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I mentioned the Obama Out to one of my friends the other day. He is baffled by my refusal to “take advantage” of the “exchanges” and just buy “affordable” insurance and comply with the mandate – as he has done.

Some context: We’re both self-employed and divorced; money’s tight and the cost to buy insurance on what’s left of the “free” market is exorbitant, especially for the self-employed. Which I suspect is one of the true reasons for government-mandated health insurance; that is, to discourage and then make it economically impossible for anyone to be self-employed.

Such outliers must be corralled and “nudged” – prodded – into the feed lot of corporate employment, which amounts to government control over their employment and thus, control over them.

This is to be accomplished by making insurance mandatory and unaffordable – outside of corporate/government employment.

The self-employed person still enjoys a degree of almost unimaginable liberty. He sets his own hours; is much more able to deal with whom he wishes to deal – and not – on his terms. No one looks over his shoulder; he answers to himself – and his customers.

Most of all, he is utterly free from management by “human resources” fraus – those harridans of the Cube Farm. He does not have to suffer through Teach Ins about “diversity” and “inclusiveness.”

In the case of self-employed writers such as myself, there is the liberty to write and say what one thinks – honestly – without having to duck one’s head like a just-caught turtle out of dread you may have “offended” someone.

Well, you may have offended them – but they have no power over your job.


My friend argues I ought to sign up for the subsidized Obamacare insurance because “the money is there” and I have already been forced to pay a great deal for all these “benefits” whichI refuse to partake of.

He thinks I am foolish.

I may be that. But I prefer not to be a hypocrite – which he isn’t because he does not make a living as a Libertarian writer, as I do. He wrenches, which is honorable work – but the point is, his taking advantage of Uncle’s largesse – that is to say, of Uncle’s redistribution of other people’s wealth – does not make him a hypocrite.

It merely makes him a typical American – and therein lies the problem.

Americans still talk a lot about “freedom” – though less than they used to for all the obvious reasons (one thinks – for those still inclined – of the scenes of audiences clapping a bit too eagerly for Stalin, then stopping when the bell rings). But they have very little respect for it.

It’s hard to be free when others are free – legally empowered – to force you to pay them money, whether to fund their “health care” or some other thing.

To expect freedom in such circumstances is not much different than expecting a ship with a leak not to sink – and being surprised when it does.

I may indeed be “foolish.”

But I feel better about myself, in the manner of the POW who doesn’t squeal on his fellows for the sake of early release. I’d rather stay in my cage, if it comes to that.

“Coverage” be damned.

. . .

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  1. Dr Seuss saw this crap coming more than 50 years ago. Horton the elephant wasn’t about other evil countries invading the US, it was about ourselves! It was a warning not to turn ourselves into nasty little shits that destroy each other in our own culture. Horton was a non-conformist, and just wanted to “live-and-let-live”.
    It was his own countrymen, that despised him and resented his opposition to public pressure.
    This scene scared the crap out of me when I was 5 years old, but it really did make sense to me when I was about 8…..I wish more kids, and parents, had gotten the message.

  2. I’ve been self employed my entire life and had health insurance most of that time. Never got a nickle’s worth of benefit from it, either. Now that it’s “affordable”, I can’t afford it! The lowest price I can find is four times what I paid for decades, at a time when my income had taken a nose dive. So I’m without. This is the actual result of interference by the gang members in washington.

    I genuinely believe the founding generation would be ashamed of ‘murikans today.

    • Ditto, Bill…

      Pre-Obama, I could have (if I had wanted to) bought a basic catastrophic coverage policy with a very high ($5k) deductible, which would have covered what insurance is meant to cover – an unlikely, unforeseen major problem such as a heart attack. I could have afforded such a policy.

      Obamacare outlawed them.

      Now I – a middle-aged/divorced man with no kids who doesn’t drink or smoke – would have to buy a “bundled” policy that includes “coverage” for maternity care and drug abuse/counseling. These “plans” are unaffordable, of course.

      The alternative is to go with a “free” (or “subsidized”) Obamacare plan. I don’t steal, so that’s a non-starter.

      • The irony is that those prior catastrophic coverage policies – I lost my $280/mo. Family coverage thanks to the aca back when this travesty was deemed passed by chickenshit Democrats, are now called silver plans that confirm with the rules – basically the same coverage and deductibles, but at over 4x the price when the aca fairy dust was sprinkled on top – oh, but it did cover birth control and probably gender reassignment surgery! Said no thanks then, still saying it now.

