Diaper Report 10/27/20

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Some will remember the story about a kid trying to justify something he did because all his friends were doing it, too. The kid’s mom asked him whether he’d jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if his friends decided to do that.

The lesson being – don’t do what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it. Think about whether what they’re doing is stupid – and if it is, then don’t do it.

It’s too bad not many remember that lesson.

People continue to hide their faces, chiefly because everyone else is doing it. Which they do because a sign told them to do it.

Which is even more stupid.

At my local Kroger, there is only one meek sign near the door; no armed guard – not even a teenaged Diaper Dispenser thrusting one at you as you approach. It’s obvious there’s no enforcement of the signage and yet 99 percent of the people within are Diapered.

Because of the sign.

I say this because there is no sign two blocks up the road  from this Kroger at my gym, where 99 percent of the within aren’t hiding their faces.

Is it possible a sign has this much power?

It does when people are conditioned to mindless obedience, as Americans have been for some time now. One sees evidence of this in many places but perhaps the most obvious is in the area of traffic laws.

Most people will obey signs – not matter how stupid they are.

For example, a sign that says you must stop even when you can see there’s no reason to. And perhaps good reason not to.

With regard to the former, a stop sign at a four way intersection where the other three ways are obviously clear of traffic; there isn’t a car in sight. But the driver of the lone car will come to a complete stop – and sometimes even wait a moment – before proceeding. This has nothing to do with “safety” and everything to do with mindless obedience.

The same with regard to the case of a stop sign at the top of a steep hill covered with ice and snow. To stop – to obey the sign – is unsafe, because the car will lose its momentum and not only get stuck but may slide back down the hill.  If there is no other traffic the safe thing to do is ignore the sign and continue moving. But Americanus Servilus will stop. And slide backward.

He won’t make a right on red, either – if there’s a sign that says not to. He will wear a seatbelt and “respect” HOV lanes. He will do as he’s told, in other words – because he was told. Because he sees everyone else doing as they were told. They reinforce each other’s herd instinct.

Speaking of that . . .

Isn’t it interesting that the population is now being openly referred to as just that – a herd. It’s demeaningly appropriate for the human cattle who stampeded to do as they’re told.

Because a sign told them to do it.

. . .

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  1. Today’s good news report – Headed to a local farm, the farmer’s market, ice cream shop (yes, I eat ice cream in 55 degree weather), and the post office. Not a mask in sight! I smiled at everybody. At the farm, there is usually about 20 cars there, today only 4. A father and daughter showed up as I was leaving and you could tell they were unsure whether to put the mask on or not, but they saw the other three of us with no mask and the father shook his head no to the daughter and said “Don’t put it on.” They walked into the store mask free. Hip, hip, hooray!

    It is slow going, but it is going. 🙂

  2. Eric,

    I voted for the Orange Man yesterday (28 Oct) in downtown St. Petersburg Fl. I did not wear a face diaper while voting. While standing outside, sans diaper, waiting to go into the voting room, a younger woman (30’s) standing next to me, saw I was without the diaper. She was wearing a diaper, but when she saw I wasn’t, she removed hers too (A convert?). We strolled inside together and got our ballots. Nobody said a word to us about not wearing a diaper. This is strange, because downtown is filled with followers of the looney left, but still, nobody said anything. There were dozens, if not hundreds of people around the polling place waving Trump flags, playing music, and having a good time. I did not see any Biden supporters. Later that evening I was driving by Williams Park downtown, and saw a lonely Karen masked up with her poor young son performing their solo version of a Biden rally. In a normal year, I probably would not have voted, or voted for the Libertarian candidate, but 2020 has been far from a normal year.

    • R2L,

      That is great to hear. Most everyone I talk to hates the mask, but are too afraid to go against the crowd. You set an excellent example. Never thought you would see the day that not wearing a mask was a form of bravery, huh? Also, kudos to the young woman. It is a step in the right direction.

