A Diaper Sign You’ll Like

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Not all stores have assumed the position – and expect you to, as well.

In LaPorte, Indiana, a shoe store called Zelden’s has posted the equivalent of the Gadsden Flag in these, our Diapered Times: 

Only this “flag” takes a lot more guts to fly than the Don’t Tread On Me flag, which is tread on constantly and often with the go-right-ahead compliance of those who fly it – or post it on the bumper of their cars.

This flag takes a stand – one that requires almost as much guts as it would have taken for a store in Germany circa 1934 to post one that said We Welcome the Business of Jews.

The Undiapered being – or fast becoming – the equivalent of Jews in 1930s Germany.

Businesses then were pressured not to serve or sell to them; Nazi thugs made them post Jews unwelcome signs (or Don’t Buy From Jews signs).

It amounts to the same thing – in the name of the same thing.

Jews back then were discussed in epidemiological terms as a disease – a virus – that had to be kept from infecting healthy Germans. Today, it is anyone who expresses doubt about the things being done to people in the name of a virus.

In both cases, fear and paranoia created mass psychosis that led – inevitably – to mass murder. Germans – millions of them – willingly participated in the exclusion of Jews from society; the diminution then extinction of their legal rights, leading to an organized effort aimed at their physical extinction.

Does it have a familiar ring?

After reporting on the trial in Israel of captured SS Lt. Colonel Adolf Eichman – accused of being one of the chief mechanics of the organized slaughter – the writer Hanna Arendt described him as representing the banality of evil. An ordinary nothing, balding and – sans his snappy SS uniform and the terror it inspired – a rather pathetic figure in the dock.

But with the uniform – and the threat it carried in its threads – the weak little man becomes something altogether more.

It did not take much courage to cross-examine Eichman in his business suit. It does not take any courage to post a sign that only the Diapered will be served within. It takes tremendous courage to post a sign welcoming the Undiapered at a time of mass hysteria about sickness that is becoming every bit as sick as the treatment of the Jews in 1930s Germany.

If you need shoes, shop at Zelden’s – even if you live nowhere near Indiana. I would have bought my shoes there had I known in time (a reader sent me the tip about this place after I posted my article about buying shoes at Fleet Feet, where Diapers are required).

It also summons an idea. Perhaps businesses with the guts to defy the Gesundheitsfuhrers deserve more than just business. How about publicity? I have done just that for Zelden’s and I hope it brings them customers from all over what’s left of America. The more such brave businesses are supported, the less the power of the Gesundheitsfuhrers – over them and over us.

Also, a corollary. Perhaps it is time to take a page from cancel culture and give publicity to the businesses bending over? I have already done so – but on a piecemeal basis. How about a roster of shame cataloging every business that bends over – so that those of us who dislike assuming that position will know where not to shop.

In the hope that these places will go out of business.

Herewith a small start of places I won’t set foot in again because of their active participation in the exclusion from life of today’s outcast caste – the Undiapered:

Sweet Donkey Coffee in Roanoke.

Plato’s Closet, also in Roanoke.

Virginia ABC stores, generally.

If you send me the names of similar bend-over businesses, I’ll get that list going.

May their chains rest heavily upon their Diapered shoulders!



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  1. there was no organized effort to exterminate the jews. There may have been some massacres during the russian invasion I dont know, The camps were labor camps. Should anyone be forced to work there? No. but the holocaust myth is such a bunch of crap. Please. Anyone debate me

  2. Menards – and truly mean to the customers who come in without a mask even if they state they have a medical exemption……………

  3. Great idea with the list Eric…
    WALL OF SHAME for Colorado Springs: Sinclair/7-11 gas station at 1901 N Academy Blvd, Maveriks (this place is even worse because I know a guy that works there they said at the start of this that they wouldn’t go along with any of this nonsense but when push came to shove they went along everything hypocrites) gas station 2477 Peterson Rd., Shell/Circle K 6135 N Carefree Circle, and Kum & Go gas station/store 6735 N Carefree Cir.

    On the good side…Karen’s Kafe And Stephanie’s Bar & Grill 520 Colorado Ave. Calhan, CO. they DON’T make you wear a mask and the staff doesn’t wear a mask.

  4. A little late to the party, but here goes.

    Lexington, Kentucky, here. The other day I took my intellectually disabled sister into Half-Price Books. Because of her status, she has a bad habit of walking up to the counter at places and explaining to them how she has lung problems and can’t wear a mask (honestly, you don’t need to explain shit, just don’t wear one!). She approached the buyback counter and told the effeminate dweeb with the XY chromosomes (I refuse to call it a “man”) that she can’t wear the diaper, when it called over the manager who explained that everyone in the store must not only diaper up, but must make sure it’s completely covering both nose and mouth. I waited outside while she complied and bought some books. Shame these people to no end, and they have forever lost my business (and that’s a pity, I used to like going in there to browse).

