No More Excuses

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The Orange Man was surrounded by enemies. He was stabbed in the back. He had no choice.

Yada yada yada.

More excuses. The same excuses. The ancient excuses that Republicans have eructed since the Reagan era to explain away their serial failure to thwart the left by playing patty cake with it. By playing Charlie Brown to their Lucy – eternally holding the football for them to kick.

It gets tedious.

Would you continue to hire a mechanic who couldn’t fix your car? How many times would you accept him not tightening the oil filter sufficiently or crossing the threads of the drain plug bolt before you found another mechanic?

Republicans get nowhere because they have no core principles to get going from. They agree with the core principle of the left – that the collective has rights – and thus the only disagreement with the left is over how much the individual must submit to the collective and for what reason.

This is why the country marches inexorably toward more collectivism. It will not stop marching until the individual’s right to not be collectivized is respected. The Republicans – which includes “conservatives” – do not respect this right in principle and so in fact.

Most if not almost all of them agree with the collectivists that such things as “the schools” – i.e., the government’s schools – must be funded with funds coercively extracted from people, including people who neither use nor want to use them.

They cheer for more government – when it wears a uniform or has a badge.

They attack anyone who suggests that it’s immoral to take someone’s money to finance someone else’s retirement or health care; note that the formal policy of the Republican Party has not been to end the practice of forcing people to buy health insurance but to install a “better plan,” i.e., repeal and replace.

They couldn’t even do that.

Years ago, when this writer was a young writer working as an editorial writer at The Washington Times, I got to know the contumacious but brilliant writer Sam Francis. He was denounced, anathematized and ultimately excommunicated for his defense in writing of the Lost Cause and for politically incorrect commentary, generally. But the man knew a lost cause when he saw one.

And Republicans – as a political movement – are a lost cause. He called them The Stupid Party but it’s worse than that. The stupid cannot help it, after all. They are stupid. It is mean to mock a person with an 80 IQ for not being able to form a coherent sentence. They haven’t got the capability.

But what do we say about people who aren’t stupid in the IQ sense but who consistently act – or fail to act – in a manner that results not so much in their losing but in their adherents losing?

The Turtle isn’t going anywhere. Neither is that loathsome mincing chickenhawk Lindsey Graham; the entire GOP apparat remains ensconced even as the Orange Man is sent packing. He doesn’t lose anything, either – other than his gig.

A new gig – as the spray-tanned gesticulator of the Impotent Opposition awaits. He will reap the big bucks for speaking gigs where he will inflame the remaining dupes who can’t see a lost cause when they’re cheering for one.

Nothing will change – for the better – until those of us who aren’t duped demand nothing less than a principled opposition. No more slow-motion collectivism; no more “better plans.”

The only plan must be the one the individual decides on for himself or with the voluntary assent of willing others. Not an inch of principled ground must be surrendered. The individual owns himself, fully – and has no ownership claim whatsoever on any other individual.

His body – her body – is their body. Everything that is produced by the mental or physical effort of that person’s body or which is acquired by them via willing/free exchange is entirely their property and no other person has a claim to any of it. For any reason.

The individual has the right to contract. No other individual may presume to contract for him and any such “contract” and attendant “obligation” is a moral atrocity, period.

There is no middle ground – unless you wish to continue ceding ground. To continue losing, and fighting a lost cause.

There will be the usual defeatism; such talk is “utopian” and “impractical.” But advocating for principles is not promising utopia. There will always be problems. Nothing that is the work of human hands and human minds will ever be perfect and it is a straw man argument to demand it else accept the extremely imperfect.

It is doubtful the current imbroglio can be remedied in terms of remedying the country – which exists now as a seething camp of mutual contempt. But the remedy is not more of the same, only slower.

The Stupid Party isn’t stupid.

But its followers arguable are, if they fail to understand that it isn’t.

. . . .

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  1. One thing i don’t get is, if President Trump is against the deep state as he says he is, then how can one account for his mid-east policy or toward any other region/nation?

