A Sign of Freedom

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A reader who owns a business sent in the picture accompanying this story. It says “Masks Not Required” – and recommends that patrons Practice Social Liberty and Do Their Part by Think(ing) for Themselves.

This is a refreshing sign that dissent – which is the essential attribute of freedom – still has some defenders and that not everyone has been driven over the cliff of mass hysteria into mindless conformity by the constant ululation of every imagined worst case scenario that never actually came to pass but which the ululators seem to wish would come to pass.

It’s very interesting – very telling – that any piece of good news isn’t news.

When the bodies didn’t stack up in the millions, as we were assured they would, you didn’t hear a mea culpa. You didn’t hear – thank god, we were wrong! This isn’t as bad as we initially thought! 

Instead, we began to hear – endlessly – about  the cases! the cases! – and still do. Without a peep about context – i.e., what is the ratio of positive “cases” to seriously sick patients – and to dead ones.

Because that would be good news.

Nothing about the fact that very few – almost no – people who aren’t very elderly and chronically sick, as with COPD or advanced cardiovascular disease – have much to fear from the WuFlu, which is 0.00-something likely to kill them.

Which is extremely good news for 99.6-something percent of the healthy population.

Instead, marination in the bad news for the very elderly and chronically sick. With the implication that the rest of us are vicious bastards for not pretending – and acting – as though we are also very elderly and very sick.

In addition to being hypochondriacs, these purveyors of delicious (to them) bad news are also masochists, who seem to revel in it, as evidenced by their fixation on it to the exclusion of anything that would moderate it. They are like people who flip out because their checking account got Hoovered out by a crook – but don’t calm down when the bank calls to let them know the money’s been refunded and all is well.

They are also sadists.

It is not enough that they marinate in despair and fear. They require that everyone else share their despair and fear.

This is the key to understanding the insistence upon Diapering. Not the individual Diaperer – who may just be ill-informed (understandable, given the relentless “shock and awe” campaign of no-good-news and all-bad-news by the consolidated corporate media) and wears the thing because he’s been pressured to wear the thing – but rather the militant Diaperer, who does the pressuring.

It’s also deeper than merely enforcing general misery.

Enforcing Diapering is about eliminating dissent. If everyone is Diapered, everyone appears to support Diapering. A kind of coerced unanimity is created, Party Overalls-style. I’ve commented on this ought-to-obvious phenomenon in previous columns.  It is not for fashion that people who live in authoritarian states look alike. It is to convey the impression that they all think alike – and to put a finer point on it, to make it hard for anyone to give visual evidence that they think differently . . .i.e.,  that they dissent.

The “mask” is quite literally a muzzle.

Its purpose is to shut your mouth – visually as well as actually. This is an expression of the master-slave relationship. It is a degradation.

And it is something more.

One is reluctant to express any contra Diaper thoughts when everyone is Diapered. Just as it was a hairy thing in Germany once upon a time to say anything unflattering about the funny little man with the funny little moustache when everyone wore his symbol on their arm.

It is also literally hard to speak – or hear what is being said – when everyone is mumble-mouthed by a “mask.” The thing further discourages the attempt by making both the speaker and listener vaguely unsettling to one another.

It is awkward to attempt to communicate with someone whose face you can’t see. Whose expressions are hidden. There is a reason why bandits – and the menacing storm troopers of totalitarian fiction and totalitarian actuality are masked.

It makes them appear alien and forbidding.

So seeing a sign to the contrary is heartening. More such signs are wanted, the sooner the better.

The only way to break the hold this disease – which isn’t a virus – that the country is suffering from is to apply sunlight, which kills darkness.

Show your face. If you own a business, let your customers know it’s ok to show theirs. After awhile, people will begin to see that people aren’t dying on account of it – and the ululations about the cases! the cases! will begin to lose their power to terrify.

At which point, the terrorism may finally be staunched.

. . .