        • Hi Todd,


          I’m single (divorced), no kids. No chronic health conditions. It makes no sense for me to buy health insurance as I’d be paying for something I don’t use. It would be like making payments on a car I will never drive. This strikes me as stupid.

          But what if I get cancer or have a heart attack? Well, I will take the chance – and morally, I can because I have no dependents. I will not live my life to pay insurance. If I get really sick, I’ll roll with it. No one lives forever.

          Anything less than a major illness, I can deal with on my own – and will.

          If that means I get Hut! Hut! Hutted! so be it. I won’t submit to this.

  3. Eric, are you just now figuring out that 99.999% of the people around us don’t give a damn about liberty- their own, much less anyone else’s?

    The same people who will submit to any indecency just to be able to board a stinking plane?

    Funny- I just recently had a long-term acquaintance (I won’t call him a friend, because we do not share any real philosophical or moral ideals- we’ve just known each oither a long time…) recently was suggesting a similar thing to me! How I could probably even gt “FREE” coverage, because my income is so low, etc. etc.

    I reasoned “If I were going to do that, why not just rob a bank?” I mean, if one is going to profit off of stolen or extorted funds, one should at least have the courage to do the stealionbg/extorting oneself, right?

    His answer was that “the people” had elected to erect such “programs” to help others. [The George Carlin “Euphemisms” routine came immediately to mind]. I mentioned that I am a person, and that I was never consulted about this matter; and if I had been, I don’;t think they would have listened. I mentioned too that I didn’t that *some* of the people could make choices that would obligate other people to supply good or services, or to pay for them- as that sounds a loit like slavery, and I was under the impression that slavery had been outlawed…

    They just don’t care, and just don’t get it- and probably won’t, even after the system which they support and advocate for goes down in flames; they’ll just blame something/someone else- like the communist who laments that “It would have worked, if only it had been done right!”.

    This is what the world around us has been programmed to believe. We are the few stragglers who managed to not absorb the brainwashing. There are always a few other loose nuts who will be there to see what we see….but are numbers are so small, and we are so powerless against the gargantuan system, that all we can do is stand apart from it, and find a safe place away from it’s jurisdiction and control where we can at least live the way we know is right, and which suits us….and watch the flames from afar off. And those flames are getting closer and closer, and burning hoter and hotter….soon, the flashover is going to occur.

  4. Adding to the insurance topic. There is the idea of ‘self insuring’, but the state has already nixed that with steep financial and certificate hoops to jump through. Because I had the thought, oh! why can’t I just self insure myself and my vehicle for a surety bond for say $40 a month of something cheaper than the $180 I pay now?
    You need a shit-ton of money to even be considered in the racket.

      • With today’s intense, automated enforcement that’s next to impossible unless maybe you live in a very remote, sparsely-populated area. The road nazis don’t even really need to see your papers at this point. Scanning your plate tells them everything including your insurance information. (When shopping for insurance recently to try to reduce the amount I’m ripped off. My registration was sufficient for the agent to pull up everything on his screen.) About all they don’t obtain automagically is your license info if you’re driving a car registered to someone else. But with just about all the states forcing you to submit to facial recognition to obtain a driver’s license it won’t be long before that’s automated as well.

        Basically the porkers can just sit at the side of the road and take a nap waiting for their plate scanners to sound the alarm to give chase.

  5. The real trap is if you have wife and or kids. You cannot live at a low (earned) income in that situation. While working my way through college I lived on nearly nothing- wages from 3 months of work at a modest pay rate with lots of overtime and hazard pay. I even had car and ammo and beer money. Importantly I had freedom like I haven’t had since

    A intact family can not make it like that without “help” in the form of government theft from your fellow man.

    I personally am more and more tempted to get on the dole. They owe me millions at this point- and eventually adding enough weight to the system will break it.

    It already has broken, with 222 trillion of government debt outstanding- the symptoms haven’t become apparent to Jose Average yet.

    Attempting to extend the scam is the real reason for all the outrages committed upon us- fines don’t count as taxes… with an added bonus that we have to divert rare and precious resources to fighting insanity like forced vaccination, forced seat belts, law enforcement, and forced sexual freak celebration. And of course ongoing corruption of the systems supposed to serve us into totalitarian controls.