  2. While I have been mislead a few times, as in voting for Trump the first time because I hoped we were less likely to see mushroom clouds on the horizon than we would be with the Hag from Hell, I usually don’t vote. I haven’t voted since, and won’t vote again, except on issues which usually involve more theft by the Psychopaths In Charge. Never for a candidate. I refuse to authorize my own enslavement by participating in an election. The only difference between the two parties is the Republicans sometimes appear to want to drive the handcart to hell we are all riding on a bit slower. Most of the time they don’t even present that. The one and only thing Trump did in a positive manner is raising the awareness a bit of the pure evil of the Psychopaths In Charge. But he did nothing about it, and failed to raise awareness enough to effect any change. We are indeed infected with a fatal disease, but it isn’t organic in nature. Fiat currency debt based economies always fail. ALWAYS! In the US, and most of the world, that failure is in progress right now. Which is the purpose of the “great reset”, to insure that the 0.1% can maintain their lifestyles of the rich and famous while the rest of the economy burns. It won’t be fun to realize that living far above our means by expanding our debt is not a sane fiscal plan, but realize it we will.

  3. Lucy is the establishment. Charlie Brown is the national election voters. Trump was the football.
    You were conned. Again.
    In 4 years there will be another football.
    You will be conned. Again.

    Every 4 years I ask Charlie Brown not to be complicit in his own ever increasing entrapment, enslavement and destruction. Just opt out of this humiliating, painful, self destructing ritual. If there weren’t so many of us determined to be Charlie Brown, I say, we could be transformed into a society of Snoopy’s. But Lucy taunts him and he gets caught up in the excitement of the moment and just can’t help himself taking that good old lesser of two evils kick. Again.

    Caveat: This prediction, which is bulletproof, will only be undone if Lucy has in 4 years iether been undone herself, or said establishment has deemed the football game no longer necessary and has progressed to the iron fist game. The latter scenario is likely. Charlie Brown’s reliable propensity for playing Lucy’s game will eventually reach it’s logical conclusion.

    • Agreed, Jody –

      This is first of all a battle of ideas; liberty will not return until a committed majority (even if a numerical minority) demands it.

      • “liberty will not return.”


        There will be no liberty recovery. There is almost zero liberty now and all restraint against taking the last bit died this week. There will be no last minute heroics to save us.

        They will have your guns before the end of 2021. They will make you take the shot or imprison you before the end of 2021.

        There is no Kracken. The Swamp won.

        I await ANY solid evidence that I am wrong.

  4. It’s always been an experiment and it’s always been full of garbage.

    I can’t imagine choosing a “party”.

    “Oh hey Jim, here are two ways you can think, but they’re really just two sides of the same coin, which would you like?”

    I choose my own point of view and to have dealings with government of any kind only when forced to.

    Choosing a party is like choosing which disease you’d like to have.

  5. A few headlines from this afternoon’s New York Slimes fishwrapper:

    “Social media companies are finally revoking President Trump’s megaphone”

    “Facebook bars Trump through end of his term”

    “Simon & Schuster canceled Senator Josh Hawley’s book after his efforts to overturn the election”

    “Shopify closed its e-commerce sites tied to President Trump”

    Now we know how it’s gonna be: cross the Silicon Valley/Demonrat united socialist front, and you will be disappeared by deplatforming. Your essays, your content, your business — gone with the wind.

    Under technofeudal totalitarianism, our only means of public communication is reduced to standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign, like the homeless dude beside the on-ramp.

    The gloves are off, and the digital chains are on. Smash Google, smash Facebook, smash the Capitol.

