Diaper Report: 2/14/21

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You may be familiar with the “invisible fence” concept. A dog is habituated to stay in his yard by the instilled fear of receiving an electrical shock from a buried electrical “fence.” One can turn off the electricity – and the dog will remain within his yard, out of learned fear of the electrical shock, even if it is no longer actually there to shock him.

I saw a lot of such dogs at Wal-Mart yesterday. They have been taught to obey signs out of fear of repercussions which aren’t there. No one says anything to a person who walks into the store without a “mask” on. You can just walk in – right past the sign, which has no power to stop you. It’s the same at most supermarkets, too.

But fear – and social pressure – very effectively stop almost everyone  from daring to show their face.

Reflexive obedience to signage – and the social pressure to look like everyone else – has achieved what force no longer requires. People, in the main do as they are told without it being necessary to even tell them anymore.

Pavlov knew all about such conditioning.

Still, it is depressing to not see people’s faces when they are free to show them.

Which brings up another animal analogy:

Sheep – and wolves.

The analogy isn’t so much about who’s for dinner as it is about who’s not a herd creature. It only takes one shepherd to herd a whole herd of sheep. It is why they are for dinner.

It is also why they “mask” even when they aren’t forced to.

Wolves are harder to herd. There’s an alertness in their eyes. You can almost see the gears turning in their minds as they evaluate a situation and come to a decision on their own. Wolves are pack animals but that is very different from being a herd animal. Wolves jockey for position within the pack hierarchy. They are rarely passive. They are also exceptionally acute at identifying weakness – as well as strength. A wolf will back down if forced to by a stronger wolf but will never defer to a weaker one.

Much less a nonexistent one.

Or a sign that says:

No wolves allowed.

Wolves have more self-respect.

It’s pathetic how sheeplike so many Americans are. How easily they are herded – by signage. Even when they can see by the example of wolves that showing their faces would not result in any repercussions save perhaps the uneasiness of their fellow sheep. Better to baaaaaaa! together than stand out from the herd, apparently.

But there are still some wolves – and these few may serve to shepherd the herd in a better direction. Such as the store manager of a supermarket in Naples, Florida who placed a sign by the door to his store letting the sheep know it was safe to show their faces, if they wished to do so.

And they did – almost all of them.

All it took was a sign. 

Much to the feigned outrage of other wolves, not so benevolent. These are the wolves who want to herd the sheep, because they’re what’s for dinner – so to speak. These wolves have been using dominance rituals (and long before the excuse given about “stopping the spread”) to keep the sheep in line, snarling at them when necessary.

NBC News – which bears the same relation to news that the Department of Defense bears to peace – called the sight of healthy people showing their faces “shocking.” Which it is – to wolves who count on the sheep keeping their faces down.

Everything hangs in the balance, to be tipped one way or the other not by the sheep but by the wolves, who are always the ones who determine the course of the sheep.

This fight comes down to two wolf factions. The one faction fights not so much for the sheep but for itself, knowing that the other faction will use the sheep to establish its dominance. The first faction isn’t interested in the sheep, per se but is very much interested in remaining wolves.

Free wolves.

The second faction doesn’t like the competition. The sheep are merely a means toward that end.

The first faction is also in its own way benevolently inclined toward the sheep in that it has no interest in them as dinner. These wolves only want the freedom of action to be wolves and if some sheep decide to make the transition, all the better. From the point of view of these wolves, the more wolves the better because it makes it harder to herd.

This is why it is so important to be a wolf, if you can summon the gumption to ignore a sign.

Stop baaaaaaa’ing! – and wearing a “mask” just because you see herds of sheep wearing them. Let them baaaaaaaa! – while you show your face.

If you do, you’ll feel a lot less like a sheep.

. . .

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  1. Some good news on the diaper front. I’m taking a mini vacation this week in the Catskills (NY). So far, been to three stores and a restaurant. The first store’s employees wore masks but below their noses. Second and third stores no diapers on the staff, sign on entry states effectively don’t ask don’t tell. No diapers in the restaurant. No one has balked at my nude face. I’m blown away! A big F-U to Gov. Guano, right in his own backyard. Hahaha.