    • With you, Ernie… sadly.

      I did want a family and kids; but perhaps the divorce was a boon. If she had stayed – and we’d had kids – I’d be trapped, too. I’d have to go to the Cube Fram, probably. I certainly could not “get away” with writing the things I do.

      Now, I could literally grab my backpack, .45 and head out into the woods… eff them all.

      It is a pleasant thought…

      • There’s hardly any successful small business ideas left that can support a family comfortably.

        Corporations/mafias pretty much control everything now via the regulatory state and zoning laws. Everything is rigged against the common man.

        • There are plenty of them, but like all new businesses, risk is involved. A family does add variables into that math. I bought a failing business with partners about 10 yrs ago and we made a go of it and now provide a living for 35 families. There are ways I could outsource much of what we do, and then fire about 1/2 the staff and make more dollars – my larger competitors do that and seem not to suffer from it in a business sense, but I have morals, so… just keep plowing along. There are customers who appreciate locals helping out locals.

          • Hi Todd,

            Thank you for that. It made my day. Making a living is important – but it’s not the most important thing, especially when it goes beyond comfortably taking care of yourself and family and transcends into a lust for more and more, without limit.

            I have never understood this, just as I never grokked the urge to control and parent other adults.

            I am proud that there are people like you coming here.

    • Live cheaply these days and you’ll never have a wife to begin with.

      “I personally am more and more tempted to get on the dole. They owe me millions at this point”

      In UBI threads I told leftists that if they create a real UBI system I am getting in the cart to pursue my passions. Nothing angers them more than a tax donkey who says he’ll quit pulling and carrying the load. Another thing, it’s not just UBI at some point the minimum wage will reach a level of what I have left after taxes. And as they change the tax laws to exempt these new higher ‘low’ incomes it will make a lot of sense to do some lesser job for minimum wage than do what I do. What matters is what I have left after taxes.

      • Live cheaply these days and you’ll never have a wife to begin with.

        You got THAT right! Plus, the life you save may be your OWN… 🙂

      • Brent, another Ayn Rand “prophecy” from Atlas Shrugged! That is exactly the scenario she described- that of the truly productive just walking away as the looting became more and more egregious and obvious- and of course, the looters could not remotely sustain the economy of dysfunction which they created of and for their worthless shiftless selves.

        Then again….can’t really say it’s prophetic, as such are just the expected consequences, readily apparent to anyone with a brain- and Rand even got to witness such first-hand in Russia, and to observe it elsewhere in Europe.

        Glad that I saw this shit coming way back in the 70’s when I was just a kid! I’ve managed to live thus far without funding their wars, welfare, AGWs, abortions, etc.- and really, the quality of life one can achieve living self-sufficiently is just amazing- once one realizes that quality of life is not about money. Keeping the women at bay is another great blessing!

        • Unfortunately without Rand’s science fictional motor that runs the world opting out isn’t as simple as one might think. Although there’s that secret compound in Chile. And I think there’s a growing number of productive people building in Puerto Rico too. PR seems like a pretty nice deal if you have money: Retain your US citizenship, no federal income tax, and daily flights back to the mainland. Labor’s pretty cheap too. If you’re happy with a house made of concrete and some security fencing probably safe too.

          • I knew a guy from PR who was very happy to be living in Brooklyn…. PR is as much of a police state as any state in the US- only with even more corruption.

            A lot of Libertarianbs don;’t seem to get it: In order to get away from the tyranny of big government, you have to get away from the infrastructure- of government, AND the infrastructure that it has created.

            Most people- even liberty seekers, don’t want to give up the “conveniences”- The electricity; the internet service; the smooth paved roads; the office jobs; the hospitals; the restaurants…..

            Thus, no matter where they go, they will never escape the infrastructure of government, because they are not willing to jettison the infrastructure that government has created.

            PR will likely become a full-fledged state very soon.

            • Government didn’t create that infrastructure, it took it or took control of it. Sure I suppose it built what was created after the take over, but so what? It would almost always if not always be better had government not stepped in.

              And if I should move to where these things don’t exist along with like-minded others we would start building roads, hospitals, etc. Then government would show up and forcefully take it all.