  6. contumacious

    definitely ‘word of the day’

    so why did they give Barney a bullet, just one bullet, the bullet he pulled from his shirt pocket to kill an Air Force vet, the video has now been taken down

    who were the provocateurs?

    after dozens of peaceful rallys, why did this happen?

    the only reason to vote republican is NOT to vote dimocrat

  7. what is the answer Eric – what does one do? I honestly think the whole “one man one vote” democratic system is one which is bound to fail because in the end people only serve themselves. Some accept it and are open about it, while others hide it – those are the ones who tend to go into politics and make money / expand their power on the side while maintaining a show for the public. And at the end of the day – all politicians are “in it together” because they know whatever side of the isle they are on their existence and prosperity depends on the isle being the way it is… hence they will never challenge it. They just slightly differ on the ways they make their money on the side… I mean the enthusiasm with which say Lindsey graham or other republicans threw in the towel when they time came really shows how much the whole thing is just for show…. Yes there may be some honest people who put their toes in the water of politics- but they are quickly sidelined and well end up like Ron Paul…. as far from power as one can be… Even third parties wont run them after a turn or so….

    • Our Founding Fathers didn’t set up our republic with this horseshit “one man one vote” scam. That came from the Leftists. Originally the vote was a privilege and not another “right”. It was reserved to “White, Male Land Owners”. Gee I wonder why?? All this egality, equality and fraternity has wrecked our republic. Now we have the most unstable thing besides mob rule: Democracy.

      • ‘democracy’ is just a 25 cent word FOR mob rule; it has never worked, it can never work and this country’s founders warned against it. Shoot, even the US govt produced ‘training films’ for the military in the 20s warning of the inherent instability and that system and abhorrence for same.

        • Indeed, democracy IS communism. Voting was supposed to be a “privilege” for those with an interest in the management of the public business. If you own no property you really don’t have an interest.

      • Hi Auric – yeh I think voting really needs to be restricted to certain people. People who have achieved a certain level – above a certain age, I would say paying tax but then im not a fan of taxes…. so I guess the landowner is a good way, but in the modern economy there are other stakes than land….

        • Hi Nasir,

          I agree. If voting must exist (I’d prefer no one’s rights be up for a vote) then at the very least, only those who have skin in the game should have a say about the game. So, property owners and net tax-payers only. It is obscene to permit people to simply vote to take the property of others.

      • LOL.

        HL Mencken was an honest observer. Some of his quotes are absolutely brilliant and just goes to show society never really changes.

        • Morning, RG –

          If you haven’t already, obtain Mencken’s Notes on Democracy. It’s the most caustic – and accurate – description of the American system as I’ve ever come across. Mencken was one of the greatest prose writers ever and his observations devastatingly acute.

    • I disagree with you Nasir. In Australia we have the preferential voting system. It firmly ensconced the 3 major parties in power forever. Small parties can take your votes and give those votes to any of the big 3, even though you didn’t vote for any of the big 3. It is much better with 1 man, 1 vote US system. I think you have the same system in the UK.
      It is time to start a new party in the US. the repubs have let us down tremendously. No fight other than Donald and he can’t do this all alone. At least the democraps fight and fight even if the fight gets dirty and immoral.
      Trump and Carter share one trait, neither started a new foreign war in their one terms as presidents of the US. And it was Nixon who opened the door to the chinks to take over the US. Meanwhile, despite the crime Biden family taking over, peace continues to break out in the ME. Look for Biden to put an end to that asap.
      Hopefully the brave repubs and some independent analysts and commentators get together to form a new party to replace the spineless repuke party we now have.

      • Hi to5, in the UK we have a first past the post parliamentary democracy system. But it works very similar to the US system, except there is not technically a “president” One can argue it gives some more flexibility to individual MPs to vote on legislation, but I dont know how that compares with other systems. but the fundamental issue remains – its near impossible for a new party to gain seats or a foothold in the parliament. We had someone like Farage who was immensely popular amongst the masses but he could never win a single seat in parliament in an election from scratch – reason being that any new party really needs to score into the mid 30s on polls for a nationwide party to start taking seats. Its just the way it works.