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  1. lockdowns are profitable
    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “C//ov…i,,d Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus: he refused it, he has more ethics than these other leaders.

    • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
    • force them to wear face masks
    • impose very strict curfews
    • impose a police state
    • crash the economy

    Overall, the Belarussian approach has been the least authoritarian in Europe. Belarussian football went ahead as normal and fans were allowed to continue attending games. Theatres, cafes, restaurants and other social events continued and there was no shutdown of the economy. Victory Day Parades also went ahead on the 9th May.

    England and wales who had lockdowns had more excess deaths per million population than belarus, so belarus had a better outcome without lockdowns.

    note: nicaragua is doing great with no lockdowns or masks.

    lockdowns don’t work they just destroy the economy, people lose jobs, businesses go bankrupt, the citizens lose all their rights, their life is turned into a nightmare living in a police state

    the big corporations owned by the .0001% cabal make way more money, the .0001% get richer. the politicians and their helpers and enforcers get richer through bribes, incentives and bonuses.

    the crooked politicians and their helpers took the bribes, if your country has a lockdown the leaders took the bribes.
    Some governors were paid 20 million $ to lockdown their states.

    Gates and Pharma are finding ways to control people’s health through unelected transnational NGOs which TRY to circumvent our Constitutional rights. money is routed through these NGO’s to crooked politicians

    So, Global Canada, an apparently relatively inactive, lightly staffed non-profit, funded by Bill Gates, and run by a World Economic Forum veteran, has taken a its recent grant, and invested it in a new, now heavily promoted, Canada-wide extended lockdown initiative… gates was just in canada to bring more bribe money for more lockdowns, which are happening right now.

    How much was the governors, mayors and health officials paid to lockdown, mandate masking etc.? How big is the bonus for the enforcers? How much for forced injection that is coming?
    How much is the bonus for businesses, big corporations like walmart to enforce masking?

    politicians and their helpers get millions of $ in bribes and maybe offer you a few pennies in ubi to postphone the revolution. while you suffer and go bankrupt.

    if you have to suffer through this you might as well make some money….should have been a politician, highest paid job right now, must be nice.

    gates has been handing out more bribe money to lock people down.

    CDC data clearly shows there is no spike in overall deaths from 2019 to 2020 – proof positive that it is a ho….a,,,,x……but…2021 …after injections deaths increased sharply

  2. Eric,
    I recently learned of ARDS, or Acute Respiratory DIstress Syndrome, which is essentially synonymous with SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome). ARDS is caused by many conditions, from broken bones to smoke inhalation to the flu. It kills 40% of those affected. It is said there are 200,000 cases of ARDS per year. Over 12,000 people die of flu-induced ARDS some years in the US. Contrast that with the 9,000 that had died from “pure” COVID at the end of August.
    But you sure as f*** don’t see instances of THAT terrifying everyone on TV everyday, do you!? There aren’t orders bolting down from the Fauci Reichstag regarding ARDS, are there? Go figure.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      Of course not. Mass hysteria will not brook such reasonableness. Like the reasonable (formerly) understanding that the very elderly and the very frail tend to be culled by colds, which – in their case – not uncommonly become worse, then pneumonia. And then they die. When an 80-year-old with COPD gets pneumonia and dies, it used to be considered sad… but normal. Expected. Now it is considered some kind of unnatural event and triggers outpourings of angst – and demands that people submit to bizarre ritualistic behavior in order to assure that the 80-year-old with COPD never dies.

      On the same basis, only single-story buildings should be permitted henceforth because stairs present a serious risk to feeble elderly people.