  5. I live in Indiana, just south of Indianapolis. We ventured out on the bike as soon as weather allowed and noticed that the farther you get from the city, the less people care. We went to a biker bar and it was crammed full of people, SRO. Another restaurant had no masks, no blocked off tables. None of the gas stations had plexiglass or x’es on the floor.
    I went to a graveside funeral service in early July. About 20 of us under a small tent. My cousin, who just moved back from Maryland commented that people there would be freaking out over that situation.
    Indiana had been pretty level headed about this, at least compared to other places. All the schools in my county are back and all have had “positive tests” of students and staff, but the superintendents said they expected that and will continue doing their jobs. Our local walmart ordered diapers, but when i went in, about 1/4 weren’t wearing them and no one tossed them.
    The only complaint I have is our governor did do the farcemask mandate like all the other sheep, and my job ordered them for employees when we leave our desks. I’ve not personally seen any businesses take a bold stand like that shoe store, but many are just quietly ignoring it and refusing to comply or hassle their customers – Irish democracy.

    • Oh yeah, and all of our law enforcement entities, from the county sheriff down to city cops, put out press releases saying they’re not enforcing the farcemask mandate. If you want to bitch about your neighbor’s kids playing in the yard without diapers, call the board of health. So a week later, the board of health gave an interview to the local paper saying they have been overwhelmed with busybodies calling to complain and they don’t have the staff to deal with it, so “don’t call us either.’

      • Hi Amy,

        This empowering of busybodies – in part by making busybodyism seem ok – is among the most disturbing trend of our times. These people are afflicted by one of the worst human maladies. It is one exploited by tyrants in every country, in every case I’m aware of – from Napoleonic France to East Germany to the U.S. today.

  6. Here signs are everywhere, but enforcement is nil. Cops will wave at you from their table in the back of the convenience store if you walk in undiapered. Not sure why the rest of town hasn’t figured it out yet.

    But I noticed this: there’s a little section of town where Mexican immigrants have taken over. A barrio, if you will. I can read a little Spanish, and NONE of those businesses have a sign requiring masks. None. The only signs in this town are in English. Corona compliance is for the pale only. It would be racist and mean to make people obey the rules of the country they’re visiting.

    • One of the reasons I like Mexicans. I don’t like them overrunning my country but they have some stones. And they come from a culture of ignoring the BS, or going around it with bribes.

  7. They’ve got signs most places here southwest of Austin, but I’ve only had A-Line Auto and Lowes grocery store (not hardware store) make an issue of entering without a mask. At Lowes I took the mask but never put it on. The A-Line encounter got quite loud, which I thought was odd because they had four guys at the counter and just one customer (me); I guess making money no longer matters – I’ll be buying my car stuff from their competitors, local and on-line.

    The big box stores in the area don’t generally seem to care.

  8. I am disgusted by the spineless businesses that perhaps reluctantly impose this insanity. I am outraged by the corporate businesses that enthusiastically do so. Anyone with two or more brain cells that get along should easily determine that one of the primary purposes of the corona flu psyop is the destruction of private businesses that compete with corporate business.

    • @ JWK,

      “Anyone with two or more brain cells that get along should easily determine that one of the primary purposes of the corona flu psyop is the destruction of private businesses that compete with corporate business.”

      You nailed it.

      As the latest inflationary boom started to crash in September 2019, the Fed pumped more fake money into the banking system to keep everything afloat thru December 2019.

      Then our government began a controlled demolition of the private businesses and the fake killer virus psyops was launched to distract everyone.

      As to everyone acting crazy: Propaganda works.

  9. Everyone’s seen the signs and shirts that begin, “Keep Calm”…

    Over the weekend at a hill climb (paved road, sports cars) a man wore a shirt:

    I Won’t Keep Calm

    I’m Gonna Raise Hell

    And Break Sh*t

    and, no, he wasn’t wearing a mask.

    • Back in the 1980s I played a role play gaming called “Paranoia!” The setting was a computer run society where the computer had become deranged with 1950s fears of the soviet union/communists. The entire game was designed as a farce for laughs. Advice for players (the clones) was:

      Now go take a look at UK covid19 press conferences and materials. When I first saw it all I could think of was Paranoia!. Sure enough the internet had already been there and someone had remade the UK government sign into the Paranoia! version.