      • Hi RG,

        One of the few plusses of this madness is that it has motivated me to hit the weights harder than I have in years. I assume it shows as no Diaperer has said anything to me yet 😉

        • Hi Eric,

          Lifting weights probably helps with all of the pent up aggression you feel seeing all of the mask wearers. 🙂

          No one has said anything to me either. I do get my fair share of glares, but no one has come up to me. I smile at other non mask wearers and I just don’t make eye contact with those wearing one. I also have been pretty lucky with the stores and the few restaurants that I visit. They try to get me out as soon as possible. So no complaints about customer service from me. 🙂

          I think confidence terrifies the sheeple.

  3. Wife and I spent the last 3 days at a cabin in Broken Bow Oklahoma, small tourist town of about 4k. The only people we saw wearing masks were essentially people that WANTED to, cuz NONE of the employees at any of the local stores– even restaurants– we went to were wearing them. Only customers, which were mostly tourists anyway. Wife loved it! She said it was like being back in “normal-ville”.

  4. I never get tired of your diaper reports. Today in Las Vegas, I am still the only one without a diaper when I go grocery shopping. Last Saturday some older woman yelled at me to put on a diaper when I was in the produce section and I just ignored her. Every day our governor gets on twitter telling us to mask up because CASES are on the rise and everyday he gets a lot of negative tweets back. Kids are not back in school here yet but they play their sports every night in the parks sans diapers. This has to end!

  5. I recently discovered an Albert Einstein quote that is perhaps the most profound quote of anyone that I have ever seen.
    “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”
    It’s obviously true, but never exposed.
    I find it to be immediately applicable in practically all aspects of our current situation, from politics to religion. The current crop of “geniuses”, aka “experts” are definitively demonstrating the limits of genius, while the compliant among us widely displays that stupidity has none. For some delusional reason, by agreeing with an “expert”, you are immediately also an “expert” and by disagreeing, you are immediately dismissed as stupid.

    • That’s really the key. Americans have been brainwashed into believing “experts” and not using their own judgement. According to the brainwashing, the only “experts” are academics, especially those who play the government license/credential game.

      I am a mask expert. I’ve used them, designed them, tested them, and been intimately involved in mass producing them. They work great… FOR THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE. In general, they don’t stop viruses since viruses are 1. omnipresent, 2. far too small to be filtered by portable filtration media, 3. unstoppable by human efforts.

      We’re on the cusp of a great change- either large numbers of people are going to say enough and reclaim their foreborne freedoms, or evil is going to triumph and humanity is going to be crushed by a dystopian slave state covering the planet. This upcoming election is between accepting corruption or putting an admittedly flawed candidate in front of it. I’m not voting for a leader or a ruler, but a builder and manager who will at least try to do enough damage control to save the badly damaged ship that is our civilization. Because if it sinks, we lose everything.

  6. For whatever it’s worth… 4 home contractor companies (7 people total) came to my house & did some work — noone wearing a mask. One company was wearing masks, and I told them they didn’t have to for me, and they took them of, they were glad, they said it’s hard to communicate while working with them on. Also, county inspector came to inspect some work at my house, said he only wore mask because he was ordered to, but he hates it. So 8 people total.

    It’s so weird talking to anyone with a mask on — not being able to see their face, I can’t tell what expression they have, it’s like talking to a brick wall, the only clue you get is when they talk, and it’s muffled.

    By law, businesses aren’t allowed to discriminate who they let into their store, based on race, color, creed, religion, gender, mental illness or ability, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, political opinions, etc, but somehow it’s okay to discriminate against people that don’t want to wear a muzzle over their face and breathe their own exhaled carbon dioxide. Why not ban elderly people from entering any stores since they’re more likely to have the ‘killer bug’? Why not ban young children too, since they don’t have developed immune systems yet, so they’re more likely to be carriers of the ‘killer bug’ as well?

    Denying people food… this is what it’s come down to. Put on the humiliating slave muzzle and suffocate yourself, or no food for you. What wise & compassionate leaders we have.

    Where’s the law that protects us from being physically violated? Where’s the medical/health freedom law? We need those laws and we need them yesterday. But we don’t really need more laws, we need less legislators.

