2021 Hyundai Elantra Walkabout!

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Here’s a look a something different for a change… which is surprising, given the class of car we’re looking at. Almost every other class of car is the same car – with a different badge. But in the compact sedan class, there’s still some real differences – and choices.

Full review on deck soon. For now, this:

. . .

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  1. One big pothole, one hot or cold day, that screen is going to crack and/or flicker. Cheap unnecessary inferior crap meant to appeal to the most faggoty, weak, brainless NPC drone buyer. The shelf life of this electronic ikea furniture is getting less and less. Throw it in the trash and buy a new one that will last even less time. Took me 10 minutes on the ford website to find out what kind of engine was in the new bronco. They don’t talk about that stuff in auto advertising anymore. Just the size of the touchscreen and the fucking apps. Because the only people stupid enough to buy a new car are the ones that like that stupid shit.

    • **” Took me 10 minutes on the ford website to find out what kind of engine was in the new bronco.”**

      And lemme guess: It had “Eco” in it’s name! (Should be ‘echo’- Like in the sound one will hear in the service department when the just out-of-warranty owner repeats “HOW much is that going to cost to fix???!!!!”. “What do you mean ‘The software is no longer supported??!!”. “You can’t figure out what’s wrong with it after replacing $3,000 worth of parts and a $2K diagnostics bill??!!” “They no longer make that part? But it’s not even paid off yet! The junkyard doesn’t have any, ’cause the parts are so model, trim-level, option and VIN specific that only three in the entire world like mine were made??!!”)
      Gotta love all these new tech-laden delicate 4×4’s/AWDs… “For those who want to look like they might go off-road”. “We know today’s American leads an active lifestyle of going to the cubicle farm and chauffeuring the brats and going to doctor’s appointments….so it is more important than ever to have a vehicle that lets your neighbors know that you read outdoorsy magazines where expensive ‘lifestyle’ products are advertised, and to remind them that you care about the environment enough to buy a vehicle which contains a plastic oil pan and components which have the lifespan of mayflies so that no cretinous brute will be able to pollute the air with them in the future when emission standards are raised”.

      • Excellent Nunz! Thank you for the genuine, funny, and insightful comment. Comment like these are why people come here. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments. I don’t even mind that you’re over a month late in replying. Art, genius, requires time. I don’t even mind your indecision over parentheses and brackets.

        • Brandon, I beg that you’ll forgive my tardiness- errr, I mean developmental-disabilityness- as I had been quite conflicted not only in regards to parentheses and brackets (Why not use one of each when in doubt?), but even more so with regard to ellipses…and hyphens- and semi-colons; Less so concerning Oxford commas, which I am an unabashed advocate of. Is it my fault that Strunk and White has been removed from the library for being racist? Thank goodness for those brave civil-rights activists who removed them, and who will see to it that they, and many other items are never returned! (Apparently, Puff Daddy CDs and Maya Angelou are racist too!)
          Plus, I’ve been rather busy defending myself against the Israeli Defense League, as they claim that my use of this smiley :^) is antisemitic. I replied that if that emoticon were anatomically correct, it would have suffocated if it represented what they maintain it does.

  2. I LOVE Hyundais, we have 3 in my family … THAT SAID, However, they are becoming much like American auto mfgrs in that in each successive build year, the nice economical and smallish vehicle ends up being just a little larger and more expensive and heavy …

    My 2004 Elantra GT is much much smaller and more nimble (and fuel efficient) than this beautiful behemoth you show us …


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