              But let’s say we chuck it all and move out to where nobody else is or wants to be and there is nothing there at all… well we still may have government show up:


              • O-K, hospitals may’ve been a bad example, as in the past, they were purely free-market affairs….but as far as paved roads, and communications nfrastructure- in the US and “Commonwealth” countries, it’s all been built with subsidies and with the hand of the state using eminent domain and such (Same goes for railroads, and many other industries, from aviation to apartment building and arenas….pretty much everything); and in lesser developed countries which have only more recently constructed such infrastructures, most if not all of it was done directly by the state- and even more so, to the point where liquor stores, convenience stores and gas stations are even owned directly by the state, or leased from the state.

                One can still escape it, because in many places, the governments just don’t have the resources (and aren’t going to any time soon) to do all of that- and even where they do, it is usually only in the biggest cities, where the majority of the pop;ulation resides.

                Unlike here, they couldn’t care less about the rural-dweller living on the dirt road 100 miles from the big city. Life in those places goes on as it always did- as used to be the case here, until NYers and CAers started mowing to the sticks and then demanding the things they had in their former locales.

                • it is just less likely. Once government people suspect a person can be bullied or has something to take it shows up.

              • Antelope Valley isn’t exactly “the middle of nowhere” although it sure looks that way when you’re there. It’s just over the hill and up the canyon from LA, and down the road from Palmdale/Lancaster/Edwards AFB and has the distinct misfortune of being in LA County. Leftists are singularly intolerant of those who choose to live outside their wretched hive of scum and villainy.

                Funny how a stupid damn line drawn in the sand makes all the difference in the world // sad

                • Even the middle of the desert isn’t the middle of nowhere in Commiefornia…… They send “code enforcement” even out there, kicking people off of “their own” land for not having adequate utilities or permits, etc. etc. I don’t know of anywhere on earth such a total police state has ever existed….and it’s spreading all across this F’ed-up country.

                  You can live in a cave in the Sierra-Nevadas, and they’ll make an excuse to come and get ya! …make sure you never return, and make your land worthless.

                  • Morning, Nunz!

                    The recipe is simple: Cultivate a class of control freaks – Yankees/Clovers – then proletarianize the population; do this by economic disfranchisement and the mass importation of foreign peasants, who are used to authoritarian regimes and marinated in Gibs Me Dat. Demoralize the culture by atomizing it, then delegitimize the traditional culture, so as to make the original people who were the dominant members of the culture feel ashamed and guilty.

                    Present “solutions.”

                    The only way out that I can see is decentralization, a la the collapse of the old Soviet Union. The urban/coastal areas of the country and the rest of the country have become irreconcilable foes.

                    There is no longer any common anything – just hate on both side for the other.

                    • So true, Eric!

                      Only thing is: Decentralization isn’t going to really solve anything at this point, because the white people have already been heavily evangelized into this new religion- having abandoned their long-held former one- to the point where this new evil nonsense is now self-perpetuating.

                      Think about it: Which are now the most tyrannical, PCV, absurd places which are exerting control over ever microscopic detail of everyone’s lives?

                      The US.
                      The UK.
                      The EU
                      New Zealand

                      All “independent” nations…..all doing the same things, and all with the consent and compliance of most of their residents.

                      Ultimately, it’s a cultural thing. White people have abandoned and depricated their culture, and now advocate for their own destruction and the furtherance of that which is inferior.

                      The one bright spot: Just like Ancient Rome- the invading hordes will not comply so readily.

                      They will play while it’s to their benefit- but when the goodies become sparser, and they start becoming the subjects of control and forced to fund it…..they will not lay down, like most white Europeans have.

                      It’s going to be very messy. There may be survivors…but no real winners.

                    • Hi Eric,

                      Decentralization will happen because scale matters and eventually the impossibility of governing hundreds of millions of people by a small central authority will cause the collapse of the Nation state. Unfortunately it will probably be accompanied by chaos and violence.

                      Nunzio, all the countries you list are highly centralized Nation states. The fact that they are
                      “independent” of each other is irrelevant to the matter of scale within each state.


                    • Hi Ya, Jeremy!
                      ****”Nunzio, all the countries you list are highly centralized Nation states. The fact that they are
                      “independent” of each other is irrelevant to the matter of scale within each state.”****

                      My point, exactly. So, if the US decentralizes, nationally- there will still be 50 states with their own centralized gov ernments- which can be even more efficient at imposing their tyrannies.

                      Just like the countries of Europe- many of which are comparable to the sizes of some of our smaller states.