    • Excellent, BAC!

      One of the upsides of Biden’s selection is that now the Freaks are in a bind. The cases! The cases! were miraculously halved in January – to make Biden appear the Savior. But without The cases! The cases! is is hard to maintain the hysteria needed to perpetuate Diapering.

      Of course, now they are talking about a “third wave.” Move the goal post – again. To forever.

  2. In my state, signs do not have force of law. Just because they post a sign prohibiting weapons did not mean you could not legally do so. I remember learning to walk past those signs entering “gun free zones” and retaking my freedom. Just because the shopping mall has a sign saying you can’t have one, you can. The only caveat is that if you get caught with your weapon and they ask you to leave, you have to.

    It is amazing how much signs do and do not get people to obey. I have a blind obedience to stop signs due to the fact I got a citation early on in my driving career when a sneaky cop caught me in a California roll. To add salt to the wound, I have a Granny Nanny in my work vehicle and I make sure to get my full 3 seconds in for a stop.

    Flipping the coin, look how the Slow Keep Right signs get missed and ignored.

    Obviously there isn’t enough pressure from others in society or advertising campaigns to make people keep right vs diapers. Our DOT doesn’t promote “keep right” on the their billboards meant to inform of accidents/etc when no other pertinent information is available to avail motorists. No, they advertise “Seat belts are in – everyone is wearing them – Masks are in – everyone is wearing them”.

  3. It isn’t necessary to use the analogy of the dog with an electric fence. Sheep do this. It is called “hefting”. The sheep learn to confine themselves to a specific pasture even when there are no fences to keep them in. And they teach the boundaries to their offspring so once the herd is “hefted”, no fences are ever necessary again and the sheep won’t go anywhere.

      • Eric, the scary thing is that the only way that a herd of sheep can be broken of the “heft” is by killing them all. As long as even one sheep remains, that sheep will teach the others the boundaries. Fortunately, the sheep analogy is just that – an analogy.

        On a similar note, I heard someone say something recently that resonated with me. He said “I am not trying to wake up the sheep in our country; I am trying to wake up the lions.”

            • Thanks, Krista!

              I do my best, with what I’ve got. I hang on to the hope that enough of us will be enough. And if not, it’s ok. We must deal with the times we live in. I appreciate the kind words on a cold, rainy day 🙂

  4. Women are more prone to wear masks because they can’t get away with not wearing one. They say something if you’re a woman not wearing a mask. Everyone feels free to bully women, all sizes of men and all other masked women.

    • Maybe so, but I think anyone who looks furtive or uncertain while unmasked is inviting others to bully them. The best way to avoid bullies is to look confident and self-assured, kind of like you would want to project if you find yourself in a dark alley.

    • This is one of the biggest BS fantasies I’ve ever read. Women don’t get bullied, especially by men. Females put on the face diapers because they are by nature highly compliant with authority.

  5. I have never worn a mask in any establishment since this crap kicked off and I’ve had minimal confrontations. Until this past week.

    Truncated version:

    I’m loading up my van at Kroger and I see this masked zombie gesturing and trying to speak through his diaper at me.

    In classic lispy hipster up-speak.

    “Umm sir, it’s your right to not wear a mask, but that busithness requires it!”

    “You’re not my cardiologist you don’t get an opinion about what I put on my face. The end…”

    “Umm yah your right but you’re putting people at risk!” Followed by garbled science sez top studies show etc.

    “What about my health? It’s really none of your business.”

    “I don’t give a damn about your health!” More garbage muffled nonsense about Trump, science followed by simulated masturbation gesture towards me.

    At this point I set down my bags and told him to take his faggot crap out of here, that nobody wants it as I walked him back 30 to 40 feet across the parking lot.

    Then suddenly this random guy who is 20 feet or better away yells at soi-boi masktard “if you run that cart into my truck I’m stomping your a**! The followed up by “shut up you liberal faggot nobody wants you here!”