    • The rights antithetical to the Medical Industrial Complex went the same place as those antithetical to the Military Industrial Complex. They were sold by the Psychopaths In Charge to these two monstrosities. To them you are simply a commodity to be traded, for profit, at gunpoint.

    • Nail on the head. Food. I have literally no options that don’t require a mask. And they’ll throw you out of the store if you try. I don’t want to give any of these places my business but I have little choice 🙁

      • Hi Anon,

        There may still be options. One is to use the curbside delivery service they are required to provide those who cannot, for medical reasons, wear a Diaper. The second is to make monthly trips to other areas where you can get food without Diapering. The third is to order food and have it delivered. The fourth is to grow/raise/barter your own food.

        And the fourth is to fight – which may become our only option.

        • Both stores I like in my area don’t have curbside delivery, they tell me to use “InstaKart” which doesn’t deliver to my house plus it costs extra money anyways. I even tried the InstaKart website and it didn’t even have some of the items that the store has on the shelf. This is all the stores have to do to satisfy their requirement to provide “accomodation” — so their idea of accomodation is BS. I talked to my state senator about this, and looked up the laws, and they said there’s nothing they can do… at least they’re suing the governor. But in the meantime we’re all screwed.

          I guess we’ll all just have to get our lethal poison injections too, all go out of business, and maybe also go live in the death camps… because the fake laws that don’t exist yet say so… therefore there’s just nothing our representatives can do. The dictators have spoken, so that’s all there is to it.

          • Hi Harry,

            If it’s that bad – if they are making it impossible for you to get basic necessities – then I suggest the time has come for peaceful protesting. Find a group of like-minded people and simply go shopping. Enter together and defy the Diaper Decree. If they call the AGWs, so be it. I am willing to risk arrest over this because I do not want to risk being thrown in a camp over this. That is the choice we are facing now.

          • Hi Harry,

            Eric made some really good suggestions. By chance, do you have any local farms or farmer markets in your area or maybe small food businesses that would not be as restrictive with the mask wearing? I am thinking bakeries, butcher shops, etc.

            In my area we have a few Amish stores that one can get anything from meat to flour to furniture. The money also goes back into the community by helping small local businesses.

          • Good ideas, just takes time & work to start a club and meet people. I had the idea already but haven’t had time to do it yet. Not many local stores, just bigger ones. I don’t think farmer’s market has much I like either. Just no easy alternatives where I live.

  7. But people are dying! But the ICUs are filling up! But 225,000 of your fellow Amerikans have died, and more to come during the terrible coming holiday season! Maybe if you’d just obey that sign and wear your face diaper we’d be through this in 2-3 weeks, and can get back to our regularly scheduled new normal.

    • But only like 12 people came down with the flu this year and further reporting on cases of the flu by the CDC has been canceled going forward. Nothing weird about that at all…

      • How people can’t see this is mystifying. Distracted by the election or anesthetized by social media echo chambers. Perfect storm of scheisse.

        • It’s a lot of things, including the one you mentioned. The worst is the people willfully playing along with the govt’s active destruction of humanity because of pecuniary interests or political angles. Or both.

    • Just to clarify and put in perspective, about 2.8 million of your fellow Americans are going to die this year. And that will be less than 2019 and 18, and on par with 2017. Even begging the question of 225000 dieing from an alleged virus outbreak, there is NOTHING unusual going on. OK, choir, preach it…

  8. In the example of stop signs, I don’t stop just because of the sign, it is the enforcement by AGWs. Nasty ticket and demerits on license. Now I live in the country so I can sensibly treat all stop signs as yields! Not many AGWs out here.

    • Indeed, what little visible “law enforcement” existed previous to the destruction of brain cells caused by corona flu, has largely disappeared in my rural county. The Sheriff”s office is the only one there is. I don’t recall seeing any at all since the psyop started. Which tickles me do death. If I need them, I’ll call them, which is unlikely. About the only time I would consider doing so would be to prevent trespassing by “law enforcers” from some other jurisdiction, State or Federal.


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