                      Call it a country, or call it a state- it matters not….as long as you have tyrants grasping for power, and subjects who support them- nothing will change.

                      It’s not like a sheet of glass- where if you break it, it’s resultant pieces can no longer do what the whole once did; but more like a mat of firecrackers- where if you tear it apart, you now have a bunch of firecrackers that can be deployed individually and over a greater distance, and thus make a lot more noise and do a lot more damage to a greater number of locales.

                      As usual, I always greatly enjoy your well-worded, well-reasoned, and thoughtful comments!

                    • Hi Nunz!

                      I agree with both you and Jeremy. I offer up the following third way; it is my fantasy:

                      One of the still-viable states (e.g., Idaho) declares independence and secedes – with a nuclear trump card to keep Uncle at bay. A true republic is set up; not Libertopia – but 75 percent of it. Taxes and government, but not income and property taxes. Freehold property (allodial title). A legal system premised on the ancient requirement that a victim must be identified before a charge or indictment may be levied and tangible harm done established by facts as a prerequisite to any conviction or levying of punishment – which shall be confined to restitution or equivalent. Self defense – against anyone, including agents of the government, a recognized legal right.

                      With the nuclear trump card, this new Republic establishes itself – and serves the same role that the United States once served 200 years ago, or even 50, vs. the rest of the world:

                      A place to go – and an example.

                      Its existence would demonstrate what liberty means – as well as its opposite.

                    • Hi Eric,

                      Mine too, the possibility that much smaller, independent competing political units might produce such a place is the reason why decentralization, secession, nullification, etc… are all derided as either a racist plot or an unworkable fantasy.


                    • Hey, Eric; Jeremy!

                      I’m in! I could handle a free less oppressive Idaho! I’d go tomorrow!

                      It would be close enough to freedom to allow us to live quite happily- and would probably be better than just about anything else that currently exists.

                      If only!

                      Remember The South, though! Uncle doesn’t take kindly to ship-jumpers…’specially when he already “owns” 80% of the state. I don’t think he’d care about nukes….they have nice bunkers, so only the peons would be affected. (Yeah, I gotta ruin everything! 😉 )

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      I think even a single nuke might be enough. Note that it kept the North Korean Dear Leader from being regime changed. The cost is simply too high. And if a state had a handful of modern ones – deliverable, right to Uncle (and his enclaves, such as New York City) it would probably keep things quiet.

                  • Hi Nunzio,

                    I also greatly enjoy your comments even though you’re a horrible, unrepentant racist who should be shunned and de-platformed by all decent people.

                    I acknowledge that smaller political units will also be tyrannical. But, this problem is exacerbated by larger political units. ADM only needs to buy off a few congressman to gain enormous benefits, centralized power creates a one stop shopping opportunity for corporate welfare handouts. If ADM had to buy off politicians in 50 states, the economic advantage of rent seeking would be minimized. The problem of concentrated benefits and diffused costs renders objection to any particular government program irrational. In short, the resources spent objecting exceed the individual cost of the program. This problem will not disappear if political units are much smaller, but it will be reduced.


                    • Hey, Jeremy,
                      I know; I know; I am WAYYYYY too prejudiced against white liberals! -And those damn Wops! 😉

                      I don’t mean to contend with you, as you do make some very good and valid points about the consolidation of power, and efficiencies of scale- but in practical terms, I don’t think it makes much of a differencre- since it’s not just a matter of corruption or bribery or lobbying- but, again, the fact people desire power, and at many levels- whether they are capable of acquiring it themselves, or can grasp some by serving someone who is more powerful than themselves- and as long as there is a system in place composed of such people and those who tolerate and even aid them….the actual mechanics of the structure don’t matter too much.

                      As an example, I think of where I used to live, on Long Island- where in addition to the usual three or four layers of government, it is also broken down further into township and village governments.

                      These village governments- composed of a few people who have rule of a jurisdiction of just a few thouisand people in most cases; and which have no mandate from nor connection to the Feds or state, are the MOST tyrannical; they levy their own property taxes (in addition to the county and school districts) and make up their own litany of rules.

                      I would not live in one of the towns which had village government (The Federal, State, County, and Township governments were way more than enough!)- and quite frankly, if I had been forced to stay on that wretched island, I would rather see the abolition of the village, township and county governments, before the state and Fed- because those smaller governments were by far the most egregious, and the ones which impact one’s life the most frequently and directly.