    The odd thing is this “guy” had walked from front row parking all the way to nearly the edge of the parking lot to finger wag about “the safety of others” then flipping to “he doesn’t care about my health” in a matter of seconds.

    These cult members deserve nothing but the harshest ridicule. They weren’t reasoned into it, and won’t be reasoned out of it.

      • Eric:

        I wasn’t sure if he was trying to get me to make him feel the pavement or he just really feels that emboldened to play karen to random strangers. At any rate I’m not one to underestimate someone’s ability to do me harm , but it was obvious the little child didn’t want to lock up. I’m not huge but I carry 205 @ 5’11” and not fat, always carry la pistolè just in case some retard decides to pull a bat, blade or whatever.
        Why the hell should it come to that over me buying groceries and minding my own business? It’s hard to tell what tomorrow looks like in clown world…

        • Hi Sicilian,

          They feel emboldened by what they have been told is the righteousness of their cause. It’s kind of like the impulse that drives people to “spread the good news” door to door only worse because weaponized…

          • Funny that basically almost the entire history of terrible things is one of the “ignorant but righteous” fucking it up for everyone else.

            The stupid lack understanding, so they compensate with blind enthusiasm and zealotry.

      • They especially don’t understand they are about to lose their liberty, their privacy, their possessions, their savings, and probably many loved ones from the jab, or even their own lives by donning the diaper. The more they comply, the worse this will continue to get for all of us.

        These people will willingly line up for their Covid Kool Aid Mustache in Jonestown.

        • Hi J,

          I think so, too – in re the Jonestown reference. This is a religious mania. It can be identified as such in many ways, such as the fervid refusal to countenance questioning, the willingness to do whatever the “priest” says and the hysterical reaction to “unbelievers.”

          The only way to deal with people like this is to refuse to deal with them. As in telling the Jehovah’s Witnesses to get off your property. As in saying no or get therapy to apostles of the Holy Rag. Refuse to be pressured to accept their faith.

    • Great story Switchblade! Love that another rando had your back too. And that he used the most cutting 6 letter insult on the hipster, the one they hate the most!

      • Michael: Really the best part about it was somebody who was totally uninvolved jumped right in to drive the point home. Still makes me laugh a little on the inside when I think about it.

  6. Greetings from beautiful downtown Zaragoza Spain with the spagan diaper report. Yesterday sunday about 17h00 I was walking with our 9 year old daughter, her friend one on each hand and our dog. All businesses are ¨forced¨ to close at 18h00. I NEVER wear a mask, am lucky enough to have a doctors exemption because of lifelong asthma, the perfect excuse. My daughter and I refer to the masks as the 4M: the mala mascarilla de mierde y miedo.

    Sunny day, no cars on the street, screetch and a local cop car driving the wrong way on a one lne one way street parks alongside us, screaming, ¨Hey sir, where’s your mask?¨ I didn´t say a thing, got out my paper, held it up for him to read. I assumed he was not illiterate.

    He reached to touch it, I pulled it back and said ¨no. don´t touch. there are germs and viruses….¨ He and his partner, a fatty my daughter said, looked at me like I was from Mars. ÖK, put it on the fence then¨; they said. I did. Apparently he is a finger reader, because he went to touch the paper, I said again, ¨don’t touch it¨ He stopped and said, ¨Ï´m not touching it¨ Fat boy partner got his cell phone, took pictures of the paper and my ID card, asked some more questions.

    They asked me why I had such an attitude. Bye bye AGW i said and walked away, holding the hand of 2 innocent young ladies.

    What a world.

    • I like the 4Ms! I will use that when talking to my Mexican and Puerto Rican friends. I might add a 5th M, la mala mascarilla de mierda, miedo y mentirosos.

      Well played with the AGWs as well.

      • Gracias, The rest of the commentators can probably suggest more M’s.

        Have an appointment in 2 hours with the bank. The woman at the reception has constructed an hermetic plastic cubicle.