        I guess the only hope for a third in the UK is to be a pressure group for one of the main parties – which is effectively how he got the brexit referendum and eventual brexit though as he threatened to take votes from the conservatives. But the problem is in the US system thats very difficult given the amount of money involved. Which is why I personally had quite a bit of hope with the Tea Party – but again they’ve dispersed somewhere or another it seems….

        I guess the European proportional democracy system may be better, but then it just becomes a bunch of politicians horse trading and making underhand deals funded by various lobbyist in dark rooms to eventually form a government which does what it wants anyways…..

      • Spineless. and brainless. and full of poison. JELLYFISH. That is the mascot the brand new Patriot Party has assigned the old Repub Party. That Party is FINISHED.
        And the anti-war Democrat candidate of 2020, Tulsi Gabbard was also talking about starting a new political Party.
        The mascot of the White Party–the Patriot Party–is a lion. I happily watch all these developments.
        For those of Love and Goodwill, a bright future is coming.

  8. BTW yesterday I posted as they had feeds from inside the house from some of the protesters. Watched that woman get shot there. Dead before she hit the ground. Sad.

    Anyway, the chatroom for the site, “This chatroom is disabled due to violation to the community guidelines”.

    Trump banned from twitter and other outlets.

    Several sites I visit have suddenly had their content removed or their comments section removed since last night.

    The censors have been emboldened. Like BLM, Antifa and the MSM, they know that they will not be held accountable for at least the next four years now. Watch the censorship, bias and violence of the left increase drastically. They know they have default immunity.

    • I just joined Still learning but it’s not too bad so far. You join groups based on your interests. There are 100s of them. I joined “libertarians, memes, memes and more memes, an “alternative to Fox” news site and Leftist Tears, so far.
      Facebook flagged me for posting something about being “glad they stormed the capitol and I only wish they hadn’t forgotten the flaming torches, pitchforks and guillotine.” It was a joke, but I guess they ain’t laughing. They didn’t ban me, saying “everyone makes mistakes.” (Um, it wasn’t a mistake, asshats, I meant what I said!) But after reading today about them banning legitimate news based on real events and the president, and experiencing a couple of very creepy privacy issues, I decided it’s time to go. If I want to partake of liberal propaganda, I can just visit the breakroom at work. I am working on getting some pics off facebook, then I’m done.

      • Hi Amy,

        Just post here, we are much more fun than anything on Facebook and you aren’t censored. A win-win!

        The guillotine being rolled into the Capitol would have been a welcome site though. 😉

      • They flagged you b/c you dared even jest about defiling the holy temple of the god state and the anointed therein. You could post that same thing about local Christian churches and mean it and they would probably trend you for your wokeness. B/c religion is evil, unless it’s state sponsored.
        I question the ease and circumstances by which this entry to the dome of demons occurred by whomever. To quote hair plugs the child sniffer, Comon, man! They shut down the f’n interstate and local highways around here when one of the holy ones visit. You’re telling me the feds and the lovely DC mayor knew they had a pissed off crowd coming to town, weeks in advance, and they didn’t setup a perimeter with a platoon of no-go goons on the other side? Just let them stroll right up to the front door? I don’t buy it at all. I know the government is filled with incompetence but this stinks of encouraged/allowed to happen for the optics, media fodder, and resulting capitulation by what remains of the sitting “conservatives” and “patriots”. Just like the mask mandates. “It’s your fault. You didn’t listen. Now everyone loses privileges. I’m sorry. This is for your own good.” Then the peasants again turn on one another and the anointed continue on with their agenda. F this movie. I’ve seen it too many times now.

  9. I hope this whole affair, irrespective of its probably synthetic nature, causes Trumpers, red teamers, and conservatives in general to questions some of their premises regarding the nature of gov’t but I’m not super optimistic. Interestingly, as the metaphorical masks fall off the push for the physical masks intensifies. Over at LRC there was a story about a woman who confronted the notorious RINO Mittens Romney on a flight and said “your a joke.” First thing he says is, “put your mask on, it’s the law.” Think about that.