                      So, where I live now, I am still subject to Federal, State and county governments…but I enjoy much more freedom just by being free of township government.

                      Bears’ll kill ya….but the likelihood is that even if you live in bear country, mosquitoes would be far more of a problem than bears.

                      Now thank goodness you’re not a decent person, or I might be shunned and deplatformed by now! 😀

                  • Morning Nunzio,

                    I get it, local authorities can be extremely petty and tyrannical. But, you can avoid them by moving, which you did. We can’t avoid Federal tyranny without leaving the country (even that doesn’t always work).

                    Also, the financial burden placed on us by the Federal government exceeds that of even the highest tax states. This renders the differences in taxes/tyranny between the states less significant than they would be without the central State, which minimizes the incentive for states to compete for customers (citizens) by offering lower prices. In short, the existence of the Federal monster, pushes “better government” competition to the margins. Absent the Federal government it is likely such competition would be central and significant.


                • I know its in LA county, and not all that far from civilization, but it’s clearly a place nobody else wants to live. That’s my point. You can pick a place nobody else cares about and the control freaks will go out there just for the sake of bullying someone.

                  • That’s just it, Brent- Here, the controil freaks will seek out every stray to control- and there is a huge infrastructure in place to do it.

                    In less developed countries, even the not-so-good ones, they’re more concerned about money- and less about controlling every aspect of life; and since the resources available to them, they concentrate their efforts in one or two areas where they will be mostr effective.

                    For instance: Even in Cuba, you can hack together an old car with a transplanted diesel engine, and not wear a seatbelt, and pretty much do what you want on the road and drive what you want- and if you don’t cause an accident, no one bothers you.

                    This control-freakism is largely a European/commonwealth thing, practiced mainly in Europe, the UK, Canada, America, Australia; NZ- generally, the First-world.

                    It’s religion which is spread in the church of government schools, and by communication with the god of Media- and many places outside of the first world have not been evangelized- so are subject generally only to the whims and tactics of a few men who are happy if they can have some general power, and be paid well.

                    The first world has gone insane; the Second world is being evangelized by the first world. Poor, sparsely populated places in the third world…no one really cares about; and there are no organized systems to control people there. Unless something should happen to warrant a visit from their army- or unless they get involved with the UN or the US….these places are for all intents and purposes, off the map.

                    CPS isn’t going to ear down the curtain and bust into someone’s hut on Tonga, because they’re raising 5 kids in one room and have no electricity or running water.

    • Not to mention that if one has subsidized insurance that just means that other people are being coerced at gunpoint to pay for it. As economist Walter Williams has observed: “Congress has no resources of its very own. If Congress gives one person something that he did not earn, it necessarily requires that Congress deprive somebody else of something that he did earn.” A polite way of saying that Congress is a den of thieves not intrinsically different from any other criminal gang that comes to you demanding “Your money or your life.”

  6. Thankfully, my VA ‘membership’ qualifies as coverage under the Obamacare law. I do wish I could get a catastrophic coverage in case some cager hits me while I’m out on a ride. Ah, but thanks to Obamacare, that’s no longer an option!

    That said, I think you’re DEAD ON TARGET as to the real reason Obamacare was passed: to force those who are self-employed on to the corporate/gov’t plantation. Now that I’m in position to work when I WANT to, I’ll never go back to the plantation; been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. We can’t have any INDEPENDENCE now! Not in the ‘land of the free’, anyway.

    The real travesty in all this is that we got here courtesy of gov’t interference in the first place!! Back in the Depression and WWII, FDR instituted a wage and price freeze. That meant that companies, competing for workers (in short supply during WWII), couldn’t offer more money as an inducement to work for them. FDR and his ‘brain trust’ forgot that whenever the gov’t puts a limit on the people, they WILL find a way around it. As a response, companies offered health insurance as a benefit, since that was NOT covered by FDR’s wage and price freeze. The rest, as they say, is history…

    • “Obamacare was passed: to force those who are self-employed on to the corporate/gov’t plantation.”

      I have been arguing this for years and years, it’s to keep us all on the plantation. It is to force corporate employment upon us. Something weird though, it’s one of the few things where I haven’t been called a ‘paranoid conspiracy theorist’ that I can recall.

      • I think the ultimate objective is the weakening of the family structure. A strong, independent family structure requires very little if anything from the government. This is something they cannot abide.