  10. Same cabal virus was behind the Nazis and same cabal virus behind the scamdemic! Always trying to take the heat off the usual kosher suspects by equating everything with the holohoax “WORK camps” Hess Himmler Goering and Mengela all from the tribe NOT truly Germans Even HItLer the whipping boy for millennia a Rothchild “oh,my!” The only crew with enough power,thru control of the cash Banks Economy etc is the Rothchilds and their cabal minions. There tentacles are in everything BUT if as some say they have lost control fear not the rising group more Nazi but still of the tribe Blackstone Blackcube Blackrock may now be in control. Old boss same as the new boss! So humanity loses unless people get WISE to the shnoz behind the curtain

    • Hi Jane,

      I referenced the Germans and the WWII era to try to make a point; the Germans and WWII weren’t the point. The point was the creation of a pariah class and the infusion of mass hysteria by politicians.

      The pariah class is singled out as the “enemy” – and the people turned against it, empowering the government which fans the hysteria.

  11. I am going to market a new mask with the Star of David dead center on the face of the fabric of the mask.

    Should get some attention. Attenshun?

    Was in a Walmart to retrieve two grocery items, couldn’t find them at another store, I was forced to enter Walmart, not my decision, lol.

    I donned a dirty bandana and wore food-grade gloves so I wouldn’t touch anything in Walmart that could be evil, wicked, mean and nasty. Can’t take any chances.

    Next time I go into a Walmart, I’ll have a dirty bandana, gloves and goggles too, just to prove how absurd it all is. The next time, I’ll have a entourage of medical staff following me recording vital medical data, the statistics don’t lie.

    Walmart will be liable if the medical staff records any discrepancies in the vitals while I visit Walmart, which will probably be a long time. I’ll find what I need somewhere else.

    The Covid-19 pandemic is making me wretch, is making me sick to my stomach. Especially at Walmart.

    I suspect they are in cahoots with the virus freaks and are actually trying to get rid of customers.

    Don’t need no stinkin’ unmasked idiots out wandering around in their stores.

    Good thing I have a couple thousand pounds of potatoes to carry me through the winter.

    “Oh, potatoes, if only we had some potatoes, we’d be rich.”

    The words of a future Auschwitz inhabitant after scouring the gardens near the area of Auschwitz. Of course, the gardens had been emptied of every edible plant there was.

    Arbeit Macht Frei!

    Masks will make you free!

    Yeah, right.

  12. Some more inconvenient facts for Karens, maskholes, and other annoyances:


    Within is a YouTube video full of charts pertaining to the China virus and how the “second spike” is coming to an end nearly everywhere. What’s of particular interest, though, is Hawaii. They thought they’d avoided the virus. Then on a minor uptick about a month ago, they implemented a Diaper Mandate, thinking they’d get out ahead of the virus and keep it from spiking. Guess what happened?

    A couple weeks later, they saw a huge surge in cases.

    Haven’t the powers-that-be been telling us that Face Diapers would protect against the China virus? The stats out of Hawaii would suggest (as we’ve known all along) that they do nothing of the sort.

    • Hi Scott,

      One of the most frustrating/defeating aspects of this mess is the cases! the cases! – now subbed for deaths, which have largely disappeared. These “cases” are based on inaccurate tests and inflated numbers and premised on the unspoken – but heavily pressured – assumption that a “case” is tantamount to certain death – and this has generated mass hysteria over almost literally nothing to worry about for 99.5 percent of the population. The remaining less than 1 percent can and should take measures to self-isolate/avoid public interaction (something they should and generally always did do during previous flu seasons) and this is not even an inconvenience for a large portion of that less-than-1-percent because they are already in rest homes for the elderly/infirm. The remaining very small slice of the “at risk” population has always been at risk and yet now the 99.5 percent must be enchained to “keep them safe.”

      It is even worse than doing what is being done to the 99.5 percent for the sake of those with peanut allergies.

  13. Eric, thank you for running with this ball. Indeed it is my intention to patronize this establishment even more in near future. I haven’t been denied service anywhere in LaPorte County for not wearing face diaper, (most of us up here know it’s a joke) can’t add to your wall of shame yet. My moo shirt is almost here!

  14. There is a steakhouse in my little town that has no signage mentioning COVID or masks, and nobody inside wears a mask unless they want to. I’ve not even seen an employee of the restaurant wearing a mask. Needless to say, my family of 5 has frequented the restaurant many times since the insanity began. The steakhouse is called Colton’s. Not sure if it’s local or national.