    • I saw Mittens Romney wearing two (2) masks last night. Cotton mask over N95. How very trendy. This might end up a demented Dr. Seuss story about who can wear the most masks.

      • The problem with Mittens is he has always worn two masks and neither of them were fabric. Probably the vote I regret the most in my 24 years of voting.

          • No one was worse than Mccain. For a man who spent 6 years in a pOw camp, he sure hated everything about the veterans. And he always voted with obomber’s party. I was so happy when that man died, unfortunately he did so much damage in his later years.

        • LOL. Best comment ever. Mittens is insufferable. I wish he’d just slime over to the democrat party where he belongs. We could trade him for Tulsi Gabbard, who isn’t half bad, relatively speaking. (Sadly, “not half-bad” is the best you can expect for the government nowadays.) Sorry to say I voted for him too. So deep runs my hatred for Obama that Mittens seemed like a decent option at the time.

          • That makes both of us.

            I actually like Tusli, she is her own girl and doesn’t seem to toe the political line. I don’t see her switching over to the Republicans, but even if she switched to an Independent it may win her some new followers and both parties offering her tons of rewards for voting along side them.

          • Amy and RG,

            I agree about Tulsi Gabbard. She’s on the wrong side of many issues, but I still think she’s fundamentally a decent person and doesn’t subscribe to the swamp water cocktails. I have some hope that she’ll break libertarian and drop the socialism, etc. Sure as fuck would be better than Biden or Harris in any case, however.

  10. So do something about it instead of just talking.
    You want to have an effect?
    Crush the enemy by not doing business with them.
    The big corporations are the enemy of individual liberty.
    Don’t do business with them unless there is no choice.
    Buy only necessities and buy them from local small businesses.
    When you can, trade your services for local goods and services.
    Don’t buy another $1,000 mePhone.
    If you NEED a phone, get on Craigslist and buy a used phone from a neighbor.
    Your peaceful actions can have an effect.

  11. Ronald Reagan best said it when he said “America is no more than one generation away from losing it’s freedom”. Folks, Hell has arrived!

    • Yes, I have thought about that a lot recently. To further Reagan’s quote, we are now at the point where “we will tell our children and grandchildren what it was like to live in America when it was free.”

      • At that point anon, you won’t live long enough to have grandchildren. If the elites have their way, you won’t even have children.

  12. Liberty and personal responsibility are hard. Just easier to delegate and defer to collectivism. Plus, nearly everyone has some sacred cow at stake: Hands off our schools! Hands off my social security! We need to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here (never asking why we need to fight at all)! Who will fund the roads?! On and on it goes.

    This large collection of needs and wants, juxtaposed against limited resources, is why the debate centers only on the rate and amount.

  13. So… Quit voting for them. No more of this “lesser of two evils” BS. Stop voting for evil.

    I know that’s too little, too late, and we might be on the threshold of civil war at this point, but “lesser of two evils” is just “divide and conquer”.

    But everyone can still begin to make a difference, because “voting” isn’t just about elections.

    For example: Vote for something other than Microsoft and Apple. Vote for something other than Google! Something other than Youtube! Depart from Facebook and Twitter. There are always alternatives, and oftentimes, they are slightly less convenient, and oftentimes, that’s how you know you’ve found something worthwhile!

    Think of things this way: BAIT is made to be easily obtained. GAME needs to hunted, and hunting can be difficult, but the rewards are often worth the effort. Which would you rather have?

    • Vote for something other than Tesla:


      *grabs wastebasket to retch in*

    • I even doubt there will be a civil war. The numbers and level of self centered pussification in America will prevent anyone from doing anything of concequence. “what’s in it for me” and “it might cost me” will ensure that 95% of the people will do nothing, ever.

      They would suck Satan’s dick if they thought it would buy them another 10 minutes of life.

        • Obviously I can’t tell the future but I can remember the past and, that looks like more BULLSHIT. Big steaming piles stacked on the last ones.

          Why would they wait? Got something else on today? WTF?