        If mom and dad are on the plantation all day every day, don’t worry, the public school system will take care of the kiddos, where they can be trained to continue the cycle.

        Obamacare is just one front on the multifaceted war on family values.

        • I think that no-fault divorce and other such feminist laws also did a lot to weaken the family. What man with any brains would get married these days? What man with any brains would have kids? Why would he leave himself open to losing at least half of his assets? Why would he leave himself and his life open to total destruction?

          • Well, since you went there, what about abortion? Accidents happen, especially when your swimmers are at peak fitness. Nature finds a way. But hey sweetie, hit the “undo” button and go back to your normal life. “Every child a wanted child” means that a whole lot of initially unwanted children aren’t going to be born. That has had a real impact on the family.

            Sure there were/are plenty of horrible fathers who were married at gunpoint. And there are plenty more who manned up and did the right thing. They might not have reached their “potential” in the labor market, but they took responsibility for their actions and grew up.

            • Hi RK,

              It’s funny – well, to me (your mileage may vary) it is, because I am not religious – but I personally could never end the life of a child I fathered. The life created, which seems to me an inarguable biological fact – leaving aside any Thou Shallt Nots. I am speaking solely for myself here, to be very clear. My conscience would not allow it.

              • Certainly not. Religion is a construct that grew out of history we don’t know (because it predates writing). Fathers always talk about the first time they see their child, and the very deep connection they have. This is some real amygdala stuff, hard wired in. Otherwise way would anyone stick around some annoying, stinky, needy human?

                The fact that the inhuman bureaucracy wants to insert itself in between that bond and replace men is abhorrent.

        • The government schools and the weakening of the family unit were already well underway before Obamacare. I don’t think Obamacare did much of anything more in that regard. Some insignificant mop up at most.

          • Morning, Brent!

            The insurance mafia (including pre-Obama) has, I think, succeeded in discouraging people like us who aren’t cube farm Mcworkers from having families. Having kids is incredibly expensive, in part because you’re forced (legally obliged) to parent according to the government-corporate nexus’ rules.

            This includes subjected your kid to all the “health” folderol – which is unaffordable without a “plan” and “plans” for the self-employed are unaffordable, so… .

            I’d flee if I were younger. I doubt this phase – the clearing of Brunhilde’s throat, so to speak – will last much longer. I generally avoid predictions because there are too many variable, usually. But the converging synergies convince me that a crisis/collapse will happen no more than five years from now.

            • Not only self-employed. Small business owners are over a barrel. They might want to offer a reasonable benefits package to employees, but thanks to the “everyone gets a Cadillac” plans they end up either making everyone a contractor or just paying out overtime. I had a conversation about this with one of our outside contractors’ managers the other day, basically asking about one of his subs who does very good work. They brought her in-house (at a pay cut) because she needed health insurance and figured it was a better deal.

            • I don’t see myself as too old to flee [My 94 year old mother is too old to flee- hence my delay]; I see myself as too young to throw away the remaining years of my life living like a Soviet/mouse cowering in a hole/fodder for a prison or FEMA camp.

              When life becomes more about what you CAN’T do, and about eluding control and surveillance lest you be counted a criminal while doing good and desiring nothing more than to live a normal life; you become prematurely old- or more accurately, more like the living dead. We are effectively neutralized.

              • There’s not any truly ideal places to flee to, but Hungary is starting to look very appealing for those that don’t hate Western culture.

                  • Hey Eric,

                    Yes, young Polish women are beautiful. However…

                    Have you ever seen an attractive old Polish lady.

                    They remain beautiful on the inside and they make a killer paczki.

                  • holy cow eric thanks for that video. Its funny that it seems communism protected eastern european countries for a while from western cultural degradation. Theyre probably the last hope for -oddly enough – real european civilization.

                    • “western cultural degradation” was done deliberately to bring about communism or something much like it.

                  • Yes, Eastern European girls are natural beauties. And truly feminine. They make Miss America look like RuPaul’s Drag Race.

                • Yeah, there are pockets in Europe trying to hang on to their(our) culture- but Europe is done- it’s been invaded by both savages and NATO….and it’s deconstruction has already started- and just like Naziism and communism, there’s really no escaping what ever comes around on the continent.

                  And even the ones that resist the cultural war….still have plenty of their own tyrannies that they are comfortable with, as long as it’s “their way”.

                  • We both know what this really is and why the ruling elite is pushing it.