        I walked in there today at 09h30. She immediately started screaming at me, ¨Here we go again, no mask, no service.¨I ignored her and started trying to enter my id number. She continued screaming, me playing deaf. She got another woman, a suerviasor I supppose. She screamed louder. Since i be DEEF i kept trying to enter my id number on the screeen.

        Gotta go back there in 90 minutes, pondering what to do. Wear the fce diaper immedaiteñy, draw a happy face on it. ask äre your happy or afraid?¨

        nuts all this.

        • I’m thinking I might go full Clayton Bigsby on them.

          Wear 3 masks, a plastic shield and a wooden stick protruding from my arse, so they feel SAFE.

          VITAMIN A, B, C, D and Zinc and Sunshine. And jokes.

          What a world.

          • Hi Frank,

            I watched a video someone posted here of a group of people descending on a Trader Joe’s in CA, sans the Holy Rag, overwhelming the Rag-Wearing staff within. They almost succeeded in buying food – by calculating the price and leaving cash on the counter (they were refused service) but allowed themselves to be stymied by staff who blocked the exit with their bodies. They should have pushed on through (blocking their exit was aggression; arguably a form of kidnapping) and if need be, taught those thugs a lesson. They need to learn fear of us – the normals who are sick of being treated as abnormal for not playing Kabuki.

            This sort of thing is perhaps unpleasant but necessary to stop this. Deferring to the fools who’ve allowed themselves to become weaponized hypochondriacs is dangerous – not to health but to any chance of some semblance of normalcy returning.

            It is well past time to stop putting up with this.

        • Hi Frank,

          Each of us will have to decide how much we are willing to take – and what we are willing to do to not take it. I will not take it. Ever. The more this goes on, the more determined I am to never give in and wear their god-damned Rag and give them a victory over my sanity and self-respect.

          In the case of the bank: You are still nominally the customer. If my bank tried this, I’d demand they either serve me or close my account and hand over the cash right now. Inform them they can call the cops if they wish as I am breaking no law (a “mandate” or “executive order” is not a law) and that I will remain until they arrive or my business is transacted.

          Enough of this. Complying will only make it worse.

          • Well Eric it’s a lot different here.

            The peoples (sic). count the days to the next vacation. They have their second hous ein the counrty or the beach r the mountains. Peoples (sic) with money have made their deal with the gubmint devil. So they fear. MULTAS, tickets. 800€ for ni mask, whatever for whatever. Now. when the cops stop me on the street. my mouth is closed. I smile RESPECTFULLY, because if not the pigs so I am disobedient. Nuts.

            Now i go t to bank. Your suggestons hold no weight here.

            They call the cops? I lose. redonkulas.c om

            He knows

            • Hi Frank,

              I’ve decided that if it ever gets as bad where I am as it is where you are, I’ll move. Into an RV, if necessary. Whatever it takes- as I will not live like that. Because that is not living.

  7. Perhaps we start a movement where your man card is revoked if you don’t resist masking. You’ve got to at least put up a verbal defense of some kind. I’m by no means a ‘tough guy’ but I pushed through five layers of management to resist masking at work and keep my job. I am the ONLY unmasked person in my entire building. I might as well be wearing an ‘unclean’ sign on my back but it was worth every minute of stress and trouble that it took to get there.

  8. Coming to a theater near you! All those not wearing a mask are “domestic terrorists”. We are in the midst of a civil war being fought on the propaganda stage, for the moment.

    • Hi John,

      Yes – I expect weaponized hypochondria to devolve into accusations of “bio terrorism” directed toward those who don’t Diaper or get Needled. This will be the yellow star of our time. And the violence directed at the “bacillus” will be just as extreme.

      • Eric,
        Speaking of yellow stars. Coming to a country near you.


        For some reason it thinks this is spam, add http to the front.

        • Hi William,

          Yup; I caught that. Also that Israel has apparently decided to allow “green star” people – those Needled, who can present the evidence via an app on their phone – out in public but those without the “star” are to be “locked-down” in perpetuity until they, too, get their “star.”