        • Eric,
          I’m attempting to trudge through a period of abstinence, myself. The last year was rough, and I need to give the old liver a break. 😉 But, the world doesn’t make that easy.

          Unfortunately, I think anyone who believes Trump will be inaugurated for a second term, at this point, is a rock-cocaine enthusiast. :p

        • Eric, I’m sure that in your neck of the woods, some ‘shine can be obtained. Forget the single drinks. Pass the jug til it’s empty.

          • Make your own.


            It is really easy. Mostly illegal but almost unenforced unless you advertise what you are doing. No see, no charge.

            I fabricated a unit from a 45 gallon stainless steel drum for a friend from what I learned online. Fortunately here, the still and accessories are entirely legal. It is only illegal to distill alcohol.

            Now I get a 1/2 gallon of 85-90% vodka every week from him for my efforts.

            I even use it to clean windows and disinfect wounds.

        • I hope Lin Wood is right. If he isn’t, then war is coming in 13 days. The fedgov will label all Americans who are not enthusiastic, abject slaves as white supremacist terrorists (even those who are black-skinned Buddhist monks). Pray that Lin Wood is right, while making sure that you are heavily armed to resist the slavers who are coming for us.

          • Hi Geoff,

            Lin Wood is crazy. We are not playing with a full deck here. There are no arrests coming. Higher taxes, yep, higher health insurance premiums, yep, the excruciating continuation of cancel culture, hell yeah, the trampling or our personal freedoms, you better believe it! No arrests though.

            If Trump wishes to exit the Presidency and wishes to bring delight to his supporters, here is what he must do:

            1. Pardon Edward Snowden
            2. Pardon Julian Assange
            3. Pardon Kyle Rittenhouse
            4. Drop all files on Congressional representatives (every sexual harassment claim, every underhanded deal, every FBI investigation, every little sad pathetic detail)
            5. Drop all files on top federal government officials.
            6. Light the Oval Office drapes on fire
            7. Change the nuclear codes on Biden, but forget to give him the numbers
            8. Leave a jack in the box in the bottom drawer of the Oval office desk….hopefully, when Biden opens it he pees himself or passes out

            Am I forgetting anything?

          • Hi Swamp,

            Wood is either insane – or has the job of discrediting everyone associated with Trump. Everyone who supported him. This includes many of us. We have been taken for a ride, I think.

            There is a chance he will produce the “kraken” – the same chance I have of walking on the surface of the sun tomorrow. But I think the chances are we’ve been had.

    • Stop using the bank as much as possible. All banks are member banks of the federal reserve never ending fiat money creating machine, which is the source of the funding of the welfare/warfare state, and the stealth tax of inflation. Cash your pay check for cash and use money orders to pay bills. I know it’s not convenient, but far better than dancing with the devil.

  14. ‘The Republican Party has not been to end the practice of forcing people to buy health insurance but to install a “better plan,” i.e., repeal and replace. They couldn’t even do that.’ — EP

    Twenty-five (25) years ago, collaborationist liberal Republican Nancy Kassebaum sponsored the notorious Kennedy-Kassebaum Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

    This egregiously unconstitutional federal intrusion into medical care causes all kinds of practical problems for ordinary folks, starting with useless sheets of paper waved in your face at every doctor visit.

    That is, within months of winning back the House on the strength of their Contract With America, Republicans were already busily selling out their constituents just as fast as they could pocket the cash from lobbyists.

    Republicans are cheap, diseased prostitutes, gnawing away like demonic termites at America’s foundation. Out them; shun them; curse them; demolish them. MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO US.

  15. All is not lost! It’s all part of “the plan.” Trump is playing 4D Chutes & Ladders and is laying a trap! All the Deep State has walked into it! Can’t you see how he’s got them right where he wants them? The true patriots in the government are FINALLY set (after 4 years) to execute Operation Swamp Drain. All Democrat communist sympathizers and traitorous RINOS are going to be arrested and flown to Guantanamo for military tribunals and execution. Then, on the eve of inauguration, Trump is going to rise up out of his pumpkin patch and fly through the air with his bag full of liberty and freedom for all the oppressed patriots and lovers of liberty!