  3. I don’t even want to bother filling out my ballot. The crooks are just going to fraud our elections, and all the demonrats will get in, as usual. What’s the point? Why should I waste my time? And I’ll have to drive to a drop-box too. Last big election, they already had the results before they even counted my ballot… the state website tells you when they received your ballot… so I looked it up. So I’ve got a question — how do they know who won already, before they even counted all the votes??? I know they say it’s because they know how many uncounted ballots are left… but HOW do they know that? Each county elections office would have to have all their uncounted ballots in one room, and somehow estimate how many there are by how high the stack of paper ballots is — I DOUBT THEY EVEN DO THIS. They’re all a bunch of liars.

    If they cared about our votes being accurate, they’d give us a secret voter #, or put a unique # (serial number) on every ballot, and we could look at the ballot database after the election and find out ballot in there to see that it is accurate. This would cost NOTHING and involved ZERO LABOR to implement. So…. tell me why we don’t have this??? Instead they tell us all sorts of BS in the voter pamphlet about how “secure” the votes are … it’s so cheesy it’s an insulting joke. The way to ensure accuracy is to simply do what I said above — that guarantees there was no fraud… BACKEND verification is always better than all the frontend fraud prevention measures in the universe.

  4. We have the same thing with ICE cars. With the exception of this website, it’s never noted that 96% of the pollution from the internal combustion engine in general use vehicles has been eliminated since 1980! That happened 15 years ago already. It’s pretty amazing to be honest.

    It’s been so successful they have had to invent new “pollution”. Largely since low pollution gas and diesel cars goes against the electric car agenda.

    • The fact that even hybrids (ugh!) are considered “dirty” now means that it was never about “reducing emissions” and/or “saving fuel”. Imagine what would’ve happened if compressed air-powered cars took off (yes, they’re a thing). Our “dear leaders” probably would’ve wasted the developers of said cars.

      • Hi Blue,

        It hasn’t been about “keeping the air clean” since the ’90s – as most here already know – even though they continue to peddle that lie, because it sells. The same way “the cases! the cases!” sells. People buy the con. They are too ignorant – and too virtuous. You cannot penetrate their shield of posturing self-righteous vapidity. They also do not see the cost of this. They think their amenities – their middle-class existence – will motor on in the Brave New World they’re advocating. Fools.

        Useful Idiots, actually.

  5. There are businesses here in Idaho that have no signage for or against. Restaurants that don’t follow the “health department” edicts. It is heartening to go there because the diaper wearers drop to around 20-25% by my estimation. Many that are wearing them take them off in embarrassment when they see others not wearing them.

    On the flip side, it’s depressing to go to any store with a pro-diaper sign. They have no enforcement, but the same people in the same town up the face diapers to over 90%. This is disheartening because they are just like friends and family if you lived in the USSR or Nazi Germany. It can seem they are on your side. They would even claim to be on your side until the armed government workers show up. Then you will be tossed under the bus and treated as if they never knew you.

    Almost everyone is Judas when it comes right down to it. Very few will be true to what is right. Their attitude is usually ‘much better you than I’ as you are taken to the gulag.

    • Hi Ancap,

      Yup. Same here. At my gym – where there is no Diaper signage – almost 100 percent face-showers. But go two blocks down the road to Kroger, where there are Diaper signs (but no enforcement) and the Diaperers are almost 100 percent. The sheeeeeeeeeeep just want to bbbbbbbbbbblong!

      • It was same here in Az, until Fuhrer Ducey and his Gesundheitsfuhrer Frau Doktor Cara Christ (yes, f***ing Dr. Christ) ordered gyms to close and only slowly let them open if they promised 100% mask compliance. So, now I work out at home to the best of my ability until the madness passes. After the initial lockdowns, when gyms opened back up at the beginning of summer, ~90% gym goers shunned the Diaper, even though “recommendation” signs were posted. Then there was a “spike” (oh the horror!) followed by the current draconian nightmare.