  9. The difference in my area between how locally owned businesses and national chains treat the customer is stark. Local businesses generally don’t give a shit about masks. One good thing that has come of this is, me and the family have discovered a LOT of local restaurants and stores over the last year or so, and have stopped going to national restaurants and stores.

    We’ve been asked to leave at:
    Best Buy
    Red Lobster

    Everywhere else, we are not hassled.

  10. I went to the hardware store on Friday morning. Everyone going in had on their muzzles and there was a sign on the door that you CANNOT ENTER without a muzzle. I went inside without one anyway.

    Picked up my items and went to the register. The older lady behind the silly plexiglass was wearing a mask. I half expected her to tell me I had to put one on or leave. Instead, she pulled hers down and smiled back at me and rang up my items and I walked out.

    Later, Friday night my wife and I went out for an early Valentine dinner. As we were driving there, she asked me, “How are you going to get inside now that you refuse to wear a mask?”

    I replied, “I’m just going to walk in and act normally. No one will say a word”…. and that’s exactly what happened.

    We were walking to our table and everyone seated was maskless, but everyone on foot was covered up. And while we were eating, I watched a constant stream of people come in and drop the masks when they sat down but then whenever they stood they dutifully pulled on their muzzle, even just to go to the bathroom. I saw several people get up and walk a few steps and then hurry back to the table to put on the mask they had forgotten.

    I honestly felt sorry for them, especially given how ludicrous they looked.

    Later, when it was time to leave, I encouraged my wife not to put her mask on and just walk out normally but I couldn’t get her to do it. She really seemed to think she’d catch on fire if she did.

    It’s all about compliance. People wear their masks because they don’t want to stand out…. and I can’t believe how free I feel now that I’ve given up the mask for good.

  11. The problem is just being left alone isn’t sufficient for survival. The other faction wants the wolves DEAD, because they are the only threat to themselves (I can’t come up for metaphor to cover their ‘type’, who are predatory and parasites and cunning deceivers.) The wolves have already had their packs split up and they are being poisoned slowly. Their demise is being gleefully tracked.

    • What i have noticed even in some of the sheep is that the constant movement of the goal posts is starting to wear thin on people. There were plenty of sheep that were more than willing to keep wearing the face diaper until the promised jab was available to all that wanted it. Now that the ptb want to move the goalposts again and claim even the jabbed need to continue to give proper genuflections the sickness cult and keep on their diaper, some are starting to awake to the lies. Follow that up with the ptb wanting to keep the sheep afraid so they ramp up the amount of false positive “cases” and now you have millions more who say, hey i got it, it wasn’t even close to as bad as they are making out. You have a recipe for a very quick turn around in the general atmosphere from holy members of the sickness cult to the heretics. But i may be too optimistic here.

      • With you on hoping but at least in my experience, those fooled would rather carry on being a fool that admit they were fooled. If they keep up the facade, they were not fooled (in their mind). Once they admit things are BS, they have to accept that the were fooled. I doubt many will. There are an insignificant number of people who can be honest with themselves.

        Learning requires the ability to admit you are ignorant or were wrong. It is why there are so many truly, dangerously stupid people. Worse, their inability to admit mistake or ignorance (psychopathy) is seen as ‘authority’ and ‘leadership’ to a vast majority of the even stupider of the herd.

  12. Eric,

    Great post, and most pertinent to my experience yesterday at Lowes.

    I get my girlfriend LIVING flowers every Valentine’s Day. So, I went to Lowes, and they had flowers set up outside the garden entrance. Should be quick, right? Well, they inexplicably set up a sign reading “EXIT ONLY” at the entrance to the garden section. “WTF?”, I think.

    So, I had fun with it. I picked out my flowers and then walked in backwards through the “EXIT ONLY”, speaking in faux reverse, as to confuse the weak minded into thinking they were in a time warp. Unfortunately the teenage kid at the register there wasn’t even paying attention, and I had to knock on the stupid polycarbonate shield to even check out.

