The Mummy Strikes

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Whatever you may think about Trump, the Republicans he has to deal with are far worse.

John McCain, for example.

To further “bipartisanship,” McCain – predictably – voted against repealing the law that requires people to buy health insurance or else.

Otherwise known as Obamacare.

Because McCain – like most Republicans – is exactly like most Democrats in that he believes it is his role and theirs to forcibly control our lives, even to the extent of putting a gun to our heads to make us hand over money to the health insurance mafia.

His half-dead hand will not release its chokehold on our throats until it actually is dead (can’t happen soon enough) but we’ll get no relief because the Mummy’s paw will simply be replaced by another, younger one.

It is like having an evil grampa living in your house.

As vile as Democrats are, Republicans are orders of magnitude worse. They control all three branches of government yet can’t repeal this atrocity. If they can’t do this one thing, what is the point of having a so-called “two party” system?

There is one party – the party of government.

McCain is its archetype and standard-bearer. Proof that power – once acquired – is never surrendered. We expect this from Democrats; it’s (cue Dr. Evil) what they do. But these loathsome poltroonish Republicans? Who babble at each election about “freedom” while practically ejaculating all over the flag?

They make Vidkun Quisling seem like a stand-up guy.

It’s time to throw them in the woods. Enough. If they can’t rid us of Obamacare, we must rid ourselves of them.

It can be done.

Note that there is no Whig Party today.

There need not be a Republican Party tomorrow.

Because there is no need for a Republican Party that is nothing more than a slightly watered down version of the Democrat Party.

God, my teeth ache today…


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  1. Damn! I saw this article and the picture, and I thought that McStain finally died. My driving truck while listening to interesting podcasts as opposed to listening fake news and/or Rush Limpballs show does mean that I miss some current events, but I have noticed repeated half staff filthy but colorful diapers flapping in the wind lately. We should start loudly and publicly celebrating every time a political parasitic cockroach dies. They deserve our contempt, not honor! Outhouses should be erected in cemeteries over their lowered and unburied caskets. Let us all fill in those plots. Perhaps the maggots and worms will find a use for those otherwise useless corpses.

  2. Oh, lets not leave out “Bride of Frankenstein” standing in the background. Is this Congress or The Monster Mash?

  3. Is that Mc”Stain”? Looks mores like a taxidermy version of Martin Landau. Reminds me of “Grandpa” in the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, eeewwwwiiiiicckkkkk! Makes my skin crawl just to look at this walking corpse.

  4. Eric, your closing statement has the situation backward, I think. When the republican party formed to replace the Whigs, it was the first socialist party to gain power. At the time, the democrats were the party committed to at least trying to adhere to the constitution. The republicans were radicals and the war they waged on the states was their first republican revolution.

    Today, it’s more a case of the democrats being a version of the republicans. When the two parties merged openly, during the reign of FDR, it was the yankees in the democrat party who made the moves. The southern democrats, or “Blue Dogs” were the only conservatives left in politics. They’ve been gone for a long time now, and there’s no opposition in either party to the way government rules us all.

    • Hi Ed,

      You’re quite right, of course.

      Others, though, still hold onto the belief that the GOP is the party of “small government,” that it believes in “freedom.”

      Jeezy peasy!

      • Last year I was swarmed on the burning platform after posting that same opinion. So many “conservatives” these days equate the modern democrat wing of the uniparty with the old democrat party of the 19th century.

        Too many uninformed asshats online seem to believe that history began in 1992, and even that recent date is ancient history. Their favorite line is “the democrats haven’t screamed so loud since we took their slaves away from them”.

        What a gaggle of ninnies.

  5. This character has been riding his Hanoi Hilton horse all his life. He probably got there because he was a shit pilot with low skills. As many Vietnam era pilots did, thank God he never ended up piloting for AA or Delta.

    A leftist, socialist, Nazi, Marxist and communist is my natural enemy. I hate every one of them with every fiber of my being.

    But I despise this McCain more, because he lies. His lie is that his says he hates these same people, but he’s always first in line to lick their genitals and have dinner with them.

    Hey McCain…hey Cancer Boy…..Walter White had more guts and was more moral than you.

  6. Just read an article about the new Nissan Leaf and its e-pedal that’s both accelerator and brake…..or “break” pedal as the author in The Daily Mail spelled it.

    I’ve used a couple lawnmowers with that sort of pedal on their hydrostatic drive and nearly messed up badly at “lawn” speed.

    I hate to think of being on the same road with this potential danger.

    I operate various pieces of equipment with various combinations of steering, braking and other functions. It takes a while to become accustomed to those mainly slow moving things but I’m always aware they operate differently from a car or truck. That doesn’t mean I don’t detest the newer Cat dozers that use either of 2 engine speeds, idle or WOT with a deceleration pedal but I’m always aware it’s a dozer.

    Flashes of many people I know who can’t operate a typical car correctly scares the whee out of me thinking of them and their absent-minded driving with the e pedal. What’s next? A joystick?

  7. He is a vile piece of elite backed SHIT..

    To give you an idea of how Google and other Internet elite suckers control search results, they make it very difficult to find articles describing his malfeasance that allowed him to not be court-martialed for the deaths of 128 fellow USN personnel.

    I can’t find words to convey what a monster he has always been. He lied about the Forestall incident and about singing like the proverbial canary to North Vietnamese for very special treatment.

    I can’t imagine how stupid the people are who vote for him. Words fail me in describing what an evil creature he’s been and continues to be.

      • McCain is deadly ill, especially in the head. Those years in the concentration camp must have done his head in. But even sicker are the fools who vote for this vile piece of moozlimshit lover.

        • Hi Joeallen,

          McCain’s control freakism is severe. He is a guy who cannot abide a difference of opinion, you go your way and I go mine… in peace. He will pull a gun (so to speak) the moment you begin to disagree, especially if the disagreement involves reluctance to do as ordered or pay as ordered.

          I’ve read about him a little. His background is similar in some interesting ways to the Chimp’s. Both under-achieving party boys who relied on their fathers to bail them out and prop them up. Neither ever managed to be successful at some productive thing, on their own steam. Hence the dark product: anger combined with shaky self-esteem = rage at others, especially those who do not submit to them immediately and completely.

          He probably tortured frogs, too, as a kid.

  8. McBrains McBrains !!

    AK AZ & ME deserve a total boycott and blackout until the O care mandate gets repealed. Fuck you all and the red horses you’ve elected to trample our liberty. At least blue donkeys are honestly asinine.

      • Hey! My GrandKids call me Grampy! No way in any shape, fashion or form am I, a drafted Vietnam Veteran, like MacInsane! For one thing, I am staunchly anti-war! Secondly, when my son was being hounded by military recruiters, I threaten to sue for harassing phone calls. Lastly, I support the live and let live principle as long as I am not aggressed upon. If aggressed upon, I retaliate with deadly force.



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