  6. I saw a man and his maskling, perhaps aged 6, with full face shield and mask on. Masking is still at 98% in the Gainesville, Fl area but more masks are being worn under the chin than I’ve ever seen. Perhaps 5%. This is a very blue college town however. If you leave the county the compliance drops markedly

  7. In the midst of this psyop, it appears that more dissent produces more tyranny. A month or so ago there were massive protests opposing the tyranny in European cities. Tens of thousands took to the streets in Berlin, London, and elsewhere. The result was the tyrants doubling down on their tyranny. Nations that were previously not inflicting such tyranny started doing so. The Netherlands for example. Those that were have expanded operations. The British Commonwealth has gone full NAZI. It’s become physically dangerous to show any dissent at all in Britain, Canada, and Australia. Any demonstration of Liberty is not just being suppressed, it’s being punished, directly and severely. I’m not discouraging dissent, far to the contrary. Just be aware of the level of insanity you face. There is a reason our right to be armed is enshrined in the supreme law of the land. Those of us unaware of the reason for it, may become enlightened. Hopefully before they are loaded on the train.

    • When all they have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. Such a reaction to dissent shouldn’t surprise. Their authority cannot be challenged or their wisdom (as it is) questioned. For the narrative to work the hoi polloi must understand the danger faced is grave and the dear leaders are all that stand between life and death.

    • See — the rallies/protests never accomplish anything. The people should organize as a group, and continue to communicate with each other to figure out a solution, vote on it, and then figure out an action plan. But they all just go “rah rah”, then go home. Nothing comes out of it.

      The solution to all the worlds’ problems is consensus direct democracy with supermajority rule (75%).

    • Can’t dispute this observation, JWK, but one thing stands out. Near the end of the March-May hard lockdowns in the U.S., I seem to recall several large groups of citizens demanding re-opening in front of governor’s mansions and city halls across the country. The difference is, many of the American protestors showed up waving guns. Not long afterward (surprise, surprise) governors “graciously” began unlocking their states. The threat of arms seems to carry far more weight with tyrants compared with unarmed protests.

  8. Hi Eric

    I seriously try to convert them. I won’t lie. I use facts and figures and usually I will make a little head way. Not enough for them to rip off the mask, but at least they start questioning the reason behind it. I am not worried about them converting me. They would have an easier time trying to get a grizzly bear into a t shirt. 😊

  9. I have noticed there has been a back slide recently in the “unusage” of mask wearing. Over the last month it seemed the platypus bills were being seen less and less, unfortunately over the last two weeks they are everywhere again. The grocery store parking lots are filled with mask wearers, they don’t even bother to wait to put it on at the door, but actually get out of their car already in the gear. A hike on Stoney Mountain Trail two weekends ago I counted over 100 mask wearers and 12 non mask wearers (4 of them were the familia). We were in the mountains for heaven’s sake! How much cleaner could the air be! I have no idea how people can hike upwards 1.5 miles breathing in them. Their lungs must be crying.

    On a good note, I visited a client I had not seen since in several months. I was worried when I showed up for the appointment sans mask (like I always do) what the reaction would be. I was pleasantly surprised when she met me at the door with no mask in site. We actually sat inside and chatted for 1.5 hours. It was a great visit.

    • Morning, RG!

      I try to always bear in mind Orwell’s dictum that sanity is not statistical. Also bear in mind that we are dealing with a religious – a cultic – phenomenon at this point. These people are converted. The worry is not to un-convert them. It is to prevent them from converting us…

      • Indeed, since there are zero facts to support any of the male bovine fecal matter we suffer, a cult is the only accurate way to describe it. It requires belief and faith, as in religion. The new and improved Jihad. So much for pursuing the religion of your choice.

        • Unfortunately the only real defense the individual has against cultic brainwashing is- paradoxically- personal faith. This does not mean just being a churchgoer- all religions are corrupted by the humans implementing them (witness the mask wearing and government worship in modern American churches). Having said that, every one I’ve studied had some value and some useful thing to take away from it.

          But to be innoculated (dare I say immunized) against really dangerous beliefs, one must have a strong set of beliefs well integrated into their life.


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