    On FB, I found a local group called Tulsa Businesses Against Masking (or something to that effect). So far there are 1400 members, and we share with each other places in town that do not require masks. Also share places to avoid Nazi-like behavior.

  15. I know there were a couple of pawn shops in Fairbanks a few months ago that actually wouldn’t allow masks. This happened after they were robbed twice by people taking advantage of the hysteria.

    In the Wasilla/Palmer area where I live, most of the “big name” stores have jumped on board, unfortunately.

    -Fred Meyer (subsidiary Kroger) has signs pushing the “local ordnance” lie but apparently isn’t enforcing anymore.

    -Carrs (subsidiary Safeway, subsidary Albertson’s) still is enforcing and seems to attract the most obnoxious mask-warrior employees as well. They also have one-way aisles which are obeyed, cared about, or noticed by precisely nobody.

    -Wal-Mart does sort of enforce, lies about laws, and is still doing the stupid entry/exit cattle chutes. One-way aisle signage is once again regularly ignored by pretty much everyone. Have shortened their hours to a ridiculous degree; they close 4 hours early now and open late as well.

    -KFC/A&W have a sign in the drive-through now asking people to wear masks for customer & employee safety; they didn’t give me any grief when I rolled through without one, but I haven’t been back since either way.

    Now for the good side:

    -A local warehouse store chain called Three Bears doesn’t even bother to make their employees wear them anymore; some distancing markings and signage survive but are freely ignored by pretty much everyone. I haven’t checked their Chugiak store which is teeeeeechnically within the Anchorage municipality and thus subject to a mask mandate.

    -Sheep Mountain Lodge offers 100% a BS-free dining experience, at least the last time I was there a months or so ago; though considering that they’re about 65 road miles from Palmer on the literal side of a mountain, they’re probably very low on the list of danger areas anyway.

    -PetZoo (local pet food store) went whole hog with finnicky distancing rules (enforcement has become more lax over time) and plexiglass everywhere, and they did shorten their hours, but so far they have not implemented a mask mandate; I guess that’s the difference between a NWO-owned store and a local store owned by fearful but genuinely well-meaning individuals.

  16. They’re coming up with a “final solution” of sorts for those of us that do not want to obey. Mr. Eichman would be proud.

    Headline: ‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist

    The article’s author is Parker Crutchfield, an Associate Professor of Medical Ethics, Humanities and Law at Western Michigan University, and his argument can be broken down into four key points:

    Wearing masks and social distancing are good for public health
    People who refuse to follow these rules are “defectors” who need to be “morally enhanced”
    This moral enhancement can be achieved with medication to make people more “empathetic” and “co- operative”
    This medication should be compulsory and/or administered secretly via the water supply.

    Another excerpt:
    like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior..

    Before you start laughing,,, this is how it starts and these people are serious. Judging from the tin pot dictator Governors and Mayors that infest our system of government like roaches, this doesn’t seem farfetched. And I would not doubt for a second they would go for such a thing,,, for our health and safety. I also wouldn’t doubt the diapered would go along if they thought it would bring us grandma killers to heel.

    FRN Reporting the Article

    The actual article

  17. Over in IL, our plump fuhrer recently got the rules committee to give his mandates a very draconian enforcement mechanism. If a store here put up a sign like that, the health stasi would revoke their license in a flash, not to mention the shop would also be fined to where it might put them out of business altogether. You can bet that many small businesses aren’t going to want to assume that risk.

    The most you can do in our neck of the woods is to make note of the few places who still “let” you do your business without the face condom. But how do you know, since every single one now has the mask-only signage. And even then, if one also encounters a feisty Karen, then the unmasked is going to be on the receiving end of a losing battle for sure.

    At least here in IL, these idiots made it all but compulsory to don a face condom in order to participate in society. And everyone around me simply gave up their civil liberties without a fight. It makes me cry on the inside each and every day, and it scares me to the bone as to what I see on the horizon.

    • Face condom, I like that. Next time some asshole asks me why I’m not wearing a mask, I’ll ask them if they are wearing a condom, cause you know, you might get someone pregnant.

      • That’s a great comeback. I just felt that calling it a condom has even more of an f-u bite, but my acquaintances still don’t grasp this… I’ve stopped trying to fight illogic with logic at this point.

  18. I’m guessing the gym owners in NJ thought the Constitution applied to them. Zeldens is to be commended, for sure, but once our own SS gets wind of this, then Zeldens, too, may find out that the US as a whole is now a constitution-free zone. We are now a nation of men (well, people with Y chromosomes or who look like one), not laws, and we see where that gets us.


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