                    You should see the couples and families in the clothing catalogs and ads I receive in the mail. Conspiracy theory, my ass!

                    • Ay, Handler! I dread to even think….

                      Just what little I see- i.e clicking on to the credit card website to pay my bill, etc.

                      Apparently, thjose who produce the pictures have never learned what a FAMILY is; they think it is just a collection of divergent people; children created by strangers that pass in the night in some sanctuary city; and others there by act of government- none of which share the same characteristics or heritage of the male and female pictured (if there even is a male)- and if you should see a white person, they are always portrayed as some hipster doofus.

                    • Morning, Nunz!

                      We – those of us here and like-minded – are the last Romans. Not that we are great scholars or otherwise spectacular; only that we are the living remnant of what was Western civilization, now being torn apart with the help of “capos” nominally similar to us but profoundly alien.

                    • Of course they know what a real family is; they just don’t fit the anti-white agenda.

                      I get a kick out of the unrealistic black/white couples in the ads. Where I live, the only black/white interracial couples we see involve a disgusting, morbidly obese white slut from a trailer park and a drug dealer!

                    • So true, Eric!

                      The Barbarians aren’t just at the gates….they are in and overflowing!

                      The sad thing is, they are not so much our enemies as are the ones who invited them over and let them, and who have worked from within to destroy the culture of their own people so that we would sit on our hands and watch as every vestige of our environs are destroyed and befouled by the Vandals.

                      Those who have fostered this have taken advantage of the altruistic and civilized nature of whiter Euro-Christian culture.

                      They will not have such good success with those with whom they are using to replace us!

                      That is an example of the flawed logic and lack of omniscience of the elite- much the same way as is the Women’s Liberation movement.

                      They used Women’s Lib to effectively double the labor pool, and increase tax revenues, while guaranteeing that children would be raised by the state more so than by the parents who were too busy working….but they failed to foresee that such would lead to a great reduction in procreation,,,,so their solution to that poroblem is to flood the First-world countries with Third-worlders who procreate prolifically- which is no solution at all- because if those Third-worlders also become prosperous and “liberated” they will also stop having so many kids; and if they don’t become prosperous….they and their hoards of kids, who are not as compliant, altruistic or civilized, will not be easily-manipulated pawns and obedient laborers.

                      They’ve painted themselves- and us- into a corner from which there is no escape.

                    • Do the so-called ‘normal’ people not even notice any,more?

                      I was watching a video biography about that foul-mouthed schvatze Redd Foxx. The narrator mentioning how Foxx grew up in St. Louis, andf said “It was a great place to grow up if you were white“.

                      Then he went on to mention how Foxx’s father abandoned the family; his mother dated one of Al Capone’s bodyguards, and dumped her 2 sons at their grandmother’s, while she moved to Shitcago to be with her buck…..etc. And then Redd was hassled in schgool for being lighter-skinned than the other moolies….

                      Yes….sounds like it’s all de ebil white man’s fault! That’s ‘racism’ if ever I heard it!

                    • The only people that view them as victims have never lived around them long enough to understand their mindset.

                      My mother’s town in Connecticut had only one black family. Of course, the house they lived in was painted purple. It took my mother DECADES of living in the South to fully understand them.

                    • Handler,

                      So, I think it’s safe to say that your mother DIDN’T live in Bridgeport……

                      That’s the whole problem in a nutsack….

                      Like here- there aren’t many of ’em (They don’t like small town the white people have guns, too; nor rural areas)- so the young whites- especiaqlly the stupid girls- believe all the BS they’re told about them in the schools and the media; and when they do see one, he’s generally more restrained because he doesn’t have his 83 cousins and 12 brothers and 3 daddies around…so he acts like a somewhat normal human being….

                      So the stupid cows go out with them….and of course, end up just like the she-boons- but even then, it’s “Oh, that was just him; they’re not all like that!”.

                      That’s why you see more interracial BS here than in NYC- ’cause here they’ve never witenssed the realities of what life is like when there are large numbers of them around.

                      And to think- this is a heavily Scottish area- used to be big with the KKK….but the stupid white ho’s believe the schools and the TV more so than their daddies….

                      I see more white(trash) girls totring around a mulatto or two on one trip to the town where i go shopping (Pop. 12K) than I would in a decade in NY…..

  7. OT, but this is the funniest thing you’ll see today:



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