2021 F250 Tremor Walkabout

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Here’s a look – under the hood – of the 2021 Ford F250 Tremor and its available 7.3 liter pushrod V8!

It’s a shame that glorious specimens such as this will soon be extinct because of the Orange Fail.

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  1. Eric, who do you think will be the first to turn one of these glorious beasts into an SUV for soccer moms for the school run (starting the cycle of regulation all over again!)

    Kind Regards,

  2. I guess it shows you how important the truck business (and it’s profits) are to Ford, even with the unrelenting push by world governments to go “pure” electric. I would have never thought they would have even bothered developing and then actually building a new V8, let alone one this big! They may even sell a few hundred thousand of them before the EPA shuts it all down. But, I suppose as it’s been noted, that it’s more a replacement for diesel engines, as those will be pushed completely off the market first.

    Probably will be the last new V8 though, at least a large one. Imagine most development dollars are now in electric. And that is sad for employees and stockholders, as it will probably be the end of profitable vehicles for the blue oval.

    Guessing electric pickups will sell mainly to big company fleets as most of my pickup driving friends have no interest in them.

  3. I’m happy that the big three have finally updated their larger gas engines for their 3/4 ton and up trucks.
    I’ve owned almost all of the old ones. GM’s 8.1L was awesome but drank oil, it was discontinued supposedly for not being able to meet todays emission regs. Fords old V10 was put in almost everything, and was a solid engine but drank gas, it also was discontinued. Not sure what Dodge offered large gas old, I don’t think anything.
    Now we have this Ford 7.3L, awesome, but GM’s new 6.6L is OK but unfortunately it’s direct injected. Not sure on the Ford 7.3L about DI???? Ram has had their larger gas 6.4L for larger trucks out for a couple years. I do not think it is DI?
    The new diesel regs have created this need for larger gas engines. These new regs are so ridiculous that most of the contractors I deal with are fed up with HD diesel engines cost-to-operate and are moving their fleets to these larger gas engines.


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