    You’re so right about wolves, by the way. I’ve only seen them at a zoo, but the look in their eyes was striking. I saw intelligence and resentment, almost disgust, at the human sheep viewing them. Definitely a memorable experience.

  13. This has been a brilliant managerial plan. Introduce an very visible identifier that says “I will comply no matter what” that sorts the rebellious from the cud chewing herd. Make a list.

    Sorts the ~90% they don’t have to worry about from the ones they will need to concentrate on “reeducating”.
    Be sure, someone is making a list. Nothing goes with being analyzed and scenario gamed these days.

    The masks are never going away. The value of instantly identifying those not of the body so easily is a power that will never be relinquished.

    • Anon,

      I’m inclined to agree with all of the that, save for a little later, there won’t so much be “mask mandates”, but many will wear them anyway to signal their political and social beliefs.

      • I think it will be law. If seat belts which arguably save only the wearer can be legally required, why not masks? “if it saves one life”

        Masks are of course double good, not only protecting you but protecting others. It will be law. “we are all in this together”

        I feel nauseous.

        • Agreed. But I say that if “your mask protects me,” then I would prefer that you take it off and turn it inside out. Problem solved!

  14. Lamb, ram, mutton or sheep, who knows what it is.

    The shepherd has a job to do, raise as many sheep as he possibly can. All the wolves have to do is hang out and pick off a couple of sheep the sheep rancher tries so hard to raise and graze.

    The wolves think they’re clever, free lunch whenever they want. Lamb is a good choice for something to eat.

    The wolf in sheep’s clothing goes out to trick the sheep and then the wolf, using his disguise, pounces on a sheep, hunger is not ignored.

    The shepherd needs to eat too, goes out to slaughter one of his sheep in the flock, the sheep happens to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the shepherd mistakenly believes the wolf in sheep’s clothing is one of the flock, the shepherd then kills the wolf, end of story.

    That’s how Aesop told his story, anyhow. Moral of story: Don’t be trying any funny stuff. lol

    Wolves begin to fear shepherds.

  15. Went to some local grocery & hardware stores, in spite of the Governor of Iowa dropping the requirement, I was disappointed to see the same percentage of covered faces as always.
    I bought a local paper & learned to my surprise the several so-called ‘red’ counties around me still have local face diaper requirements at the county level. Two counties share the same smug looking single lone overlord health woman to back up the county supervisors who say they see no reason to stop the requirements, ‘the cases, the cases’ b.s..
    Saw an ad in the paper for the gunshow, yeesh, even they are requiring face diapers to attend. I also saw an employment ad for a factory shop, it showed a group photo taken from up high looking down at the shop floor while all the submissive mastika faces looked up. I wondered if they had openings because a few of their employees told them to take this job and shove it!? So, it seems like they are showing with the photo what the number One job requirement is.
    On the plus side, a cashier at one of the hardware stores had her mask below her chin the whole time I was there. I almost wanted to give her a tip, but I at least gave her a smile & a, ‘have a nice day, too’.

    • Of course they are. Good times create weak men, who create hard times, which create strong men, who create good times. A cycle that has been interrupted by the encouragement the bank cartel gave us to take on debt. Which creates an over extended illusion of good times, that ends when the note comes due. Guess who we owe the note to. Here’s a hint. It ain’t the 99.9%.

      The fiat currency debt based economy was on the verge of collapse in late 2019. Which is the exact reason for the creation of a pandemic. To convince us it wasn’t the Feds economic paradigm that ruined us, it was an invisible virus that we had to go to “war” with. Like most wars, completely unnecessary, inexcusable, and quite profitable for the 0.1%.

      • An effort to push us into the “great reset” to replace the fiat currency debt based economy, at no cost whatsoever to those doing the pushing.

  16. spot on. I notice the same thing.
    My wife wears her hated cover so as not to cause a problem.

    I prefer to be a problem over blind compliance, but other than stares, no one says anything

  17. Good analogy – I’ve also heard the analogy (in a different context) that the first faction of wolves are sheepdogs (German shepherds).


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