YT can keep you so busy that you won’t have time for “free” TV… 🙂

              Since YT, part of Google, is getting ban happy, a lot of conservative, libertarian, and anti-establishment content creators such as High Imact Flix and James Corbette, are also migrating to Bitchute, Rumble, and BrandNewTube. I spend time watching rebels on those three new, alternative video sites.

              • Yeah, I alternate between Mentour or Just Planes and my X-Plane 11 rig. When I’m not piloting my 737-800, I’m watching people fly the real ones. I’ve run out of fuel three times now. I suppose I assumed that if I had the money to afford my own 737, I would have people to take care of the details like putting fuel in it. 😉

            • Hi Roland,

              I do my best on trying not to break my neck. Fortunately, I think we could rig something up near the garage which is much lower than the rest of the house, if needed.

              How did church go? Hopefully, the congregation practiced a little common sense and was welcoming to everyone….face mask or bare faced.

              • Not too bad; thanks for asking. Nobody shoved a rag in my face. One guy, a down-to-earth heavy equipment operator, said “I’m going to do what he’s doing” and took his off when he saw me. I run the live stream equipment from the organ loft. The organist had the virus a couple of weeks ago, with practically no symptoms. She was unmasked today, and we joked about it. But one of my neighbors who has already had it was wearing his mask – even outdoors after the service.
                The pastor gave a little speech at the beginning about how “we” will be obeying the county’s new orders. Then he said something about “Render unto Caesar,” which is probably the most misunderstood thing that Jesus ever said. If you’re not going to bother with the context and what it really means, you should at least finish the sentence.

          • RG,

            With the modern, digital TV signal, each channel has sub-channels; it’s like each channel really has four or five channels. A guy I used to work with does that. Though he only picks up a few TV stations, with the sub channels, he can watch like 15-20 different programs. So yeah, if you put up a roof antenna again and have a digital TV set, you’ll be able to watch PLENTY… 🙂

            • Thanks MM. I noticed even without an antenna (just internet) I am to get a pretty good number of stations. Everybody has a free app in this day and age, although I am very careful what I download…..we all know there isn’t such a thing as free.


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