    • I probably commented on this before but Trump fell right into a democrat trap and it cost him the election. The democrats worked perceptions that Trump was a crybaby, sore loser, wouldn’t leave office, and is want-to-be dictator from long before the election. This gave them perfect cover to cheat and then when Trump complained about the cheating they could go: ‘see we told you what he was’.

      Had Trump recognized the trap I am not sure what could have been done about it since the media sets perceptions. Anything he may have done could simply not be covered and thus would only be visible to his supporters.

      Well democracy, laziness, and ignorance are a bad combination and that’s what we have. It would be practically impossible to have educated people on what was being done I fear.

      Now we are told after the fact that the 3D chess master has just been luring them into a trap or some other nonsense. Nope. The political novice got beaten.

    • YES! And the horned Viking man in the Capitol yesterday was undercover. The Antifa thought he was on their team but he was SECRETLY RECORDING FROM HIS HORNS!! He played his part brilliantly.

      (Slightly paraphrased but real portion of a message I got in one of my truth groups from a guy who does nothing but contribute BREAKING! Copypasta

  16. These idiots know not what they have wrought.

    We are in the maelstrom of the malaise.

    Not a demise, but it has gone from bad to worse.

    Been to a 40,000 people event?

    A football game, a baseball game? Been there? No?

    Been to a rock concert? No? Hows come?

    Welcome to full on socialism Bidet Venezuelan style!

    Enjoy the shitshow while on your trip to hell on a hellbound train!

    And another thing that really pisses me off, Dumbassdemonrats.

    Your stupid schmucks get your mask on right now!

    You bunch of gawd dammed useless mask wearing fools, you deserve the hell you have created.

    Ya dumbasses.

  17. Voting for “lesser of two evils” is still getting in bed with evil. I refuse to take part and offer my consent. They promise to govern you better, but do indeed intend to govern you.

    We could have had Ron Paul if it weren’t for chickenhawk republicans. I will never forget. They deserve the 100 years of communism coming. It just sucks that the rest of us have to go through it with them.

  18. youre already in the jackpot I’m trying to get you out.

    What a raging dumpster fire of a presidency. It was over when he fired steve bannon and generaly flynn (within 3 weeks) and put kushner and ivanka in charge. A complete and utter loser. Good Ann Coulter article at breitbart today

  19. You know, last year was the first time I voted in 20 years. For OM, of course. And it will probably be the last time I ever vote. Politicians are gonna politic, and elites are gonna elite. No vote of mine is ever going to change that. So I’m done with the farce.

    Don’t know if you’re familiar with Aaron Cleary. He goes by the moniker Captain Capitalism. He once wrote a book called Enjoy the Decline. That’s what I’m going to do, enjoy the decline. Two years ago I earned a low enough amount to become a net tax receiver. Continued it last year. And if I play my cards right, I can keep it going this year too. Politicians and elites have already destroyed the economy, I might as well try to get some of my money back. There isn’t a damn thing I can do to fix it, or any of us reading this for that matter. Enjoy the decline.

    Kinda figured Trump was just a speed bump on the road to ruin. Not that he was all that, but it could have been worse. From here on out, I’m concentrating on me and my family. Learning homesteading skills, growing my own food, moving out to the country and forgetting the rest of the world exists. I think I know some places to settle that the rest of the world forgets, so it’ll be mutual.

    Oh, by the way, the legislature here in Kentucky introduced 2 bills to deal with mandatory vaccination. Hopefully they get passed soon, then we’ll be freer here. At least until the feds catch up to us.

    • Very good book, but isn’t it Aaron Clarey? And yes, it’s our turn to enjoy the safety hammock we’ve paid for. Whaddya bet it collapses under the strain though? And that usage requires taking the shots?


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